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In the last episode as ahin bids Vivi farewell her carriage halts Midway in the forest both Quinn and ivorin refused to leave aside which makes her wonder if the bandits who have stopped them are after her continuing with the story Vivi wonders who might be the one after her she deduces that it has to be someone with.

The authority to Ambush a carriage heading to the panther territory someone who knows who she is and is aware of her abilities and somebody who disregards her intentions a monster take advantage of her it could only be one person even ravian she's then reminded of the Panther's words right before she bit him farewell.

And wonders well it was that he had to take care of just as she questions what might be coming down between those two she takes off her shoe and shatters the carriage's window trembling in fear she threatens both Quinn and ivorin to stay away from her and senses dominating pheromones in the air she asks ivorin why he's lying to her and if for him is.

Somewhere nearby threatening to jump out of the window if he doesn't answer ivorin apologizes to her and says he's been ordered to stay quiet so he cannot inform her about ahin's whereabouts just as the two are bickering back and forth Quinn pulls out his dagger and reasons that it's better to knock Vivi unconscious than half her Escape through.

The window ivrin tries to get in the way and reasons that if anything were to leave a scratch on Vivi their Futures would be at stake he tells Quinn he'll have to go through him if he wants to harm Vivi but quickly falters when he points the dagger at him instead as ivron tries to play it cool Vivi uses her pheromones to put Quinn to sleep.

Pretends to have fallen asleep too but Vivi catches him revealing that she used pheromones on Quinn only he is shocked to learn that she can control her pheromones that way and lets her leave the carriage with Ash on the other hand Argan hunts down all the rabbit Bandits and finally catches up to even ravian.

Who is distraught to see him approaching her in the middle of the forest after he slashes one of her men even yells that he can't get away with threatening an aristocrat he in turn tells her she can't get away with embrushing a carriage belonging to the Grace Family either when she feigns ignorance to it he simply says that he doesn't know.

Anything about threatening an aristocrat either as he approaches her she tells him he can't get away with harming a noble woman but ahin reveals that she will no longer be a noble woman following the crimes at the head of the ravian family has committed a small white rabbit then comes out of the bushes whom ahin compares to Vivi he.

Tells it to go back since the scene playing out before him won't be too Pleasant to watch but the rabbit ends up clinging to his leg instead he returns his attention to vivi's mother who demands to know what crimes the ravian family had her husband has committed but a hindemands she answers his question first he asks her how many times she.

Gave the illicit drug to Vivi and after trying to drag it out a little she reveals that she gave it to her three times before she turned four ahin points out how sick she must have been from the first time but Aven still gave it her two more times he wonders as she gave it to vivi's younger brother Carrie II she says she didn't to which she.

Mentions how it must have been because she thought Vivi wasn't taking her human form because of the Drug's side effects angrily Athen calls that drug a miracle remedy and mentions how everyone in the hood of all territory who took it had no problems taking on their human forms a hint reminds her that this so-called Miracle remedy is actually an illegal.

Drug and goes on to ask her why now of all times she's left her estate and come after Vivi she shamelessly claims it isn't a crime to claim back one's child and that her daughter doesn't seem opposed to it ahin gives away a menacing grin and mocks her for coming after Vivi only after Kerry's death claiming that she wouldn't have.

Spared her a single glance if her beloved Son hadn't died Avon yells and reprimands him for talking so lightly about her son's death and a hint rebukes her by calling out on a hypocrisy saying that abandoning Vivi in a forest to be devoured by Panthers isn't offensive to her but mentioning a dead person's death is.

Then he unsheets his sword and threatens to kill her mentioning that since she's the mother of the woman he loves he only talked to her hoping for his mind to change afan demands to know what he meant by the crimes committed by the ravian family head and he reveals that the fire that broke out on the rabbit Chief's.

Birthday was meant to burn the Import and Export records of business families like the ravians he further reveals that he knows Carrie was handling their illicit drug business when he was killed by the storm and that the records that her husband may have meant to burn are still safe and sound with the rabbit Chief furthermore the clan Chief has.

