Solo Leveling: Ragnarok Free up, Aka Akasaka Modern Manga, Kuroko no Basket Creator Modern Manga AND MORE!

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This video is really late as I have been very busy lately all the news from here are until the 14th of April as these are news from last week the video news with news from this week will be coming out this saturday Solo Leveling: Ragnarok release day trailer the first 105 chapters of the web novel have been released on KakaoPage the title focuses on Sung Su-ho, the son of Sung Jin-woo this is basically the continuation from Solo Leveling Kaguya-sama and Oshi no Ko creator Aka Akasaka will start a new manga series titled.

Renai Daikou with art by Nishizawa 5mm in Weekly Young Jump it's gonna be out on the April 27th of this year Shinkai Makoto's new anime film, Suzume, has started airing in theaters in countries around the world since around the 14th of April the movie has been receiving some mixed feelings Dr. Stone season 3, second cour begins in October of 2023 and spans for 11 episodes Barakamon by Satsuki Yoshino is getting a live-action adaptation To celebrate this, the manga series has started publishing new chapters the manga initially ended back in 2018.

Faraway Paladin second season has been announced to air in the fall of this year Berserk will be making a comeback on the 28th of April anime adaption confirmed for 365 Days to the Wedding by Tamiki Wakaki, the same author of The World Only God Knows Kuroko no Basket creator Tadatoshi Fujimaki new series manga titled Kill Blue is on the cover of the upcoming Weekly Shounen Jump issue on the 20th of April Ichigoki's Under Control has ended this week with Chapter 19 in Weekly Shonen Jump Thriller Noir Manga From The Dust Final Vol.8 cover by Takashi Sano Natsume Arata no kekkon by Tarou Nogizaka has almost 2 million copies including digital.

In circulation for volumes 1-10 Sakura, saku by Blue Spring Ride creator has 1.1 million copies including digital in circulation for vols 1-7 Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear has 2.9 million copies in circulation for light novel and manga this has a second season airing right now as an anime Kaiju No. 8 by Naoya Matsumoto has sold over 888 thousand copies in France for volume 1-8 as for manga sales from April 3rd to 9th, Spy x Family Vol. 11 ranks 1st at 661 thousand copies and Chainsaw Man Vol. 14 follows right after.

at 260 thousand copies As for light novel sales from the same period of time Roshidere Vol. 6 retains its No. 1 position with almost over twice the sales of the 2nd in place well that's about all that I have got for this week's news like, subscribe and maybe leave a comment too tell me what anime, manga or light novel you have been watching or reading lately anyways, I will see you guys in a week or so bye bye

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