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Lucina's sudden crying catches Hakkan offguard, causing him to reassure her that he was only trying to confirm something. In Tayar,it is customary for couples to engage in intimacy before getting married when the woman is pregnant.Hearing this revelation, Lucina becomes even more shocked. Trying to calm her down, Hakkan asks ifbeing with him is better than being King Brion's bride. Still trembling, Lucina confesses thatshe is simply afraid. Understanding her fear, Hakkan swiftly stands up, turns away, andassures her that he won't do anything to her. He suggests that Lucina shouldrest while he sleeps outside. Tayar's knight, Turan, is surprised to findHakkan outside and questions why he left the bride alone. Hakkan joins Turan, explainingthat he chose to sleep outside because forcing.

Lucina into anything after she was kidnappedcould make her ill. He also warns Turan to be careful with his words since Lucina is nowhis wife. Turan finds it hard to believe, noting that Hakkan has changed because ofLucina. Previously, Hakkan was known for being cold-hearted, but now he even forgavethe Berg people who stole Tayar's treasure. Hakkan shares with Turan that whenever hesees Lucina, he is reminded of his savior from before. He believes the girl mustbe somewhere near the Berg Castle and decided to spare the Berg people as away to repay the girl who saved him. The following morning, Lucina wakes upto the sunlight filtering through the tent. Remembering she didn't wash her facebefore falling asleep, she decides to find.

Water nearby to freshen up. As she washes herface, she notices her reflection in the water, realizing that her rash looks worsewithout the makeup covering it. However, she remembers Hakkan's words and resolves notto heal herself so that Hakkan won't touch her. Suddenly, someone approaches from behind—it'sa group of kidnappers sent by Baroness Berg, Lucina's stepmother. Lucina is terrified, as shenever wants to return to that place. They take her into the nearby forest, and soon it startspouring rain. According to legend, the Pooka elves bring rain when they are not offered peanuts.Drenched by the rain, Lucina feels cold. The kidnappers notice her trembling and, upon seeingthe rash on her face, mistakenly believe she has a contagious disease, deciding to abandon her.However, before they can do so, an arrow pierces.

One of the kidnappers, knocking him down. It turnsout that Turan and Hakkan have come to her rescue. Hakkan sets Lucina free, hisexpression filled with concern as he inquires about her well-being.Despite seeing Hakkan covered in blood, Lucina no longer feels afraid. In fact,his presence brings her a sense of comfort. Hakkan drapes the cloak over Lucina and gentlyplaces his hand on her head, realizing that she is running a fever. He expresses regret,feeling that he may have been slightly delayed, and apologizes to Lucina. Tenderly liftingher in his arms, Hakkan assures her to hold on as they will soon emerge from the forest.Lucina experiences a sense of relief, grateful that she did not return to the Berg house, as herdesire to be with Hakkan permanently strengthens.

While wiping her face, Lucina gazes ather reflection in the mug she holds, noticing that her rashes have worsened due toher fever, giving the impression of a genuine illness. Contemplating whether to heal her rash, amysterious voice unexpectedly advises her against doing so. Startled, Lucina turns around anddiscovers a little elf standing beside her, introducing himself as Pooka. Engagingin playful banter, Lucina teases Pooka about being the small elf responsible forrain if peanuts are not offered. However, Pooka swiftly warns Lucina against utilizing herhealing power, emphasizing its rarity and the attention it could attract. Pooka observes thatLucina has become more talkative and inquires about her previous reticence. Lucina confessesher nervousness when faced with many people,.

Fearing their anger and potential harm if shewere to speak her mind. She admits feeling more at ease conversing with non-humans. Just asthey converse, Hakkan's voice interrupts, asking permission to come inside. Recognizing the needto depart, Pooka hastily bids farewell to Lucina. As Hakkan enters the tent, he is shocked tosee the rash on Lucina's face. Approaching her, he confirms her fever by touching her forehead andasks if she is feeling unwell. Hakkan instructs Turan to summon the physician for assistance.Turan enters the tent to assess the situation but quickly pulls Hakkan away upon noticing therash on Lucina's face. He informs Hakkan that it could be smallpox. Panicking, Lucina tries toexplain that it's not a disease but rather a reaction to hair dye. However, Turan draws hissword and warns Lucina to keep her distance.