Allowed him to take both her and her husband's heads in exchange for information on their drug business just as he raises his sword to finish her off and even begs for his Mercy Vivi shows up in her rabbit form ahin mentions how he has been waiting for her to show up and even is confused to see her in her rabbit form she calls.

Her her baby and reaches out for her by the devastated Vivi turns away and goes to ahin instead he asks Ella she's satisfied with it and she lifts a pause for him to hug her and take her home as the two walk away with Ash even watches them stranded on the ground as Vivi returns home she recalls what happened on the way from the carriage to.

The forest as she ran with Ash to find a hin she came across an injured rabbit and after healing him reverted to her rabbit form but she admits how it was for the best sense while hiding as a rabbit in the bushes she got to see a glimpse of what resided in both her mothers and a hens hearts.

After hearing what her mother had to say she renounced all her ties for the ravian family moreover she heard him calling her the woman he has feelings for back in the present a hint is silking on his desk and wondering why he had to say it out loud only for Vivi to hear it he laments how his efforts to maintain his.

Chilly and cool image have all shattered now that Vivi is distancing herself from him thanks to a slip of tongue he Sighs and calls Vivi the lady nymph only for ivorin to hear it and side with Vivi ahim then remembers how he hasn't punished his subordinate for letting her leave the carriage and iron panics under his menacing gaze mentioning how he.

Couldn't do anything since Quinn had his dagger pointed at Vivi then he turns to a trembling Quinn who faints under his bloodthirsty sight ivorin and reveals how Vivi aimed her pheromones precisely at Quinn before managing to escape impressed he wonders why he hasn't assigned a tutor to hone her skills yet.

Irene recommends that he asks his mother to find someone suitable since she has all sorts of connections he nods his head in agreement and questions about the ravian family ivorin reveals that they are being questioned by the rabbit Chief and are currently under surveillance ahin mentions how unhappy he is to let them walk away with all.

Four limbs intact but worries if he had done anything more vivi's attention would have turned to them completely ivorin then informs him that his attention needs to be elsewhere at the moment referring to Vara ahin says it can't be helped since the panther poses a threat to Vivi he must be disposed of but then he turns his attention out of.

The window on ivorin's cue and Witnesses a jewel between Vivi and Vara he asks who set them up to it and ivorin answers that lady rabbit wanted it to happen since she must have discovered the vicious Panther only submits to those Superior to him as the duel begins he watches Vivi.

Proficiently evade vara's attacks causing ivorin to mention that she has the spirit of an army General the Fight Continues until Vivi uses her pheromones to put him to sleep the victory makes her dance around in joy and as she beings with happiness a.

Stunned a hint watches her from his window blushing ivorin expresses Joy of forgetting to witness her first step towards the conquest of the entire continent and wonders if a hin would show vary some mercy now that the rabbit has defeated him he is too stunned at vivi's Feats to answer immediately but eventually postpones his decision about.

Vara's disposal a happy Vivi plops down on a hints desk a need to find news in the papers about the infamous love triangle between her The Lion and the Black Panther embarrassed she tears it apart only for a hint of question if she's going to fight newspapers now too just as soon as she spares a glance at him she is reminded of what he said in.

The forest the words resonate in Her Mind Over and Over the woman that I love and wonders if he meant what she thinks he meant her heart starts thumping at the mere sight of him and she mentions how beautiful he is so much so that she'll never get tired of looking at him he then mentions that she has a nosebleed.

And she plays it cool only for a hint to call her a perverted rabbit Vivi blames in for seducing her with his good looks and mentions how for a second she was about to give him her liver gallbladder and everything ahin then caresses her cheek and asks her as she's sleepy the touch reminds her of his dialogue back in the forest again and.

She wonders if she should acknowledge his feelings she folds her arms together in a heart shape and Winks at him only for him to misjudge that she doesn't want to sleep yet suggesting that they work some more he shifts his attention back to the papers flustered very stumbles upon an ink pot only for the ink to spill all over her as he wipes.

Her clean he mentions knowing about the book she's reading about taming carnivores he tells her not to rely on that book too much if she wants to tame Vara before lowering his head on the table and mentioning that he's a carnivore too Vivi doesn't understand it at first but he repeats it again and says he'll be.

