SHIGARAKI VS STAR AND STRIPES – Boku no Hero 7 Temporada – Análise da Luta Completa

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SHIGARAKI VS STAR AND STRIPES HAS MANY REASONS TO BE THE MOST CONTROVERSIAL FIGHT IN THE BOKU NO HERO MANGA! In this video I will tell you the complete fight and analyze its details, power levels and secrets of the first confrontation of the seventh and final season of the My Hero Academia anime! Let's go! Shigaraki vs Star and Stripes takes place between chapters 329 and 334, totaling 5 chapters of confrontation, between the presentation of the characters, the fight itself, and some important events after the end. I was one of those who was waiting for Season Six to end this fight, but it won't be in time. And due to the number of chapters, she should have the first and second episodes of Season 7. So, she left to analyze the fight with the highest levels of power in the entire manga!.

The general context of the fight is one of transition and gain of time, between the war of the sixth season and the Deku Dark mini arc, until the final war that is happening now. Japan is destroyed thanks to damage from the army of villains + the escapees from Tartarus and other prisons. While the heroes are recovering to fight again, and still suffering difficulties such as the retirement and death of several partners, the villains were already preparing to strike again, especially Shigaraki Tomura. Following All for One's plans, winning the current fights while hiding was his short term goal, and stealing the One for All from Deku was the medium term, but his still unknown final goal had just been revealed with the most powerful heroine in the world. world arriving in Japanese territory. That would be the greatest difficulty or opportunity of all! The Top 1 heroine.

Of the United States known as “Star and Stripe” had the Quirk “New Order”, capable of creating new laws from orders shouted at people or objects. An order for herself, and another order external to her body as long as she knows the name of what she wants to impose. This individuality is so surreal and powerful, that if All for One or Shigaraki stole it, the villains' victory would be more than guaranteed! As soon as Star and Stripe arrives in Japan's airspace , Shigaraki using his Search is already there flying on top of a Nomu to welcome Cathleen Bate and her friends with American army jets. Despite international nations refusing to send heroes to help Japan in fear of Shigaraki, Star positioned herself as the most powerful and gave herself the right to ignore her president's laws,.

Acting on her own with her friends to protect the world. ! Star mocks Shigaraki's free spirit and questions him about being All for One, but Shigaraki gives a surprising response, saying, “who knows? who am I?”. At first, this answer seems a little ironic to try to shield yourself from the heroine's individuality, but what was really happening in her heart was Shigaraki, All for One and even Tenko Shimura were “fighting” over the identity of who was controlling that villain's body super powerful. At the same time that he had reached an unimaginable level of power, the inner conflict that existed within him was brutal! The battle begins with fighter soldiers activating their shields and informing that the one in front of them is called Tomura Shigaraki. She, with a very “Allmightzada” face, shouts a SMASH and orders them.

To form up, saying to attack with everything because if they die, their bodies will be sent to their families. Shigaraki, still confused about who he is, uses a combo of Quirks Shockwave + Expel + Overload using an absurd amount of power that seemed normal to him , undoing the entire formation. While surfing on one of the ships, Star and Stripe uses their gift for the first time: “from now on, the atmosphere will cease to exist in a space of 100 meters in front of me”. Immediately Shigaraki is unable to breathe and at the same time with a sudden urge to steal that power! Before he reacts, the fighters launch a barrage of lasers at the villain, who receives the hit with two quirks Reflect + Refraction and bounces all the lasers to all sides. Star deactivates the atmosphere order and says that the laser will be held,.

While seeing that Shigaraki is already regenerating. She throws the laser away and shows the effect of her Quirk on herself: “super strength that allows you to cross the skies”. With one punch she orders Shigaraki's name and remembers her idol All Might who saved her as a child, after that the order is that if Tomura moves, his heart will stop instantly! With Shigaraki 98% ready, for the first time his soul shared with All for One is shown, his hatred and destructive impulses surpass anything the villain and Dr Garaki expected, and a new ambiguous personality emerges, with his hair growing and intensifying the fight with an impact that knocks Stripe away! As soon as he concentrates better on the battle, this new being begins to remember the information he heard about the American number 1 and unites with the fight so far.

