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While Juvelian was sleeping, she felt reallyuncomfortable and had this dream where she was a kid hanging out with her mom. In the dream, hermom was like, “Hey, let's play hide and seek, but you gotta stay hidden in the wardrobe until I giveyou the green light.” Little Juvel was all curious and asked if her dad would join in the fun. Butout of the blue, her mom freaked out, shouting that someone was a total monster and warning Juvelnot to let him know where she was hiding. Juvel got all scared and asked what would happen if themonster actually found her. Right before her mom could answer in the dream, this huge hand came outof nowhere and grabbed her tiny neck. Turned out, it was the crown prince, and he had a realnasty message for her—like, she was gonna die. Juvel is totally freaking out after waking up fromher nightmare. She feels super sick and is like,.

“Dude, I gotta call a doctor or something.”But in the midst of all that, she's thinking about this dream she had with her mom, even thoughshe can't even remember what her mom looks like. In the palace, things are getting intense.The Emperor is seriously pissed at Max because he found out that Max pulled off some blatantexcuses to avoid meeting him. Just when things were getting heated, Legis finally shows up andgives the Emperor a greeting, but in return, the Emperor starts complaining about how longhe had to wait for Legis. Legis apologizes and explains that some unexpected problems poppedup. But man, the Emperor couldn't care less about his explanation. He straight-up ordersLegis to head down south right away. Legis is completely shocked by this bombshell. The Emperordrops some major news, saying that he received.

Info about Margrave Lennox planning a rebellion,like gathering an army behind the Emperor's back. We got this dude named Margrave Lennox, right?He's the boss of the south, a total genius when it comes to tactics, and he's always gotthis kickass army on standby. Now, check it, if he's gathering his troops right now, it'spretty damn clear that he's getting ready for an invasion from those Rhagon folks next door. Buthere's the thing, Legis thinks the Emperor is a real dumbass and he's totally misinterpreting whatLennox's loyal subjects are up to. Legis ain't about to be separated from Juvel just becauseof some pointless order like that. No way! So, Legis decides to give it a shot and tries toconvince the Emperor. He starts explaining how loyal and badass Lennox is, always protectingthe empire from those Rhagon guys without fail..

But guess what? The Emperor just smirks andgoes, “Yeah, well, that's 'cause Lennox ain't got no leash around his neck like you do. I don'tdoubt your loyalty 'cause you got no choice but to stick by my side.” When Legis hears that, he'sfeeling all upset and powerless. He's got this intense urge to straight-up murder the Emperor,but he knows he can't do that right now. And the thought of leaving Juvel behind, all worriedand stuff, is tearing him up inside. His precious daughter, trapped in the wounds he's causedand suffering because she had the misfortune of loving such a lousy excuse for a father. Legisis like, “You know what? It's cool if Juvel hates me forever 'cause what I did can't be forgiven.”But here's the thing, he never stopped loving her, not even for a single damn moment. Legis startsdaydreaming about yanking that damn collar off.

His neck, just so he can finally have the freedomto love Juvel with all his heart. But hold up, his thoughts get interrupted as someone barges in, andboth Legis and the Emperor are caught off guard. Guess who it is? It's Max, rocking hiscrown prince vibe, and he's all like, “Yo, Dad, I've been missing you.” The Emperoris completely shook when Max shows up out of the blue. Max casually asks if they were havingsome important discussion. With his intense gaze, he puts the pressure on the Emperor, demandingto know what they were talking about. The Emperor starts freaking out, realizing that Max hasgrown into a real force to be reckoned with, someone who poses a threat to him. The Emperor'smind starts racing, worrying that Max might pull something sneaky while Legis is away. Legis triesto play it cool and tells Max that he's right in.

The middle of receiving some super secret orders,politely asking him to bounce. But Max, oh boy, he raises his voice and goes all like, “Who does DukeFloyen think he is, giving me orders?” Legis ain't having any of that, so he straight-up tells Maxthat if he doesn't leave, it means he's disobeying a direct command from the big boss, the Emperor.While Legis is confronting Max like a boss, the Emperor is feeling relieved. He's thinking,”Damn, I still got my attack dog Legis. Gotta keep him by my side to keep Max in line.” So, theEmperor decides to send someone else down south instead. Now, let's switch gears to the Empress.She's beyond furious when she finds out that Max has returned to the palace. She's even more pissed'cause all her efforts to send assassins and take Max out have been utterly useless. But hold up,here comes the princess, walking up all calm and.

