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Apparently, the letter from Earl Harrend was the one that Max had ordered Fresia to send to Juvel. Knowing that Juvel hadn’t replied, Max comes to check on her. He even has to wait until Legis is not home so he can visit Juvel. And look what he got, a proposal to date from Juvel! Max is overjoyed and even starts to daydream about starting a family with Juvel, but his hopes are dashed when she reveals that the relationship will be strictly contractual. Juvel believes that Max would be the perfect candidate to pose as her partner, given his sword skills and his status as Legis's student. But Max seems displeased with that.

Juvel tries to make a good offer to Max so that he will accept it, but his dissatisfaction only seems to grow. Then she reveals that the contract will come to an end when she leaves the house, which confuses Max. He asks why she would willingly enter into something that would make her miserable. Juvel explains that her father has arranged for her to marry someone she cannot refuse. Curious, Max asks who it is. Juvel insists on his promise of secrecy before revealing that it is Maximilian Cassian Ashet. Max initially didn't pay much attention to what Juvel was saying, but soon realizes that she mentioned his name. He feels awkward and uncomfortable knowing the truth.

Juvel wants to show Legis that she is dating someone to avoid being married off to the crown prince. However, Max tries to convince her that the crown prince might be like her, and that marrying the crown prince could benefit her since he will be the next ruler, but Juvel refuses and would rather be alone forever than marry the sadistic tyrant. Max is shocked and leaves, feeling dejected. Juvel wishes that Max would at least give her a yes or no answer. Max arrives back at Salon Blooms in a sour mood, leaving Madam Fresia confused about his behavior. Without warning, Max asks her what it means when a woman wants to escape her future husband.

But Madam Fresia asks him if he wants any other reason besides the woman completely hating her future husband. As Madam Fresia suspects that something has happened between Max and Juvel, Max denies it and almost slips up by revealing what Juvel had asked him before. Catching Madam Fresia's excitement, Max refuses to say more and changes the subject. However, Madam Fresia informs him that the empress has sent another assassin to kill him. Isabelle Rostie Ashet, the current empress, Max's stepmother, has been trying to eliminate him since he was young, and she was also responsible for his mother's death.

As Max ponders what to do with the assassin, he remembers Juvel's refusal to marry the crown prince because he's a tyrant. Max decides to spare the assassin's life, which shocks Madam Fresia, who has never seen him do that before. Max then asks if there are any marriage proposals for him, but upon learning there aren't, he quickly leaves. In the Floyen residence, Juvel and Legis are having a ‘cozy dinner’ together after a while. When Legis calls her name, Juvel prays that he won’t bring up the marriage.

Remembering Juvel and Max at the last party, Legis suddenly asks her about the crown prince, startling Juvel. Juvel tries to change the topic, but the subject she brings up is about the story of the first empire and the artifacts she read about. Hearing this, Legis looks pale and suddenly stands up, telling Juvel he has something urgent to do. Juvel wonders what happened since he isn't the type of person who suddenly gets up and leaves. Legis is anxious after learning that Juvel is studying about the imperial family, fearing that she will discover the truth about the ring.

He thinks that Juvel must have heard the bad rumors about the crown prince, but still she accepts it, so Legis believes that for the sake of her happiness, he needs to take action. When Juvel calls out to him, Legis is taken aback. She expresses concern for him, but actually she’s curious if she did something wrong during the dinner. Legis smiles and suggests they go inside as it's getting cold. During their walk, he encourages Juvel to learn more about the crown prince, which confirms Juvel's suspicion that her father wants to marry her off to the cruel and sadistic crown prince. Although she tells her father that she will comply with his wishes,.

She secretly has no intention of doing so. As Juvel leaves, Legis resolves to ensure her happiness and prevent her from ending up with Max. Meanwhile, Juvel contemplates proposing a contractual relationship to Max once again. While feeling depressed after recent events, Juvel's maid delivers a letter from Lady RoseMary inquiring about her health and inviting her to a tea party. Juvel sees this as a good opportunity to learn more about the crown prince's reputation among high society and to discover what he dislikes. In the meantime, Lady RoseMary expresses her joy upon hearing that Juvel has recovered and is interested in attending the tea party. The other ladies are also excited to meet Juvel.

