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Welcome to another movie plot Spoilers ahead The people of Champion City worship aclass of superhero with very minor skill. A Party takes place at theShady Acres age-care home where the genius Dr. Heller ismaking moves on a young lady. Suddenly a gang of villains going by thename of Red Eyes crash the oldies party and begin taking them for everything they’ve got. Before they can clear the seniorsout of all their medication, an amateur superhero team attemptsto make a name for them self.

With the Blue Raja’s power of culinary artillery, the Shoveler’s who can shovellike no other, and Mr. Furious. Together they try to stop the robbery, but their inexperience and lack of anyactual abilities results in their defeat. Thankfully for the partygoers thecity actually has a real superhero. The powerful chrome clad supe smacksthe Red Eye around the building, destroying the residentsmedication bar in the process. The sponsor covered CaptainAmazing has been place on a.

Mantle by Jeffrey Eddie and the rest of the city, while Roy thinks he is very much over-rated Captain Amazing sarcastically panders to the triofor their efforts in helping with the arrests, leaving Eddie and Jeff smitten by himwhile Roy wallows in the misery of defeat. Heller approaches Eddie saying thathe has the firepower they need, but with the friends thinking that heis just a dementia ridden resident, he assures them that he is only therefor the chicks and leaves them his card. The bruised and beaten trio of friendsleave to insults from the local police, and when Roy tries to stand up for himself heis instantly shut down by the imposing officers.

The arrogant superhero pushes throughhis fan base to get to his limo, hearing that his Pepsi sponsor has pulled out. Amazing's crime fighting prowess haspractically made his job obsolete, causing his corporate sponsorsto withdraw their support. Spending most of his days stopping petty crimes, Amazings worthy adversariesare all either dead or in jail. His publicist Weems tellshim that Death Man is dead, Father Doom got life without Parole,and Baron Von Chaos got the chair. When he mentions that CasanovaFrankenstein is in a nuthouse,.

Amazing begins to remember thegood battles they used to have, giving him an idea. The insane asylum housing the supervillainCasanova looks like hell on earth, and the man himself is brought beforea board to discuss his release. His psychiatrist Dr Leek sits on the committeeand argues for his release as a cured man, while the rest condemn the monster for life. Just then Amazing walks in using his alterego, the billionaire lawyer Lance Hunt, needing a serious supervillain out on thestreet to continue his rise in popularity. Hunt pulls out a shopping list and pretendsthat it’s a letter from Captain Amazing,.

Arguing for the release of hisnemesis under compassionate grounds. And just like that, the 100% still deranged psychopathis released back onto the streets. Down at the lakeside diner, the defeated friends argue abouttheir costumes and characters, while their finances are in thered and the Blue Raja had to raid his mother's silverware for tonight's mission. Roy is the only one of the group thatbelieves Lance Hunt is Captain Amazing, as Eddie believes Amazing wouldn't be able to seewithout wearing his glasses if that were true.

A waitress Monica tries to take the team's orderbut Mr. Furious begins to act rude towards her, as he says he is a “ticking time bomb of fury”. On their way out of the diner the trio comeacross two criminals Tony P and Tony C, but Eddie’s wife is waiting up forhim while Jeffery is just a coward. Leaving Roy alone in his mission where he takes off after the two DiscoBoys on his Harley compatible Their limo pulls into a mansion andRoy spies on them from the bushes, seeing that it belongs to Casanova Frankenstein, clean-cut and looking as dapper as ever.

He is finally reunited withhis right-hand henchman Tony P, who is spending his timewarming up the disco room. Casanova angers Tony with thereminder that disco is dead, before Dr Leek enters the room witha dead bird on top of her head. They walk out onto the balcony whereCasanova remotely blows up the asylum, using the explosion as a lureto draw out his arch-nemesis. Captain Amazing shows upas Casanova enjoys a drink, and tells him to disarm hissubmicronic laser in his ring, disengage the psychotropic bacteriumdart-launchers hidden in his slippers,.

And turn off the cold fusion ultrasonicneuro-stunner in his drink stirrer, knowing the evil genius all too well. However the hero of the city'sentire plan backfires when he picks up a chloroform dispenser that activates, knocking the moron unconscious. We see that the Shoveler lives just outside of Champion city with his familyin a typical suburban home, where his wife Lucille tells him to returnhis sons vest for his game on the weekend. Eddie Tells his wife that god gave him a gift,.

