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“Do ya'll know what it is you're carrying?” Welcome back! Join me while I breakdown another movie plot Enjoy the memories and watch out for spoilers! “Shiney!… Let's be bad guys.” 500 years from now, Earth can no longer sustainour numbers so we find a new solar system with dozensof new planets to inhabit, all of which are gradually terraformed ina process taking decades.

The core planets are ruled by the highly advancedinterplanetary parliament called the Alliance, while the outer rim maintains their own frontier-stylejustice system. Dwelling even further beyond the outer planetsare a savage cannibalistic humans called the Reavers, said to be people who reached the edge ofspace and went mad after seeing a vast nothingness. They do all manner of nastiness to those theyencounter then strap the corpses to their patchworkships,.

Which they in turn use to rip apart poor adventurersin space. The film begins in an Alliance facility wherea powerful psychic named River is the subject of experiments. Dr Mathias tells his superior that like allof their subjects she is conditioned for combat, but unlike the others, River is something special, an anomaly. After hearing this Simon renders the roomunconscious having come to rescue his little sister. River quickly regains her senses and gracefullyavoids being spotted.

As they make their way onto the Serenity, A firefly class transport-ship crewed by a team of outlaws led by CaptainMalcolm Reynolds. Sometime later and Serenity is entering aplanet's atmosphere under the control of Wash. Mal leads the camera in a five-minute straightone-take introducing the ship and crew. The team's weapons expert and hardened butsensitive Jayne, the most capable fighter and Wash’s wifeZoe,.

And Serenity’s mechanic and the reason itisn’t currently falling apart Kaylee. Back at the facility, a recording of the escapes being inspectedby an alliance agent with no rank or name. Like the facility The Operative doesn’texist, yet has all the authorisation and clearanceto go where he pleases. “madness..” Mathias allowed key members of parliamentto inspect River, possibly allowing her to look into their headsand steal government secrets. The Operative offers Mathias the choice ofan honourable death but he refuses,.

So he paralyses him with a pressure-pointblow to the side and allows him to fall on his centuries-oldsword, which he says is an honourable way to die. An assistant is asked to retrieve informationas the Operative begins his search for the Tam siblings. Despite Simon’s protests, the crew has come to the planet to use River’spsychic abilities to help rob a bank. Simon’s earned his passage by acting asthe ship's doctor but Malcolm requires River to earn hers.

The team take a land speeder called a Muleto the bank before sticking it up and shooting out thecameras. River's able to telepathically sense any patronattempting to be a hero as the captain and Jayne maketheir way into the Vault. Suddenly River has a vision of a Reaver raidingparty arrive as they begin to slaughter the townspeople. Mal orders the people to hide in the vaultand they attempt to make it back to Serenity. A man attempts to catch a ride with them butis pushed off.

By the captain as they are at the Mule's capacity. As he begins to be torn apart, Mal puts abullet in him and the Reavers lose interest. The mule begins to get run down by a muchfaster Reaver land stalker, intent on catching them alive as they prefertheir food fresh. During the tense chase Zoe side-swipes somerocks taking the Stalker out of action, but only temporarily as it returns and firesa harpoon straight through Jayne’s leg. Mal manages to shoot him free before becomingsomeone's dinner, and Wash intercepts them with the Serenityand scoops up the Mule. The stalker is clipped before Wash can takeoff bringing a single Reaver aboard,.

But he is easily dealt with. Simon strikes Mal for his willingness to putRiver in danger and decides they’re off the ship the firstchance they get. Zoe confronts her oldest friend on leavingthe man when they could have dumped the payload instead. She says that they would have never left aman behind during the war against the Alliance, but Mal responds with maybe that’s why theylost. Years ago Malcolm and Zoe fought during thebattle of Serenity Valley,.

