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After kaido was blown away, yamato met Luffy and a pink dragon again, but then yamato realized that the pink dragon was the same lustful dragon. Kaido now wakes up in his dragon form and is also surprised at the identity of the pink dragon with Luffy still alive. In Hoa Capital, people are still cheerful and happy during the fire festival without knowing that Devil Island is coming to Hoa Capital. Toko has also calmed down and is walking with Tenguyama Hitetsu during the fire festival. His flashback tells us that it turns out that otama had boarded a ship with the Gifters in udon to go to demon island to help Luffy so he is very worried about toko right now. The happenings on the top of the demon island were announced through the eyes of the messenger. Due to the appearance of both dragons, the storm clouds came to cover the moon, making Inuarashi and Nekomamushi who were fighting, lost their position and were in danger. After learning that the pink dragon is momo,.

Kaido immediately threw a bolo Breath but because she was used to the movement, momo avoided it easily. In retaliation, momo rushed to bite Kaido after Luffy's punch. When they knew that momo and Luffy were fighting on the top of devil island, everyone was very happy and excited. Moreover, through this action, Luffy has also helped momo be more confident and brave when standing in front of a powerful four emperors.

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