Shop Keeper Makes OP Armour But Its All Revealing & Skimpy

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One seemingly normal day, an innocent job-hunternamed Kautz suddenly gets jumped by slimes! Luckily, the girl nearby's got some moves, andshe clears those slimes in no time. After making sure that our damsel is okay, she leaves,and in the process, she accidentally drops her bag of gold. Kautz sees a name on it thatsays 'Armour Shop for Ladies and Gentlemen'. Later on, our jobless boy is walking aroundtown with his pet Mokuku, whose class is, well, cute. This place is really differentfrom the countryside! Just then,  he  sees a shop with the samename as the one in the girl's bag. He peeks inside to check his suspicion, andtrue enough, the girl from earlier is here. But for some reason, she's wearing a skimpyoutfit and is in a rather strange position. A.

Man is checking something between her legs,and they're both talking about something being a bit too tight! What in the world arethey doing? Why are they flirting in a shop? The scene is too much for Kautz; he tries to fleethe scene, but his clumsiness blows his cover. He later discovers that the man, Narden,is actually the shopkeeper, and Lilietta, the girl from earlier, is a clerk. And it turnsout she's trying on one of the shop's armors. Yes, that skimpy outfit is armor. Qualitycontrol is important, after all! Lilietta's charm makes Kautz's heart flutter,so he looks around the shop to take his mind off things. This is when he realizes all the armorin the shop is revealing and not very armor-like! With conviction, Narden explains thathe built the armor shop because it's.

His life's dream to make every femaleadventurer wear risque equipment. He adds that risqueness is romantic! Lilietta'son board with his ridiculous dream, too! Anyway, Kautz eventually gives the two thebag of gold Lilietta lost earlier. Apparently, the shop would've gone out of businesswithout it since their budget isn't looking so good. This prompts Kautz tocheck the shop's ledger, and holy moly, is it a huge mess. Not one thingwritten on it even makes sense! With that, Kautz suggests taking care of theshop's accounts from now on. Fortunately, Narden doesn't mind hiring someone he has just met. Anyone is better thanLilietta's bookkeeping skills!.

EPISODE 2 Kautz got his honorary shop apron after that.The first thing on his list is to ensure that the shop stays in business. Narden says theprices are low because he can't help but fulfill his desire to equip women with spicyarmor. This, of course, annoys Kautz in more ways than one. They're running a shop, not acharity! Their primary goal is to earn money! Just then, an adventurer named Yumikocomes in looking for cheap agility-aimed armor. The first thing Narden suggestsis a skimpy blue two-piece that doesn't look like it can protect and coveranything. Yumiko is hesitant at first, but she changes her mind and tries iton after Narden rizzed her. To be fair,.

Her agility increases by a hundred after wearingthe armor, so she ultimately decides to buy it. Now, let's talk price. The armor's market valueis 50,000 gold, but the shop only sells it for 7,000 gold. Does that 43,000 goldloss bother Narden? Nope, not one bit. Kautz suggests increasing the shop's items onceYumiko has left. It's not as if the shop's main selling point is its dirt cheap price.Besides, Narden claims that every piece of armor in his shop is exquisite, so sellingthem at a reasonable price only makes sense. Selling them cheap also strips them oftheir value, and they don't want that! Lilietta assures Kautz that every piece ofarmor they're selling is equipped with excellent abilities. Not only that, but they also make thewearer look spicy, which, believe it or not, has.

Advantages. In case you're wondering like our boyKautz here, Lilietta and Narden aren't a couple. With that, Kautz promises to give his bestto improve the shop! To be clear, he hasn't found a new love for risque armor like Narden;he just really wants the shop to do better! EPISODE 3 Kautz is resolute in doing his absolute best forthe shop. They will surely face difficulties; however, he has no doubt he and his newworkmates will overcome them. Out of nowhere, Narden comes in with the news of thearrival of their new frilly armor. Yep, today is another day of hard work for Kautz. The frilly armor looks amazing on Lilietta. It'sblack, pink, and even comes with demon wings! Some.

Would say she looks like a demon girl, but Kautzthinks she looks like a goddess's advent from the gospel. She looks so divine wearing it that hewants to etch her figure into his memory forever. Things then take an unexpectedturn from there. No doubt about it, Kautz is feeling the effects of the armor'senchantment. He gets on his knees and exclaims how he wants to be trampled and kicked byLilietta's divine feet! Oh, the things he'd give to be hurt by the ever-beautifulLilietta! Thankfully, Narden slaps his behind to wake him up from the enchantmentbefore he does anything more embarrassing. Narden explains that some armors havesubstantial magic dwelling in them. As such, humans who can't use magic are prone tobeing affected by that magic. As for him,.