The independent planet's last stand againstthe Alliance. After a gruesome loss, Those referred to as Browncoats like Malcolmmigrated to the outer planets to maintain an existence outside of theircontrol. They arrive at their destination to meet theircontact while the Tam’s depart leaving Kaylee upset as she has a crush onSimon. The Serenity crew all reach the Maidenheadbar together before checking in their weapons and goingtheir separate ways. The captain and Jayne meet up with their contactsMingo and Fanty and they begin to talk business.

While disagreeing on the twin's share of theprofits, River walks in and becomes transfixed by anadvert. She begins attacking the bar's patrons withabilities unseen by Reynolds while sparing any kindness. Jayne tries to subdue her but is incapacitatedas Mal rushes to retrieve his gun. River disarms a man as Malcolm gets his andthe two-point them at each other, when Simon walks in and shouts a phrase inRussian causing her to fall asleep. Malcolm takes the Tams back aboard Serenitywhere Simon explains that River was conditionedto be an assassin,.

With something having triggered her in thebar and the safe word putting her out. Despite Malcom’s anger over not being told and Jayne questioning why they even broughtthem back on the ship, The captain allows them to stay as a showof personal growth but leaves River locked up. With his robotic wife by his side he discoversthat River's outburst was triggered by a subliminal message putout by the Alliance, and that it caused her to say “Miranda” beforegoing nuts. To hide out, the team fly to the mining colonyof Haven to take refuge.

With a former member of the Serenity crewShepherd. That night the priest warns him that it'slikely an “Operative” after him and that it's in Mal’s nature to continueto help the Tams. In the morning he receives a call from Inara another former passenger and Malcolm's formerlover. The rest of the crew secretly listen in onthe tension while Inara asks that they assist her as gunsfor hire. Reynolds agrees on the job and despite knowingit’s a trap, decides to go anyway as he fears for her safety.

Inside a Buddhist temple he confronts Inarahaving sneaked in with a disguise, but is met by the nameless Operative. He tries make a deal for River but Mal doesn’taccept it and calls the agent an assassin, which Seemingly offended by this the Operativesays they have Serenity locked onto, but Mal throws him the ship pulse beacon showinghim that they don't. When the man says that he has come unarmed Mal centre masses him and tries to flee, but he springs up having been wearing bodyarmour. All three exchange in a very one sided fight.

Where the Operative barely breaks a sweat. Just before he uses his sword on the defeatedcaptain, Inara’s incense blows having really beena timed flashbang. When he comes back around the two have alreadytaken Inara’s personal craft and boarded Serenity. Hostilities rise as Jayne wants River offthe ship for everyone's safety, but Mal’s word is final. While he isn’t in his right state of mind, River knows before Jayne even does that heis going to come for her,.

But she gets the drop on him. Before the rest of the crew finds her Simonnaturally locates her first but she knocks him out before he can say thewords. Malcolm's the next to locate her sitting atSerenity’s computer but she isn’t possessed, She just wanted to show that Miranda's thename of a planet having remembered reading Alliance higher-up'sminds. Reaching it would require crossing Reaverterritory, so they instead return to Haven but find italready destroyed and the inhabitants exterminated. Mal finds Shepherd mortally wounded havingalready taken out the ship that killed them.

He says it wasn’t a very Christian thingof him to do then dies in Mal's arms, telling him to believe in something. Malcolm searches to find that it wasn’tjust Haven but other friendly outposts towards them have all beendestroyed. The Operative contacts Serenity to claim responsibilityand threatens even worse should River not be returned tohim. When Malcolm claims he doesn’t care theassassin says that it's not like he's a Reaver, giving the captain the idea to remodel Serenitywith Haven corpses to look like a Reaver craft.

Everyone protests, but Mal threatens to shootanyone who tries to stop him then kills an emerging Alliancesoldier. Now an abomination, Serenity leaves for Mirandabefore sneaking through a fleet of Reaver vessels surrounding theplanet. They eventually make it through unscathedand land on the surface, discovering it to be fully terraformed despiterumours. The sprawling town is completely desertedexcept for decomposing corpses without any visible signs of any damage, as if they simply lay down and died.