Completely tamed by her as she promises not to meet with the lion in secrecy again the rabbit realizes he has known about her meeting with loon all along a monster tell him their relationship is Molly thinks it is at all but instead brushes her face against his and tells him that she won't meet with him again the gesture catches the panther off.

Guard blushing profusely he gets up from his seat and changes the topic asking if she's still not sleepy Vivi merely Smiles at him calling him a wicked carnivore the following morning Vivi enjoys a nice bubble bath in a teacup on Madame valance's watch after admiring how adorable the rabbit looks she proposes to find a tutor for her who.

Would teach her basic etiquette education and ways to control her pheromones she says she'll select the person Vivi likes but as she was to recommend someone it would be Lord Lillian being the dean of the velhelm academy despite being a difficult person to deal with he would be the perfect Mentor for her.

She asks for her opinion on it and although Vivi admits he's the toughest person to deal with a flashback of him saying a hen will need her in the future helps her make her decision in the evening dressed up in a cute little suit Vivi greets Lillian he introduces himself as a hin's grandfather and the father of Madame valance's Lake husband.

Before beginning his lessons he asks her about the newspaper article and if the mentioned where a rabbit was by any chance her trembling with embarrassment Vivi denies the claim explaining that although she is a Were Rabbit she isn't the nymph mentioned in the article knowing that she spends her time reading Lillian also decides to.

Test her knowledge beforehand and hits her with some brainy questions Vivi answers his questions easily and thus a Fierce Battle tip out to the other begins Lord Lillian's questions become increasingly difficult but Vivi answers each one of them after the two tie themselves out the old man congratulates her on passing his.

First test and thinks about how her intelligence could help her shoot an early graduation if she was at velhelm Academy he decides to teach her with all his might and Vivi Deus him to bring it on a few days later as Rainbow Falls the Grace Mansion Vivi watches everyone dressed in black Suits and Gowns from.

Her window she wonders if it's a special occasion and thinks back to halan Easy A Hint was last night while he tossed and turned in his sleep deciding to find out what's going on she bugs the servants and guards for information and they eventually reveal that they are dressed in black to.

Commemorate the death anniversary of Madame valance's husband and his father Lord Idis they further inform her that his father passed away from a chronic illness when ahin was still a child his illness was known only to a few people in the family and as soon as Vivi remembers ahin's seizures that no one in.

The family knows about she joins all the dots together and figures that he's possibly suffering from the same disease as his father after turning into a human all on her own Vivi looks through his closet to find something that would fit her but fails then she recalls Mamie telling her about a secret door in his closet that could tend to her if she was.

Ever in a desperate situation as she opens the said door she finds a room full of clothes and shoes for her calling a hen a wicked little carnivore she dresses up in a light gown and decides to head out just then Quinn starts packing his beak against the window and although she lets him in Vivi immediately cages him so he doesn't.

Tell the panther about her whereabouts as he keeps squeaking at her she wonders if he's asking how she turned into a human she reveals that it happened once she made her pheromones explode within herself recalling that every time she turned human aside from inhaving pheromones and drugs it was because some.

Carnivores pheromones churned hers and made them explode within her body the explosion would always cause her to change forms so when she tried to do it with her own pheromones it worked before leaving she froze some chopped strawberries into Quinn's cage and promised this to let him out once she gets back.

Turning around she wonders how she could leave the room without the guards noticing Varys wishes her tail at her asking her to get on her back both Ash and Vivi are touched by the sweet gesture and with his help Vivi easily evades the Mansion guards and ends up at the greenhouse when she gets there she greets the.

Guards and scolds them one by one Felton for chopping carrots and sneaking them into her meals saying that she gets sick from them a million for calling her lady Rara telling him to choose a different name as the two Fang from the realization that the little rabbit is now a human Vivi quietly steps inside.

She finds Lord Lillian Seated on one of the tables and he greets her saying that she looks like a wear Panda when she walks around with Ash and Vara he sighs affirming that she for sure isn't a forest nymph at least given her disheveled hair when she sulks he offers to do her hair for her as payback for when she did his.

