SiM’s “Below the tree” referring to the butterfly attain and the time loop theory

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Once we retake Wall Maria… and defeat all the enemies coming for us… Can we go back? To those days… We'll bring them back. But… some things will never come back… We'll make they pay for that. After that,.

What will Eren do? He might leave us behind again… and go somewhere far away. But I can't stop him from doing so. The moment I thought that, a certain scene flashed before my eyes. One I'd seen before… If…

You don't like this reality, do it all over again. From wherever you wish. In that world, everything will happen as you desire. However, there's nothing you can do to stop Eren's death. Because Eren… It's a shame, but… hurry as you might, you'll never make it. Your friend will leave you behind. You're a lost child.

You… became lost here… because you wished to be. Unable to accept Eren's death, you created this world to get lost in. However, no matter the world you make, you can't stop Eren's death. Because Eren…

Already has death ingrained within his body. No matter how much you try to protect him, death will inevitably seize him. If you think I'm lying, go see for yourself. But you must kill me first. You must become strong and return to your world. The hot-air balloon…

When it went up, the controls wouldn't work, and… Eren threw me over… but he didn't make it in time. The hot-air balloon… hit the Wall. It should've been me, not Eren… I… couldn't do anything I'm sorry.

All I was left with… was the sensation of having seen a really long dream. A joyful, but sad dream. And when I opened my eyes, I had accepted what happened to Eren… as a solemn truth. Have a family. Huh? It can be a wife, a child or someone from the city.

Love someone inside the Walls. If you can't do that, it will only repeat itself. The same history. The same mistakes. Many times. Mikasa and Armin… If you want to save everyone, you have to fulfill your mission. Mikasa? Armin?.

Who are they? Well… I don't know. Whose memories are these?

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3 thoughts on “SiM’s “Below the tree” referring to the butterfly attain and the time loop theory

  1. :50 SPOILERSThey were looking out to existing there's a continuity right here.
    Mikasa confessed. Eren and Mikasa ran away and lived together for four years. Eren died from the curse. Mikasa mentioned itterasshai.
    Eren wakened yet all over again under his tree. He remembered Mikasa's hair modified into shorter. He didn't mark why they were befriend in Shiganshina. Eren ended the time loop and modified into buried under his tree.

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