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The servants aid Lucina in getting ready.Titi admires Lucina's hair, while other servants express concern about her slim figureand question her ability to endure the first night with Hakkan. Titi offers support to Lucina,boosting her self-assurance. Contemplating the servants' remarks, Lucina wonders if Hakkan willcause her harm on their initial night together. As Lucina enters the room, Hakkan becomesmesmerized by Lucina's beauty. He praises her hair, causing Lucina to blush as she receives sucha compliment for the first time. In a soft voice, Hakkan whispers in her ear, inquiring whethershe would faint if he kissed her. Lucina shakes her head, indicating that she will be able tohandle it. Drawing closer, Hakkan gently kisses Lucina's lips. Noticing her gaze on his body,Hakkan explains the significance of his tattoo.

And reassures her not to flee. He then asksif she desires to spend the night with him. As Hakkan lays Lucina on the bed, sherecalls the words of the servants earlier, wondering if Hakkan will harm her. The fear ofbeing hurt by him terrifies and shakes Lucina. Sensing her fear, Hakkan stops and turnsaway, assuring her that he is not angry. Suddenly, Hakkan asks if she wants to return toBerg. Lucina states that she doesn’t want to go back, as she is now Hakkan's wife. Stammering,she declares that she will give birth to his child and become the queen of Tayar. Hearingher words, Hakkan asks if she understands the significance of being Tayar's queen. Lucinaappears perplexed, and Hakkan explains that it means she must be prepared to sacrifice herlife for him and Tayar. Lucina is left speechless,.

Contemplating the weight of those words. Hakkanstands up, dons his robe, and states that he won't sleep with her until she is ready for it. He tellsLucina to rest and leaves her alone in the room. As Lucina and Titi pass by, they overhearthe servants gossiping about Lucina being left alone in the room and Hakkan not visitingher afterwards. The servants mention rumors of Hakkan's impending marriage to Garret,suggesting that Hakkan has had feelings for Garret since childhood. Lucina lookssurprised upon hearing this revelation. While sitting alone in her room, Lucinacontemplates the rumors she overheard, underestimating herself and comparing herself toGarret. She wonders if Hakkan, being attracted to a beautiful girl like Garret, could neverbe interested in someone as pitiful as her..

Suddenly, Titi barges in and informs Lucinathat Hakkan has returned to the palace. They set off to greet Hakkan, but on theirway, Garret calls out to them from behind. Garret remarks that she almost didn't recognizeLucina with her true appearance and mocks Lucina, stating that Hakkan must have been annoyedand left because Lucina speaks like a fool. Garret grabs Lucina's arm, commenting onher skinny physique and warning her that she will surely die if she sleeps with Hakkan.Confused, Lucina asks Garret to explain. Garret reveals that Tayar's Palace is the graveyardof women, and it's rare for a woman to survive after receiving the dragon's energy. Sheadvises Lucina to leave if she wants to live. Suddenly, Hakkan approaches from behind, noticingGarret talking with Lucina. Garret informs Hakkan.

That she was just giving advice to Lucinaand questions Hakkan's choice of bride, warning that weak people like Lucina will only diein vain. Hakkan thanks Garret for her advice but asserts that choosing his bride is his ownconcern. He calls Lucina to come with him. During their walk, Hakkan explains to Lucinathat he was busy and couldn't visit her. He asks if there's anything bothering her or ifshe has any questions for him. Lucina has many questions but doesn't know where to start.Nervously, she asks about being the queen and its relation to her life. Hakkan wonders ifLucina is still scared by his previous words. He clarifies that being the Dragon's bridemeans she must be willing to risk her life. Saying that from Lucina's perspective, Hakkanmay appear similar to King Brion. Lucina grabs.

Hakkan's arm and claims that he is different,explaining that he is the one who listens to her. Hakkan questions why no one listened to herdespite being the only daughter of Baron Berg. Lucina admits that it's because she speakslike a fool. Hakkan touches her hair and remarks that the people of Berg are strange.He kisses her hair and tells her that if he had a beautiful daughter like her, he wouldcherish her and listen to whatever she says. Suddenly, a guard informsHakkan that Adar is missing. Prompting Hakkan to apologize to Lucina andsays he must go now. While seeing Hakkan’s off, Lucina is still flattered by the complimentHakkan gave her earlier, causing her to blush. Studying her reflection in the mirror, Lucina isoverwhelmed by Hakkan's compliment on her beauty,.