After knocking him unconscious as he ties her strands into a neat braid he asks as she has done her homework yet she immediately answers his academic questions and he admits that when he first saw her he thought she was cursed but now that he's got to know her better he thinks she's too innocent to be living with a rascal like a hen she.

Likely laughs at the accusation but her expression turned serious all of a sudden and she reveals that she's here to talk to him about something important he asks her to call him grandfather instead of Lord Lillian complaining about how a hints calling him an old man she nods her head and asks him what he meant by it when he said that ahim will.

Need her and if he knew about her healing pheromones back then Lord Lillian reveals that when he arrived at the estate he had a burn on his arm that didn't heal even after he tried multiple remedies to heal it but after the confrontation at the library it healed up like it never was there it was his first time witnessing such.

Pheromones so after doing some research and digging into some encyclopedias he discovered that her pheromones were in fact the heaving kind but since they are rare he assumed it must be difficult for her to control them this became the reason why he volunteered to train and teach her to hone her skills he apologizes for not doing it out of the.

Goodness of his heart and reveals that he just wants her to help him he then playfully asks her what kind of relationship she has with his grandson and she immediately starts blushing and fidgeting causing him to take back his question he mentioned she's talented enough to answer his questions with her body language alone and need not put it.

In words after tying her braid he settles down on the chair in front of her and asks Sal if she knows what today is Vivi answers that she does and Lillian goes on to tell her his late son's tragic tale although he belonged to a high-ranking aristocratic family Idis body was too frail to house their strong pheromones.

And he wasn't qualified to become the clan Chief spouse either but because of his innocently beautiful face he became lady valance's lover and then her beloved husband but his weak body kept on falling ill and he would constantly find himself lying in his bed he asks Vivi if she has heard of something called a pheromone seizure she.

Freezes as she recalls his last episode picturing him huffing and sweating his bed Lillian reveals that it was a pheromone seizure that caused Idis death and he passed away the year ahin turned five he reassures her that a hint is fine since he inherited his mother's Superior bloodline and mostly takes after her he further thanks heaven for.

His nephew hasn't had a single seizure yet while Vivi watches him wide-eyed trembling in pain meanwhile alhin returns to his room to find that Vivi has left with Vara he scolds Quinn for not keeping an eye on her but the bird twitches and calls him overprotective not that he hears anything.

As he walks away to reach the greenhouse as soon as possible he wonders how Vivi turned into a human despite not having access to the perineum or another person's pheromones and if she did turn human anyway why didn't she wait on him and run away with Vara instead as he walks away as quickly as possible he wonders why she must make.

Him so anxious when he reaches the greenhouse he finds his grandfather elegantly drinking his tea with vivi's cape draped around his shoulders he wonders how to unsee it and asks him what he's wearing in his day and age he questions vivi's whereabouts and Lillian reveals she has just left he takes off a cape and hands it over to a hen.

Revealing that she gave it to him because she felt too warm then he asks about her family saying that her rather clumsy manners give the impression of a commoner a hin reveals that she's from a mid-ranked aristocratic family but he has caused her family's downfall as Lillian spits on his teeth on the.

Shock he yells if he's out of his mind his demeanor quickly changes and he says that a middle-ranked aristocratic family sounds like an acceptable engagement match for him but ahing leaves the conversation Midway causing Lillian to let out a sigh and wonder why he's devoid of manners once his grandson leaves his dejected eyes cast down.

Wishing for him to stay healthy and he whispers that he won't be able to endure another loss if ahin were to part with him too a hen returns to his room after searching for Vivi all over the estate only to find it dark and empty after questioning the confined Quinn he finds Vivi hiding and sulking below a table he.

Drakes a cape over Quinn's cage and walks up to her Amita finds her sniffling and trembling he kneels and asks her if his grandfather told her something strange and she merely sniffs and scratches her hand when he tries to stop her from hurting herself she slaps his hand away with tears in.

Her eyes she asks him why he didn't tell her anything about his seizures and reveals that she knows Lord Idis died from the same disease she asks in why he didn't tell even his grandfather anything let alone anyone else he notices her scratching her hands again and tries to stop her but she pushes him away once more and lashes out.