. He realizes that despite being very abstract and powerful, New Order limits itself like a barometer or scale with two weights: Star itself and something external that she wants to change! She couldn't for example require a stratospheric effect for Shigaraki because she would still have to maintain her own body's powers and resistances, but a big advantage is modifying inanimate things like the 100 meters of atmosphere or the previous lasers. The biggest obstacle in touching living beings, especially humans, is ordering them by name according to the perception of who they are. As Shigaraki does not recognize his self as neither Tomura nor All for One, it is impossible for her to use a direct order to him. In fact it will have to resort to modifying the external environment as much as possible! Now the battle takes on other proportions! Star and Stripe can't just stop Shigaraki,.

They must kill him as soon as possible, because he has just become a world threat according to his immeasurable power and regeneration! First, the atmosphere solidifies into a Star 1000 times larger than the original. Shigaraki even senses that something is going on, but without being able to see, the heroine's atmosphere punches and closes him with a palm. The goal now is to turn him to dust from so much damage! Then all the ships shoot at Stripe and she unites her lasers in a gigantic spear of light that cuts the sky and the sea completely exploding Tomura's body! But it's not over yet! Star and Stripe compares the power used in their last move to Endeavor's level, and says that if it were that easy, Japan's Number 1 would have defeated Shigaraki! While she holds damage on top of the villain, her superior.

Aghpar compares her recklessness and disregard for rules to the so-called brilliance of the United States, while launching missiles titled “Tiamat” that her heroine ordered to slaughter Tomura for good! She and her friends on the ships will only have milliseconds to unleash the laser combo that is preventing Shigaraki's regeneration and the ships will hold the villain with all their firepower while Star touches the hypersonic missiles with her atmosphere clone! The countdown is made, in 3, 2, 1 and Star and Stripe jumps from the ship they were surfing, touching one of the missiles and creating a rule to rotate them all at once in one giant punch of their atmospheric persona! TIMAT PUNCH causes an explosion that can be felt and even seen for miles! But it still wasn't enough! Star feels the wear on her body from all the effort and recent rules.

, but she sees that right in the middle of the explosion crater there is a small hole dug. Suddenly an unrecognizable Shigaraki jumps out of the hole with its broken limbs held back by a very persistent sort of regeneration! Shigaraki had used his Nomu as bait while he dug the hole with the Decay and waited for the right moment to jump. When Shigaraki's regeneration is almost complete, he surfs the ship of one of his best friends, but remembering their moments together Cathleen Bate feels unable to destroy the ship and possibly kill the villain at that moment, so she smiles and accepts Shigaraki's fate by touching his face! While the “I” of Shigaraki and All for One laughs at his triumph, Star even tried one last rule to prevent his body from being undone, but it exceeded the limits of his individuality. Blinded.

By the power he just gained, Tomura descends with everything to slaughter those who are still there, but what is that? The towering figure of Number 1 emerges from the vestiges of the fused villain and explodes her entire body from the inside out! Realizing that blowing up the ship with his friend would not be enough, the true last order created was: THE NEW ORDER WILL TURN AGAINST OTHER INDIVIDUALITIES! A monstrous Star and Stripe is created to personify his quirk within the vestiges of All for One, and thus “kills” each of the holders of quirks he stole! This is a huge problem for All for one. Your Quirk allows you to steal and grant quirks, but not destroy them! He needs to give the New Order to someone before it eats away at all of his Quirks,.

Until he doesn't even have his original! While Star follows her fight in the vestiges, her friends shoot lasers with maximum power to stop Shigaraki from moving, while All for One freaks out with the ghosts that All Might generated from himself, even after he retired! Finally, what's left of Shigaraki's body activates the Nomu's wing quirk he had used to get there and manages to lose the ships by boosting himself with the rest of his quirks. Reaching dry land again, he breaks into the thieves' house and tries to steal his Quirk to stock up on New Order and then steal it back, but he's a fool to do so . Star and Stripes in its last act says that it has worn out its individuality factor by having destroyed several quirks that All for One had stolen, so unfortunately it will disappear without.

Destroying them all, but the damage caused was enough to shake the villain's body and give more time heroes need! The last warning that stands to the King of Demons is: As long as there is a desire to protect, a hero's determination will be passed on. Those who inherit it will surely destroy you!” While All for One laughs, Tenko Shimura hidden by countless hands in his vestiges says Midoriya's name, mysteriously ending the confrontation with another whereabouts of the greatest villain of all, and the death of Midoriya. Mightiest heroine ever!

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