She’s reborn in her fav on-line sport, nevertheless she’s the VILLAINESS

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What would you do if you were trapped in the world of your favorite game what if you were reincarnated as the game's villain destined to battle the protagonist and be killed by the final boss this story is about Eileen Lauren dodrick a noble woman from one of the most powerful families in the Empire she stands in a gilded Royal Hall surrounded.

By onlookers as her fiancee Cedric publicly breaks up with her Eileen is in shock and then she remembers her past life she was trapped in a hospital sick and dying during her illness she was obsessed with an automated game and now in death She's reincarnated into that world she's a character in her favorite game and not just any character she's.

The villainous her fiance the Crown Prince of the elmir Empire Cedric elmir is the main love interest of this game he tells everyone that he wants to end his engagement with Eileen and spend the rest of his life with the sweet and innocent protagonist of the game Lilia Eileen knows this scene the engagement termination event from the game she.

Keeps her head held high and leaves she doesn't give them the reaction they want from her she is the angry arrogant villainous of the story Lilia is the soft and feminine heroine the legendary holy sword Maiden in the future of this game Lilia is set to face a grand battle with the awakened Demon King and Eileen her only future is to die in a hundred.

Different Stupid Ways after all she's the villainous to survive Eileen must remember everything she knew about this game and change her future to avoid her death she must find the demon king and take care of him before he ends her a determined Eileen heads to the Dark Forest it looks scary like this place is full of dark Omens even the crows are.

Insulting her calling her an arrogant girl who was left at the altar she's not frightened because just like the protagonist Lilia Eileen on blood of the Holy Soul Mate she too can wield the magic of this world she tries to push open the Demon King's door but he himself arrives to help her by Smashing it to Pieces Eileen is shocked.

To see him in person Claude elmir looks nothing like his half-brother Cedric and he's dropped dead gorgeous The Demon King demands to know what a human wants with him with full confidence and Clarity Eileen asks him to marry her lightning strikes down from the sky setting a tree on fire the Demon King asks her whom she wants to marry in a.

Fearsome voice Eileen simply faint in her stupid Eileen wonders if she made the Demon King angry she reflects on the past of her character born into a loving home but always feeling less than her siblings no one ever expected much of her until Cedric elmir proposed to her when they were eight it was her first time being trusted and relied upon and.

She wanted to take her job as the crown Prince's fiancee seriously she wanted to train learn and become worthy of her position but this is what made people call her arrogant the haughty fiancee of the Crown Prince who only wants power perhaps if she had pretended to be delicate and cute like Lilia people wouldn't be mad at her her thoughts are.

Interrupted by the Demon King's advisors who say he wasn't angry he was simply shocked the demon king is suspicious of her Brazen proposal but she insists she's serious she she says she knows all about him and his past he's Claude elmir Cedric's half-brother at the age of 10 it was discovered that he's a demon and the human stripped his right to inherit.

The almere throne Claude was banished to an abandoned castle to maintain peace between demons and humans he stayed here as the demon king and if his hatred for humans is awakened he will transform into the final boss that kills Eileen to avoid this bad end he has to marry her she promises that she'll make him happy obviously they think she's nuts Claude.

Wonders if she likes him but he's hurt when she says no and calmly Magics her back to her room that was quick Eileen will never need to call an Uber back at home Eileen has received an invitation from Cedric and Lilia they're announcing their engagement in two months Eileen must go to the event and sign a document that publicly terminates her engagement.

With sedri Eileen knows they just want to humiliate her in public but she decides she has to go she'll accept anyone's Challenge and she won't go alone her date will be the Demon King Eileen returns to the Dark Forest to find Claude Summer she gives his pet Crow almond a cookie that makes him fall asleep The Demon King appears to heal.

His pet and Eileen asks him to come with her to the engagement banquet he doesn't look convinced by this strange human woman just then almond alerts him that one of his demons has crossed the magical barrier between the demon and human world the Lost demon is a little baby fenrir and the Demon King knows he needs to save it even though he's not.

Allowed to cross the Marion Eileen steps up offering to bring the fenria back to him she he knows the human Kingdom very well and she wants to help the Demon King agrees deciding to count on Eileen she takes his scarf so the demon will recognize her and takes off to save the fenria it's the first time Eileen has felt trusted and relied upon in ages and.

