She Will get Trapped & Cousins Prefer Advantage Of Her

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The story begins with David walking outof his workplace and into the city's busy streets. He receives a call from afriend who greets him a happy birthday. Suddenly, David hears a crashingsound nearby and sees an old man become a victim of a hit and run.He doesn't hesitate to go to the old man and give him first aid until theparamedics arrive to handle the situation. Later that evening, David reflectson what happened earlier that day. He thinks that he would gladlyswitch places with the old man, so he can numb his own pain thathe's dealing with. Honestly, same. David then recalls the tragic events thathappened during his childhood while he was.

Still in his hometown. He thinks about how hislife changed after meeting a girl named Meg. David recalls himself in the riverdisturbing some crawfish trying to have a good night's sleep when hefirst saw Meg. A curious Meg looks at David's crawfish and immediatelybecomes close friends with him. David learns that Meg is new to town and usedto live in the city. It turns out her family got into an accident leading to her parentspassing away and her sister becoming disabled. Meg tells David that she and her sister will nowlive in the town with her aunt, Ruth Chandler. David tells her they'll be neighbors, andthe two then happily bid each other goodbye. Later that day, David meets up with hisbuddy Donny Chandler. Donny asks if David.

Has met his cousin Meg, which he finds hot.David suggests it's wrong to feel that way about her since she's his cousin. Donnyjustifies that she's her second cousin, which makes it different and totally notweird. Okay Donny, this isn’t Alabama. Shortly after that, they get togetherwith the rest of their friends and go to the woods to play a disturbing version oftruth or dare. They tie up the girl who lost the game and try to make her confess abouttouching herself by scaring her with a snake. Later that night, David meets Meg at the carnivaland notices she's amazed by the rides, so he asks her to join him on the Ferris wheel. Meg enjoysthe ride, and David compliments her for being a professional rider. After that, Meg tells him shehas to go home since Ruth told her to do so early.

The next day, Ruth hangs out with her sons andtheir friends, which includes David. Being the cool mom that she is, Ruth lets the boys drink allthe beer they want, even though they're underage. She then talks about the current carnival intown being lame since it's missing spicy dancers. The children are confused since theydon't know what spicy dancers are, so Ruth gives them some cultural education.She then takes them out and leaves Meg home to take care of things. Before leaving, Ruth tellsMeg not to eat too much because she'll get fat. Ruth teaches the children how to burn worm nestsin their backyard the next morning. Meg refuses to participate because she's squeamish, soRuth scolds and humiliates her in front of the others. She then tells her to go insideand help her sister Susan do the laundry.

In the afternoon, Meg asks Davidif he can lend her money to buy food. She tells him it has been two dayssince she ate anything. It turns out Ruth is making her diet to avoid gettingfat, even though she doesn't need to. David buys Meg some food which she immediatelydigs into because of hunger. The two then talk, and Meg tells David that Ruth hatesher. She feels her aunt will always mistreat her regardless of what she does. Meg shares that she used to paint when shewas still living in the city but now stopped because she's scared Ruth will get mad at her.David tries to motivate her to paint for Ruth, but when it doesn't work, he tells her topaint for him instead, which makes Meg happy.

Meg stops by David's house the next dayto give him her painting. David's mother is amused that her boy actually managed torizz a girl. When David opens the painting, it shows a scene of him on theriverbank catching crayfish. When David visits the Chandlers' houselater, he gives Meg's painting to Ruth and lies that Meg made it for her as a gift.Ruth immediately picks up on what's going on. Ruth then calls Meg a harlot after thinking sheis doing all this to get into David's pants. Seeing the other children confused, Ruthtells them what a harlot is. She tells them that Meg is that kind of woman becauseshe wants to open her legs for David. She then warns Ruth that if she ever catches Megbeing like that again, she will punish her.

Later, David wakes up after hearingloud arguing noises from Ruth's house. He looks out the window andsees Ruth scolding Meg and Susan. When David visits the next day, he finds theChandler boys picking on Meg. She slaps one of them in the face after he triesto cop a feel of her. Meg runs away, and the boys call their mother andtell her she hurt their brother. Ruth ends up punishing Susan in place ofMeg. Hearing her sister being punished, Meg returns to the room to stop Ruth, but the boyspin her down, forcing her to watch her disabled sister take the beating. After that, Ruth takesMeg's ring, which belonged to her late mother. David starts feeling uncomfortable with thesituation, and Ruth sees it. She tells him.

That it's just a domestic dispute and is somethingbetween them and them only, which he acknowledges. Meg reports what happened to the police thenext day, but she isn't taken seriously, and it's brushed aside as a simpledomestic dispute. On top of that, Donny also sees her talking to thepolice and rats her out for it. Later, Willie, the eldestof the Chandler brothers, slaps Meg in front of everyone for calling thecops on his mother. Ruth also humiliates Meg, saying that the cops won'ttake them away from her. Ruth worries about Meg calling the cops againand wonders what to do about her. She says that even if she wants to send them away, no otherplace will take them. After insulting Meg,.

