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[sound credits] [credits continue] [credits ends] [tension music] Come on! [the thriller continues] [the thriller continues] My manager, friends in Gaziantepfound the place of the one who rented the minibus. -Are you going with Ömer?-Yes.

I willcall Gaziantep until you leave – I will give detailed information.-Thank you, manager. Take care of yourself there,you need us. Thank you, manager. -My boss.-You have a nice way. Thanks. [Thriller music continues] [Thriller music continues] Brother, we're here, we're at the door.Where are you?.

They are there. So hot. This is Antep, commissioner, it is famous for its heat. – Also, its kebabs are very famous.-Really? Take it Omer, take it. I will feed you kebab. [Thriller music rises] [Thriller music ends] Lieutenant, the person is staying in that house. We have the file.

The man has been clean for a long time.It didn't interfere with anything. He even comes and gives us information from time to time. -This time he's confused.-[Thriller music] Something big. Come on. [tension music rises] Who are you? Cargo. [male] I don't have anything for cargo.You came wrong.

Open the door, open it, police! Look at me, don'ttry to run away from the brand behind, we came in a crowd. In a place where holes are not drilled out of nowhere. Hungry! I love smart guys. Walk. -Well done.We found it pleasant, we found it pleasant, we found it pleasant. [thriller ends] Tell us what you're hiding, don't bother us.

No, I swear sister, I'm not hiding anything. Oh really? Your eyes don't say so, but it's a whirlwind. What's inside? What are they? What are you looking at?What are they? Answer! -Medicine.-Oh really? Look, you. -Look at me, talk like a man.-[tension music] Do.

N't bother me! You are already my brother's age, you say sister!You stay in my hand! What are these drugs for, where will they go? You stacked parcels of parcels inside. I really don't know what happened. They tell me the pill listand for whom to take it, so I collect it. Then they come and get it from me. Omer, let's seewhat these drugs do.

Immediately. Oh, let's see what else will come out. [tension music continues] Vitamin C has arrived, you hid it everywhere. Take a good look. For whom did you rent the car in Gaziantep? I swear, Idid not know about the attack they were going to make in Istanbul. They said rent it, so I rented it. What kind of man are you?.

Huh? They say rent a car, you rent it.They say take medicine, you do. Look at me, answer me like a man. Hundreds of people died because of you,you're stuck with me! You don't understand, do you? People who make you do this will kill you. Either you'll help me and you'll survive or I'll expose you, they'll punch you in the head. I wouldn't move a finger to protect you.

Here's your chance to survive. You think about it. [thriller continues] Habtor Bin Said. He has his man Ephraim. He is reaching me. What about drugs? They take it. Lieutenant,.

These drugs are for children with leukemia. It is used for children aged seven to 15 years. [tension music continues] Habtor's kid is sick, right? I do not know. You say you don't know what to ask,then you sing like a nightingale. [message voice] I'll take a look at that. [thriller continues].

You have a message, Zair. It won't open. Isn't that Habtor's man? Enter the password. Look at me, don't make me crazy, you hear? Don't push your luck, I'm youronly chance to survive. Enter! [tension music continues] [keystrokes].

“I'll take the meds later, like I said we're going to miss the doctor tomorrow morning. Be careful.” [the thriller continues] You tell that story from the beginning. Lieutenant, do you think this is a good idea, are we sure? We are sure, Omar. What better chance than this if we want to capture the Habtor's good man? When they cometo get the doctor, we'll get them.

Good plan. [tension music ends] Thank you, Ms. Aylin. -Bon Appetit.-Thank you, thank you. What exactly am I supposed to do? To sit at home. Two of our friendswill accompany you at home. Iwill set off with your vehicle, the rest is on us. Well, Ms. Canan, why me?.

It's about your area of ​​expertise. They would ask you to take care of a child with leukemia. The child is using this drug. [tension music] This medicine for children. If he is using it, it is at a level that can be saved by surgery. Sad. [sighs] Iwish we had a chance to reach the boy.

Maybe we could save it. -If only.-[tension music rises] [tension music continues] Is this here, Yusuf father? Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop.It says Çiçek Sokak, here. You are on target street. [tension music continues] Sorry Elif, we included you in the event night after night. Now brother Yusuf,.

I am with you day and night. Thanks. Now which house, how will we find it? I looked at the MOBESE records of the land found one by one. I was able to reach this far. Unfortunately, I couldn't find their address. OK, we'll find it. [incomprehensible speech] God God. Youth!.

-Good evening.-Good evening. -Thanks.-We are looking for two of our friends. If you help us. Who bro, what's his name? -Amir, Amir, my brother.-Is it the chief? -He.-Are you looking for an Arab brother? Arab, Arab, bro. So brother, there are so many Arabs here thatwe go to work in the morning and home in the evening. We hang out for an hour or two at most.

Still, if he has a photo or something, ifit's someone we've seen before, we'll help. Photos of dead militantsare not very suitable for their friends. Ali shot one in the middle of his forehead,and the other is known. Shouldn't we be scared? Oh brother, there is no photo now, but the Arab you know.Such a dark, tall type. Look, brothers,hang out in this neighborhood for 20 minutes, you're sure to find three or five of the types you're looking for. They have black vans.

Plate is 27 ZZ 327. 862. But they have something. They have black vans,you know from there? Hey, look, it's easier if you say so. Look,did you see the two-story antenna house over there? – Heh, yes.-They're sitting there. But they are quiet, calm types.They are not people to mess with anyone like that. Brother, let me ask you something.Did they owe you or something? I mean, I'm looking at the types, you're pretty good.

Hey, the debt thing, bro. We'll take it now, we'll handle it. -Thank you, be present, young people.-Thanks. Don't hang around too much at night, since you're going to work in the morning,go home. -We don't hang out.- All right, we'll break up soon. Who are they? Looks like nice kids, hey Yusuf dad? They go to work in the morning, theywork until the evening.

Then they come andhang out here for an hour or two. Then back to work. Look at life. Father Yusuf, why did you say to disperse to your homes?What will the children do at home at this hour? You said right. I always say right. [Thriller music ends] [Thriller music] [Thriller music goes up] I'm getting it.

[tension music continues] Come on, Dad. They put two doors. [tension music rises] Come on dad, come on bismillah. Hungry. -Don't move!-[tension music drops] Come on! [exhales].

[Kemal exhales] Is it clean, father, is it clean? Clean. Look at me,they can't seem to put a mine in the middle of the house, huh? It sounded quite like a mine. We'll see. Take a look, look. [thriller continues] Heh.

Heh. Wow. This is Ezgi's job. He keepssaying that we have come to Antep, I will eat at the hotel. Yildirim brother pattern is not there anyway, he is in theloss. We came to Antep, can't that kebab be eaten? mm. [message voice] Search– Vehicle found.