Demanding to know how many seizures he has had to date when he doesn't answer she says she'd give him the benefit of the doubt and understand why it must have been difficult to tell his grandfather but she's been with him and has witnessed his seizures already she questions why he didn't even let her know about the.

Seriousness of the disease and that he might die from it the final sentence leaves a terrified expression on her face as she blankly stares at him ahin asks her what she could have done had he told her about it Vivi stutters as he leans in closer to her and right before his thangs touch her neck she pushes in a way trembling in fear ahin mentions.

She's gone pale but she tries to collect herself and return to their conversation but when she struggles to do so he asks there as she's scared of him her expression testifies her fear and ahin stands up to leave proposing they talk about this later Vivi stops him from leaving and tells him that she can help him with his.

Seizures reminding him of how she calmed him down with her pheromones the last time he had one he smiles but says that despite it all she hasn't even taken on her permanent human form yet she cries at every little thing and is so afraid of him that she can't breathe he wonders what she hopes to accomplish in this state and what's the guarantee that she.

Won't end up having a seizure herself if she uses her already unstable pheromones too much to heal him he advises that she take care of her own body before she can hope to help somebody else hearing this infuriates Vivi and she grabs him by the collar and pushes him against the wall she yells at him that she turned into a human today all on her.

Own and with her power in fact she has adjusted her pheromones so that she can turn back into a rabbit anytime too she admits that she has had difficulties with her transformation all along but today is the first time that she has accomplished something on her own moreover although she has had a pheromone seizure before it was only.

Because she inhaled too many pheromones and illicit substances on the other hand it's a hin who can't even control his own pheromones and thus needs to take care of his own body before lecturing somebody else she says she'll find a way to control her pheromones and since they have helped ease his sieges once she'll use.

Them to treat him somehow her confident speech falters under his piercing gaze and he asks her as she has thought about the fact that he might be using her healing abilities and taking advantage of her Vivi admits that the fort has crossed her mind but he wouldn't call her the person in her heart if this was the case moreover even if it is his real.

Intention she doesn't mind it she survived thanks to him and it's only natural that she wants to repay him for his kindness he questions that they fail to treat him completely will she be by his side to ease his seizures forever Vivi says that she will and ahim takes her trembling hands in his and kisses them touching his mouth she proposes.

That they should try it out and see if it works but as soon as his fangs make contact with her fingers she starts trembling in fear once again a hint holds her hand and leads a soft kiss on her Palm instead before she starts going on about how she plans to stay by his side forever until his seizures stop he then holds her waist.

And kisses her forehead before settling her in his lap he asks her how he should take everything that she has said to him and says that it seems like she'll stay by his side until the end if his seizures never go away Vivi blushes and calls him a brazing carnivore before settling comfortably in his Embrace ahin wonders who would have thought the next.

Patriarch for the grace household would crawl under the paws of a rabbit he took in but Vivi denies him ever being that kind to her and reminds him how he wanted to make a salad out of her in the morning he Chuckles and proposes that they should start right now and pushes her against the floor as he leans in to kiss her she tightly.

Shuts her eyes and pouts her lips in anticipation the expression makes a hen crawl onto the floor laughing which only embarrasses Vivi as she tries to sneak away he catches her by the arm and Chastity kisses her when they part away he asks.

If it was unpleasant to her a flustered Vivi shakes her head before saying it wasn't unpleasant at all then he tricks her into opening her mouth and passionately kisses her again she lovingly Embraces him on the floor but complains that she can't breathe once he pulls away when he tries to kiss her again she tells him to take a break.

And he plops down on her laying his head on her shoulder he calls her a greedy rabbit for not telling him to stop and mumbles complaining about why they must stop while he clings to her like a needy child he uses his fangs to leave a mark on her neck but unfortunately the mere sight of his sharp teeth makes her fall unconscious.

There's still a long way to go for a hen and vivi's love to bloom but this is how this segment of the mandwa ends if you like the story and want us to continue please leave a comment down below with the name Idis foreign

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