Lady RoseMary then asks Lady Veronica Joanna Terence if she is okay with hosting the party. Although Veronica is displeased, she agrees nonetheless. Veronica shares the burden of RoseMary inviting Juvelian to the tea party without consulting her first. When Veronica mentions Juvelian, Mikhail turns his head and flatters her, asking her to invite him as well and expressing concern for her. Veronica, caught up in the moment, agrees to invite him. (Oh, look at those evil eyes! What is he plotting now?).

Juvel is shopping for a dress to wear to the tea party but finds that Legis has assigned her many guards again. While examining the dresses on display, someone gives her an advice. It's Madam Fresia, but Juvel is surprised since she doesn't know the Lady, but the Lady seems to know her. The guards are moved by the Lady's kindness, thinking that there's still someone who treats Juvel nicely despite her being hated all her life. Madam Fresia advises Juvel to choose a dress she feels comfortable in instead of following the trends. Juvel finds the advice helpful but still wonders who the Lady is. As Juvel finishes up her shopping, she hears a commotion nearby and decides to peek.

She sees Baron Gordon, known for being insufferable, falling to the ground. To her surprise, Max is the one speaking to him. Baron Gordon becomes furious and orders his guards to arrest Max, citing that a mere commoner dared to speak back to a noble. Suddenly, Juvel appears in front of them to stop the argument, surprising Max. Baron Gordon is shaking at the sight of Duke Floyen's daughter. He greets Juvel, but when he tries to introduce himself, Juvel cuts him off and says she already knows who he is.

Surprised that Juvel is familiar with him, Baron Gordon begins to plot. He flatters Juvel, but she bluntly tells him that she doesn’t feel honored to see him. Juvel has observed that he treats people of lower status poorly while acting polite in her presence. She warns him not to persecute her man. Max blushes, thinking that she is calling him her man or husband?? but Juvel clarifies that she said it to protect him. Juvel then informs Baron Gordon that Max is her personal guard, assigned by her father, which also confuses the “real guards”.

She warns Baron Gordon not to harm any guards of the Floyen household. In response, Baron Gordon tries to accuse Max of harming him. But the truth is, Baron Gordon was irritated by how much attention Max was receiving and was about to use his status to harass him, which of course caused Max to respond rudely to the provocation. Baron Gordon then demands that Juvel compensate him for the insult. Juvel tells Baron Gordon to let it go this time. She makes up a story that Max comes from a mountain and isn't familiar with the ways of the world. Juvel states that it's her responsibility because she didn't teach Max properly.

To even the score, she tells Baron Gordon to talk down to her as Max talked down to him. Max is amazed by what Juvel said, but Baron Gordon realizes he cannot speak disrespectfully to her. He apologizes, but Juvel tells him to apologize to Max instead. After being intimidated by Max's glare, Baron Gordon quickly runs away. Max thanks Juvel for saving him. The Ladies around them are impressed by his gesture towards Juvel,.

But it makes her uncomfortable. Max then expresses his desire to have a contractual relationship with Juvel. Juvel quickly covers Max's mouth with her hands, signaling him to keep quiet and not reveal anything important to others. Their actions appear to be causing further confusion for those around them. Juvel tells Max to follow her, and once they are inside the carriage, she explains that she thought Max was saying no since he didn't answer her. The reason for Max's delayed response is.

That the sadist tyrant Juvel hates so much is actually him, but he can't reveal his identity yet. Juvel then asks Max why he went to the arcade since he wasn't shopping, and Max becomes irritated and sensitive, saying what's wrong with that. Actually, the information that Madame Fresia brought to Max about the tea party that Juvel will attend, and which will also have Mikhail in attendance, made Max upset. But knowing Max would go to Floyen residence, Madam Fresia informed him that Juvel wasn’t there but was going to the arcade.

And so here he is. Max becomes furious when he is reminded about Mikhail and decides to accept Juvel's proposal of a contractual relationship to protect her from him. Suddenly, Max asks Juvel why she proposed to him. Juvel explains that it's because he is her father's student. Max is shocked, thinking she was asking to date him, not because she likes him, while he was taking it seriously. But then Juvel adds that Max is the only man she is comfortable doing this with. Max is happy after hearing that,.

