Simp Boy Rents a Excessive Class Girlfriend to Aid Him Uncover Over His Ex

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This is Kazuya Kinoshita, a college studentwho previously had a girlfriend who was his first love, but after one month of dating, Kazuyawas dumped because the girl already liked someone else. After they break up, Kazuya decidesto rent a girlfriend through a dating app, which is a pure and refined high-classgirlfriend named Mizuhara Chizuru. On their first date, they decide to go to theaquarium, and she's glad she's with Kazuya. When they return home, she suddenly takeshis hand in hers, which he appears to enjoy. So they split their way back home, and Kazuyais still overshadowed by Chizuru's hand in his. However, he discovers that many of the app'sreviews are sharing the same experience as him, which he realizes is all a trick.When Kazuya looks at his bank account,.

He recalls his father's message in whichhe warns him not to waste his money. For that reason, he decides to rent her again andasks her directly if doing the rental job leaves her feeling empty inside, which she doesn’t. So adisappointed Kazuya expresses his dissatisfaction with her insincere act in front of the public,which he believes Chizuru is unprofessional. As a result, she grabs his hand and leads him away toa quiet place, reminding him that she is only his rental girlfriend. She's also upset because Kazuyapreviously gave her a one-star review, which dropped her rank by 0.3 points. While Chizuruasks him to continue their rental date, Kazuya receives a call from the hospital, where hisgrandmother has collapsed and is being treated. When they arrive at the hospital, the Kazuyafamily is surprised to see Kazuya introducing.

His new girlfriend, which Chizuru decides toplay along with. After hearing good news from his grandson, Kazuya’s grandmother rushes out to tellher roommates about his grandson’s girlfriend. Chizuru becomes panicked when she realizes thather grandmother is also a hospital inpatient. When they decide to leave the hospital,Chizuru's grandmother appears unexpectedly, surprising both of them. To avoid a majorproblem, Kazuya decides to tell the truth, but Chizuru immediately stops himand pretends they are a couple. Following that, Chizuru realizes it was her faultfor hiding her job, and she wants to tell her family that her relationship with Kazuya is over.Meanwhile, Kazuya unexpectedly tells her that her grandmother wants him to find a good girlfriendbefore she dies, so he wants to grant her a wish..

When he intends to introduce his previousgirlfriend, she refuses and dumps him right away. In the end, they decide to end theirfake relationship and get back to their normal lives and part ways.But fate has other plans when Kazuya unexpectedly runs into Chizuru at theiruniversity. This chance meeting marks the beginning of a unique relationship betweena simp boy and his rental girlfriend. After their fake breakup, Chizuruquickly runs away, leaving him behind. As Kazuya walks to his class, he is suddenlypulled by her and hides in the storage room, where she threatens him not to tell anyoneabout her rental job. The next morning, they are surprised to discover that they livein the same apartment next door to each other..

Soon after, he receives a phone call from hisgrandmother, informing him that she will pay him a visit at his apartment. So Kazuya begs herto be his girlfriend again, but she immediately declines. When Kazuya's grandmother arrivesat his apartment, she knows that they have broken up, which disappoints her. However, she isgrateful when Kazuya introduces Chizuru to her. So when a late Chizuru arrives at hisapartment with her homemade cooking, she rushes to her and happily hugs her. Beforehis grandmother leaves, she instructs Kazuya to pay her a visit every Wednesday and to bringChizuru with her. So he gives her his money to pay her rent as a girlfriend for the next week.At the university, Kazuya unexpectedly runs into Mami, his ex-girlfriend, for the first timesince their breakup. Suddenly, Kazuya’s friends,.

Kibe and Kuri, appear from behind and advisehim to forget about his ex-girlfriend. Later, Kazuya goes to see his grandmotherwith Chizuru. After visiting his grandmother, Kazuya and Chizuru walk back home, wherethey happen to meet Kazuya's friends. Because they misinterpret the two of them,Kazuya informs his friends that they are dating, which surprises them. So they invite Chizuru andKazuya over for a drinking party. Surprisingly, Mami also attends the party, where she beginsinsulting Kazuya in front of their friends. Chizuru, on the other hand, snaps at Mami forinsulting his boyfriend, causing Mami to seek the help of her ex. However, Kazuya chooses todefend her ex. So Chizuru is upset with him and leaves the party early. After the party, Kazuyawalks home by himself, and Mami suddenly appears..