That he can shovel well andmust put it to good use. Lucille assures him that he shovelsbetter than any man she has ever met, but he must stop this second life. Over at the Blue Raja’s hepractices his fork-handling skills, while his excessive incense causeshis mother Violet to assume he is smoking the devil's lettuce in her house. The Next morning Roy arrivesat the scrapyard late for work, being given the impossible task by his boss of tearing down an armouredtruck with just a crowbar.

When suddenly news breaks of the disappearanceof both Lance Hunt and Captain Amazing, who we are shown is beingprepared to have a machine called the “Psycho-frakulator”unleashed upon him at midnight. Mr. Furious attempts to rescueAmazing/Hunt and brings the Blue Raja and The Shoveler to assist. But they are quickly foiled by thesprinkler-system and discovered by the Tonys, who the trio mock for using guns insteadof a weapon with a more disco theme. So the Tonys and the Disco Boy’sstomp the heroes into the ground. After their unsuccessful rescue attempt thethree realise that they need more allies,.

And talk about a guy called the Sphynx, whose power is that he is very mysterious. Eddie says that he can also cut guns in halfwith his mind but that’s still under speculation. Roy tries to ask Monica out on adate but she just shuts him down The teams first recruit is Invisible Boy, who takes the three strange men tohis bedroom past his ignorant father. But he tells them that he can onlygo invisible when no one is watching, not even himself, and that you know you'reinvisible because you can just feel it. So the team try to leave but he stops them,.

Winning their sympathy and telling them of anetwork of superheroes that they can recruit from. While discussing if a character calledthe French Tickler should join them, a hero that the group allignore comes into the diner. The Spleen feels hurt that thegroup Is always dissing him, and begins to tell Invisible Boy his originsafter he regrettably asks of his powers. At 13 years old he cut the cheeseand blamed it on an old gypsy woman, who cursed him to forever more be he who dealt it. He pulls out some nose pegs andperforms a demonstration of his SBD, a silent but deadly fart that caneliminate a target at 7 yards.

“That's good shooting” When the Spleen notices they are holding tryouts, the group decide to hold it somewhere with a pool. Leading to a swarm of amaturesuperhero’s taking over Eddies yard as Lucille takes the kids out for the day. They interview the Waffler who justburns people with a waffle-maker, Pencilhead and son who erase crime, the Mysterious Ballerina manwho flares on them then leaves, and a few Wonder Woman wannabe’swho show real potential.

Aswell as the bullfighter RadiomanSqueegeeman and the PMS Avenger, who only works 4 days a month. After an unsuccessful tryout a worthy recruitshows up late in the form of The Bowler, who uses a cursed bowling ballcontaining her fathers skull as a weapon. The daughter of a famous bowlerwho was murdered by Tony P, though the death was ruleda suicide by the police, with him having simply fallen downan elevator shaft onto some bullets. Carol decides to join the ragtag group of B-Listers with the intention ofgetting revenge for her father.

That night while going out ona mission the group hear that she telepathically speaks to her father's skull, and that he suspects the Blue Rajaas being either a commie or a fruit. The emboldened team ambush Cassanova's limousine, and when he refuses to tell them whereCaptain Amazing is they begin their attack. They all begin to smash thelimo with their respective powers doing nothing but cosmetic damage, doing nothing to Casanovahimself but merely annoying him and running away before he can retaliate.

They go out and get drunk to celebratetheir first “victory” together, and wonder when we might finallyget to see Invisible boys power. While leaving the team is confronted andnearly killed by the Disco Boys in retaliation, but the firing line all have their guns sliced in half and flee confused as totheir attacker's whereabouts. The group are saved by the Sphinx, an enigmatic superhero with actualpowers who agrees to train them, Making Mr. Furious even angrierat the change of leadership. The Sphinx teaches Jefferynot to telegraph his attacks,.

For Eddie to use more than just a shovel, and Roy to learn balance, while pranking him with watermelons on his feet. The group flourish under the Sphinx'sunconventional team-building exercises, which annoys Roy beyond all measure. While making their new superhero costumes, Roy gets frustrated at The Sphinx constantly usingfortune cookie quotes for every question he asks. Finally had enough of it he quits the team. Knowing that they will still beoutgunned going up against Casanova,.