He has sufficient mana to withstand the effects,so he's safe. He hasn't been pursuing the art of risque armor-making for nothing, you know!To prevent this thing from happening again, Narden gives him a cute pink bow that'll make himstrong enough to resist any armor's enchantment. Kautz, of course, rejects this. Ain'tno way he's wearing a bow! In the end, he settles with a less effective bandwhich he puts around his hand. Just then, Lilietta approaches and asks him how he'sdoing. The moment he lays eyes on her, Kautz gets filled with the desire to betrampled by her godly feet once again. EPISODE 4 Lilietta plays with the super adorableMokuku sometime later. “Mokuku-chan!.

You're so cute!” But to Kautz,Lilietta is much cuter! Anyway, she offers Makuku a walnut…then…she opensit using her bare hand. HER. BARE. HAND. Kautz later finds out that Lilietta is incrediblystrong. In fact, she's so strong that she needs to wear enchanted gloves to restrain herstrength! While blushing, she says she's thankful to Narden because he not only gave herthese gloves but also a job and a place to stay. This is when Kautz discovers the heartbreakingnews that Lilietta and Narden live together on the shop's second floor. Fortunately, Nardenhears their conversation and offers to let him use the spare room next to Lilietta's. At thispoint, various scenarios involving Lilietta run through Kautz's naughty little mind. So, withhis nose bleeding, he eagerly takes on the offer.

To be honest, Kautz thought he'd be livingin inns for a while. He actually just came in from the neighboring village when he first metLilietta, so this is a good opportunity for him. Helping his clerk is a no-brainerfor Narden, though. After all, they're all in the same boat, so they shouldalways help each other out. For some reason, he tells Kautz never to hesitateto wear something risque in the future if he ever needs to. Althoughhow that could happen, no one knows. Since they're already on the topic, Liliettatells Kautz not to hesitate to let her know if he's ever hungry or thirsty. As such, she offershim a glass of freshly squeezed apple juice. Yes, folks. Freshly SQUEEZED apple juice.And since they'll be living together,.

She suggests they drop the honorificswhen talking to each other. CHAPTER 5 Lilietta serves dinner for the boys that night,and as expected, her cooking is delicious. At that very moment, Kautz realizes he has found thetrue meaning of happiness. Yes, this is the life! Lilietta bathes with Mokuku after that. Meanwhile,Narden comes to Kautz's room to give him his pay. Kautz insists on not getting paid since he'salready staying here for free, not to mention the shop's financial problems. Nonetheless,Narden hugs him tight and sneakily puts something in his pants— his salary; he gave Kautz hispaycheck. Hmm, I wonder what you were thinking. Anyway, Narden explains that gratitudefor hard work comes in the form of.

Payment. It's as simple as that. Theman is generous, alright. Regrettably, he can't apply this same logic when it'shis turn to receive payment for his goods. He says the excitement of seeing womenwearing his armor is enough payment for him. Narden also shares that he'd probablyeat bread with a side of mouth-watering risque equipment if he were living alone, buthe's doing well now, thanks to his coworkers. All of a sudden, the two hear a loud thud thatcomes from the dressing room. They waste no time checking what the fuss is about, and there, on thefloor, they see a barely conscious Lilietta. Upon coming to her aid, Narden discovers she passedout after staying in the bath for too long. He asks Kautz to get some water, but unfortunately,Kautz has also fainted because of his nosebleed.

That night, Kautz learned that thereis an even higher level of happiness. EPISODE 6 Kautz is preparing to clean the shop whensuddenly, he hears a loud knocking on the door. When he opens it, he is surprised by abloodied woman looking for armor. Fortunately, she says the blood isn't hers but themonsters she defeated in the forest. The girl introduces herself as Flearika,and apparently, she's a regular in this shop. But frankly, Kautz has a hard time payingattention to what she's saying because of how distracting her jiggly jellos are. Eventually,she reveals she's here for some cute clothes. Kautz, bless his heart, tries his best tolook for a suitable outfit for Flearika;.

However, all the clothes he puts his hands onlack fabric. In the end, he hesitantly settles with a see-through armor dress. It'snot that he's into see-through clothes, but this one's at least .02% less skimpy thanthe others! The next thing Kautz knows, he's in the dressing room with Flearika, which, again,results in his passing out from a nosebleed. The first things Kautz sees when he regainsconsciousness are the angelic girls before him. So, for the third time, he passes out from anosebleed…and y'all, I kid you not, this happens three more times! At this point, it's only amatter of time before he dies of blood loss. EPISODE 7 Twenty years ago, a lone boy namedNarden frequented a certain training.