On their way back home, she invites him to stopby her house. Kazuya asks about her new boyfriend, but she claims she lied becauseKazuya brought Chizuru with him. Shen then claims that her brother is at herhouse and that they cannot go to her house. When Mami makes fun of Chizuru's bad personality,Kazuya defends her and quickly abandons her. When Kazuya arrives at his apartment, heapologizes to Chizuru for what happened earlier at the party, but she doesn't mindbecause she's just his rental girlfriend. A few days later, Kazuya and his friendshead to the beach on the Izu Peninsula. When they arrive at the beach, Mami approachesKazuya and apologizes for badmouthing Chizuru. She then tries to recall all of their beautifulmemories from when they were still dating because.

Mami is extremely jealous of his girlfriend.Kazuya wants to tell her the truth, that Chizuru is just a rental girlfriend. However, before hecan say anything to her, Chizuru unexpectedly appears, catching him off guard. As they go out shopping together, Kazuya shares with Chizuru about his opportunityto reconnect with Mami, and wonders if she will be jealous of him later. She later argueswith him, capturing Mami's attention. So Chizuru quickly changes her appearanceand pretends that she and Kazuya are dating. While they are playing, Kazuya's friends ask howthey met, and Kazuya responds by talking nonsense to them. When Kazuya goes swimming, Mami asksfor Kazuya's help in finding her lost bracelet. She accidentally slips her footaway, and she kisses him directly..

When they kiss, Kazuya recalls their first meetingwith her. Soon after the kiss, she asks him to forget what happened and act normal in front ofhis friends. When they return to their friends, Kazuya receives a call from his grandmotherinforming him that she will be discharged from the hospital and can see Chizuru whenever she wants.Faced with conflicting emotions, Kazuya informs their friends that he and Chizuru are splittingup, which causes a fight between him and Kibe. Kibe expresses his disappointment with hisdecision to choose his ex over his girlfriend. After the fight, Chizuru reassures Kazuya that hedid nothing wrong and reminds him that his friends are unaware of their true story. He informs herthat his grandmother, as well as her grandmother, will be discharged soon, and they decide to endtheir fake relationship. Before they part ways,.

Chizuru clears up Kazuya's doubts and encourageshim to cherish the moments they share. While Chizuru's friend is looking for her, sheruns into Kibe, who asks for her time to talk. He begins by telling her that hehas known Kazuya since they were kids and that he understands he is trash whoalways needs others to clean up his messes. So Kibe begs her to give him a secondchance because Kazuya is a good man. He then hands Chizuru a pair of ferrytickets that he purchased for them. On the ferry, Kazuya receives a phone callfrom Mami. While Kazuya is on the phone, a flustered Chizuru becomes dizzy and fallsinto the sea. After hearing what happened from the other passengers, Kazuya drops hisphone and jumps into the sea to save her..

Kazuya is able to save a drowning Chizuru, buthe becomes unconscious after they return to the surface. In a desperate attempt, Chizuru performsthirty chest compressions, but it appears useless. However, refusing to give up, she triesto give Kazuya artificial respiration, which eventually saves his life. Soon after, they are found by the coast guard andtaken to the hospital for a day of treatment. When Kazuya gets discharged from thehospital, his friends give him a ride home. As he arrives, Kibe advises him tostay with Chizuru after the incident. Taking Kibe's advice, Kazuya apologizes to her forthe previous incident, leaving him alone outside. Back at home, as Kazuya takes care of hisfish, he begins to realize that his feelings.