Eddie remembers Heller giving him his card, so the group seek him out where they findhim living in a deserted amusement park. Locating him living inside one of theamusements armed with a hairdryer, they are impressed at first but discover thatHeller specialises in non-lethal weaponry, which would be useless. But when they try to leave hethrows a canned tornado at Spleen, showing effectiveness as ittosses him through the air. He also shows off a fabric shrinkray, that could shrink your clothesso tight you can’t breathe,.

And a Blamethrower that throws blamearound the room starting arguments. Roy catches Monica in a good mood at theDiner and she agrees to let him walk her home, where she encourages him to askfor forgiveness from his friends. As the unnamed team all prepare to go into battle, Roy shows up and angrily triesto apologise but begins to shake, so The Shoveler lets himrejoin to prevent a migraine. The team break into Casanova's mansion duringa summit of several of the city's gangs, The Susies, The Suits,.

The Furriers, The Fratboys, and The Not-So-Goody-Mob. Where they all praise Casanova forhis new machine which he plans to use to lethally bend the realityof the city and its residents. Attempting to free Captain Amazing, the group find him still strappedto a chair beneath the machine. Things turn to chaos as Roy andCarol argue over which lever to pull, Jeffrey starts fan-girling over Amazing,.

And Eddie begins to suspect maybe Roy isright in Lawyer Lance’s real identity. Lance tells Blu Raja the lever to turn thePsycho-frakulator off but it activates it, warping and killing the incorrectchampion of Champion City. So they all flee back toDr Hellers without Amazing, and wallow in despair as without himthey have no hope of saving the city. As they argue amongst themselves the bestplan they come up with is to run away, when The Shoveler finishes making hishigh-cholesterol egg salad and refuses to run. He delivers a pep talk to each one of the teamwhich inspires them to continue the good fight, so Jeffrey raids his mother's cutlery draw again,.

But Violet catches him and supplies himwith the finest silverware in the house. Eddie tells his wife that he loves her, and Roy tells Monica that he may die tonightbut she just asks him what his name is, so he tells her and she kisses him. With new resolve, the team overhaul an armoured vehicle fromRoys workplace with Heller's wacky inventions, and gear up in their new costumes toattack Casanovas mansion once again. This time though, the group crash through the front gate andstraight through the front doors into the mansion.

The armoured van protects the teamfrom any gunfire and Heller's quirky magnet invention robs the gangs of their weapons. Without their guns the gangs all flee in terroras they lack superpowers to fight the team, and Cassanova arms a laser that dissolvesanyone who tries to follow them. But Invisible Boy noticesthis as his moment to shine, so the group look away as he closeshis eyes and actually turns invisible, turning off the machine then turning back visible. They are then met by theFurries all dressed to kill, so the Sphynx shoots themwith the clothing shrink-ray,.

Giving them a wedgie they won't soon forget. Spleen shoots the Not-So-Good-Mobwith the blamethrower causing them to breakout in a fight between themselves. The Shoveler beats down the Disco Boys buthas a challenge presented to him by Tony C, who he defeats by mixing itup with the use of a spade. Spleen is shot at by the assassinsfrom the east and gets hit in the rear, but he still manages to use his powersto subdue them before collapsing. The Bowler confronts her fathers killer whosays he is protected by the god of haircare. Not being a killer herself,.

Carol lets her father's skull do all the workand get his own revenge by killing Tony P. However Casanova holds Monicahostage and activates another defence system that fries the Frat Boys. So Jeff and Roy work as a teamto overcome the obstacle and Mr Furious begins to fight thefinger wielding supervillain, but he easily gets defeated. The hour reaches midnight andthe Psycho-frakulator begins to wreak havoc upon the city withit’s reality-bending powers. While the team works to disable the device,.

Mr. Furious unleashes his true inner rage andfights effectively for the first time in his life. He throws Cassanova Frankenstein into the coreof the Psycho-frakulator which tears him apart. The whole team get together in a huddle and help The Bowler to get close enoughto drop her ball into the machine, and Carmine the Bowlerdestroys it from the inside. They all escape the mansiontogether as it explodes behind them. As the sun rises the team isswarmed by reporters who all want to interview ChampionCities newest hero team. Their families watch them on the news be referred.

To as superheroes as Hellercelebrates his teams victory. The reporter asks for the group's name but theybegin to argue possible choices among themselves, so the reporter just says that the city willforever owe a debt to these 'Mystery Men'.” And the movie ends. Thank you for watching Subscribe for more “Disco is not dead” – Tony P “That is the passion” – Frank

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