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This week in Trigun Stampede, TomoyoKurosawa returns as a young Vash with some devastating lines. Just take a listen: it's amazing to think about the changes inPhos' voice as they undergo different mental and physical transformations to get to where we arenow – on the cusp of another transformation. Perhaps even a return to form. In Ch. 95, the song thattransforms Lustrous into Lunarians takes place across 7 panels, while the song in Ch. 100lasts about the same amount of panels. It suggests that there will be a transformation from god to whatevercomes next. In the comments for the Ch. 100 livestream, Emu pointed out that the 3rocks could represent figurative children of the 3 races of humanity with Pebble or Stone(whose name is now confirmed by the little bottom text.

From this chapter) as a Lustrous because theyare the first we were introduced to as well as being surrounded by a bunch of crystals inCh. 99, Twirlie as an Admirabilis for jumping into the water and spinning around, and the Flatone (who I still don't have a good name for) as a Lunarian residing on another little island wherethey create a message in the sand (another note on the dust on the moon). The message doesn't fullymatch the invitation at the beginning of the art book that came with a limited edition of Vol. 12the manga, but the flora and fauna that surrounds it appear to be identical. So what do you thinkPhos' new form will be in Ch. 101+. This chapter exudes a lot of emotion. To me, it mostlyconveyed a bittersweet happiness with a hint of melancholy, which accurately describes much of themanga. The passage of time is masterfully done by.

Ichikawa yet again with 3 separate instancesthis time. Similar to Ch. 99 which mimicked Ch. 1 layout to show time progression. I generallyview the butterflies to represent a 10-day chunk as seen from Ch. 29 where Phos was waitingfor a black spot to appear, but now that doesn't matter. Phos couldn't even tell how much time hadpassed then, but now it's not even relevant. Time just happens, and it's something we fixate on eventhough it might not be important. I used to (and still do) hold the 3 time skips throughout the series to havesuch strong meaning, but with the 4th one at 10k years, Ichikawa has stopped explicitly statinghow much time has actually passed. Whether Phos waits half a year because Pebble states thatTwirlie will come, or both of them wait almost a year plus to go talk to the unmoving Twirlie, it'sfine because Phos is happy. The armholes that look.

Like their lungs, especially in this chapter, thatwere punctured and removed when they first turned into the prayer form, are now filled with thegrass that they lay on because nature, and in turn time, heals all. The butterflies come todrop a little flower which reminded me of a laurel wreath that the gems made for Phos in Ch.44* or even the wreath that was made for Kongo's birthday which was one of the happier momentsof the series proceeded with one of the worst moments, or the most shocking moments, in the series.As Ch. 44*, Phos lost their head or after Kongo's birthday, the Invasion happened. Phos iscontent even with a simple flower now. They have accepted their failures and successes. They'refine with just existing. The prayer itself has lost all meaning for us, Ichikawa, and Phos afterit happened as Phos talks about praying some legs for.

Pebble so casually in Ch. 99, and here they'rejust chilling in that hand pose without initiating a prayer of any sort. Is this the gift that Kongoand Enma had planned for Phos from Ch. 96? So that even these inclusion-less organisms will haveenough empathy to pray for someone like Phos? It's actually so coincidental that I came across thisvideo a couple weeks ago about sliding rocks and just look at this title “99 years later we solvedit”. “So what force has been making rocks move for over a hundred years when humans aren't looking”These rocks have been sliding and moving at the same time in the same angles which confusedpeople and scientists for almost a century on these sailing rocks on the Racetrack Playa inDesert Valley, CA. There were 2 theories into why they moved: wind or ice. And scientists were prettyconvinced that wind was the reason because of how.

Beautiful that sort of experiment was conducted. Butit was actually in this case an 1/8th inch thick sheet of of clinker ice as it melts with justenough wind to move these rocks that are stuck and drag a pattern across the trail. The conditions forthis to happen is so rare and coincidental that if you aren't there at the right place and the righttime, you'll miss it. These unusual forces are just outside the realm of human perception. Eventhough we can imagine it, we don't actually see it happening or imagine it actually happening inour world. Similar to how you can actually create a sound from rocks using a phonograph, which usuallya phonograph is used for record players or vinyls, but you can do the same thing with just ordinaryrocks which is beautiful that I saw this clip on my Twitter timeline recently. The world sings to usconstantly, we just can't listen to it. Everything.

Feels out of reach, but that's because it is viewedfrom a human lens which our own sight can only see a fraction of the entire electromagnetic spectrum.Flowers using ultraviolet pigments in their petals create patterns for pollinators like butterfliesto see a bullseye pattern to encourage easy access to that said pollen. The world works inways that we can't even comprehend, and that's okay. Which is why this chapter is so fascinatingbecause we have such a plethora of communication from simple verbal to pictography to geomagneticvibrations to vocals when this series has been focused on that very form of miscommunicationacross all races of humanity. We are now able to freely express in all and any form. So it's okayif you felt lost while reading this chapter for the first time. I did too, and I still do. Youaren't going to understand everything because.

You aren't supposed to. You're simply human, andthat's okay. So continue on this confusion-filled ongoing release just for a little while longer andlet these thoughts really just sit with you. There's no need to be super reactionary the minute youread the chapter and not understand any of it. Just let it sit. We have at least 30 days maybe morerecently to get new material, so you have 30 days to sit on this and let it mature in your brain. Iwill never put out a chapter review immediately because I don't want to give out those initialimpressions. I wait a couple days so that you can form your own opinion, and then you can hop onthe live stream or this video that comes out lateras it's a little more condensed and polishedform than the live stream to share my thoughts. And my thoughts are only mine! you don't have toagree with them. But at the end of the day,.

I will keep you company. I've reread the seriesat least 10 times at this point, and no promises, but Saturdays at 1 PM EST lookout for videos on other parts of the series that I haven't covered yet. Subscribe for more as weare trying to reach 10k sufferers at the end of 2023. And I have some production notes that comeout 24 hours before the video goes up on my brand new newsletter which you can sign up in the linkdown below (it's free)! I'll see you guys in the next one. Peace.

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  1. Contemporary Phos feels be pleased empty.I know they’re sooner or later at a gentle stage of existence but feels meaningless. A existence that has within the spoil ended up in stagnation, without the need of loss of life or living.

  2. I don't know worthy about Buddhism and the device the manga is a much like it but I attain know ChristianityPhos' struggling to change into God Phos so that she can pray away the Lunarians to nothingness is virtually as much like howJesus suffers and used to be crucified to set humanity. (Moderately of an oversimplification but if you occur to attain, you realize)Though they're very varied of us, they back the an identical goal as the of us's salvation.

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