She sends her and everyone else intotheir respective rooms, including David. When David spends the next night at theChandlers, he finds them tying Meg up in the basement. It seems Ruth and her boys areplanning to harshly punish Meg for what she's done. They again treat it as a game and compelMeg to confess her secret to avoid punishment. The Chandler boys remove books from Meg'sfeet, leaving her to hang by her arms and experience extreme pain. They also remove allher clothes and even threaten her with a knife. Throughout that time, Ruth simply watches herboys do whatever they want to their cousin. When Meg stands her ground and doesn'tconfess, Ruth orders the boys to shut Meg up with her gag. She then threatensMeg that it could be her sister hanging.

There instead of her. After that, they leaveMeg to hang all night long in the basement. At midnight, the boys sneak downstairs tocheck on Meg. They let her have a drink since she's dehydrated. Meg asks them to lowerthe rope since she's in so much pain. The boys say they'll do it, but in exchange, Megmust let them touch her private parts first. Meg refuses the offer, so the boysdecide to leave her hanging. However, David interferes and lowers therope regardless out of pity for Meg. Ruth frees Meg from the ropes the next day butstill leaves her imprisoned in the basement. Ruth also warns Meg that if she tries to escapeor fight back, her sister will also be punished. Burdened by guilt and confusion aboutwhat's happening, David goes to his.

Dad's workplace and asks him for advice.He asks if it's okay for a boy to hit a girl. While his dad says never to do it,there are times when there are exceptions. When he visits the Chandlers' houseagain, David talks to Susan and tells her that he can't do anything to stop theChandlers from hurting them. He later peeks at the basement and sees the Chandlerboys beating Meg up. When they leave, he tries to sneak in to talk to Meg, but Ruthsuddenly appears, scaring the young boy away. The next day, David sees the same situationagain. The Chandler boys inflict wounds on Meg while their mother cauterizes themwith her cigarette. Then suddenly, the police arrive to check onMeg and her sister's situation.

Initially, Ruth sends hersons to face the officer, but David convinces her that it'll be better ifan adult handles things. In return, he promises to guard Meg. When Ruth leaves, David tellsMeg that he'll try to find a way to free her. Meanwhile, Ruth invites the officer intothe house, and he looks around. When he asks about the sisters, Ruth saysthat Meg and Susan are out shopping. The officer reveals that they receiveda report from one of the neighbors that Ruth is mistreating Meg and her sister.Ruth explains that she simply gave out a small punishment to the sisters and thattheir neighbor is exaggerating things. David sneaks into the basement again thenext day to finally help Meg escape. He.

Gives her a knife so she can defend herselfand leaves the door unlocked so she can leave. David also tries to give her some money soshe can use it to report to the police once she's escaped. However, Meg says she can't havethe money on her while escaping the house. So, David tells her he'll leave the moneyunder a rock they both know in the forest. Before he leaves, David apologizesthat he couldn't do anything to stop the Chandlers from mistreatingMeg. The girl tells him that it's alright and that what countsis the last thing that he does. In the morning, David checks therock where he left the money and finds it still there. He then goes tothe Chandlers' house, where Donny leads.

Him to the basement. He quickly learnsthat Meg got caught trying to escape. David then sees the gruesome scenewhere Ruth lets Willie's willie have its way with his cousin while everyoneelse watches. Once Willie is done, Donny asks if he can have a go at her too.Ruth tells him not to because she finds the thought of letting Donny's eggplant swimin Willie's liquid seeds in Meg disgusting. After that, Ruth continues to inflict more pain on poor Meg. David tries tohelp, but the boys stop him. Ruth says they should continue mistreatingMeg so that no man will ever want her. She even decides it'll best to seal Meg's privatearea to cleanse her of the desire to have a.

Man between her legs. Ruth adds thatonce that's done, Meg will be perfect. Unable to bear the situation, David triesto run away, but the boys catch and stop him from leaving. After that, Ruth continueswith her plan and proceeds to make creme brulee out of Meg's private area. David cando nothing but watch as Meg screams in pain. The next day, David wakes up in the basementand frees himself. He immediately checks on Meg and sees she's in bad shape. Susantells David that it's her fault her sister got caught because she tried toget her too. It turns out that Ruth is doing indecent things to Susan, and that'swhy Meg didn't want to leave without her. Shortly after, David thinks of a wayto help the sisters escape. He gathers.

Some things around the basementand sets them on fire. The smoke eventually seeps out of the house andthe basement, alerting the Chandlers. When Ruth arrives, David sends her to theafterlife using Susan's crutches. William overpowers David, but before he can stabhim with his knife, the police arrive to save the day after being alerted by thesmoke coming from the Chandlers' house. Finally, the officer sees thetruth about Meg and her sister. He tells David to stay with Meg while hetakes Susan and calls for medical help. Meg asks David to retrieve her mother'snecklace that Ruth took from her, and he does. With her last breath,Meg confesses her love for David.

In the present, adult David looksat Meg's painting as he continues to think about the past. He says that thepast can either be a gift or a curse. While he thinks of hismemories about Meg as a gift, he does feel tormented by the feelingof failing somebody he loves. However, he does acknowledge what Meg said to him back thenand that it's what someone does last that counts. What a depressing movie. This is actuallybased on a true story of Sylvia Likens and Gertrude Baniszewski. Sylvia wastortured by Gertrude in her basement. And she allowed the neighbors to help inthat torture. Sylvia ended up dying. What did you guys think of this story?subscribe for more videos like this.

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