While Juvel thinks to herself that Max's face is definitely her style, despite his personality. Juvel then asks about the payment. but Max seems displeased by what he hears and says that he doesn't need the payment; he is just repaying his debt for getting her injured last time. Juvel suddenly grabs Max’s hand, happy to find that he's so nice at heart. Feeling embarrassed, Max asks her to let go of his hand. Juvel tells him that they have to pretend to be lovers now, so they can't avoid skinship. She also states that as long as they're in a contractual relationship,.

They need to hold hands, lock arms, and call each other by name romantically. Juvel then realizes they haven't introduced themselves yet. Just as Juvel is about to introduce herself, Max interrupts her and tells her that he has known her name all along. This revelation bothers Juvel as she realizes that despite knowing her name, Max has been referring to her as “you.” However, Juvel quickly adds that she knows Max's name as well, having heard her father call him by that name. As Juvel thinks Max is a nice name,.

She believes that someday he'll become a great person as well. Suddenly, Juvel resumes discussing the contract, causing an immediate shift in Max's mood. Although he has already declined payment, Juvel insists that the contract is necessary for their mutual protection. Despite this, Max assures her that he trusts her and believes she won't harm him. Juvel is deeply moved by the level of trust he places in her, as no one has ever trusted her like that before. Juvel explains that he can't be so naive and should not trust anyone, even those closest to him.

She insists on making the contract. Though Max said he understands, Juvel is still hesitant and unsure if Max truly comprehends the gravity of the situation. Suddenly, Juvel pulls Max closer, insisting that they need to synchronize their mouth. Max is taken aback, and Juvel instructs him to come closer as it's imperative. Max is flustered, thinking it's too soon for such an intimate interaction and worried that it might be his first kiss.

As Juvel approaches, Max shuts his eyes, only to hear her whisper that her personal guard, Geraldine, will inquire about how they met, and they must match their stories. As the carriage shakes, Juvel turns her head, and Max feels embarrassed as he comprehends what Juvel meant. (so he got his hopes high again to be slammed down to the ground? oh my poor Max) Upon their arrival, Geraldine demands an explanation as expected by Juvel. Introducing Max as her lover, Juvel is met with disbelief from the guards,.

As they’ve been guarding her closely but never seen Max. Accusing Juvel only picks Max for his looks. However, Juvel calmly explains that they met at Count Myzen's party, much to Geraldine's surprise. Despite his mercenary attire, Geraldine thinks that Max might be a noble and wonders which family he belongs to. Juvel clarifies that Max is not a noble but one of the hired mercenaries. This revelation further shocks the guards. Finally, Geraldine presses Juvel to tell him how they met.

Before arriving, Max and Juvel had made an agreement in the carriage about what to tell Geraldine. Max reluctantly agreed to go along with whatever Juvel said. Juvel tells Geraldine that she saved Max and proceeds to tell the fake story: Max was surrounded by a group of noble women, but then Juvel arrived and asked the ladies if they had seen Mikhail. The ladies ran away, and Max claimed that Juvel had saved him and he wanted to repay her. The guards are left speechless and suddenly change their opinion of Max, saying that he may look scary but is actually a softie at heart.

Juvel also adds that after meeting him several times, she thought he was the one. After telling the fake story, Juvel invites Max to come inside. Geraldine, who is still in shock, summarizes the story as Juvel being interested in Max just because of his looks. Before they go inside, Juvel is upset to find that Geraldine is glaring at Max because he's a commoner, but actually, Max is the one who's been glaring at them nonstop from the start. Geraldine notices that Max has an unusual aura and wonders who he really is. As Juvel grabs Max's hand, she tells him that she'll protect him no matter what happens.

Although he thinks it's nonsense, it still makes him happy. Suddenly, they hear a crash sound of a cup falling down. Legis trembles in great shock upon seeing her precious daughter holding hands with Max. To make matters worse, Juvel introduces Max as the man she loves, leaving Legis even more shocked. Will Max get out of this residence in one piece? so let’s press the like button and leave a comment below for the next part. Thank you so much for watching, hope you enjoyed every second of it.

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