For rent, with Antep license plate. Nothing comes out of there. They were hired with a fake ID. [thriller music] [thriller continues] -Wow ***.-Heh. Thesituation is bad now that he has a Black Sea accent. It's explosive, isn't it? We will die, we will go here.

Repent, stop, servant.You just tied it to the grave. Where is the button? heh. Shh, Papa Yusuf, you don't smell gas, do you? Let's not burn to death, he's worse now. This too will explode. Arm, leg, something will go away anywayor we will die. You tied it to the owl again.

They used to say the same in the military, becauseI see it thin. They didn't tell him. [tension music continues] We're in the right place, but that's for sure. Hey, we're in the right place. You didn't understand the [ __ ] I stepped on,you understood when you saw these, hey Yusuf dad? Congratulations. Very good father Yusuf, very good. Just be quiet.

I'm calm, calm. [tension music continues] It's not the self alone. Heh, not you. Elif, contact the bomb disposal team. Give me the address, we're at number 11. Let them come quickly. Okay, okay bro. Are you fine? We are fine, there is no problem.

Why are we going to die out of nowhere now? No, father Yusuf,it's okay if we die in a fight like this. Only this will explode now. Hey Lord, we were going to have morechildren, you're older. How did we come to this topic all of a sudden? My father, Yusuf… My father, Yusuf, could it be because we are about to die? And my Meralwent over me like a dozer today. Women are the crown of our heads.

It will pass over us, it will break our heads, eat the words you will eat quietly, without making a sound, and walk away softly. Haven't you learned them yet? Yusuf, my father, it didn't work. These children's trials are not going well. Meral came, she said today, “I will go to help Ferhat's mother. You can have a child.” “I can't,” he said.

He put a nice post. That's howI turned into a nightingale who ate mulberry, Dad. I turned into a nightingale with a berry, and I remained that way. No lie, I would stay too. What will happen next, both father? Our girl will also be attached to the baby. Ferhat's parentssay they can't take care of the baby. Well, give it to us, we can't say let's see.Descendants after all. -That's right, it's not.-I didn't know.

[tension music continues] La wait, what are you doing?You will kill us both. I'm not moving, Dad, I'm not moving, but abad smell is coming from inside. Take a look, what is it for God's sake? – It smells like garbage.-He, it's garbage in that house, be sure. -As if he didn't know.-Okay, wait, wait. Shall I wait here? What a good thing you said. Where will I go dad?I'll wait here, we're on the hook. Come on, take a look.

He says wait, is it okay? Come on dad, come on. Come on. -[thriller continues]-[message tone] Who? Brothers Kemalfound the house of the deceased bomber. Maybe they'll find something useful. They alsoentered the border with refugees. And the real question is this. How did they get in like security guards?.

The security guard can't print the card. I wonder if someone from the company helped? Orthey took the place of the dead security guards. I hope they didn't kill anyone. [tension music continues] Elif, inform the forensic medicine. -Let them send a team here, it's urgent.-Now bro. Thepoor security guards they replaced, right? What.

Shh, look at me, Yusuf father,is their situation bad? Not worse than you. Not worse than me. We stepped on the rope. Not worse than me. Here you go. In other words, these types of organizationsdo not make such plans. I mean, they've been pretty busy, it's weird. You're right.

So what do you say to the commissioner, brother? He took his man after him. He followed me to headquarters.You noticed well. What will I not notice?As soon as it came out, I realized that what I don't understand is how did this girl get this information?This is cross-border information. It means it works very well. I mean, he has asgood information as we do. This means that there is a movement within the border as well,.

So that it can access this information. [phone rings] [tension music ends] -My mother is calling, we are in Ankara.-Ok. -Sir, mother?-Son, ee, you didn't call, I was wondering too. There was a bit of intensity. -Where are you? Are you eating?-He. We are with Cem. We are in Ankara Aunt Lale is in Ankara.

Good, good, bon appetit. What are you doing? How is my grandfather? How about it, my son.He was very affected by these explosion events. He's going, he's coming. Well, he's fine. Do not worry about it.Come on, bon appetit to you. -We will speak later.-Let's kiss. My stomach is really up. Let me eat with such pleasure, wait a minute. Love those animals a little bit.

We love. AA. Dad, what are they? My will is my daughter. Are you kidding me? No, why joke? How old am I, can't you see? -[emotional music]-What if something happens to me tomorrow? Ok dad. Night by night, repent repent.

Look, all I have is youand Korkut Ali, okay? Dad, you have another daughter,remember? Sorry Lale,your sister is not as smart as you. If I leave anything to him, he will come to me saying I love him like crazy,and his husband , whom he cried for, will sell everythingand continue to gamble. But it's not like that. I already have two houses, my daughter. So what is it?.

These are Korkut Ali's. So what is it? I said Korkut Ali, my daughter. If it were yours, I'll tell you what happened,but these are Korkut Ali's. He knows exactly what to do if something happens to me. Do not worry. Good. Thanks. [thriller music].

They did indeed plant mines. There is something under the mine. How? What is it bro? Computer, I guess.-Heh, good. Let's be if this merch doesn't explode. Kemal, wait a minute, don't move, let theman do his job. What did you say, father, what were you told? I'm tired already. Come on bro,you take it out as soon as possible.

Come on bro. [thriller continues] Any other requests? No, thanks. I was just going to ask one thing. There was brother Sadri, brother Sadri, the chief of this place. I couldn't see it here,where is he? I guess you haven't been here for a long time. -We lost three years ago.-Come on!.

Rest in peace. He was a very fatherly man. -Rest in peace.-Thanks to friends. -Amine.-Do you have any other requests? -Thank you.-Bon Appetit. Wow Sadri brother. You went too, huh? Then this glass is your brother Sadri. [emotional music].

Since we'reall going to leave one day, may the rest and those who leave behappy. [emotional music ends] -[male waiter 1] Welcome.-Good evening. [male waiter 1] Good evening. Space for two please. [male waiter 1] Sorry, I don't have a free table. Really? If there is a table or something to get up,let's wait a bit. No, unfortunatelyI don't have any accounts requesting tables either.

Pardon. I am sitting alone. -Yes it looks like that.-No, you misunderstood. I can find a place for myself. I'll take my own glass and my friend's glassso I can find a place. No, don't be disturbed please. No dear, what ailment? It would be an inconvenience for me to have two ladies standing like this. You come in please, I'll go there.

Oh God, let's do this. So… Let's sit together until a table is free, shall we? Please. OK, come on then. -Come on.-[emotional music] -[emotional music continues]-[unintelligible speech] You stay calm, calm down. Ok auntie, I will explain. What the hell is laying mines in the middle of the house?.

