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Friends, today we are going to do episode 42 of So Land Tu full explain, if you like the video even a little bit, please like the video and subscribe to the channel, if you have not seen the previous part yet, then a Bar dekh lena it is available on all channel gas video ko sher zaroor karna and like target of this video is 500 please complete it quickly because the episode starts for the next episode and show us the childhood look of the young youth Goes to where his mother is drawing someone's drawing on the ground and seeing this drawing, our little boy asks mom, what kind of drawing is this, to which his maida told that this drawing is of his father. Remembering happened you have mother says at that time my mom's face suddenly lit up which was full of love in India and ever since I was born till now till now I have never seen it before.

But it absolutely It is in front of me and all the people who are here are making fun of the sender of White Tiger, even the elite students of Shake Academy and here everyone has a speaking band, this is a heroic resolution. The person who keeps this tall and handsome likes none other than White Tiger and seeing this the youth starts getting angry and says in mother this likes this likes mine only then right or higher in front of the white tiger tube which is father says and then that young man starts getting out of control and he says very angrily to mom this choice threw us aside and this is the one who ruined my mom's life I will not leave this bastard and That's why we also happened to be late seeing the youth going out and seeing this condition of the youth, getting upset, he says to his mother and not in this, he has seen his father, because of this he has started getting very excited.

. Hoon r u ho ho calm down tell me what happened in such situation he can not control himself and then hua youth very much angrily says in a loud voice I will kill this bastard and that's why vaam dong hua come in front of hua youth and do it While doing this he says to his mother that he needs to be hidden and I cannot let other people know about this and I need to calm him down by holding his hand so that he does not do anything carelessly and while thinking this Wangdong Hua takes his hand back to shake the young man's hand and reads it out loud saying, “Are you calm down?” The youth begins to feel pain and only then he concentrates on both of our hands and releases it, what has he caught, because of which both of them become very strong and leave it, and till now you guys Must have also come to know that what the warm people.

Have caught and that is why the senses of a very strong war dog are blown away and it looks at its hands completely and says to the mother that what I just read happened and only then. The youth shouts very loudly on this and says, what are you doing, what are you doing, and why did you suddenly catch my things, then on this, says don't talk much nonsense and remove the feeling of revenge in your mind. Kar clean it now and Van Do gets shocked after hearing this and says that then next time when I need to pacify you, I will do the same thing what you have done now. I will also do the same thing and after hearing this, he shouts and shouts away the youth from himself and in this way the youth calms down and because they were standing behind the rest of the members, no one paid attention to them. But doesn't go and finally these people become free which meeting was with white tiger tube.

And hoon are you relax and says thank you brother today I was able to calm down only because of you but shouting warm dum Taking it away, he says that it is also because of you that I have not been able to calm down yet and how many bad memories you have given me forever and all of them rest for a whole day at the out post where But there is information related to the events period, so everyone is removed from here early in the morning and Zitao tells that the most powerful fighter among the evil spirits is also only at the spirit king level, who will play the game of Haran Ben Hath, Strike Ek Academy. For the elites, so there is no need to worry much in this big and the youth tagging his cheeks says in the mother, okay now I have to do Fox, so I don't have to think much in this big right now and After finishing this mission, everyone is allowed to participate in the tournament.

This mission is going to be very easy, but the result of this mission is bigger than what these people had thought, and the story is bigger than that. We see that the youth is very much nervous and due to this the senses of the strong people are also blown away and he says to the mother in distress that how did this happen and how suddenly this whole look turned into this because this whole mountain The dead is full of evil and poisonous smoke, and there is blood everywhere, and whoever is looking at the ability on his sprites, does not believe it at all, and worst of all The situation is of Mike because almost he has given his right leg to the right leg and he is dying and he is having difficulty in breathing and the body of the goons is also full. It is covered with wounds.

And is unconscious and Ko has a deep gash on his back while Linguo is coughing up blood and all the other people were out of the blast radius and the rest of the people who They were out there asking nervously whether this terrifying power belonged to a Dark Spirits master while the bulk of the youths were blown out of their senses and we are shown the start of the mission where all of them have stormed the mountain. Entered inside and started looking for evils spirits and then coffee teacher one says that in a way a tree is seen as a goddess, according to that our enemies are not far away from us and because the bank has a lot of knowledge and an experience That's why they are looking for their clues and bring all of them to the place where the evil spirits are hidden, when all these people go inside the cap, then they all realize that Their enemies are so many Terrifying Evil.

