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The story begins in a clinic where a doctor informs a young lady named Lariette Blanche that she does not have a terminal illness that can cause her death. previously she had been told that she only had 3 months to live but it turns out that it was all a misdiagnosis Lariette starts to panic because she thought she had been living her life doing whatever she wanted.

She ends up meeting the greatest swordsman and war head of the Empire who tells her that he will find her wherever she is Lariette's mind goes blank and she thinks that it would have been better if the doctor had just told her she was going to die 3 months ago Lariette wasn't feeling well so she went to see a doctor secretly.

She explained the symptoms she had and the doctor said it was a rare incurable disease that only a few people have unfortunately it has a mortality rate of 98% to make it even more dramatic he added that she was going to die in 3 months shocked by the diagnosis she thought.

To make a list of things she wanted to do before she dies we can say a bucket list Lariette asked her maid Anne what she wanted to do before she died Anne was surprised at first but then replied that she couldn't imagine leaving Lariette alone to die as Lariette couldn't even brush.

Her hair well by herself Lariette was moved by her words but then Anne added that she wanted to indulge in a variity of cakes however the maid then suggested that Lariette go eat dinner with her family even though Lariette didn't want to because she didn't get along with them her father the Duke of Blanche.

And her mother the Duchess Blanche were trying to sell her off to a rich old marquis because they were in a large debt Lariette felt incredibly sad and foolish for pretending to know nothing despite knowing everything the parents were elated to see her brother show up.

Raon Blanche who had magical and succession classes and monopolized all the support while Lariette received neither support nor education but was only tasked with assisting him with office work Raon asked her why she was there and Lariette replied “am I not a part of this family?”.

She then informed him that the family's magic teacher was upset with him and that she felt she was more capable and talented than her brother but then Raon did something cruel to his sister he intentionally spilled wine on her head and insisted that he wouldn't finish the meal unless she left Lariette's mother.

Told her to go back to her room and clean up feeling defeated Lariette realized that she didn't want to live and die in that kind of environment and decided that since she was going to die soon anyway she would do whatever she wanted she started to write her bucket.

List, number one buy Anne as many cakes as she wants number 2, being independent save money, number 3 call off the engagement with Marquis Segreb in proper manner number 4, date handsome person just for 3 months number 5, travel to the west.

Which Raon always spoke about she completed the number one on her bucket list in no time on the way back home suddenly the carriage she was in got stuck in hole peeking out to see if anyone could help but Anne told her to get back in and explained.

That it was Duke Candel's carriage behind them so they had to protect themselves Lariette remembered that the Candel family was the most powerful family in the Empire and the Duke himself was called a monster then a man approached and helped to release the stuck wheel of Lariette's carriage he was holding the carriage with one hand only.

Stunned by his strength Lariette thought that all of the coachmen of the Candel family must have been as strong as him and she silently thanked him in her mind back in the Manor she was planning on taking a rest but marquis Segreb.

Came unexpectedly he spoke disrespectfully to Lariette I don't even want to tell you here Ew kinda creepy Lariette thought of completing bucket list item number 3 which was to call off the engagement with Marquis Segreb but she was having trouble doing it properly.

The Blanche family was known for producing great wizards and Leriette was no exception she was born with incredible talent but unfortunately she never had the opportunity to learn magic properly her brother Raon was always jealous of her natural abilities.

However Lariette was determined to improve her skills and secretly learned from Raon's teacher behind their backs the teacher realized that Raon wasn't as talented as Lariette so he began teaching her magic in his spare time.

Wow she made the Marquis upside down! Lariette told him that she had no intention of marrying him and therefore wanted to call off the engagement she further added that she despised people like him.

Who evaluated others with money shocked by what happened Duke Blanche released Marquis Segreb from Lariette's Magic Marquis Segreb felt disgraced and told them that he would never forget it the Duke tried to calm him down.

But it didn't work Lariette's father seemed furious with her slapped her in the face and told her that she was determined to keep the Dukedom in debt but she replied that her family had no affection for her.

And sold her to enjoy wealth and entertainment and what she got was a slap her mother added that everything she wore and ate was because she was part of the family and she had to take responsibility Lariette replied that was why she had helped them out.

By being her mother's bookkeeper acting as the administrator for her father's work and also taking care of Raon's estate yet her father said he would pay off the debt soon and get her married.

Still in rage her father kicked her out and said he would remove Lariette from the family registry Lariette was disappointed in what her family did to her though she had never tried to go against them before.

She took a bow and asked permission to leave Raon arrived and tried to insult her using his magic but he had no idea how strong she was yeah bury him alive girl! she ended up.

Leaving the house and completed 3 out of 5 on her bucket list now she aimed to complete the remaining 2 imagined she was going to meet a handsome man with a lot of dating experience so she could date with ease first thing first.

Even though she had brought some money with her she knew she needed to earn more to live an easier life so she decided to offer her skills as a purification wizard which she was best at purification magic.

Is less efficient than healing magic and is unpopular due to its high mana requirements however Lariette had no mana shortage unfortunately the healing wizard.