Let me just pass them, look at my hand, see what I'm doing. If you remember, Alisent one down and the other one by the commissioner. Weneed to catch the person who sent those bastards. We'll catch him too, father Yusuf. We will catch him too. We will catch it. Come on. You stole the hearts of children again today.This theater worked very well for them. Like that.

Ireally want to introduce them to art music. I know, not all may like it , but let's try to protect our essence, shall we? Don't you like music? Sorry, I love art music, it's my red line so I intervened. -Please excuse me.-It does not matter. [phone rings] -I'll be right back.-Ok darling.

-Here you go.-Take it, please. Thank you. You are probably an artist.You are dealing with art. No. Why did you ask? You mentioned theater or something, that's why I asked about Turkish art music. Youseem to have been our guests. Guest?.

-Eavesdropper.-He. They listen through the door or something,it happens in TV series. When the distance is close, it is not possible to prevent the nice words coming from. When the words of Turkish classical music passed a little , I wanted to taste them from time to time,those words. But don't get me wrong,I had no intention of listening to your conversation. Please, please don't get me wrong. Do you love art music?.

Yes. -I love it, I love it so much.-[emotional music] A lot. Looks like your wife loves it too. Yes. He used to love. He would have said. I'm sorry, do not worry. You're welcome, life.

That's life, seasoned with death. So let's drink to those who are gone. To those who are gone. [tension music continues] [emotional music ends] Now should I repeat my questionor be quiet because I'm a guest? Alright. You asked if you are an artist, I am not. I'm the instructor. Let's say art is my special interest.

I'm here on behalf of the foundation I work for, I'll be back tomorrow. Hm, you are an instructor. How? With the kids or something? From elementary school to college,I have work for all ages. Great very good. Where do you work? It's okay, right? I asked though. No it's not problem. He is in a foundation that has been operating in Turkey for a long time.

Hartman Foundation. The Hartman Foundation? I've heard of this foundation. what about you? I… I'm into gardening. Like floristry or something? No, more fruits and vegetables. Fabricated or organic? It is considered organic.

Are you from here? I am from Istanbul, I live in Istanbul, Icame for business. Well, it's nice. Then letme invite you to an event at the foundation one day. The main artists are there,maybe you'll like it. I will gladly come. WhenI have kids, they are also my red line. I love children. [emotional music] My.

Childhood too. Don't look,we grew up as children. You are telling the truth. I came. [emotional music ends] The tableover there is empty, we can go there if you want. -Oh, is it?-Oh, no, no. Don't be bothered at all. It would be much more convenient for me to go there.

-You are very kind.-You're welcome. Pleased to meet you. Thanks. -Lightning.-Nine me too. Delicate? As small as a drop of water? -[emotional music]-Nice to meet you. Me too. What happened?.

Well, we chatted a bit until you came. Well. [thriller music] I'm on my way. Let's get this done before anyone gets hurt. Understood. If we get this guy, we're one step closer to the one behind the stadium attack. [thriller continues] It's.

Coming, it'll pass you by soon. The men blocked the way, take action.crowds. [male 1] Get down, get down! Get down, get out! [male 2] Get down! [male 2] I said stop, stop! [male 1] Damn stop! Stop! [boy 1] Get out, get out! Trapped, let them take it.

Get it, get it, get it now! Who are you? -Who are you, what do you want from me?-Do not. -Get down, get down!-Calm down! Come here, come here! -Leave! Let go!-[unintelligible speech] -Don't speak!-Leave! Do not. [tension music continues].

-Okay, calm down.-Leave. Calm down. Pass the sack. Come on, pack up, we're leaving. They clashed with the police. All sorts of mishaps happen. God damn it. [thriller continues] Where did these cops come from?.

Attention! Come on! Brother Yıldırım, what is Ali doing? No, he's doing something right now. Doesn't target the cops. Crash, crash, crash, crash! Come on, jump, jump, jump, jump, jump! Come on, quick! Close!.

They're shooting with automatic weapons, hide! [tension music continues] [male] Attention. -Thousand!-Press, press, press, press, press! [tension music continues] Well done to you. Courage is good. But you have to be taught to shoot. You didn't shoot anyone.

[thriller continues] Bring it on. Leave. Who is this woman? Nevermind. -Don't know.-[tension music] I'll give you a room first. You listen. We'll talk about these things later, right? Like that.

You were going to do what Halit woulddo. I have the bag, come on. The president just gave very important information.He told me to pass it on to you urgently. Did it give information? What's up? The commissioner who arrested Korkut Ali,Canan Doğan is there now. Hewas kidnapped in Gaziantep and by Habtor's men. How is that? Canan Commissionerwent undercover to capture Habtor's right-hand man .

-Habtor?-Yes. He has information that the Habtor's men are going to kidnap a doctor. Do not say that he has replaced them. Exactly. So now it's not the doctor they threw in that vehicle and kidnapped, it's the inspector lady. -Canan Commissioner, right?- Which vehicle? Oh, he's a little tall now.Forget it, now you move on. Along with CananCommissioner, there is another inspector named Ömer in the operation. He is there right now.

He is the one who reported the situation to the Istanbul Police. They contacted us immediately afterwards. I will solve this operation later, but I am trying to understand why they kidnapped the doctor. Do you have information? There are drugs that go to Habtor at regular intervals. -What medicine?- Leukemia. It was used for children. According to Ömer, it could be a child who needs surgery.

That's why they kidnapped the doctor. But of course,instead of a doctor right now, they have a commissioner. Exactly. Ok. You contact Ömer. If the commissionerreceives any information about the lady, she will pass it on to you. Justdo not share the information here with anyone, do not tell anyone. It's okay. Thank you Elif, see you soon. [tension music continues].

Computerguy, we still can't follow Türkoğlu, can we? No bro. Well,can't we find it with UAV, SİHA, with them? Have a try. Brother, the field is very wide. So, we can get images with the drone,but it takes time to find out where they are. Oh, it's up to God. Like that. Then let's go back to the hotel,make a proper plan. That won't happen.

How is his condition? He's been sleeping since he left. I brought a doctor for our daughter. Doctor? -From where?-From Turkey. Now he will take care of our daughter. He will tell us what to do. The doctor's area of ​​expertise is aboutour daughter's illness. -[knocking on the door]- Open the door!.

-[thriller soundtrack]-I'm telling you it's on! Is there anyone? Get me out of here! Is there anyone? Open! Get me out of here. Good morning, commissioner. How did you manage to come here? Get me out of here! Get me out! -Do not scream!-Who are you? Why did you kidnap me?.

[tension music continues] Calm. Do not. Why did you kidnap me? You forced the doctor to take care of your daughter. If you want him to look at you, you will be calm. Would you come with me? Don't do anything wrong. [thriller continues].