She wants to live up to it she dutifully saves the fenria from a gang of rowdy kids and reminds them of the non-aggression pact between demons and humans it's illegal to hurt a demon Eileen Returns the Cub to its mother successfully but she is cornered by Cedric Lilia and the rowdy kids they accuse Eileen of being the one who was.

Hurting demons Cedric even accuses her of planning to hurt Lillia out of jealousy Eileen hangs her head accepting the ruin of her reputation but just then a glow appears in the sky The Demon King has crossed the barrier into the human world Cedric is shocked to see his brother here he knows Claude is breaking the rules Claude kneels before Eileen.

And thanks for saving the fenria's life for not being afraid of it and for helping him everyone is stunned to see The Demon King this way including Eileen Claude goes full Cinderella and creates a carriage out of thin air that flies him and Eileen away from the scene in The Carriage The Demon King wants to know the real truth behind Eileen's.

Proposal he doesn't understand why the daughter of the most powerful Noble family in the almir Empire would propose to a demon she you decide to tell him the truth she's reincarnated into the villain s Eileen who will be cured by Claude the demon and King he thinks he's playing with him so he makes their Carriage disappear to mess with her in.

Return of course he catches her before she falls even though he doesn't understand her motivations Claude shows trust in Eileen Sparks are flying between them in the next episode we see that Eileen has received some terrible news she signed an engagement contract with Lord Cedric which means in case of termination Cedric takes over all of her.

Businesses well this world has really sexist laws Eileen and her family have suffered significant losses due to her breakup but she's determined to make up for them she gathers several male friends who are skilled in labor to meet the demon king at first he's jealous of how close her friends seem to be to her but he agrees to hear out her plan she.

Offers to fix his run-down castle with the help of her friends in exchange she asks The Demon King to lend her his forest and land so she can set up a couple of farms to her surprise he agrees easily he hands over the responsibility of his home to her he also turns her Shadow into a demon portal so that the demons will always.

Know Eileen's location within the Twisted Forest they can also freely travel through the portal to find and protect her and so the demon king and Eileen begin to work together she uses her Workforce and his land to create cosmetics and sell them to Noble women in the Kingdom she launches a fruitful business and somehow makes humans and.

Demons cooperate and work together in harmony Claude summer is Amazed by her justifiably so he even agrees to go to the engagement banquet with her it seemed like things were improving but Eileen received some bad news someone has been sending threatening letters to Lilia signed with Eileen's name at the bottom this has made everyone believe.

That Eileen is bitter about Cedric's engagement and wishes to hurt Lilia Eileen remembers that in the original game her character does send those threatening letters but she didn't do that in this reality how can the game go the same way even though she's changed her part does this mean there's no way she can survive this no matter what she.

Does at the end of the episode we see Lilia crying about the threatening letters and Cedric's wearing Vengeance against Eileen in the next episode we see almonds stealing a mysterious letter for rhyming meanwhile she's on her way to Cedric's engagement banquet she's wearing a dress that was gifted to her by Claude solmer and all eyes are on her.

As she walks into the Hall many Noble women are discussing Eileen's cosmetic line and gushing over the product Marlene is enjoying the moment when she hears shocking news Lilia has gone missing this scares Eileen in the original game her character got Lily a kidnapped and that's why she was missing on this day but why now despite taking.

So many different choices it seems Eileen cannot avoid her fake Cedric sees her and announces that he wants to arrest her for kidnapping Lilia meanwhile we see the innocent sweet Lilia standing before the Demon King she sneaked Into the Dark Forest to flirt with him that's right she's flirting she talks about how pitiful and sad The.

Demon King is living here all alone away from humans with only demons around she thinks he's so sad she wants to be the one to heal him to bring him happiness what a little she says Eileen is so in love with Cedric and would do anything for him and she Lilia wants to stay with claude's Summer this Angus Claude whose emotions rage a storm.

Around them he doesn't believe Lilia she tearfully begs to be with him but he quickly gets rid of her for him no one holds a candle to Eileen back at the banquet Cedric is trying to arrest Eileen but she maintains that she's not the one threatening Lilian that she doesn't even like or love Cedric emmymal this angers him he enjoys the idea of.