For Chizuru have grown into somethingmore than he had previously imagined. A few days later, Kazuya and his family take avacation to a hot spring resort. When they arrive, Kazuya's grandmother is also waiting for herfriend, who turns out to be Chizuru's grandmother. When Kazuya walks into his room, he is surprisedto see Chizuru in the same room as him. They then realize that their grandmothersworked together to set up their room. After they fail to confront their grandmothers,Chizuru decides to enjoy her vacation. When she visits the hot spring, sheunintentionally meets Kazuya's grandmother. While they are showering, Chizuru asks Kazuya'sgrandmother if her kind personality has changed, but she accepts Chizuru for who she is. As theday comes to an end, Chizuru decides to let Kazuya.

Sleep in the same room as her.When they turn off the lights, Kazuya tells Chizuru that he is a toughand problematic customer, but he wants to continue renting her as his girlfriend. Chizururesponds that he can rent her for a while. A few days later, Kazuya informs his friendsthat he and Chizuru are still dating. After dating at the restaurant, Kazuya and Chizurumeet Kooree, who claims to also have a girlfriend. He then arranges a double date for next Saturday. While Kazuya walks alone to his apartment,lost in thought, he collides with a cute girl who ignores his presence and quicklydisappears into the city streets. The long-awaited double date arrives, andKazuya is introduced to Kooree's girlfriend,.

Ruka Sarashina. At rock climbing, Chizuru managesto have fun there while Kazuya keeps falling. Meanwhile, when Chizuru and Ruka are alonetogether, she then asks her if she is a rental girlfriend, which she denies it. When Kooree stepsaway to the bathroom, Chizuru tries to convince her that they are dating but Ruka requests a kissfrom both of them as proof of their relationship. So Chizuru grabs Kazuya and pretends to kiss himwhile covering their faces, leaving her uncertain. After their double date goes well, Kazuyawalks Kooree and Ruka to the train station. However, as they part ways, he is still concernedthat Ruka will reveal the truth to his friend. So he follows her all the way inside thestation, and Ruka catches him lying. After Ruka discovers that Chizuru is a rentalgirlfriend, Kazuya follows her, desperately.

Pleading for her silence regarding their fakerelationship. As Ruka tries to run away from him, she nearly collides with an old lady, nearlyfalling down the stairs. Kazuya swiftly reaches out, saving her from a dangerous fall. So he begsRuka once again, urging her not to reveal their secret. Surprisingly, Ruka reveals her ownsecret that she is also a rental girlfriend. Kazuya then tells Chizuru aboutRuka, whom she finds annoying. While waiting for Kooree on campus, henotices Ruka appears to be looking for him. To avoid any complications, they quickly hide ina classroom, hoping to evade Kooree’s discovery. As they hide, Ruka requests Kazuya tohug her while she checks her phone. However, Kooree manages to find their hiding spot..

With no other choice, Ruka boldly arises fromher hiding place and reveals the truth about her status as a rental girlfriend, leaving Kooreestunned and overwhelmed with embarrassment. When Kazuya tells Chizuru about what happenedtoday, Ruka manages to find their apartment. She is surprised, knowing thatKazuya and Chizuru are neighbors. So Ruka promises them that she will not talk abouttheir fake relationship unless Kazuya dates her. As the three of them gather inside Kazuya'sroom, Kazuya asks Ruka to step outside for a moment so he can speak with Chizurufirst. While she waits outside, Kazuya asks Chizuru to distract Ruka so that Kazuyacan go tell Kooree about the true situation. So Kazuya tries to escape from the balcony, buthe is caught by Ruka and falls to the ground. .

As Kazuya tries to run away, Ruka manages tocatch hold of him tightly, refusing to let him go. In their struggle, they bothstumble and fall together. At that moment, Kazuya immediately apologizesto her for the misunderstanding, recognizing the pain he unintentionally caused her. Hearinghis apology, Ruka suddenly bursts into tears, revealing her desperation. Witnessing theemotional scene, Chizuru intervenes and pulls Kazuya aside, creating a private space for themto talk. So Chizuru asks him to go out with her. It is then revealed that Ruka has a medicalcondition, which is a low heart rate, which makes her emotional response even morepoignant. Out of all the individuals she has been on dates with, Kazuya is the first personwho has been able to raise her heart rate..