[thriller continues] It doesn't do anything, trust me. Her name is Dora. It's leukemia and it's getting worse fast. Can you help my daughter? [tension music continues] Let's get it this way guys. -Why?A 28-year-old woman. He took too many drugs.

-Did he say it himself?-Yes, sir. Slow down, let's go to bed. Be careful. – Doctor lady.-Slow. -Can we talk?-Of course. – His stomach will be washed. Let's prepare now.- All right, sir. -Here you go.-Well, she was four months pregnant. -[emotional music]-Baby did it for good. -For what?-That's right.

His father didn't want him to fall. Didn't he want it too? [emotional music continues] I talked to Metin. Nothing permanent will happen to the child. Did the child survive? Thanks to you. I do not understand. I…

How can such things happen to me when I want so much ? Believe me, I don't know either. [emotional music continues] [call tone] Is it tripping or something, I don't understand. Who knows who he is dealing with in the emergency room of the hospital. He doesn't have time to take a trip, bro.

I did not know, Yusuf father. I didn't know. What are you looking atso carefully? Either I'm trying to reach our girl's accountor it doesn't. -It's not coming out.-He. Do you have a social media account? No, I just opened something. Lie. So there's nothing in it. The purpose is to monitor the household.

Hey, watching the household? -I mean, you're stalking.-What? -[happy music]-Stalk, stalk. -What's that?-He, you don't know stalk either. Exit. Internet surveillance. You didn't understand it either. Ok. I will say it in your language. Espionage bro. Espionage.

Are you spying? Only my nephewhas blocked you for sure. No, he doesn't do that,he opened the account himself. hm. So which girlwould want her father to watch her? Look, let me tell you this. My nephewposted his photo on Instagram, and his friends commented on it. His father will read it too, right?.

He won't do it, come on, he won't. Do not do. Do not do. Let's see. Ece Cetin. heh. Isn't this my nephew's account? Look, it's undercover. He blocked you too. Wow coyote!.

But I will ask about it. [joyful music ends] You will distance your daughter from yourself. The person a girlshould trust the most is her father. The girl who is estranged from her fatherseeks that trust elsewhere, be careful. Heh Yusuf dad, you heard my brother Elif. I solved the mails,but there is no Arabic among the languages ​​I know. I have activated the automatic translation systembut some things are not translated properly. -[Thriller music]-Especially this e-mail is weird.

Ok. Then your brother Kemal, who speaks Arabic, comes. – Elif, enlarge it a little.- Huh huh. “The toymakerhas two gifts for you. Read the instructions and put the pieces together. Then go play.” -What is this now?-He “What is this now?” Yildirim Abiye needs a consultation. [Thriller music continues].

[Thriller music continues] Elfaz El Sarga. Codenamed toymaker. The ancients know, he's adangerous bomb expert. He's a dirty bastard who keeps up with the conditions of the time, overworks, self-indulgent,money-hungry. I called all field workers who might be in contact. There is no one. Maybe we can get information from informants in the area. I've made a list of everyone we've been in close contact with over the past few years.

Not everyone knows where it is. It knows very well how to hide itself. He's very cunning.That's why we need one of the old ones. Let the old soil be someone so we can get toit right away. [tension music rises] We were giving these drugsbut now it's not working. -[female doctor] This medicine for children.-[tension music] If he's using this, it means he's at a level that can be surgically salvaged.

Sad. I wish we had a chance to reach the child. Maybe we could save it. If he is using these drugs,it means there is nothing to be done here. He needs to have surgery. Will it happen here? [thriller continues] Not here. But if we can take it to Turkey, we can.

Stop this disease before it progresses. We can save him. Impossible! My daughter will not go to Turkey. You will do the surgery here.-I can not do. I don't! You will! Let them take the doctor to his room. Dora needs to rest. [the thriller continues].

[the thriller continues] Oh my God, my Lord.Let's have a job for once. Then Korkut Ali makes a mess. [Thriller music rises] [Thriller music continues] [Thriller music ends] Selamunaleyküm. Alaik-Salam, welcome. Thank you.

What beautiful things are here. What are you looking for? I was looking for something special like this. Even if a thousand springs pass, it doesn't sprout, what you call stone, stone. I'm looking for malachite. What was it needed for? Ornament or necklace? No…

I'll make a bullet. [thriller music] Follow me. Malachite is also called oak stone. It reduces pain and sorrow. It strengthens one's heart. It is the most beautiful form of copper. But most people don't know, do they? TRUE.

Most people don't know. But he knows, he knows. [tension music continues] One can not ask what one does not know. [Thriller music rises] [Thriller music ends] You came with an agent. Are you back? Aren't you dead yet?.

I'm not dead. I live because of you, Yıldırım Bozok. Estağfurullah, I have saved. I couldn't save it. Ezgi Sancakli. -Seyfi Karadağ, I am pleased.-Me too. So, who are we getting out of bed?You're here after all these years. Yeah, I wouldn't have come if it wasn't important. Elfaz El Sarga.

We need to find him. Is it related to the incident in Istanbul? Yes, I think so. That's what you're here for, huh? I have an unclosed account,I'm here to close it. I've come to find the Habtor. [thriller music] Is the Habtor alive? Unfortunately he is alive. I think.

Elfaz is also under his controlsomewhere. He is behind the attack. I need to find him, Seyfi. We'll find that invertebrate, don't worry. Give me a few hours. Your clock has started. [Thriller music rises] [Thriller music continues] Dumas.

[tension music ends] Mr. Uğur has arrived, sir. Let it come. Come Ugur, come. It's a little messy inside. Itwould be difficult for an obsessive compulsive person like you. A little. But this view is beautiful, huh? – Istanbul is beautiful, isn't it?-[Uğur] It's amazing.

How many years has it been since you went to America? nine years. A long time to be apart from such beauty. If I'm not mistaken,you were developing software for national security with artificial intelligence that works on mobile phones , right? Yes sir, you remember correctly. It processed the photos taken by people with their mobile phones inthe background, without the user noticing,.

To find out if there were people or devices connected with terrorism, and to send them to the securityunits. So do I understand correctly? You take photos of people on theircell phones without their knowledge, notice if there is a gun, bomb, terrorist or something in the background and inform the CIA or someone related. Yes sir, just like you said. I adore smart people.

Now it's time to use that intelligence, Uğur. -[tension music]-I'll do whatever I can, sir. Beautiful. This file contains all the questions they will ask you at the interview. Work hard on these. It's impossible for a CV like younot to get this job. Of course, there will be news about you in the press. Things about Silicon Valley's golden boyquitting his job, returning home, being.

A good son to his hometown. You will also show humility.You will gain people's tolerance. Turkish Defense Industry Company. Am I going to use the application I developed there? No. You will change the software of the F16s, Uğur. All. And you will be aware of everything that other Turkish software developers working outside of you do.