Spirits and it is completely heavy with corpses, here there are more than 100 corpses, some are babies from the gym, and only after seeing this bloody work of these Evil Spirits, only people Anger starts burning today and in order to vent out their anger, these people start pushing straight towards the evil spirits, the seven students of the Outer Academy, these people have also joined these people and they The people are fending off the weak evils while the students from the Inner Academy with their immense power and Zilla Force are in a much more dangerous battle while Master Cell rests peacefully on the top of the mountain but he has previously He had checked the power of the evils, he noticed that there is not a single one among his enemies who has more strong power than a single spirit king, because of this, the situation here is simple and only visible, so the.

Children themselves let's handle this situation but then suddenly everything got very cloudy very fast and only then a voice came from inside Kaif and she says that whoever dares to die against the Death God, he will face every situation. I will be killed here, on hearing this sound, these little fat evils understand that it is the sound of a bus, then these people immediately start running from here and the youth also notices the danger inside the battlefield and notices it. Hai that the dead body lying inside this cave has all turned red and seeing this thing Hua Yu Hai shouts and asks everyone to be careful but then all the dead bodies start exploding and these bodies As soon as it is explored, it releases a lot of deadly and poisonous gas and already only around 100 dead bodies are lying and such a scary scene lasted for the next 10 seconds and this orgy of death happened for 10 seconds. Couldn't even do it and.

Those who were the students of the century were leading the way and if the youth had not come forward, the result could have been even bigger and who knew here that he would have such a deadly ability whereas this There is only one spirit king and seeing this scene, Hua Yu has jammed in his place and then Master Shan comes here in a hurry and it comes that one has died while 6 are too heavy engines . And this is a big loss for them and then that spirit king master laughs and says that you have come to know about my power and all of you will be killed here and if you do not kill with explorer then you will surely die with poison. Tumhare Jaoge and Master Cell get very angry seeing such condition of their Elite Streak Seven Devils and they release their power saying take out the bastard Master Cell with their power by holding him Evil Spirit King Master.

They take him out and the senses of this Evil Spirit King also fly away when he has seen another powerful master here and seeing this Evil Spirit King there too, being surprised, he says to his mother that he is really just a dark There is a spirit master who is only at the spirit king level and then master shaan starts doing a very dangerous punch on the evil spirit king and says you bastard how dare you harm my dear children and I will break you into crores of pieces I am going to destroy and when Master Sin is about to do his very dangerous five evils on the spirit master, then Hua Yu has shouted that be careful, the stronger the bed body, the more dangerous the exploration will be and a man's body exploration On hearing this thing is about to happen, master shape starts stopping the explosion with his power and says in the mother, now I can not let anyone else die, so.

I have to stop this explosion and like Shaan's attention is on this dead. This evil spirit master gets a chance when it comes to stop the explosion of the body and he laughs and says that this hall mother is really so powerful, the time it took you to stop the explosion of the cops, that much time is enough. For me to escape from here and so sweetly this evil spirit master manages to escape from the grip of the cell and watching this evil spirit master take advantage of the opportunity dumbfounded and enough are enough and this spirit scripture happened enough towards you have It seems to accelerate very fast, here you have easily noticed the evil spirit master coming towards you, but due to the high speed of this spirit master, he does not know how to do anything and this happened to the youth. After reading Ko, I feel like taking my life with me, seeing R U Ho reading like this, even Gondia gets shocked and that happened to both of them.

. But when Shan saw the able spirit master carrying Hua Yu Have, now he has Gandhi's Satak caste and his mind becomes very strong and he starts releasing his power and says you bastard after all How dare my people to recognize the loss by saying so much they probably go in their battle form and in this form they are very powerful and dangerous and they say take care and I go to take you who you are and After doing so, Shaan starts chasing Evil Master very angrily and on this side this Evil Spirit Master laughing while running from here That's why don't even think of cooking me and as long as I am alive, we.

Will keep our fear flat like this all over the continent and what happened on this side you have said in mother how much more deadly it is and now I am its hostage I'm already made so I can't make any mistakes and I probably only get one chance to do anything so I need to calm down first Dream Brothers is this emperor are you here say skydream R u ho don't panic we are here and we are thinking big of the solution and very soon we will get you out of this trouble maybe you have to use the full power of the cell which is inside your body Rakhi hai ji par hua youth says it is okay then you people have nothing to worry about in my elder you people kill me but we can not let them die like this and mine who killed me at the same time If you want revenge then a dream of him says maybe you will be harmed in this process and then he.

Says gray ball little dream little's amper is looking very upset then let me handle these people and these people who pose death and Let's say that I have a lot of family and with this our episode goes on here and if you like the video even a little bit, please subscribe to the channel by liking the video, if you want its second lesson too please do comment

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