Because of Chizuru's request, he finally agreesto date her for a while, which leaves him feeling exhausted. Since then, he has decided to distancehimself from Ruka. However, when he plans to rent Chizuru on Christmas Eve, her schedule is markedas full. As Kazuya's bank account runs low, he accidentally sees Chizuru with an unknown man,whom he mistakenly assumes to be her boyfriend. So Kazuya decides to follow them throughouttheir date, secretly observing their every move. When Kazuya goes to the restroom to washhis hands, he unexpectedly encounters that unknown man. Surprisingly, he overhears theirconversation, leading him to believe that the man is attempting to sell Chizuru. In front of the beautifully decorated Christmas Eve tree, Kazuya’s heart sinks ashe witnesses the man leaning to kiss Chizuru,.

Unintentionally interrupting their intimatemoment. However, Chizuru quickly reveals the truth, that she has been practicing her actingskills, with Umi-kun acting as a professional actor. When Kazuya recalls Umi's conversation inthe restroom, Umi explains that he was attempting to recommend Chizuru to his director, and Kazuyarealizes that he made a huge misunderstanding. Soon after, Chizuru gives Kazuya a Christmaspresent, which turns out to be a phone case. Seeing Kazuya's reliance on his brokenphone, she ensures that her gift is useful. So Kazuya, who has never received aChristmas gift before, bursts into tears. Since then, Kazuya has been extremely proudthat he received a phone case from her, but it turns out that it is not only him whoreceives a gift, but also Chizuru's customers..

So he tells Chizuru about hisdisappointment with the gift, and she immediately asks him if he hasfeelings for her, which he reluctantly denies. When they are on their way home, they runinto Ruka, who is envious of both of them. So Ruka asks Kazuya to cancel his date withChizuru and goes on a date with her instead. Before they begin dating, Ruka blindfoldsKazuya's eyes, causing him to be curious about their destination. When he removes his blindfold,he finds himself inside a love hotel. Ruka asks Kazuya to reveal the truth about his relationshipwith Chizuru. After hearing his story, Ruka asks Kazuya to introduce her to his grandmother as hisgirlfriend, but he explains that his grandmother adores Chizuru, making it difficult for Rukato replace her. When she tries to seduce him,.

Kazuya excuses himself to the bathroom,where Ruka secretly looks at Kazuya's phone. On New Year's Day, Kazuya invitesChizuru to lunch with his family. Suddenly, an uninvited Ruka appears andintroduces herself as Kazuya's girlfriend. Knowing that he is cheating on Chizuru, sheconfronts him and asks her to break up with Ruka. Kazuya, on the other hand, informs her that Rukahas a habit of lying. As they sit down to enjoy their meal at the restaurant, Ruka notices theawkwardness in the Kazuya family's expressions, and she suspects it is Kazuya's fault.At the shrine, Ruka takes the opportunity to separate Kazuya's grandmother from Kazuya andChizuru. Ruka tries to reveal the truth about Chizuru to her, but she is unable to do so becauseKazuya's grandmother is obsessed with Chizuru's.

Personality. Despite the obstacles, Ruka refusesto give up on her pursuit of Kazuya’s heart. She expresses her determination to assure him thatshe will continue striving to be his girlfriend. Following that, it is revealed that Ruka willbe working at the same karaoke bar as Kazuya, where she will spend more time with himand be serious about being his girlfriend. Kibe and his friends then appear at the karaoke,where he informs Kazuya that Kuri has been acting strangely, tweeting about broken heartson his private account. So Kazuya asks her to do something about it, but she doesn'tthink much of it because she likes Kazuya. Later that night, Kazuya asksChizuru for her assistance. A few days later, Kazuya arranges for Kuri towait at the station. To his surprise, Chizuru.

Unexpectedly appears before him, revealing herselfas a rental girlfriend, leaving him confused. So Chizuru takes the initiative and suggests thatthey spend their date at an amusement park. As they set out on their journey, Kuri realizes thatChizuru represents the idealized image of a dream girl. Their time together is filled with laughterand enjoyment, creating memorable moments. At the end of their date, Kuri expresses hisgratitude to Chizuru and Kazuya for their support. When Chizuru leaves them alone, Kazuya usesthe opportunity to reveal the truth to him. Kuri, on the other hand, finds it ridiculous. Astheir date isn’t yet over, Kazuya decides to leave Kuri in her. Chizuru invites him to accompanyher on a walk to the station. Before they leave, Kuri asks Chizuru if she has ever fallen in lovewith one of her clients. She recalls a time when.