Eileen pining over him and fighting for him he or she doesn't care shatters his fragile ego he even tries to get physical with her what a little that's when the glass ceiling above them shatters says Claude summer arrives at the banquet fabulous Cedric is shell shocked to see that his ex's date is.

None other than his brother he's even more humiliated when it's revealed that the person sending the letters to Lilia was Lilia herself Eileen proves that using the letter almond stall for her lilia's handwriting and stationary match the threatening letters Claude summer takes his place beside Eileen as she walks up to sign the termination.

Contract with peace in her heart Cedric watches them in horror and Shop all his life he felt like he was less than his magical demon brother Claude Claude got all the attention and all the power while he was just ordinary inferior and now he lost Eileen to him she signs the contract and dances with Demon King and looks so happy Cedric can't take this.

Lying down he warned he's about to some up the Demon King drops Eileen home and is about to give her a sweet goodnight kiss when she sees a disturbing Vision she sees the Demon King hunched over in pain feels betrayed and angry he screams that he no longer trusts humans and fully awakens turning into a monster in the next episode.

Eileen approaches Keith Claude Summer's close advisor and his only human friend through her new memories of the game Eileen now knows that Keith is betraying Claude Sama and selling demons to humans in the black market this is the Revelation that will go on to Tilt The Demon King sending him spiraling into rage and despair for all the hurt demons.

And the massive betrayal from his best friend in her vision this is what awakens him but Eileen is not enraged she asks Keith to explain himself he says he was forced to sell Demons by greedy Nobles or they were going to steal all the land that was home to the demons Keith deeply regrets hiding from claude's Summer and he desperately wants.

To make amends their talk is interrupted by the arrival of Lilia and Cedric at the castle they're here to accuse Keith of selling demons to try and win Lord son as trust Eileen arrives to put an end to their conversation which of course makes Lilia burst into tears like the delicate flower she is yeah right Keith falls to his knees and apologizes.

To Claude summer who forgives his friend and gives him another chance Eileen and the Gang set a trap to capture the corrupt Nobles who forced Keith to sell demons it seems like Eileen's plan might work but their whole setup is actually a trap for her set by Cedric he arrives with Lilia who pulls out the holy sword and uses it to ward off the demons Keith.

And Elizabeth begged them to stop but Cedric Knox Eileen unconscious and kidnaps her the boys arrive at the castle and inform the demon king of Eileen's kidnapping he promptly disappears ready to get his girl back when Eileen wakes up she's chained to a bed while Cedric lears over her he acts as though he wants to force himself on.

Eileen to make her his wife I was grossed out and disturbed until almond arrives and reforms clawed summer of Eileen's location as the prison roof explodes all around him Cedric looks happy that Claude is here Claude looks down upon the sea rage and fury filling him as he sees Eileen being harmed he cannot control himself and finally.

Despite everything Eileen did to stop it the Demon King awakens turning into a monstrous Dragon this is what Cedric wanted all along for Claude to transform and for Lilia to kill him with the Holy sword almond trees Eileen and she knows she has to save Claude Lilia is ready to strike the final blow but Eileen jumps in her way getting stabbed right in the.

Stomach Lilia is shocked but Eileen confidently walks further into the sword unharmed after all Eileen also carries the blood of the Holy sword Maiden she fully absorbs the sword much to lilia's horror she lets her know that this time she's not the protagonist this time it's Eileen Eileen runs over to Dragon Claude who still looks pretty cute she cries.

For her lover and her tears heal his emotions allowing him to transform back into his human form his totally naked human form which makes Eileen scream in the final scenes we see that Eileen has negotiated a deal with Cedric she won't expose him for what he did if he gives up the throne to claude's Summer and so Claude The Demon King becomes the king.

Of the elmir Empire with his betrothed Eileen by his side they've United demons and humans into one peaceful Kingdom they announce their engagement at a beautiful stunning event and Eileen knows she's tame the final boss if you'd like me to recap or review your favorite show drop the name in the comments and to everyone who watched my.

First video all I can say is thank you I didn't expect so many of you to join me and I can't wait to create more content for you all like And subscribe for almond The Crow

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