You will find all the software they wrote. Someday we may have to shoot them with their own guns. I'm with you until the end, sir. Beautiful. This file containsall the necessary information. Hey, if you need anything,I'm here. I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible. Thank you so much for everything you've done for me and my family so far. Iwill do much better than you imagine, don't worry.

I don't doubt him. With your permission. [the thriller continues ] We have a few hours until our next meeting. Eat? Good idea. Let's get all the information about this Uğur's family, whoever he is, where theyall live. Let's get hold of it.

It may be necessary to teach a little lesson if he doesn't do the things we want him to do. Yes, sir. Let's go. Now this is the house where Elfaz El Sarga is staying. So this– How long does it take from here to this house? There is no 40 minutes. As far as I can remember, they've stayed in this house before. I understand. Do you think the Habtor iscoming to this house?.

I just learned from you that the Habtor is alive. Even if it was coming, itdid not coincide with ours, so the news did not spread. As far as I understand, you are the one who understands technology. Now look, there are cameras on the sets here.It looks tiny. If there are 10 cameras, there are 20 men. Maybe more. That is, I can access cameras connected to the Internet,.

But I cannot remotely connect if it is old-style analog. This side is sloping. Well, this is the most vulnerable area. We can enter from there. Ok. We need to decode these cameras, Computer Man.You will handle this. Brother, if it's the old type, it's not wide-angle.In other words, the blind spot is definite, but if it is digital, I will provide access andguide you.

-We said how many guards there are, 20?- At least. Then you can't go headlong like that. You definitely need a plan. Let's think about it. You know how self-indulgent the Elfaz bastard is. -I got word, he's looking for fun tonight too.-[Thriller music] He's going to have a blast without leaving his littlepalace. hm. Our kids saidIn the evening, women will go to the place.

Well, okay then. I made the plan. Since the women will come, there isno way for the computer man to enter there. Isn't it Ezgi? Well. Yes brother. [the thriller continues] [the thriller ends] You're.

Hungry. How long will you keep me here? Won't you help my daughter? You have a child? There is. And he'svery curious about me because I'm here. [thriller music] Al. Call your child, don't worry.

Speak quietly, okay? Hello? Son, are you okay? I'm fine, don't worry about me. I have a remote job. It's over, I'll come. You go to your grandmother, will you? Don't call me from this number, okay? This is my friend's number.

I will call you again. Ok? [tension music continues] I'm not your enemy. Really? What do you see when you look outside? Shall I tell you what I saw? Armed men. I see terrorists knocking me out in my car and.

Forcibly bringing me here. TRUE. You are not my enemy. But you are with them. [the thriller continues] I just want to save my child. Help me. You are the doctor. -Hello? Hi, I'm Omer.-[the thriller continues].

A little while ago, my Canan Commissioner called me. He spoke to me by addressing me as my son. I think he somehow convinced me that I have a child andreached the phone. Fortunately, he said he was fine. He warned me in code so that I would never call back again. Do you have the number he called? No, unfortunately, he called from a hidden number. Okay, Omar, it's good that you let me know right away. Don't worry, we'll handle this.

Now you stay at homeand tell the doctor to get ready. Let's host him in Istanbul for a while.It's not very safe for him here. I will keep you informed of developments. Ok. Let's see, it's okay. So what? The Commissioner was alive.He called Ömer and talked to him. He said, “Is my son okay?”-She's smart. In other words, he somehow communicated with us.

Good, good, butwe'd better hear from this Turkoglu. In other words,based on my experience so far, I think that Ali will mess up theresomehow and find a way out. Hopefully. -Hopefully.-[tension music rises] He's asleep. Dora will be fine. This doctor will cure our daughter.

Don't worry. Are you sure? What will it be like before going to Turkey? Efraim, bring Ahmet to the table, I have something to talk about. Do you trust me? [thriller music] Good. I have a job to do.

I'll handle it first. Then our daughter. Is your job more important than your daughter's life? Eat your food, we'll talk about it later. I will not eat. [Thriller music continues] [Thriller music continues] We couldn't talk to you today. I am Habtor Bin Said.

Ahmet Yesir. Eat. I'm not very hungry. Thank. Our food is good. We're leaving tomorrow. You will transfer digital money to the accounts I will tell you where we go. Will there be internet wherever we go? Will be.

We have the device for connection with us. Where are we going? [tension music rises] It's not far away. What are we going for? [tension music rises] You turned out to be very curious. Ahmet, how do you know this Halit?.

[thriller continues] [phone rings] You go on. Since we're leaving tomorrow, let's eat something. Oh, let's eat. Here, eat the chop. -No no.-Meat. -No.-You eat it. [the thriller continues].

[the thriller continues] [the thriller ends] [the door closes and locks] There's no point in starving out of nowhere. [thriller music] There has been a slight change in your meeting place with Ivan. They will notify you of the new location an hour before the meeting. No problem with coins, right? No, there is no problem.

I want you to build a team you trust.10 people. May they be the best. A team that can come to Istanbul. I set it but what is the issue? Let the plan in my head be clear,I'll tell you. If there's an emergency, you call Zabka. How were you saying? Ha, assalamualaikum. [Thriller music continues].

[Thriller music continues] [“Azize” plays] [music continues from afar] [Thriller music] [Thriller effect] [Thriller music goes up] [Link beep] Cem,I'm sending you a photo of the guys with the camera. OK, I'm checking.

Yeah nice. These are digital cameras.I can gain access. Now for the connection, all you have to do is place the device I gave you within three meters of one of the cameras. All right, I found it, I'm dealing with it. [tension music continues] It's okay bro, I got it. Computer guy, what's the situation inside?Has the fun started, is it crowded? Brother, Elfaz is with the girls right now. There are two guards on the back.Ahead… Four, five, six.

I think there are six peoplebut I can't see what's inside. Ok. -Brother, I…-Come on, entrust it to God. -You too.- Be careful. [the thriller continues] -Cem, I got it working.- You're super. You're super. NowI'm broadcasting from 10 minutes ago. They won't be able to see you soon. [thriller ends].

[“Azize” plays] Hop! stop! [tension music] Mashallah, mashallah. What beautiful eyes you have. Wouldn't the four girls come?Why did the five girls come? [man] I don't know, bro. Habtor… He did his surprise again.

[thriller continues] Get this ready first. – Get this in the room first.-[man] You're welcome, my brother. [man] Let's go. -[thriller ends]-What are you waiting for? Play, play, play, go! heh. [“Azize” plays] How is your beautiful daughter? Are you meeting? Are you getting news?.

