She used to be recognized and had handiest 3 months to are residing (PART 3) – Romance Manhwa Recap

After watching the show Lariette was discussing with Asrahan about a player who caught her attention but the way Asrahan imagined the man was different from what Lariette saw Lariette excused herself to go to the bathroom and asked Asrahan to wait in the carriage As she was walking someone called out to Lariette from behind it was Marquis Segreb Lariette was ready to defend herself.

But suddenly, she was caught by the Marquis's men and couldn't cast any magic However, Marquis's men holding Lariette suddenly fell apart as Asrahan appeared Marquis Segreb was enraged, but Asrahan's glare intimidated him Lariette stopped Asrahan from killing Marquis Segreb and took his hand and dashed through the exit door. As they sat in the carriage Asrahan wondered if Lariette was afraid of him and considered ending their employer-employee relationship But to his surprise Lariette commented that he was much cooler than the main character on the show she saw it as a form of self-defense.

The next day Lariette developed a fever again Doha came to treat her During the treatment Lariette asked if there was any possibility for an incurable disease to be treated by divine power However, Doha explained that the disease was named “incurable” for a reason Lariette was devastated thinking that she would surely die But then, Doha revealed that the disease could be cured by someone with holy power equal to that of a pope.

In despair Lariette wondered how she could ever meet a pope Little did she know that Doha was actually the next pope Doha used his holy power to analyze the mana in Lariette's body and discovered that it was severely twisted which was a rare and serious condition that could lead to death if left untreated However, he also realized that Lariette would not die from it but instead suffer from a chronic illness Doha offered to provide regular treatment to Lariette and she was surprised but accepted the offer He initiated the treatment by holding her body and placing his forehead on hers.

After completing the treatment Doha mentioned that if Lariette appreciated his help she could assist him as well Doha showed Lariette a wound on his arm and when asked how he got it he evaded the question Doha noticed that his wound had completely healed and was impressed by Lariette's abilities He gave Lariette a jewel as payment.

And explained that he owned a mine Lariette was delighted with the easy money and asked Doha not to go to other wizards Doha agreed, secretly determined to keep her by his side. (hmmm…. a lil bit creepy….) The next day Lariette sought out Asrahan but was told by Halstein, the butler that he was still asleep after returning late the night before Halstein offered to wake Asrahan up and Lariette accepted.

Heading to his spacious bedroom There, she woke Asrahan and told him she needed to purify his upper body explaining that it worked better with direct skin contact Asrahan was initially confused but Lariette teased him and offered to remove his clothes for him causing him to become flustered Eventually, he removed his clothes asking if he should also remove the bandage Lariette confirmed that direct skin contact was necessary.

As Asrahan removed his bandages Lariette was shocked to see the curse She began the process of purifying it but warned Asrahan, it would take time as it was a powerful curse Asrahan blushed and became flustered by Lariette's proximity Suddenly, Lariette collapsed from exhaustion due to her depleted mana having treated a priest the previous day Asrahan asked if Lariette treated the priest the same way she was treating him Asrahan then realized he had nothing to worry about since the priest was a woman.

As Lariette fainted she asked Asrahan when they could go on another date leaving him speechless Later on… Lariette searched the manor for Asrahan but he was nowhere to be found She confided in Doha about how Asrahan seemed to be avoiding her Lariette and Doha had grown closer and were now discussing her love life Doha then suggested that Lariette make Asrahan jealous but she realized she didn't have anyone else to use for this.

Doha moved closer to her and reminded her that he was also a man (Don’t! Doha… I said Dont!) Ah, so he was planning to treat Lariette with that kind of gesture! She had previously considered Doha's advice to make Asrahan jealous but now she realized it wasn't fair to deceive him Lariette imagined how it would feel if Asrahan begged her not to leave him She decided to go against Doha's suggestion and told him that she was going to try to charm Asrahan by herself Late at night.

Asrahan snuck inside and was met with Lariette's fierce gaze She reminded him of the contract that stated they were to go out twice a week Asrahan had been avoiding her because he felt strange around her Lariette then changed her tone and said that she didn't want to disturb him since he must have been busy and that she would go out with someone else Asrahan was left speechless Lariette retreated to her room and began to ponder her bucket list She only wanted to create good memories before she died.

But it seemed as though she was a burden to Asrahan Doha prepared to meet Lariette but his subordinate suggested taking her to the temple instead but he knew it would be difficult to persuade her Doha realized Lariette was a skilled healing wizard and began to scheme ways to win her over As he contemplated how to seduce her Lariette unexpectedly appeared in his carriage and invited him to accompany her on an outing declaring that the plan to make Asrahan jealous had begun.