Ground. People called him the “Genius Wizard.” Narden planned to overtake the wizardsof previous generations. To do this, he dedicated himself to training day in and dayout. But one fateful day, he met a sensuous knight named Rose Löhe lying on the training ground. Löheteased him and suggested she help him in training, but Narden took her offer as a signthat she wasn't taking him seriously. He summoned fire to prove his point, but itwas extinguished as quickly as it appeared. It was at that moment that the young Nardenrealized he needed to step up his game to prove his seriousness. He used Final FinishFriendly Fire; however, Löhe extinguished it instantly with her ero pose. “Ufufu, sexinessis the greatest weapon!” she says. Not wanting.

To admit defeat, Narden then used Water PocariIce Winter and Badass Thundery Stuff. Still, the result was the same. That was the firsttime the Genius Wizard boy was defeated. Finally acknowledging his loss, Narden askedLöhe to take him as her apprentice, to which she obliged. Over time, she taught him all the secretsof amorousness through hard work and perseverance. One night, as the two gazed into the night sky,Löhe told him she was looking for the Genuine Armor— the legendary equipment that only the bestcraftsman in the world can make. Some people even said everyone who looked at it gets enchanted byits beauty. To fulfill his master's desire, Narden promised that he would make the True Armor forher one day. This, of course, made her very happy. Time passed by, and Narden forsookwizardhood and left the village. He.

Did all this to create the True Armorhe promised his master. Eventually, he explored amorousness from adifferent angle by opening a shop. It has now been twenty years sincehe made his promise, and now, he finally has the prototypefor the True Armor. Truly, Narden is a living proof that anythingcan be done with sheer determination. It's a good story, right?Too bad Narden made it up! CHAPTER 8 Kautz tries his best to be tolerantof Flearika despite her overstaying in the shop. She eats and drinks a lotbut never ever goes home. Apparently,.

This is because she's running low on funds. So,to help her, Narden offers her a job at the shop, which she gladly accepts. Kautz is taskedwith training Flearika, and right off the bat, she teases him by caressing his body.This ought to be a long training! All of a sudden, three slimes enter the shop.These monsters usually never appear in town, so Flearika finds this situation odd. Nardenthen throws a piece of skimpy underwear at Kautz and orders him to put it on. Why? Becausehe's an inappropriate shopkeeper, that's why! Just then, Flearika says that the softnessof live slimes is more or less the same as that of a woman's melons. Maybe she saidthis so Kautz would have the courage to grab and squeeze one? At any rate, theDemon King Slime suddenly attacks him,.

But fortunately, Flearika slays itbefore it causes any more damage. Lilietta arrives not long after that.If there's one thing we know by now, it's the fact that this girl is hellastrong. So, without batting an eye, she crushes the rest of the slimes withher gorilla-like strength. Attagirl! Now that the slimes are defeated, the only problemthe girls must focus on is how they will clean the white, sticky stuff all over their bodies. Whowould've thought the slimes would burst like that? That day, Kautz passes out two moretimes. Will he ever recover from this? CHAPTER 9 Out of curiosity, Narden tastes the slime gunkhe and Kautz are cleaning. While doing so,.

He comes to the realization that what he has inhis mouth could be the Demon King Slime's juice! The girls take a bath together following theirslime fight. As any wholesome ladies would, they take turns praising each other. Theypraise their strength, skills, skin, legs, and even the size of their melons! Once they'redone, Narden thanks and pays Flearika. This, he says, is payment for inadvertently helping himfind what he's been looking for for a long time. Out of nowhere, a hooded little girlappears in the shop. Kautz didn't even notice when she came in! He asksthe girl where her parents are, but instead of answering, shethreatens him to watch his mouth. Finally, the girl reveals herself to be the DemonLord. For Kautz, though, the girl looks nothing.

Like who she claims to be. First of all, she's 3fttall…can such a small girl be the Demon Lord? The short answer is yes. To prove her point, thegirl burns Kautz to a little more than well done. With him out of the way, she addresses Nardenand tells him it's careless for him to appear in this month's issue of the Melissa Graffitimagazine. As such, the slimes from earlier were her minions. And now that she has found him,he orders him to return the angel's feather. However, Narden is adamant about keepingthe feather. He'll protect them with his life if he has to! Why would he wantto return something that he stole? EPISODE 10 Everyone at the shop can't wrap their heads aroundthe fact that the cute girl before them is the.