Had already taken all the available jobs leaving her without any work feeling discouraged she walked slowly without being aware of her surroundings and her bag was stolen the burglars had been stalking her since.

She offered her skills to the mercenaries and overheard that she was a purification wizard they thought she was not a threat but little did they know that she could.

Burn them all Lariette chased after them shouting for help hearing a young lady's cries for help a stranger turned his head to see what was happening wow it was really a god's masterpiece gimme that.

One real please pleaseeeeeeee the man glared at the burglars his presents itself already making them intimidated the man smelled like a rotten corpse.

And they realized that he was the monster Duke of Candel which terrified them even more the Duke took them down in no time returned the bag to Lariette who was astonished.

By what she saw Duke Candel, a general who won the war that no one has ever won was also called a warmonger for his brutal nature as she stared at his face.

Lariette noticed he was so handsome despite all the rumors although he smelled a bit repulsive it was nothing compared to his beauty she wondered if he had dated.

Many girls with that face but he was famous for being a cold-hearted person so maybe he hadn't dated anyone yet seeing Lariette trembling Duke Candel thought that she was afraid.

Of him because of the curse on him the curse that caused him to smell like a rotten corpse out of nowhere Lariette pulled his sleeve asking him if he had a girlfriend.

She also asked him to date her for 3 months and told him that she liked his face it was on her bucket list number 4 to date a handsome guy for 3 months.

Whoa! what a straightforward girl you go girl! awkward with the situation Lariette introduced herself and asked for his name surprised by her action Duke Candel was startled.

And said his name was Asrahan Candel Lariette was astonished by his nice voice and told him that his low voice was so charming it had been 20 years since someone called.

Him by his name so Asrahan thought it was a prank Lariette kept asking him to date her for 3 months but Asrahan replied that she should not joke around and ask her if.

She wasn't afraid of him after seeing he killed many people he then left her and took a glance back thinking that it was a prank in fact Lariette was stunned by him and thought.

That he was so cool charismatic and attractive that it even made her more excited in a bar while thinking about how to meet Asrahan again Lariette overheard someone talking about.

Duke Candel looking for a purification wizard she approached the group and asked for more information about the rumor they explained that Duke Candel was cursed causing.

Him to smell like a rotting corpse and was in search of a purification wizard to lift the curse, however since there were not many purification wizards around Asrahan was struggling to find a capable one Lariette realized.

That she had to go to tiger's den to catch the tiger a week later Lariette found Asrahan at an information guild and apologized for her previous behavior she suggested.

They start anew with an employer- employee relationship Asrahan was surprised that Lariette wasn't afraid of him despite his reputition Lariette introduced herself as a.

Purification wizard and offered to break the curse that made him smell like a rotting corpse in exchange she asked for food and accommodation Lariette presented a contract.

For Asrahan to sign having doubts about Lariette's offerings Asrahan threatened her that if it was a prank she wouldn't leave long enough to see tomorrow's.

Sunrise, Lariette was a bit intimidated but since she could die anytime soon she had nothing to be afraid of she grabbed Asrahan's hand and started to purify him right away.

To prove that she wasn't lying it consumed more money than Lariette's thought as the curse was too strong and she lost all her strength after the purification.

She told Asrahan to check his hand Asrahan thought he shouldn't have any hope that it would work since he knew what kind of curse it was but TADAAAA….

Miracle happened finally someone can purify his curse he definitely wouldn't let her go. suddenly Lariette stumbled and fell on Asrahan so then the contract.

Was signed by both parties upon waking up in an unfamiliar place Lariette asked Asrahan where they were he informed her that they were.

In the Candel Dukedom as it was written in their contract that he had to provide her with food and accommodation Lariette was ecstatic to hear that.

And couldn't believe that he had finally signed the contract she grabbed Asrahan's hands but he was confused by her actions Lariette then asked.

Him to call her by her nickname “Rie” but Asrahan stood up and told her that he was just checking on her and had already moved her luggage there he confirmed.

That she was okay and then planned to go Lariette seemed sad that Asrahan had put up a wall and thought that she wasn't his type but then she convinced herself.

That preferences can always change Asrahan got a sudden chill from the way she stared at him causing him to immediately move out of.

The room. Lariette was so happy to see Asrahan's handsome face as soon as she woke up that she accidentally say it out loud making Asrahan who was still.

Standing in front of her chamber blush all over his face. soooo cuteeeeeee! in Asrahan's workroom Lariette was staring at him admiring his beauty Asrahan asked her if she had something.

To tell him and she quickly answered that she had been waiting for him to finish his work and notice her she asked him to eat together.

Started by her request Asrahan told her that she must have a strong stomach confused by his statement she asked why he told about.

Her stomach then he explained about the curse he got from the powerful witch since he was 7 that even killing the witch wouldn't.

Break the curse the bandage he wore had a magic spell to prevent odors Asrahan thought lariat would ran away because she might find it disgusting.

But Lariette said something unexpected she said she would make sure to break the curse judging by his look he might have been moved by what she said.

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