After indulging in numerous desserts they strolled around Lariette was intrigued by Doha's situation despite his considerable wealth (as she believed he owned a mine) he still worked as a healer Doha explained that he wasn't accustomed to going out much but sometimes he had to take the job when a senior ordered a junior to do so Lariette was touched by his sense of duty.

She then promised to avenge him by burning their clothes or hanging them on a tree Lariette was looking at a brooch that might be perfect for Asrahan when Doha surprised her She suggested to Doha the accessories that might suit him as well and told him that she was going to ask the price While waiting for Lariette a “senior priest” approached Doha demanding an apology and belittling him Though tempted to teach the priest a lesson Doha decided against it to avoid revealing his identity to Lariette and the crowd.

Instead, he apologized but then fire suddenly appeared on the priest's clothes Lariette pulled Doha away As she had told him before she promised to punish those who wronged him Doha found Lariette's determination amusing, and even more intriguing which only fueled his desire for her Meanwhile, at Candel's manor Asrahan seethed with anger.

Learning that the person accompanying Lariette was the male priest Asrahan considered it none of his concern if they were involved romantically since all he needed was Lariette's assistance in breaking his curse He believed that no one could possibly love a monster like himself and that Lariette was likely only taking pity on him After some time had passed Asrahan invited Lariette to share a meal with him He expressed that it had been a long time but Lariette's response was cold.

Lariette had followed Doha's advice and was pleased to see that her plan to make Asrahan jealous was working Seeing Asrahan's handsome face left Lariette breathless Asrahan surprised her by asking how she had been and she responded that she was doing well Lariette mentioned that Doha would be arriving in the afternoon and reassured Asrahan that he had nothing to worry about Asrahan initially questioned if there was anything to be worried about but then Lariette asked if he was jealous.

Asrahan told Lariette that he wasn't bothered by her spending time with Doha as long as it didn't interfere with the purification process Disappointed, Lariette lost her appetite and asked to leave When Doha arrived, she informed him that the plan to make Asrahan jealous had failed Doha had already anticipated this He used this opportunity to console Lariette and win her affection (not a chance! believe me!) As Lariette noticed Doha's glasses which made him look like a librarian.

She complimented him on how well they suited him Doha simply replied that he felt like wearing them that day Okay, time for the explanation Dohavelion was using his foresight a skill possessed only by the strongest and most superior of believers It was even a crucial factor in the selection of the pope However, Doha used this ability for personal reasons to predict his luck for the day He didn't even care if the superiors criticized him for it.

Doha drew Lariette nearer and inquired if he could start the treatment (hmmmm…. just wait for it…….) In Asrahan’s workroom Halstein confronted Asrahan about how his actions were hurting Lariette Halstein understood that Asrahan may struggle to recognize his emotions since he has been isolated for so long Despite Halstein's advice to follow his heart Asrahan denied any attachment to anyone due to his curse but Asrahan's curiosity led him to peek into Lariette's room.

Where he found Doha with her Asrahan became furious and demanded Doha leave but Lariette explained that they were just friends who helped each other Asrahan realized his jealousy and admitted to himself that he had feelings for Lariette When Lariette asked if she could go for a drink with Doha Asrahan asked her not to go Asrahan confessed to Lariette that he had strong feelings for her and that he couldn't stop thinking about her even when they were apart (Finallyyyyy my sweet little kitten!).

He admitted to feeling jealous when he saw her with other man and confessed that he wanted her for himself Asrahan was confused by his unfamiliar feelings and didn't know how to handle them He reminded Lariette of the proposal to date and she was thrilled to accept it and hugged him Asrahan was amazed to feel such strong affection for the first time in his life As Lariette thought she would enjoy the moment for three months and then leave with no regrets Asrahan thought he wanted to renovate the garden because he hoped Lariette would stay with him forever… Lariette and Asrahan discussed their couple's to do list.

Asrahan almost saw Lariette's bucket list, but she stopped him just in time phewww… As they went through the list Asrahan became jealous when he saw that Lariette had already had fun with Doha in the city Lariette found Asrahan's jealousy cute and expressed her desire to do all the items on the list with him Asrahan then prepared a carriage and took Lariette to the best boutique in the empire promising to buy her every dress and accessory she liked They ended up buying everything.

And Lariette playfully poked fun at Asrahan for not answering when she asked if she looked pretty in a dress Asrahan eventually told her she was pretty Got carried away, Lariette demanded a kiss from him… hold on…. we’re going to hold them in that position until the next part is released Thank you so much for watching, hope you enjoyed every second of it

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