Kazuya asked her to go on a date with Kuri tocheer him up, to which she replied vaguely. Meanwhile, Chizuru instructs Kazuya towait on the balcony, where she requests his assistance in renting a shy girl who hasreceived numerous complaints from her clients. She then promises Kazuya that she will stay by hisside until he can finally forget about his ex. At the station, Kazuya meets Sumi, who is shy andnervous. As they begin walking together, Mami, who happens to be passing by, notices Kazuya walkingwith his new girlfriend. For their first date, Kazuya suggests playing a game of bowling,hoping it will help Sumi feel more relaxed. During their time together, Kazuya takes theopportunity to ask Sumi about her decision to become a rental girlfriend. In response, Sumiemploys a hand signal to convey that she is.

Working on improving her communication skills.While Kazuya steps away to get them drinks, he notices Sumi is being bothered by a group ofpunks. Without hesitation, he confronts them and pulls her away from them. She later expressesher gratitude to Kazuya for saving her life. As Kazuya returns from the restroom, he noticesMami sitting at the table with Sumi. Sumi tries to show Mami that she is his girlfriend, while Mamiintroduces herself. However, Kazuya thinks she's pushing it too far. So Mami asks her to give themsome alone time, and she gives them some space. During their conversation, Mami admits to Kazuyathat he has become quite popular among girls. After their date concludes, Kazuya complimentsSumi on her personal growth and improvement. Meanwhile, a jealous Mami seeks touncover more information about Sumi,.

Only to discover that she is a rental girlfriend. Later that night, Kazuya and Chizuru arehaving a conversation on the balcony. Chizuru expresses her gratitude to him for helpingSumi. She then informs him that she has landed a role in her play and will be leaving her jobas a rental girlfriend, which surprises him. The next day, while Chizuru is waiting for herclient, it is revealed that Mami is her client. Kazuya, on the other hand, receives a phonecall from Ruka, who invites him on a date, and he agrees. When they go on a date, he finds herto have a cheerful personality while also being possessive. Later at work, just as Kazuya is aboutto express his desire to be in a relationship with Ruka, he accidentally notices Mami and Chizuruentering a room together. Inside the room, Mami.

Tries to pay Chizuru, but she refuses, leading herto question how Mami knows about her rental job, despite Mami having known for a week. Confused byMami’s motives, Chizuru asks her why she's doing this, but Mami ignores the question and requeststhat Chizuru sing for her. In the meantime, Kazuya realizes Mami has discovered thetruth about his and Chizuru's relationship. As soon as they leave, Kazuya pretendsto be sick so he can follow them. When Kazuya manages to find them, Chizuruconfronts Mami about her feelings for Kazuya, as she believes Mami still has feelings for him. Mamithen asks Chizuru about her feelings for Kazuya, who has been acting as a rental girlfriend for ayear. Chizuru boldly declares that Kazuya is her boyfriend, but Mami refuses to believe her. AsMami prepares to leave, Chizuru grabs her hand.

And tells her about the value of love and howdifficult it is to fall in love with someone. She also asks Mami to consider thepossibility that Kazuya is her true love, someone who can make her life happy.However, when Mami notices Kazuya hiding, she refuses to answer her question and leavesChizuru alone. Kazuya is heartbroken, but he is moved by Chizuru's empathy for his feelings.Later that night, as Chizuru walks past him, Kazuya expresses his gratitude to her for standingup for him. Chizuru apologizes for not being able to find him a girlfriend, Kazuya surprisesher by admitting that he actually wants her. When Chizuru questions him about his feelings,Kazuya hesitantly clarifies, saying, “as a rental girlfriend.” To avoid her question,Kazuya quickly enters into his apartment..

Inside her apartment, Chizuru is leftconfused by Kazuya's ambiguous statement, unsure of his true intentions and emotions.That’s a wrap. Thank you for watching!

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