Collected, trying to soothe her mama. The princessis like, “Hey, Mom, if our bro comes back, we should totally welcome him with open arms.” Legisbounces out of the palace, his mind still stuck on the crazy turn of events. The Emperor pulled theplug on his trip down south, opting to have Legis hang around and guard him instead. Legis can'thelp but crack a grin, realizing how handy Max can be when it comes to putting the fear of God intohis own dad. He's relieved that he doesn't have to go to the south, all thanks to Max. Just as Legisis walking down the hallway, lost in his thoughts, Max swoops in, asking if he can have a quickchat. They plop themselves down in Max's room, and a servant plays the part by serving up somedrinks before sneaking away. With his helmet off, Max gets straight to the point, asking Legis whathe and the Emperor were yammering about. Legis,.

Fires back that it was a top-secret operation.Max ain't too thrilled with that answer and starts brainstorming other ways to squeeze the goods outof Legis. He takes a shot at digging up info on the recent assassination attempt on his pops,but Legis brushes it off like it's no biggie, telling Max to mind his own business. Legisthrows a sarcastic twist into the mix, suggesting that the real mastermind is still outthere, free as a bird. Legis shoots Max a knowing glare that says he's onto him but gives him apass as long as he stays far, far away from Juvel. Max tries flexing his authority over Legis, butshocker—it falls flat. Legis finally gives Max the green light to scram, whispering a quick “thanksfor saving me from going to the south“ as he does. And with a killer stare, Legis warns Max to staythe heck away from his daughter. Max is seething,.

Realizing nothing's going his way. He vents hisfrustration by chucking a cup across the room, but luckily, a knight in his crew catches it likea boss, making sure it doesn't go to waste. While Max is mulling over his next move, he cooks upa plan: sending Juvel a letter straight from the crown prince himself. But then he second-guessesit, thinking Legis would probably order his trusty butler to torch any letters from him. So, Maxdecides to seek counsel from Fresia. His knight, jumps in, offering his two cents on the matter.Max calls him out by name, Victor, he pops open his helmet, oh, so he’s the impostor! HandingVictor his own noggin protector, Max drops a bomb, warning Victor that if anyone catches wind ofhis true identity, he'll be toast. Max heads out, leaving Victor ticked off and muttering ashe flings the helmet to the floor. But just.

As Max is about to make his grand exit, hethrows a curveball, hollering Victor's name from behind. Caught off guard, Victor fumblesfor an excuse, blaming his butterfingers on the slick polish of the helmet. Max takes advantageof the moment to ask Victor about his skills in sneaky letter-sending, hinting at Victor being theultimate player in the army. With a serious look on his face, Max straight-up asks Victor for hisknowledge on the matter. Max ties a little note to a bird's foot, giving the poor creature astern warning that failure is not an option if it wants to keep its feathers intact. As thebird takes flight, Max's mind starts to wander, wondering if Juvel will read the letter andfinally find some peace of mind. In Juvel's room, she's scribbling away on a piece of paper, lost inthoughts about the upcoming tasting event. She's.

Worried that no one will show up because of whatshe said to Veronica. As she gazes out the window, she lets out a startled scream as a bird startsfuriously pecking at the glass. Juvel's terror grows as she watches the pigeon desperatelytrying to break in. Just then, Marylene, her maid, enters with a tray of desserts and is shockedto find Juvel in such a state. Juvel quickly orders Marylene to shoo the pigeon away. Marylenegrabs the tray and hurls it at the bird, but as the pigeon takes flight, Marylene notices a letterattached to its foot. She informs Juvel that it's a carrier pigeon, leaving Juvel confused. Juvelknows that carrier pigeons are typically used for sending secret messages, a method of communicationforbidden among nobles as a matter of etiquette, mainly reserved for the battlefield. Her mindstarts racing, assuming there must be something.

Nefarious behind this unexpected visit from acarrier pigeon. Meanwhile, the pigeon scurries back to Max, shaking like a leaf. Max, boilingwith anger, is suddenly joined by Fresia, who pops up out of thin air. She notices Max'sfailed attempt at pigeon mail and asks about what he was trying to send. Max reveals that hewrote, “I won't kill you.” Fresia lets out a huge sigh of relief that the letter didn't make it toits intended recipient. She spills her thoughts on the matter, and Max feels like he's been stabbedin the gut. Fresia advises him that if he wants to meet Juvel as the crown prince, he needs asolid excuse. Max agrees and releases the bird, asking Fresia if there's any palace gossip. Fresiaspills the beans that rumors about Margrave Lennox raising an army have reached the emperor's ears.Max ponders the news, putting two and two together.