It's been along time since you stopped talking about good things, Seyfi. Here you go. [thriller music] What? What happened? The image is gone. What happened? The image is gone. Hey I'm yours bro,I'm yours! Brother, I can't see you right now.I'm having a problem with the devices. I can't see you bro, do you hear?So you are alone now. [men groan].

[tension music continues] Slow, slow, slow, slow. Slow. [the thriller continues] [whistles] [whistles] [whistles] [thriller ends] I gotta go! I have to get out of here!I have to get out! Think Canan, think.

[tension music continues] -Ezgi! Ezgi, how are you?-Cem, I'm in the room. -Elfaz…-[voice breaks down] Huh ? What? Melody? I couldn't hear the last thing you said, Ezgi. There may be a jamming device in there. Melody. Damn bro! Oh my God. [thriller continues].

Aren't you undressed yet? -What is happening?-Hands up! Raise your hands! -Hands up.-Who are you? Who are we, who are we? [Speaks in Arabic] I am the surprise of the night. Turkish State. Now we have come to ask you to account for the lives you have burned.

Now if you open your mouth and sayone word, I'll blow your brains out, Elfaz! Did you understand? Do you understand, Elfaz? -I understand.-Now you're quiet, okay? OK Elfaz? [the thriller continues] Brother, the package is ready. Come in bro. Ok. Okay Ezgi, we're going in. -[tension music rises]-[women screaming].

Turn! Turn your back, turn!Who am I calling? Sit down! Sit down, Elfaz! Hands back Elfaz!Let me not blow your brains out, your Elfaz! I won't blow up your brain here, Elfaz! Melody. Ezgi, this place is clean. Take the package, let's go, come on. I still can't hear you.The sound is intermittent. I came bro, I came, I came. [tension music continues].

– Walk, walk, walk. Walk, walk.- Walk! Go away! Walk! [the thriller continues] -Walk.-[man] My brother– Quickly, quickly, quickly. [women screaming] What's going on? -[man groans]-[tension music] [tension effect].

-[mangroans] -[neck cracking sound2] [tension music continues] [tension music falls] God God. [tension music continues] What are you doing? [tension music rises] So you're going to go, huh? [car horn sounds].

-[male 1] What's going on?-[male 2] Let's see. Don't move! Stop, I'll shoot. Get down, get down! -Raise, raise your hands, come down!-The adventure is up to here. Open the door. Come on. Don't tell me to do anything. [the thriller continues] -[boy 1] Come on.-[male 2] Come on. Walk!.

What a brave doctor you are. Tell me now. Do you want to return home safe and sound? I think you do. Save my daughter. I will send you home safely. People like you shouldn't have children. Why is that? Fathers are the heroes of their children,.

But you are thebloody villain of this story. So, doctor, are you punishing me or him by not helping a sick, innocent child ? [emotional music] So, still no news from Ali, brother? – No bro, no.-He. What does Yıldırım Bozok say about this?.

says we will wait.The commissioner is there too. We'll get it somehow. Good good. Okay okay. You still keepme informed of the developments, brother. – Okay?- It's okay. It's done, come on, come on. Take it easy, thank you. -Ripeness.-Heh? -There is no problem, right?-No, my smile. It's the things you know, the little things. -I'm Meral.-What?.

What is wrong with you? There is nothing. E, you are pensive, thoughtful.I couldn't reach you all day. You came back late, no? The emergency was very busy today, Kemal, really. Was the emergency too busy? Moon rose. The emergency was intense, I get it. Ms. Meral…

…we know you very well. There are other things behind it. You say it. [thinks] I was going to visit Ferhatlar's house today. What? Well… But then I couldn't go. I was not brave enough. God, why didn't you dare?.

-Ripeness.-What? The baby is tiny, so beautiful. [emotional music] So, of course I'm not his motherbut I don't know. So, I thought maybe I could give that missing motherly love. Why didn't you go? Because I'm used to it. I dedicate my life to him, I know.

You do too. Kemal, I love him very much. You go crazy for him. But then what if they separate us? What do we do then? I'm devastated, Kemal. [emotional music continues] My Meral… …look, they say thatwhen an orphan cries, the Throne trembles.

You do what's in your heart. We'll see what life throws at us. We are here. Hey, okay? -Ok.-Okay? Ok. So glad that I have you. You're welcome too. Good luck to you too, good luck to you. Good luck, Meral.

My Meral, my Meral. Good luck to you too, Meral.You're welcome too. [message sound] [message sound] [message sound] -[shutter sound]-[message sound] [message sound] [message sound] [tension music].

[message sound] [message sound] -I have a fever?-Uh, you have nothing, you're so good. [tension music continues] Alp, put the phone down, son. Come on! Go, call your sister, come. Come on. He was locked in his room all night again. I'm going to make my father watch the video of my last game, mom, stop. Stop it. Give.

[tension music continues] You watch dad, I'm coming. -Ok.-If I don't have a mother, he will dunk my head. -He will step, run, run, come on.-Exactly. -I'm watching, come on.-Exactly. Let's see what he did. Let's see what ours did. [message voice] Sister, come on, my mom says “Come”.

Well, okay, I'm coming soon. -[thriller ends]-He doesn't want me, sir. He was going to be his father in the match. It's like he carried his father for nine months! Your place is a special one. Now the father of other children is coming,so he wanted me. Well. Yusuf, be with you, will you?.

You couldn't go last time,I pulled your face for three days. OK, me too, don't worry.I won't miss this time. [Black Sea dialect]Don't kidnap my servant, hey, don't kidnap. Do we have to play different strings withyou, huh? [Black Sea mouth]Will you shoot me? -He.-[Black Sea dialect] I know. You are a tough doctor. You knocked down the big guys. They're talking about you outside.

-The men?-Yes. Didn't you? If you help my daughter, I owe you a life. I would do anything to get him to leave you. [emotional music] Look, look, look, look at this. Look, look, look. Just like Semih Erden. Alp Cetin is coming, Alp Cetin is coming! Oh man!.

Well done to you. You will be a world star,well done my son. Judging by his lecture notes,I don't think he has a choice. Gee. Why am I not aware of these notes? No mom, he's exaggerating. She works hard for her studies just because she's agirl. – When there is no talent, he is loaded into the lessons.-AA! -Now look.-[joyful music].

Son, you shouldstudy hard like your older sister and trust your mind, not your physique. Yes that's right. Also, my daughter will be the first in the country. Of course, she will be the first in the country, shewill be the first in the world. Even if he is not, he is already the first in my heart. What is the use of being the world's first? No, dad, this is going to get into NASA anddiscover new galaxies.

I was silent, I was silent, but now I'mgoing to break your head. If you catch it, you break it. -Shh, don't.-Slow. -Don't do that.-Don't rush. We have a job with them. [joyful music continues] Why are you laughing? Something occurred to me. Do you remember? This Alpine was very small.