Experiencing it for the first time in her life.Suddenly, she remembers Garret's words about not being able to survive after receiving thedragon's energy and Hakkan's explanation about the risks involved in becoming a mate of thedragon race. Still uncertain about the meaning behind those words, Lucina turns to Titi and asksher to explain what receiving the dragon's energy entails. Titi hesitates at first, unsure if sheshould reveal this information to Lucina since Hakkan hasn't informed her yet. Eventually,she clarifies that it means becoming pregnant and giving birth to a healthy child for thedragon race. Lucina inquires if she will die after giving birth, to which Titi reluctantlyresponds that it's common because it's not an easy task to give birth to a strong child of thedragon race. Lucina wonders if Garret believed she.

Would immediately die due to her slender physique.Titi further elaborates that whoever gives birth to the King's child becomes a queen since it's achallenging endeavor. Garret herself was once a lowly maid from a humble background but became aqueen after giving birth to the late king's child. Lucina realizes that all she needs to do is havea baby, and her background won't matter anymore. Meanwhile, Hakkan pays avisit to his mother, Adar, who is lying on her bed. Hakkanassumes that Adar sought him out because he had been away at war and she wasconcerned about losing her remaining son. Adar, Hakkan’s mother, once a revered queencelebrated for giving birth to two sons of the dragon race and receiving the blessingsof the fire god, has since succumbed to.

Madness. Consumed by grief over the loss of herbeloved son, the late king and Hakkan's brother, ten years ago, she has refusedto accept reality and give him a proper burial. Adar fears that hisbody will be taken away, and thus, her son has been preserved in a sacred cave whereshe believes he will awaken and open his eyes. Hakkan returns to the main palace, where Turanquestions why he didn't go to Lucina's place. Hakkan replies that he's not in the moodat the moment, causing Turan to raise his voice and urge Hakkan to consider Garret insteadif he has no interest in Lucina. Turan expresses concern about the bloodline of the guardiandragon coming to an end if Hakkan doesn't have a child. Hakkan asserts that he has alreadychosen his mate. However, Turan elaborates,.

Explaining that due to the difficulty ofconceiving a child of the dragon race, the late king spent his life with numerouswomen until he finally had a child with Garret. Turan advises Hakkan to follow the samepath. Hakkan, infuriated by Turan's suggestion, raises his voice and confronts Turan,accusing him of suggesting that Hakkan should witness countless women's deaths, statingfiercly that he could never do such a thing. Turan questions why Hakkan doesn't considerremarrying Garret, emphasizing that she has already given birth to a child of the dragonrace, making her chances of success the second time around quite high. As Turan speaks, Hakkan'smind drifts back to his childhood memories when his brother showed him how much he loved Garret.Hakkan expresses his dislike for Garret and lets.

Out a sigh, pondering why the dragon race musttake so many women's lives to conceive a child. Turan explains that the dragonrace serves as guardians, keeping Tayar in peace by instilling fearin the Brion people with their fiery nature. Turan reminds Hakkan of his duty as the kingand urges him to go to Lucina. However, Hakkan worries about Lucina's well-being, recallingher as his savior every time he sees her. Meanwhile, Titi bursts into Lucina's room,informing her that Hakkan is on his way to see her. Surprised by the news, Lucina watchesas Hakkan enters the room with a flushed face, carrying two glasses and a bottle ofwine, and asks if she is still awake. Approaching Lucina, Hakkan complimentsher beauty and asks if she felt sad when.

He didn't visit. Seeing Lucina blush, Hakkansuddenly kisses her. As they share the kiss, Lucina feels a warm sensation and nervously asksfor more, which prompts Hakkan to inquire if she is no longer afraid of him. Lucina, wrappingher arms around Hakkan's neck, kisses him in response. While they continue kissing, Hakkancarries Lucina to the bed and places her there. Seeking reassurance, Hakkan asks if Lucina isnow prepared to risk her life for him and Tayar. As Lucina ponders her response, sheabruptly asks Hakkan if she is pretty. Drawing closer to Lucina, Hakkan assuresher that she is indeed beautiful. However, the rumors about Hakkan andGarret suddenly flood Lucina's mind, and she asks Hakkan if he also has feelings forGarret. Confused by her question, Hakkan wonders.

