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Thorfinn awakens to find himself on a picturesquehill with a young sheep playfully jumping on him. As he takes in his surroundings, he realizesthat the harrowing experience he just had, where his father was murdered and he was forced tolive the rest of his life on battlefields before becoming a slave, was just a nightmare.In truth, Thorfinn remains unconscious, having been knocked out by the retainers.Einar refuses to back down and continues to fight off the retainers, determined to showthem that they are not beneath anyone. With a fierce determination in his eyes, he managesto intimidate the retainers into retreating, but not before they warned him that therewill be severe consequences for his behavior. In Thorfinn's dream, he is reunited with hisfather Thors. Excited to share his dream,.

Thorfinn approaches his father. However,Thors suddenly smells blood and questions Thorfinn about the knife he's holding. Shocked,Thorfinn looks down to see that he has stabbed young Einar in the neck, after killing his family.As time passes in the dream, Thorfinn and Einar grow old, and Thorfinn is left holdingEinar's body. Thors explains to Thorfinn that his strength was for self-protection andapologizes for not being able to teach him more. Thors also apologizes for leaving him behind butexplains that there are no enemies in this world, and that everyone should strive for peace.Suddenly, dead bodies start rising from the ground and grab Thorfinn. Thors reaffirmsthat hurting anyone is not okay, even in self-defense. As the bodies grab Thors,he drops his dagger. The ground then opens.

Up beneath them, and Thorfinn starts to fall.After a long struggle, Thorfinn finally manages to grab onto an edge and halt his fall, narrowlyavoiding a pool of blood where dead Vikings are engaged in battle and laughter. Among them, Bjornnotices Thorfinn's presence. Meanwhile, Askeladd makes an appearance, perched atop a column, andgreets Thorfinn. Askeladd comments on Thorfinn's apparent lack of learning, returning to this placeonce more. Thorfinn speculates if he has arrived in Valhalla, but Askeladd disagrees, noting thatthe afterlife is much more pleasant than this. Askeladd urges Thorfinn to observehis surroundings more carefully, revealing that this place is no different from theworld of the living. This is a treacherous place, where warriors are cast away without hope ofvictory, and where everyone, except for yourself,.

Is an enemy. Askeladd reveals to Thorfinn thathe had once lived in this place with them, but he was able to escape because he became empty.Thorfinn, on the other hand, asserts that he is still a warrior, as he had punched someone in afit of rage, which explains why he has returned. However, Askeladd calls Thorfinn's attention tothe mounting pile of dead bodies surrounding them, urging him to take a closer look. As Thorfinnattempts to kick them away, Askeladd suggests that he listens to their grievances, pointing out thatall of the corpses are the people he had killed. Thorfinn observes one of the corpsescrying, and he ceases resisting, allowing them to seize him. He confesses that hecannot remember their faces, nor when or where he killed them. Thorfinn then breaks down in tears,expressing remorse for his actions. Suddenly,.

Lifeless archers begin to rain arrows uponhim. Askeladd rushes to his aid, attacking the archers. He urges Thorfinn to cease weeping orrisk plummeting back down. He must climb upward, even if the bodies continue to cling to him. Itis his fight. He must take the people he murdered with him and evolve into a genuine warrior.Thorfinn then embarks on his ascent, and at that moment, he awakens, his arms aloft.As Thorfinn gradually awakens, he realizes that the events that just occurred were nothingmore than a dream. Suddenly, he notices Einar, who appears to have fainted, and quickly rushesover to check on him. To Thorfinn's surprise, Einar then informs him that they haveemerged victorious from the battle. Despite the good news, Einar expresses concernabout their current predicament. Thorfinn,.

However, can only focus on the fact thathe has just punched someone and that he has killed countless people before, some of whomwere innocent. He tearfully confides in Einar, acknowledging that he had no grudgesagainst some of the people he killed, and vows to never harm anyone again.Thorfinn is determined to make amends for his past actions and start anew. Einar, while not fullyunderstanding Thorfinn's motives, assures him that he hears him and will support him going forward.Ketil turns to the group of angry retainers and delivers the news that Einar and Thorfinn will notbe punished for their actions. The retainers are outraged by this and demand an explanation. Ketilreaches into his pocket and pulls out a small coat button, which he found on the farm earlier thatmorning. He asks Trygve where his coat is, the one.

He always wears, and then reveals that the farmwas attacked by wild boars, not by the retainers. Ketil explains that this is the story they willstick to, as it will prevent any further trouble between the slaves and the retainers.As the retainers grumble and disperse, Pater approaches Ketil and expresses hisgratitude. Ketil compliments Pater's strength, noting that he is not afraid of the retainersturning on him. Pater reveals that he used to be a slave and has been through a lot in hislife. The episode then ends with Thorfinn and Einar working on a farm, and Sverkel giving themadvice. And with that, we’ve come to an end.

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