Once you opened the diaper, thediaper was clean. After that, he hadyou covered from head to toe for two meters. Of course I remember. You were laughing just like that while I was pooping like that. -[joyful music ends]-Yeah. Did he tell? Exit. Elfaz, do you remember me? Of course youdon't remember, how will you remember?.

Many years passed, years passed. You were after the wrong things,you were with the wrong guys. -History, 2001.-[tension effect] Location, northern border of Azerbaijan. You are old. I did not live so that I would grow old. Bozok. Lightning Bozok.The man with whom Habtor Bin Said set up games. Did he kill your wife or daughter?.

I will kill you! -I'll kill you, I'll kill you!-[Thriller music] Do n't mention my wife, my daughter's name.I kill! I will kill you! [coughs] Brother, don't get your hands dirty. -[gunshot sound]-I'll shoot him in the head. Chic! Stop, stop, stop. Who made you do theIstanbul attack?.

I did not do anything. Elfaz, what weren't we doing? We weren't double-crossing, Elfaz.Speak, Elfaz, speak. Talk! Toymaker Elfaz, you made the bombs of the stadium attack. Are there any other toy shops besides you? Nobody called me a stadium or anything. I do, I give. I don't know where to use them.

-I don't want to know either.-You wouldn't do it if you knew, huh? If I say I don't, they won't let me live. I do, I prefer not to know. [thriller continues] Habtor is not like the others. For years we thought we were all dead. Didn't you kill? You know better than me what such a man can do, Bozok. Do you not know what the Turkish state cando?.

You know, you know like honey.You know like a donkey. That's whyyou don't step on Turkish soil. But know well, even if you go to Mars,I will come and find you. After that, you will encounter the words “Welcome to Turkey” on the plane. Now listen to me carefully. Now you can either tell me what you knowone by one, or I will hand you over as the one who made the bombs and planned the stadium attack. And I wouldn'tsend him to such a sheltered prison.

I'll tear you apart! [thriller continues] Okay, I'll explain, but on one condition.You will not keep me here. You will put it in a country in Europe. You will destroy. Iwill start a brand new life with a brand new identity. Another? You'll be helping me financially until I can take care ofmyself. Then you will forget.

No one will come after me again. The Habtorwill soon find out that I've been kidnapped. It guesses what you did. If you don't save my life,I won't tell you anything, Bozok. Okay, agreed. Accept. Ok. [tension music continues] Now tell me, tell me. What is this dude up to?.

He made a deal for a big gun purchase.over Russia. The party will come.It would be delivered in a few days. Did he hire you for this job? Just for the stadium attack, huh? Since you are under his control, he has other plans and plans. You tell me about them. Apart from those future weapons, thereis also a rocket. He agreed with me for him. Rocket?.

Habtor seeks to wipe Turkey off themap. He also said it in the video. You know what to do if the Turkish soldiers do not withdraw. [thriller continues] Good, okay. You deserved the deal. If you don't protect me, it won't survive, remember. Don't worry. I need to lose my track completely.

We will make you lose track of you. Bring. [tension music rises] You 'll lose track now. Toymaker, you're really one of the best bomb makers I've ever seen, but you're just as dumb. Will I leave you unpaid? This nation,this Turkish nation, is ready to give their lives to pay the price. The world got it,don't you still get it, you idiot?.

You promised me, we made a deal. I make deals with people like you with language,not with heart. Language agreements are also quickly broken. You just go and get your life sentence. Stay in jail for the rest of your life,then I'll do my part. I don't do it, someone else does. That rocket unites andlands on the heads of the Turkish nation. Go to prison, don't die,see what's going on, what will happen. Let's see who will land those rockets on theirheads.

Ezgi, take this, throw it in the room.Close your mouth and nose well. Don't let your voice go out. It's your order. Elfaz, get up. Elfaz, don't be fooled, Elfaz! Get up! Walk. – Bozok!- Walk! [the thriller continues] Brother, I havenever seen such a query in my life. You are legend.

I mean, something like this… How can I say it?I got goosebumps, you know? You are one, you are number one. Well… And I think he's going to buy that rocket separately. It will be like this. [Thriller music rises] [Thriller music continues] [Thriller music ends] The position is near .

Ahmet, what happened Ahmet? His questions were incessant yesterday. You are sitting silent today. Too much curiosity is not good. Your mind is working. [tension music] Be careful there. We can do more business with you. Hopefully.

[thriller continues] [thriller ends] Hi Habtor. And hello, Ivan. We've always video chatted with you. We came face to face at last. Finally. You settle in here. I have a surprise for you that you will love.

Come with me. You will make the connection with this. [Speaks Russian] [Speaks Russian] I speak Turkish, though. [laughs] Good, good. Turks everywhere. You wait here for a while. Shh, don't be too friendly huh, okay?.

Ali opened the computer, brother. -Heh.-Locate it now, now, now. -[tension music]-I do it right now, bro. Very little left. We are 140 kilometers away. E, they're pretty far away.When did they go there, man? So they set out early in the morning. [thriller continues] Where did you find these?.

Did you like my surprise? I got it from some of my American friends. You can get rid of all kinds of armored vehicles and tanks with these. Nothing bulletproof. Beautiful. I knew you'd like it. Beautiful. [Thriller music continues].

[Thriller music continues] [Thriller music rises] Ahmet, make the money transfer to the address they will give you. Let's do it, did you check the materials? What would he check? [Thriller music continues] -[Thriller music rises]-[Incomprehensible shouts].

[Thriller music ends] You knew it wouldn't explode? -I didn't know it wouldn't explode.-[Thriller music] But one does not throw a bomb in front of himself that he knows will explode. I know this very well. What about you? How did you know it wouldn't explode? These are from Gaddafi'slooted arsenal.

They were never filled. [tension music continues] You asked me howI knew Halit. Wemet at the time of such an arms trade. That 's when I saw these materials. [thriller continues] Ivan… …did you know that?.

No, definitely not. I wouldn't do you or Goran Losic anywrong. The guns are there, check it out. As proof of our friendship,I don't want anything for the people in the truck. Where are the other parts of the rocket? Part of it is here. Other pieceswill arrive where you want them in other ways. I'm not making any money out of this, you know. Ahmet…

…make the money transfer. [tension music continues] Efraim, check the safes well. Get it, we're leaving. Ok. Come on, we'll check. One by one, come on. [man] Come on, come on. Come on, quick, help.

Nothing like this will ever happen again. [thriller continues] No, don't worry. I'm connecting to Ali's screen. Connect. What is this now, the transfer screen? Yes. Cem, does Ali know what to do?.

So… He will, he will do it somehow. Can we somehow communicate with him from here? So I write a message on his screen,but if there is someone next to him, he reads it. OMG. -AA!- Huh? But we can see Ali. Let me see, do something. And… Okay.

