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The anime starts with our main protagonistconfusingly waking up. He remembers riding his scooter and tryingto safe a falling vending machine. He could’ve sworn he died so he’s confusedto be alive. He can’t move and tries screaming but hearshis voice as a vending machine, saying “Hello there!”. He realizes he's been reborn as the thinghe loved the most, a vending machine! Jeez Louise guys, this is going to be oneof those animes. We find out that he was obsessed with vendingmachines, so he thinks being turned into one is freaking awesome!.

He likes his products and how elegant he looks,but he starts to see problems. He questions if God made this happen becausehe loved vending machines. He decides to just go with it and accept hisnew life. He can say the usual vending machine thingslike “insert coins” and “thanks for buying.” He tries to figure out what else he can dowith his new vending machine body. He notices some writing that shows the itemshe's selling. Right now, there are only two disgusting things:mineral water and corn soup. The universe or whatever tells him he canchange the items by using points, and he sees he has a thousand points.

He figures out that points come from cashand can be used to restock or change the items for sale, or even get new features. When he looks into it more, he discovers thatpoints let him store items at different temperatures. He can also heat up frozen food or add hotwater to Ramen. He looks into his other items and finds abunch of things he used to get from vending machines when he was a boring human. He decides to change one item to milk tea,so he uses 10 points and suddenly’s got creamy milk inside of him. He figures out he can get one point for every100 yen.

He also learns he doesn't need electricity;he uses points as his power. Using one point per hour, which is 24 pointsa day, he knows he needs at least 2,400 yen each day to keep going. With 990 points left, he can last about amonth. But he's worried and thinks he shouldn't spendpoints until he has a better way to make them. He realizes he's far away from basically anywhere,and after a day, he starts to panic, thinking he's in big trouble because no one will usehim. Suddenly, King Harold shows up. King Harold comes closer but gets surprisedwhen it hears him say “Hello”.

The huge frog starts hitting him with a club,and his strength goes down. He realizes if his strength goes all the waydown, he'll break and won't work anymore. The frog keeps hitting him, and he sees hisstrength going down fast. He also notices there's a magic stat, whichsurprises him because it means magic exists in this world. He can use his points to fix his strength,so he plans to wait until the frog loses interest. But then the frog brings it’s homies. When he sees the frog's axe, he starts gettingreally worried and tries to find a function that can help him, but he can't find anythinguseful.

The frogs keep hitting him, until he randomlyrealizes he can get a blessing from God. He gets to pick from a bunch of differentabilities, so he chooses the barrier ability and uses it to push the frogs away. He believes he's invincible, but his pointsstart going down really fast because the frogs keep hitting him. Eventually, the frogs get tired of it andleave. He uses his points to fix his strength, andnow he only has 311 points left. A few days pass, and he still hasn't soldanything. But then a waifu shows up out of nowhere.

She's cautious at first, but she mentionshow hungry she is and says she's not a good hunter. It turns out she was trying to hunt the frogs,but she hasn't been successful. She sees the vending machine but doesn't knowwhat it's for. She gets surprised when she hears it sayinghello and telling her to put in a coin. She wonders what kind of coins it takes. She tries a copper coin, but it doesn't work. He realizes he needs a function to acceptdifferent coins. He learns the skill for 100 points and changeshis prices. Now she sees it will cost her a silver coin.

She thinks it's a lot but still tries it becauseshe's really hungry. He's thrilled to have his first customer andthe girl picks his soup. She takes it out and is amazed it's stillwarm. She tastes it and loves it, saying it's betterthan anything else. He's really glad to make her happy, and shewonders what else he has. She enjoys the milk tea too and buys a fewmore soups. He ends up making about six silver coins,which turn in to 60 points. The girl falls asleep next to him, and heuses his barrier to keep her safe because she's an important customer.

When she wakes up, she thanks him for thefood, and she's surprised when she hears him. She wonders if he can talk, as she knows someonewho makes magical tools. She thinks he might only say certain things. She realizes he understands her and they figureout a way to communicate. He'll say hello for yes and thank you forno. She introduces herself as Lammis and wantsto learn more about him. He can't tell her his name, so she decidesto call him Boxxo. She thinks he might be lonely and suggestschanging his location. He likes the idea, and she lifts him up.

He's surprised by her strength but happy tomove. It turns out Lammis has the blessing of mice,which makes her strong. After a bit, she takes a break and wants moresoup, but he knows it's not very filling, so he wants to find something else for her. Lammiss is surprised that he can change whathe sells, so she tries it. She gets potato chips and thinks they're amazing,eating a lot of them. He goes back up to 320 points. They return to the village, and the guardsare curious about what she has. She tells them it's a magical tool that givesthings when you give it money, saying she.

Found it by the lake. She asks if it's okay to keep, and they saywhoever finds something in a dungeon gets to keep it. Boxxo wonders if they're in a dungeon, buthe doesn't think so because he can see the sky. The guards are shocked that he can talk, andthey think he could be sold for a lot of money. But Lammis says she's taking him to meet herfriend. The guards try buying things from him andreally like his items. They ask Lammis to bring him by sometimes,and Boxxo is becoming a successful businessman.

They enter the village, and Lammis sees agirl being picked on. She stands up to the bullies and fights oneof them, but we see that even with her strength, she has a hard time hitting him. The guys run away, and Lammis goes to checkon the girl. Next we see her friend Munami who’s relievedshe's back safely. Lammis was actually abandoned by some otherhunters, and Munami says she spread rumors about them to help her. She looks at Boxxo, assuming she's broughtback more useless stuff, but Lammis says he's really helpful.

Lammis sets him up outside, and Munami realizesLammis wants to take Boxxo to the surface to show him to her friend. But she's worried about how to pay for thetransfer Circle. Even though they can see the sky, they'reactually in a dungeon called Clear Flow Lake. To leave, they need a transfer circle, butLammis spent her money on Boxxo's items. Munami suggests Lammis works at her pub tomake money and hopes Boxxo will help attract customers. People are drawn to his great items, and hesells a lot. At night, Lammis takes him to the guards atthe gate, but they lose interest in his items.

He thinks it's time to add new things. He's sold more than 400 items, and now hehas over 3,000 points. Suddenly, he starts glowing, and the guardsees there's a new item. It costs three silver coins, but the guardis eager to try it. They're unsure how to eat it, but luckily,there are instructions on the can. It turns out to be stew, and the guards areamazed by the tasty flavors. They want to buy more. After a few days, news about his new itemsspreads throughout the village, and he becomes really popular.

However, during the day, he makes it unavailableso the local restaurants aren’t affected by him. What a sweetheart. The girl that Lammis saved comes close, butshe gets scared when she hears his voice. She throws a rock at him and runs away. Their routine continues with Lammis takinghim to the guards at night. She chats with him while they walk and expressesher hope that they can have a proper conversation someday, which is why they need to reach herwizard friend on the surface. Lammis is glad that she found Boxxo, and hebelieves that being reborn as a vending machine.

Is freaking sick. If you’ve actually made it this far thenyou’re a real one, and should definitely consider liking and subscribing!

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