What she means, emphasizing that he is with Lucinanow. Lucina, feeling nervous, continues to mention Garret and her doubts about Hakkan's feelings.Annoyed by the topic, Hakkan warns Lucina that he will leave if she keeps bringing up Garret.Believing that Hakkan didn't deny it, Lucina expresses her belief that Garret is prettierthan her. This statement infuriates Hakkan, who angrily questions if Lucina truly wants him to go.Disappointed, Hakkan leaves Lucina, stating that she should simply tell him if she doesn't wantto be his bride instead of provoking his anger. Lucina is left unable to properly articulate herthoughts, feeling bewildered by the situation. Days later, Garret's servants inform her thatHakkan has not visited Lucina's room since their last encounter. Assuming that Lucina mustbe frightened of Hakkan, Garret feels a sense of.

Arrogance, believing that Hakkan will soon loseinterest in Lucina because he dislikes cowardly women. Encouraged by her loyal servants, who areaware of Hakkan's admiration for Garret since childhood but acknowledges that he suppressed hisfeelings due to his brother, Garret confidently asserts her position. Reflecting on her pastencounters with Hakkan, particularly the times she caught him stealing glances at her, only forhim to blush and shy away when she looked back, Garret is convinced that Hakkan will eventuallycome to her and choose her as his mate. She firmly declares that she will notallow anyone but herself to be with Hakkan. Feeling remorseful about her previous interactionswith Hakkan, Lucina regrets not expressing her true feelings and instead provoking his anger.Realizing that she needs to change her approach,.

Lucina turns to Titi for assistance, seekingguidance on how to rectify the situation. Titi is taken aback by Lucina's request to helpher improve her speech. Surprised but willing to assist, Titi suggests practicing with her toenhance Lucina's speaking skills. Emphasizing the importance of avoiding stammering while talking,Titi opens up about her own background to create a comfortable environment for Lucina tocommunicate. However, their practice is interrupted when a servant knocks on the door,informing Lucina that Garret has summoned her. Inside the queen's palace, Titi encouragesLucina to apply their practiced techniques. Garret explains that she called Lucina to presenther with a suit for an upcoming royal event. The suit happens to be black,which traditionally symbolizes.

Mourning in Brion. Lucina is curiousif the symbolism differs in Tayar. But then confirmed by Titi’s question to Garretabout the suit’s resemblance to a funeral outfit. Garret clarifies that she personally selectedthe suit for Lucina because she noticed Lucina's avoidance of the King of Tayar and her longingfor her homeland. By gifting her the suit, Garret intends for Lucina to convey to the Kingher desire to leave Tayar soon. Additionally, Garret expresses her pity for Lucina andinsists that she accept this gesture of honesty. Titi can't help but worry about Lucina wearingthe black suit, concerned that it may create a misunderstanding for Hakkan, making him thinkthat Lucina blames him for the deaths in Berg. Lucina herself is anxious, fearing that Hakkanwill interpret her attire as a desire to return to.

Berg. However, their conversation is interruptedby a voice calling out to Lucina. It's Adar, whose identity remains unknown to both Lucina and Titi,as they are both new to the palace. Adar notices Lucina wearing the black suit and assumes sheis mourning someone. Lucina clarifies that she is wearing it for the royal party. In returnfor helping fix the suit, Adar requests food. Meanwhile, Garret and her servant areinformed of Adar's arrival and entry into the palace. Believingthat Adar will visit Lucina, Garret insists on escorting her back andinstructs the servants not to inform the King. After satisfying her hunger, Adarbegins working on fixing the suit. Lucina and Titi express their concern asthey watch Adar cut the fabric. However,.

Adar reassures them to trust her, promisingthat she will make Lucina stand out in the suit. Garret observes them from thepartially open door and then departs. Lucina feels a sense of embarrassmentas she covers herself with a cloth. Titi tries to remove the cloth, remarkingthat the suit looks much better now. As the cloth falls away, Lucina's beauty isrevealed, and the suit fits her perfectly. curious about what will happen next? don’tforget to subscribe, hit the like button, and leave a comment below, thank you so muchfor watching! hope you enjoyed every bit of it!

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