That it might mean neighboring Rhagon is gearingup for an invasion. Fresia adds that, besides an increase in food supplies, there haven't beenany sketchy signs, as it's all for famine relief. After hearing Fresia's explanation, Max decides toarrange a meeting with Margrave Lennox, shocking Fresia since Lennox is on the emperor's bad side,and it could be seen as straight-up treason. But Max sees it as a golden opportunity,explaining that if they play their cards right, they'll not only control the south but also winover the entire empire. The stage is all set, and now Max just needs to charm the pants off thepeople and seize this chance to boost his power. It's the big day of the tasting event, and Juvelis feeling totally exhausted after being freaked out by that pigeon incident last night. But hey,she's relieved that she managed to sort everything.

Out. Marylene comes over and lets her know thatthe guests have arrived. First up is RoseMary, greeting with her usual cheery self. And guesswhat? Veronica shows up too, catching Juvel off guard because she never thought Veronica wouldactually come. Now, according to the empire customs, both the master and mistress of the houseare supposed to come out and greet the guests, even if it's just a small event. But let's faceit, Juvel knows her dad well enough to know he couldn't care less about that stuff. So she'slike, “No worries, I got this.” While Juvel is lost in her own thoughts, the guests start gettingall surprised about something. One lady leans in and whispers to RoseMary, asking if Juvel hassome older brother or something. And you know what RoseMary says? She's like, “Nah, he's notJuvel's bro.” Now Juvel is all confused, like,.

What the heck is this lady talking about? Who'sthis brother she's referring to? So Juvel turns around, and guess what? She's totally shockedto see her own dad making a grand entrance down the stairs, greeting all the guests withthat godly look. Talk about unexpected! Juvel is totally caught off guard when she seesLegis, realizing she never informed him about the party because she knew he wouldn't bother toshow up. The guests all bow down to greet Legis, but he quickly dismisses the formalities andtells them to relax. Then, Legis surprises Juvel by expressing how proud he is of her for puttingtogether the entire party on her own, even giving her a pat on the head. Juvel is all flatteredand grateful, feeling a warm sense that Legis has changed, treating her like his own preciousdaughter. Alright, time to serve the tea! RoseMary.

Is totally blown away by how freaking good the teatastes, and the other guests can't help but shower Juvel with compliments about her amazing tea. Onelady can't help but ask Juvel how she pulled off that mind-blowing flavor. But Juvel seems a bitspacey, like her mind's off in another dimension, until someone calls her name and snaps her back toreality. Then she spills the beans on her secret trick: storing flower petals or fruit with the tealeaves for an extra kick of fragrance and flavor. The ladies are straight-up mind-blown bythis revelation! But here's the real deal: Juvel poured her heart, soul, and even a few dropsof blood, sweat, and tears into making that tea. It's like a love letter from the flowersshe fought tooth and nail to protect! Legis spots Juvel from afar and flashes asmile as he sees her all happy and beaming..

He wonders if she even has a clue that she's thereason he's still kickin' it in this crazy world. In a flash, Legis's mind takes a tripdown memory lane, about 13 years back. He had just come home with blood on hisshoes, feeling all frustrated and worn out. He flopped down on the bed, gripping his bloodyhand, feeling completely helpless and wondering how much longer he had to endure being theemperor's lapdog in that godforsaken place. The frustration kept building up until thedoor swung open, and in came little Juvel, all cheerful and full of life. She greeted her oldman with a bright smile, totally oblivious to his sorry state. Juvel approached the bed, but Legisthought he couldn't face her in his current mess. Without a care, she hopped right ontothe bed and snuggled up against his arm,.

Eventually drifting off to sleep. But beforeshe dozed off, Juvel said a little prayer, patting her old man. Legis couldn't help butlisten as Juvel asked God to watch over him and make the world a better place so he could smileagain. Man, that really got to him. It hit Legis right in the feels, realizing that Juvel was hisrock, his savior, and that he'd love her forever. As the memories come flooding back, Legis'sface goes through some changes. Juvel catches a glimpse of it, and when their eyes lock, Legisquickly turns away and heads out. Naturally, Juvel can't help but think her dad'sacting way out of character today. Out of the blue, Veronica drops a bombshell:the crown prince has made a grand return to the capital. Well, you can imagine the room going allwide-eyed and shocked, especially Juvel. But just.

When things couldn't get any crazier, in walksMax, fashionably late, offering up his apologies. Now here's the juicy part: will they keep onbabbling about the crown prince right in front of Max? And how's Max gonna react, consideringnobody has a clue he's the crown prince himself? Talk about some high-stakes gossip! Rememberto smash that like button and drop a comment down below. Thanks a bunch for tuning in,hope you had a blast from start to finish!

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