Hakkan intervenes, instructing Turan to lower hissword. He assures Turan that it's not smallpox and turns his attention back to Lucina,encouraging her to speak her mind. However, Lucina struggles to articulate her explanationclearly, nervously mentioning that it's a sulfur reaction from the hair dye and that her feveris due to the rain. Turan fails to comprehend Lucina's explanation as she stammers through it.Feeling unheard, Lucina stops trying to explain. Turan suggests that they couldn’ttake Lucina to Tayar if she has a contagious disease. Lucina senses herlife is in danger and contemplates using her healing spell to cure her rash, butshe remembers Pooka's earlier warning. While Lucina grapples with her decision, Hakkanadvises her to stay calm and speak slowly so.

He can understand. Turan cautions Hakkan againstgetting closer to Lucina, but Hakkan assures him that it's not smallpox, pointing out the differentsymptoms. Turning to Lucina, he gently encourages her to speak, assuring her that nobody will getangry with her. Determined to explain, Lucina puts in her best effort while Hakkan attentivelylistens, ultimately reaching a conclusion: the rash on Lucina's face is a result of thehair dye, worsened by the rain-induced fever. Putting his sword away, Turan is convinced byHakkan's explanation. Hakkan mentions that if Lucina truly had smallpox, he who kissed andhugged her would have also fallen ill. Lucina gazes at Hakkan, feeling flattered that someonehas taken her seriously for the first time. Hakkan gently places Lucina inside the tent, and oneof his knights informs him that the kidnapper.

Was acting on Baroness Berg's orders. Enraged,Hakkan vows to return to Berg Castle and punish them. Concerned for the innocent people whomight suffer, Lucina grabs Hakkan's arm and pleads with him. Hakkan is puzzled by Lucina'sunexpected worry for others over her own family. Realizing Hakkan's confusion, Lucina kneels downand begs for forgiveness on behalf of her family, concealing her true identity as an illegitimatechild. Hakkan instructs her to rise, lifts her up, and playfully suggests that he can onlyforgive those who touch his wife if she offers something in return. Lucinapromises to do whatever he desires. With a smile, Hakkan revealshis request: a kiss from Lucina. Hesitant at first, Lucina summons her courageand kisses Hakkan on the lips. As they part,.

Hakkan feels overjoyed and embracesLucina. He then instructs his knight to present the kidnapper's head to Baroness Berg asa warning against further encroachments on Tayar. As Lucina lies on the mat, Hakkan sits beside her, ensuring her safety as promised. Lucina expressesher gratitude, but Hakkan playfully teases her, suggesting that she can thank himby kissing him again. Surprised, Lucina reacts, but Hakkan was merely teasing her,prompting him to tell her to rest while he watches over her from outside. Hearing Hakkan humming,Lucina wonders what brings him such happiness. Lucina awakens to the sensation on her forehead and opens her eyes to find Hakkantending to her fever by her side.

As they arrive in Tayar, Lucina is in awe of thebreathtaking Tayar Castle. The people in Brion had held misconceptions about the Tayar tribe,believing them to be primitive cave-dwellers who subsist on wild animals. Turan opens the carriagedoor, assisting Lucina as she alights from the carriage. As she takes her first steps, a scentoverwhelms her, causing dizziness. Hakkan notices and firmly holds her arm, inquiring about herwell-being. He explains that it takes time for humans with a strong earth energy to adjust tothe scent of Tayar with a strong fire energy. The people of Tayar warmlywelcome the return of their King, and seeing Hakkan accompanied by a stranger,they are curious about Lucina's identity. The priest of Tayar greets them and, upon sensingLucina's earth energy, suggests the need for her.

Purification. But as the priest approaches her,she trembles in fear and quickly hides behind Hakkan. Hakkan reassures her that the priest'sintentions are welcoming, not harmful. As the priest sprinkles holy water on her head during thepurification ritual, Lucina feels as if the water also soothes her rash. Once the purification iscomplete, Hakkan and Lucina are welcomed inside. Upon entering the castle, a woman rushes togreet Hakkan and leans on him, expressing her joy at his long-awaited return. The woman,named Garret, questions if Lucina is the captive brought from Brion and shows her displeasure.However, Hakkan introduces Lucina as his bride, whom he took from Berg. Garret is taken abackby this revelation. Expressing her discontent with Hakkan's statement, she points out theyellowish hue on Lucina's dress, assuming.

