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(The previous episode is quite special,) (Ye Fan is carrying his besttwo treasures on parkour,) (Unexpectedly, he also roast thatothers came here for treasure hunting,) (Too Versailles,) (When drinking water on the road,) (They were all roast by the geese,) (Nuclear wastewater cannot be consumed.) (After drinking water,) (Ranking first in WeChat sports).

(Ye Fan with 24 consecutivehours of brushing steps) (Finally arrived at Qingfeng Town) (Let's not talk about it here.) Uncle Jiang who invested in two Mantou (The current situation ofonly receiving waste products) (Not to mention Ye Hei, the arch fire kingand the Li family fighting against each other.) (And with the superstarsof singing and cross talk.) (We had a friendly and friendly exchange) (Let's focus on this episode).

(Ye Fan finally began topass through the Tianyuan) (That is, the Bodhisattvaobtained on the screen) (Having undergone enlightenment) (And it was also established) (And it also stands at) (To save Pang Bo withthe help of Dingqiang) (The determination to return toEarth together and pay the parking fee) (The future is long and arduous) (so-called).

Jiang Gong Don't come safe This inn is really getting worse and worse Why don't you get out of here Why should we drive away our guests Tingting Bad guys go out Get out Tingting has grown up She looks more and more like her mother.

Seven Young Masters Since you mentioned Tingting's mother I have something to ask you, old man Tingting's Parents Can't you really come back No wonder you've been guardingthis rundown store and refusing to leave. Are you still waiting for him to come back, I advise you todie of this heart. They were breathing in front of me.

You're talking nonsense.My parents didn't even die. The person from the Yanxia Cave said They were injured by fierce birds Falling into a deep cliff How did you watch them swallow their anger Jiang Laotou You're so old now I haven't lived for many years,It's useless to think too much. I think she has good qualifications.

Why don't I take her back to theYanxia Cave to practice together, You're a bad person,I'm not going with you. Unless I die Otherwise, I wouldn'tlet you take Tingting away. You said it yourself Seven Young Masters Tingting Bullying the elderly and children in public It's not really good, is it.

Who are you Seven Young Masters He's just a passerby.It's none of his business. Young man, what's wrong with you. Big Brother. Why are you still beating people Even weak people have compassion It's not like talking anymore I will personally comeand take Tingting away.

Let's go Let's go Big Brother Don't worry, I'm fine But big brother, you're all bleeding Are you really okay. It's really okay. Blood was intentionally biting my tongue. If it's an ordinary person. Got hit by those two just now.

I can't live for half a month at all Old Uncle. Are there any hidden caves nearby. There is a cave in the suburbs. It's so sparsely populatedthat I happen to be hiding out. Practice the wheel roll as soon as possible. Refine magic tools to defeat enemies. Lunhaijuan is truly extraordinary. Nineteen divine patterns condensed out.

You can refine the weapon now Not good. None of them are good. I know what to refine now. According to the Left Legend of the Spring andAutumn Annals, the King of Xia cast nine cauldrons. Two ears and three feet. Dao Sheng – Sheng Er Er Sheng San Three Generations and All Things, Just refine the tripod with three legs.

How could this happen. This is…. This gold book, Can be used as a weapon. It's time. Meet him now. Come and take a look Sold Come and take a look.

Go to the side without opening your ears Sold Dodge What are you looking at, looking for death Get out of the way Is the Seventh Young Master afraidof revenge from the Wang family. Don't rush away It's you The long-standing dispute between theWang and Li families has come to an end.

Shouldn't you thank me It turns out you're behind the scenes What is your purpose Did you kill Tingting's parents So what Killing is a way to pay for one's life Nosey Parker Life won't be too long What kind of magic weapon are you using.

It's a book A very nice book Why kill Tingting's parents They are not related to you What are you meddling in this matter If I don't have a senseof propriety under my feet. Trample you down I said I said They won't die.

The elders wouldn't take me seriously My qualifications are not bad either Why are you being defeated by them Because of this You just kill them I didn't kill them I just wanted to punish them Just sprinkle some spiritbeast frenzied powder on them. I didn't expect them to.

Going out to collect herbsprovoked the lightning bird. This is not my fault Places with people There are complex human enmities Whether in the mortal world Or the world of monks No difference I've said everything I need to say You and I are both monks.

You give me a break I will definitely repay you in the future When he murdered Tingting's parents Forcing Uncle Jiang tobe so lonely and young, Have you ever thought ofleaving them a way to survive. I was wrong I was wrong You give me a break You killed it yourself You can't blame me either.

This is the source Sure enough, the spiritualenergy is magnificent, If we refine it all It should be enough forme to hit the fountain of life. Thank you again Send me this opportunity The Jiang Family in the Wild Ages This young man May I ask if there is a familysurnamed Jiang around here.

Even though it is a noble family But it is also a generation of usurpers I'm afraid it's not a good thing I haven't heard of anyone surnamed Jiang Is there something wrong with the news Go look elsewhere You come here Yi Chen It's important not to letthings get out of hand.

It's Sister Let's go Take Tingting and them out of thisplace of trouble as soon as possible. Old Uncle Old Uncle Old Uncle Big Brother You didn't leave I'll take you guys along.

Where are you going Tingting You go play at the door for a while You're pushing me away again Always treating me like a child Obedience Soil Old Uncle Tingting's parents wereindeed killed by fierce birds.

However It was designed by the SeventhYoung Master for medication. It's really that beast Old Uncle. You need to mourn And Tingting For her You need to take care of yourself My son.

My son, he Old Uncle Your son's revenge I have already reported children How did you do it Let's not talk about this for now Old Uncle Do you know anyone from theJiang family in the wilderness.

I lived for over seventy years I haven't left this town before grandpa Grandpa, come and see me Quick, fast, fast Grandpa, grandpa, come on The spirit beasts thatthose people ride can still fly. Come and see, Grandpa.

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