Demon Lord. Lilietta even ends up ticklingher after touching her horns! In the end, despite trying to intimidate the humans, theDemon Lord stays for some homemade cookies. Lilietta's cookies are so good thatit almost makes the Demon Lord forget why she's here in the first place. But soon, she remembers her agenda, “Narden, giveme the feather and come to my place.” But for some reason, Narden insists not onlyon not returning the feathers but also on staying in the shop. This is when the Demon Lordrealizes that the shop has a very cozy atmosphere. She first looks at Kautz and deduces he's agood-natured servant. Then, there's the strong and bosomy Flearika. Finally, she looks at the fluffyand equally bosomy Lileatta. At any rate, there's.

No denying that Narden seems different from whenhe was with her. What is up with this shop!? Whatever the reason, it doesn't make theDemon Lord feel good. She then steps back and unleashes a power so strong that itengulfs the world in darkness. From there, she says she transported them to the Demon World!With that, she declares their farce to be over. EPISODE 11 The Demon Lord first captures Lilietta, butfortunately, Flearika saves her in time. To help his comrades, Narden steps in and uses a verypowerful misdirection technique, “NOW LOADING!!!” [SHOW NOW LOADING SCREEN] It's super effective! The group manages tohide from the Demon Lord during the four-second.

Commercial. Narden says the 'Now Loading,' oras he likes to call it, 'Narding,' is a command he can only use once in his life. Flearika andKautz suggest Narden returns the angel's feather, but that isn't possible because he alreadyused it as a component for another armor. This doesn't mean that Nardenwill let things end here, though. He still has so much to accomplishin his shop, after all. As the shopkeeper, it's his duty to protect the home he createdand all the memories they share there. That shop protected someone's smile yesterday,today, and it will do the same tomorrow, as well. As long as he's alive, he swears todo everything in his power to protect the shop. Narden's oration moves the group to worktogether to defeat the Demon Lord. Surely,.

They will emerge victorious ifthey do that, right? Thankfully, they will not be going in blind becausetheir trusty shopkeeper has a plan. Narden meets the Demon Lord not longafter. He admits that he used the feather as a component for anotherarmor he made. And to make amends, he promises to hand it overby next year once it's done. Alas, the Demon lord isn't keenon waiting until then. Instead, she wants him to come with her right now. Meanwhile, the clerks sneak behind the Demon Lord, but their plan to go unnoticed goes downthe drain when Lilietta trips over a rock.

EPISODE 12 The plan is simple: get the True ArmorNarden made using the angel's feather. Yes, we're talking about the samearmor from Episode 7. He says it's currently stored in the basement.Moreover, the said armor combines the softness of a woman's melons and the angel'sfeather, resulting in absolute sturdiness. Going back, the group rushes to the shop to getthe armor; however, the Demon Lord makes it hard for them to do so because of her nonstop attacks.Flearika holds her ground as much as she can, but she eventually loses to the Demon Lord.Next, she throws a red orb at Lilietta, but Kautz saves her in time. “I'llprotect you! I'll be your armor!”.

Strangely enough, Kautz's shirt doesn't evenget torn in the attack! What happens, though, is he gets enchanted by theDemon Lord's attack because of his intolerance to magic. Thus,he feels pleasure instead of pain! Kautz then uses his body as a shield to protectLilietta while she sneaks into the shop to change into the True Armor. 21 seconds. Lilietta says sheonly needs 21 seconds to change into the armor. Unfortunately, the Demon Lord hears thisplan, so instead of attacking Kautz, she musters a ball of magic and aims it at theshop. However, the 21 seconds is up the moment she unleashes her power. Lilietta, clad in the TrueArmor, stops the attack without breaking a sweat. The Demon Lord goes in for another attack,but once again, Lilietta blocks it easily.

The Demon Lord then uses her finisher move in thehopes of putting an end to the fight. However, Lilietta also has a finisher move up hersleeve. She flies into the air and charges at the Demon Lord before unleashing her ultimatepower…which, apparently, is a pat on the head. Yes, folks. This is also a skill of theTrue Armor— it has the ability to tame enemies. This prompts the Demon Lord's tantrums to come to an end. She only wanted tobe noticed and wear cute outfits, too! Eventually, the Demon Lord dispels her magicand fulfills her desire of donning a charming school armor, thanks to Narden. It's no matchfor the angel's feather, but it's still cute, so it works! Besides, he has always wanted togive this to her. Just then, a customer comes.

In looking for a cute and effective armor.Yes, things truly are now back to normal. And so, the world is saved thanks to a risquearmor. As long as girls around the world wish to be cute, the Armor Shop for Ladiesand Gentlemen will never cease to exist.

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