It to be a symptom of a disease. Lucina clarifiesthat it's merely the faded color of her hair dye. As Hakkan observes Lucina's hair,he wonders if her true hair color is silver. Hakkan then assures Garret that there'sno cause for concern, but Garret counters, stating that her worry is not for Lucina,but for Hakkan himself. With an intense gaze, Garret implies that Lucina may not be capable ofshouldering the same obligation as she has done. As Lucina inquires about theobligations Garret mentioned, Hakkan deflects the question and suggeststhat she change her dress. He then commands Garret to provide Lucina with a maid.An attendant named Titi is tasked with accompanying Lucina to the palace. OverhearingTiti mention the late queen to Garret, Lucina.

Speculates that Garret might have been the wifeof Hakkan's deceased brother from a decade ago. Introducing herself as Lucina's personal maid,Titi clarifies that the room they are in is not the queen's palace since Lucina has not yetborne a descendant of Tayar's King. Lucina comprehends that the obligation Garret referredto is the expectation for her to give birth. While changing her clothes, Lucina recallsthe purifying holy water from before, which not only faded her hair dye but also healedher rash. Curious, she asks Titi if it is possible to obtain the holy water again. After Titi leavesthe room, a small bird enters and begins to speak, transforming into the elf, Pooka. Delighted byPooka's return, Lucina expresses her comfort in Tayar compared to Berg. However, Pooka raisesconcerns about Lucina having a child with Hakkan..

Lucina admits her worries butquickly dismisses the thought, deciding to think about it later. Just then, Titireturns with permission to use the holy water. Meanwhile, Hakkan removes his armor while Turaninforms him that the dragon knight has returned from Berg Castle and carried out Hakkan's orders.Turan questions Hakkan's decision to forgive Berg and refrain from seeking revenge on the BrionKing. Hakkan affirms his stance, but he has one matter to confirm. He reveals that a girl savedhim ten years ago and ponders if she might still reside near Berg. Before decimating the people inBrion, Hakkan intends to rescue the girl first. He instructs Turan to locate the girl beforecrushing Brion and also to investigate whether Lucina is truly Baroness Berg's daughter. OnceHakkan assigns Turan his tasks, he declares his.

Intention to cleanse himself in the hot springsand states that he does not require a servant. In the hot spring, Lucina immersesherself in the purifying holy water, marveling at how it restores her hairto its natural color and heals her rash. Suddenly, she hears footsteps approachingand turns around to find Hakkan entering. Lucina hastily conceals herself, fearingthat Hakkan might discover her presence. Hakkan detects a presence behind him andturns around to discover someone hiding. Annoyed, he questions the person's identityand asserts that he does not require a servant. Fearing Hakkan finds her, Lucina decidesto conceal herself beneath the water. As Hakkan approaches, Lucina attempts toswim away, prompting Hakkan's impatience..

He reaches out and grasps Lucina's arm justas she stumbles, preventing her from falling. Enchanted by Lucina's true appearance,Hakkan marvels at the beauty before him. Captivated by her mesmerizing eyes,he confirms if she is indeed Lucina. Hakkan ponders whether Lucina is the girl whosaved him ten years ago, but suddenly Lucina trembles in fear and begs for forgiveness, fearingthat he might strike her. Feeling confused, Hakkan quickly dons his bathrobe and drapes one overLucina, reassuring her that no one will harm her. He also assures her that she has donenothing wrong and that he had mistaken her for someone else. Gently touching Lucina'scheek, Hakkan apologizes for frightening her. He then pulls her closer, advising hernot to reveal her vulnerability to others,.

As she will eventually become the queen of thepalace after giving birth to Hakkan's child. Hakkan contemplates whether Lucina is trulythe same person who saved him, as the girl was incredibly brave. Judging by the girl’s appearancebefore, she did’t appear to be a noble's daughter, and if Lucina is indeed the girl, shemust have already healed her own rash. Uncomfortable with the close proximity,Lucina requests permission to leave. However, Hakkan suddenly embraces her from behind,tenderly carrying her in his arms and offering to escort her. Confused, Lucina inquires abouttheir destination. With a mischievous grin, Hakkan assures her that they are headingto their room and playfully asks if she is still afraid of him. Feeling overwhelmed,Lucina's heart races, leaving her speechless.

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