[thriller continues] [phone rings] Hello? Dora is not well, come quickly. [thriller continues] [dramatic music] My mother. Turned off the computer. What will happen now?.

We will wait, we will not rush. Let's see. [thriller music] [Russian-speaking] Is it about Dora? [tension music] You finish the job here. Arrange the safe hospital in Syria,we will go there with the doctor. Ok. Ephraim, hurry.

[Speaks in Russian] Okay? Fine, beautiful.Ahmet, you wait by the car. [tension music continues] We're waiting for the other parts of the rocket he. I'll let you know, okay. Good. Come on, quick, quick! Ahmet, we will leave you at the border, somewhere. It's up to you from there.

No problem. Good. This can be yours now. You are strong, you showed yourself. -Come on.-I hope nothing bad happens. Habtor's daughter is sick. He has to have surgery. hey. -I'm sorry.-Thanks.

Well, mountainous area, what about the surgery? 50 kilometers north.There is a hospital in Idlib. -There will be surgery.-God help you. God bless you, thank you. Come on. Come on, quick, come on! Come on! [man] Hurry up! [tension music rises] [message tone].

Ali texted. Read it. “They're leaving me at the border. The Habtor is gone. Theythink the commissar is a doctor. They kidnapped his daughter so she can operate. They'regoing to the hospital, get ready. Don't reply to the message.” So, we have good news and bad news, brother. Guys, the operation has begun. Get ready. We will take Türkoğlu first andthen the inspector lady. Come on, let me see it, team, come on.

[door opens] Doctor… …help my daughter. Not good at all. I can't. [thriller music] You will! Aren't you a doctor? You're not understanding, are you? Your daughter needs surgery.

No, I understand. You will do that surgery. Get this in the vehicle. [tension music continues] Let go! -Walk.-I told you to let it go! -I'm walking.-Shut up. [tension music continues] [ambulance siren].

-[Korkut Ali] Thank you.-Bon Appetit. The men only eat lamb. There was only lamb on the whole table.I'm hungry. -Eat chips too.-No, no, I won't eat. Anyway, our story turned out to be believable, theheart attack story. -Heart attack?-[Korkut Ali] Hi. Nowit is the most suitable thing for Yıldırım's age. If you say brother, I willthrow you out of the car again. Give me a sedative.

Ali. Yes. You better give. Okay brother. Huh, we're here. Huh. Guys, we're taking the commissary lady andgetting out of here. We came strong, we will come out strong.Nobody's revealing their identity, okay? Come on, God forbid, let me see, come on. [tension music].

Ezgi, tidy up here. -Ok.-Put it like this. -Heh, let me see.-Brother, I'm wearing this too. Check it out. Come on. -Come on, bismillah.- Like this. [thriller continues] We're back from the closed. [tension music continues] First turn right, fourth room on your left.

[tension music continues] Cem, we're inside.There are Habtor's men out there. I'm waiting bro. Turkoglu, you know, this is the hospital. What is done in the hospital? It's quiet, right? You will be silent.No messing around. We're going to quietly take the Commissioner lady and getout of here. Habtor has a lot of men here. Ok? Quietly.

Hopefully. God willing, we will be silent. -Computer, are you ready?-I am ready. I will direct you.I hope the schema of this hospital is up to date. The operating room is on the third floor,like the middle of the corridor. Ok. Seyfi, pay attention to your surroundings. Be careful, okay? Be careful.Check everywhere. [tension music continues] Brother Yıldırım, you will come out of there and come.

Backtowards the Emergency, brother. I will direct you to the stairs. Ok. OK, fine. Come on, God help us.Let me see you. [tension music continues] I'm out, I'm in the hallway. Ali, you go out of the room,turn right bro. -[Korkut Ali] We went out too.- Huh, is it? I guess the information comes late to me.

Proceed towards the end of the corridor. When you get to the stairs, go up.Yıldırım brother, you go upstairs too. Turn left. [Thriller music continues] [man moans] [Thriller music ends] Yıldırım brother,how was it in the past? Did anyone help you remotely like me? In the past, there was neither a computer nor a computer scientist. It wasn't far, it was close.

AA! Are you still dating? Where is he now? In my hand. 13 rounds left. Huh, well… [thriller music] [thriller continues] [Korkut Ali] The second floorcorridor looks clean. Evacuateand close the OR floor. Nobody enter. Ok. You and Dora have the same blood type,let's get the blood right downstairs.

Ok. The doctor will do the surgery, right? Will make. [tension music continues] He has to. He knows what will happen to him if he doesn't. [thriller continues] We found the target, third floor. Turkoglu, where are you?.

We found the target, it's on the third floor. [Korkut Ali] We are on the third floor corridor,right across from you. OK, here we go. [Korkut Ali] Let's see. Yeah, okay bro. We are ready, we are outside. [tension music rises] Come on bismillah. Come on. Interest.

Silence? Shh. Okay. [tension music continues] [tension music rises] [man shouts] [Ezgi moans] [man moans] [man speaks Arabic].

[man speaks Arabic] [speaks Arabic] [speaks Arabic] [speaks Arabic] [speaks Arabic] here ! Here! -[Speaks Arabic]-Okay, calm down! Ok. [Speaks Arabic].

[Speaks Arabic] – Calm.-[Speaks Arabic] [Thriller continues] [Speaks Arabic] What's going on Ephraim? Abbas, what's going on? [tension music rises] -Are you okay?-I'm fine, who are you? We came from Turkey to pick you up.We have to go now.

This bastardcalls a lot of militants here now. [the thriller continues] Anybody hear the radio? [suspense music rises] [tension music rises] [unintelligible speech] Dora! Don't be afraid, I'm with you. They took the doctor, Said.

Let them take security measures outside. We're dating. [tension music] Said, what are we going to do? They took the doctor, they know our place.We have to get out of here. Do not be afraid. I won't let anything happen to him. [Thriller music continues] [Speaks Arabic].

[Speaks Arabic] [Speaks Arabic] [Speaks Arabic] [Speaks Arabic] [Speaks Arabic] [Thriller music rises] Seyfi brother. I'm here Computer guy, relax. Thanksgiving Seyfi brother, gratitude.

[tension music rises] Hold bro. [tension music rises] You have it. -Habtor!-[tension music ends] Yıldırım Zafer Bozok. [tension music] – Give me a gun!- No. Ephraim, oh my!.

[the thriller continues] – Are you okay?-I am good. [tension music drops] You got hit. What happened? Do you have anything? I'm fine, it's gone. Are you okay? Are you okay, huh? Ok. Give. Make trouble, give, give. Give give.

Let me see. This will do you good. Okay? You will relax. Ok. Ok. [emotional music] [emotional music continues] [closing music]

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