Venturing further they discover a crashedAlliance ship containing a report log. According to it the Alliance administereda chemical called “Pax” into the population that was meant to makethem placid. Unfortunately it worked too well and theystopped caring altogether, simply laying down and starving themselves. However 10% had the opposite effect, beginning to mutilate their bodies and eateach other, thus becoming the first 30,000 Reavers. Everyone's sickened by this revelation butnone more than the Browncoats,.

Who fought against this exact kind of Allianceimposition on people's way of life. For the first time in years Malcolm is movedby something greater than money, and says he aims to misbehave. They come up with the plan to transmit therecording to every planet in the solar system with Mr. Universe’sequipment, but he is shown to already be surrounded bythe enemy. While the Operative is now shown to be gettingless graceful with his kills when he slays Mr Uni a little too hastily. On their way Mal opens fire on a stray Reavership to provoke the others to chase them.

The Operative waits confidently to shoot Serenityout of the sky with an Alliance fleet orbiting Mr. Universe'splanet. When it emerges he first scoffs at their brashness but it’s followed by the entire Reaver fleet and a massive battle commences. Wash steers Serenity past the chaos down tothe planet while still being chased by Reavers the wholeway down. The Operative escapes his craft in an escapepod as it blows up around him and follows the crew down to the surface.

Slamming into the ground, Serenity slides across the landing strip andrips apart as it crashes into the hangar. As Wash begins to relish in his success, A harpoon suddenly impales him through thechest killing him instantly. The surviving crew flee from the landing reaver ships into a choke point perfect for holding them off The crew give Mal the time he needs to makeit to Mr. Universe but he finds him dead and his transmittingequipment destroyed,.

But his robotic wife informs him of a secondtransmitter they missed nearby. The Reaver’s break through and begin toswarm the team as Zoe gets a slash across the back. Kaylee is shot in the neck so the team retreatback into the corridor, but Simon forgot his medical bag and is shotin the stomach going back for it. River tells him that now it’s her turn toprotect them, then jumps through the blast door and throwsthe medical kit back, closes the doors and gets dragged away bythe Reavers. Mal reaches the second transmitter,.

Inconveniently suspended above a large deathtrap. He attempts to make the jump to it but getsshot in the back by the Operative, having heard the same pre-recorded messageon wife-bot. Being quicker on the draw than his challenger, Mal fires on the Operative a few times butonly hits armour before making the leap to the transmitterplatform.k The Operative follows him and the two beginto fight. During the back and forth Reynolds is runthrough with the sword but removes it and continues.e point perfect.

The Operative employs the same pressure pointmove to paralyse him, but he only tricks the assassin into believingit works then breaks his back. Having had that particular nerve moved dueto shrapnel damage during the war, Mal leaves no name strapped to a railing withthe Miranda log broadcasting as he staggers back to his team. Upon being informed by them that River waslost to the Reavers, The blast doors open to reveal River standingin a room of corpses having killed them all. Suddenly the Alliance breaks through the wallinto the room.

And wait for orders to shoot, but the operative tells them to stand downas he shows his first bit of emotion and tears up at the recording. Sometime later after a funeral on Haven the crew patch up Serenity when the captainis again met by the Operative. He told the Alliance that the Tams are nolonger a threat but since he's no longer with the company he can't guarantee they won'tcome back. Mal warns him that he'll kill him if he seeshim again but the free agent says there’s nothingto see.

Simon and Kaylee finally hook up, while Inara decides to stay with Mal on theship. At the helm of Serenity Captain Reynolds isnow training his new Co-pilot River. Despite knowing everything he’s gonna saybefore he says it, she listens on adamantly as Mal tells her the secret that keeps a shipin the air is love. And the movie ends. “You wanna run this ship?”.

“yes!” “Well…. you can't” Thank you for watching Have a nice day 🙂

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