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The movie begins. The year is 1928, we are on an expedition in thesnowy Karakoram mountains of India, and a mountaineer encountersa glowing sphere of ice. After breaking away a chunkof ice with his pickaxe, he is blinded by a flash of light. He then wakes up after asudden loss of consciousness, with a scar on his hand. In the present day, we meet a famedastrobiologist at Princeton University,.

Professor Helen Benson. Helen goes home to makedinner for her stepson, Jacob. When she receives an odd phone call that “they” are on their way to pick her up. When asked who “they” are, the United States governmentpulls up in front of her house, and hastily tells her that sheis under Federal protection, and must leave with them immediately. They arrive at Fort Linwood in New Jersey,.

Where she is assembled withothers in a conference room, and is shown that a large unknown objectis due to impact Manhattan in 78 minutes. Helen is put on a helicopter alongwith a group of other scientists, to formulate a survival plan. Just as they brace themselves for impact, it goes quiet. The chopper has slowed down, and is not going to crash. Helen turns around to look outthe window of the helicopter,.

Just in time to see a large bright sphere, approach the ground. It is a spaceship, and it lands very gently in Central Park. A being named Klaatu. Emerges from the sphere, around which the militaryhas established a perimeter. Just as Helen is about toshake hands with the being, it is shot.

A gigantic robot emerges, emitting a sound that paralyzes humans and disrupts all electricalsystems in New York City. Before the robot can take the being back, it is ordered to shut down by the being. The being is gathered up by the militaryand rushed to the military hospital, where the doctors revive the dying being. A surgeon is brought in to remove the bullet. While attempting to remove the bullet,.

He notices that the being's outer layer isa jelly substance much like whale blubber, and it begins to fall off on its own. It is the being's “placenta”, much like a human baby andit was “born” here on earth. In 1928, when it landed the first time, the patch of skin removed from themountaineer's hand was a DNA sample, so the being could replicateitself into human form. The being is immediately put intoan incubator while it “grows”. Time passes, and we see a fullgrown “human” inside the incubator.

Once fully grown and awake, he beginsto thrash around in the incubator, and the first person thereto speak to him is Helen. While recovering he isinterviewed by Regina Jackson. the United States Secretary of Defense, Dr. Michael Granier. and Helen. He introduces himself as Klaatu. Klaatu informs them that he is arepresentative of a group of alien races, sent to talk to the world leaders.

Jackson laughs at this and tells him that she isthe nearest he is going to get to their president, and to just tell her what he wants. He refuses, so she orders Klaatuinstead be sent to a secure location, drugged and interrogated. Helen volunteers to do the honors of drugging him, but instead injects him with a solutionof saline while whispering to him “run”. During the polygraph, Klaatu manages to take mindcontrol of the interrogator, and escapes.

He makes it as far as a train station, when his bullet wound opens, and he needs Helens help. Helen is at home with Jacob, when she gets the call from the train station that Klaatu is there asking for her, and she rushes over therewith Jacob in the back seat. After leaving the train station, they are pursued by the authoritiesthroughout Newark New Jersey,.

And the forested Highlands. After it thwarts theirattempts to destroy the sphere, using unmanned aerial vehiclesthat launch Hellfire missiles. The United States military manages tocapture the robot from the beginning, whose name is “GORT” At a McDonald's, Klaatu meets with a Mr. Wu. We learn that he is another alien, who had been assigned by thesame group of alien civilizations.

To live with the humans for 70 years. Upon learning from him ofhumanity's destructive tendencies, Klaatu decides that humans shall be exterminated, to ensure that the planet, can survive. so he orders smaller spherespreviously hidden on Earth to begin taking animal species off the planet. Like Noah and his ark, and the flood that destroys the world. Meanwhile the robot,.

Is subjected to experiments in anunderground facility in Virginia. It then transforms itself intoa swarm of insect-like nanites, that begin destroying everythingin their path back to Manhattan, including an armored battalion of the U.S. Army. Helen tries to convince Klaatuthat the world is not bad, and that humans can changethe earth for the better. Still unconvinced, she then takes him to the home of NobelPrize-winning Professor Barnhardt. Klaatu is convinced by Helen and Jacobthat humans can change their ways,.

And are worth saving. However instead of quietlysleeping in the next room, Jacob calls a hotline and reports where Klaatu is. He quickly learns his mistake, when Helen is captured by military personnel, and he is left alone with Klaatu. The two of them keep heading towards the sphere. Meanwhile,.

Regina Jackson realizes that convincingthe alien to change its mind, might be the only way to ensurethe survival of humanity. Helen is allowed to leave, andtogether with Dr. Michael Granier, they rendezvous with Jacoband Klaatu at a cemetery. Jacob leads Klaatu to the placewhere his father is buried. Jacob begs Klaatu to use his powersand bring his father back to life. Klaatu is unable to do this, so he consoles Jacob by explaininghow no one ever truly dies. At this moment,.

Helen and Michael arrive. Helen tells Jacob how much she missed his father, and they share a cry. The scene between the twoconvinces Klaatu to save humanity. Klaatu says he will try to stop it, and they head towards the sphere. Helen notices something is odd with theway the entire town has been evacuated. As they approach the sphere, she yells for Michael to stop the car.

Just then, a targeted missilestrike authorized by the president, hits the sphere. It blasts the car into a tree. Killing Michael. Just then the nanobot cloud arrives. Klaatu warns that even if he manages to stop GORT, there will be a price for the human way of life. Jacob and Helen have bloody noses, and it is revealed that they havebeen infected by the nanites.

She pleads with Klaatu to save Jacob. Klaatu saves both of them, by transferringthe infection to his own body, then sacrifices himself to stop GORT bywalking through the nanites to the sphere, and touching it. His actions cause the sphereto emit a massive EMP, which destroys GORT, saving humanity. But at the price of Earth's technologybecoming useless and immobile. As the sphere is leaving,.

Jacob realizes that Klaatu didn't die. He just merged into the giant sphere. The spheres surrounding theearth leave with the giant one. And the movie ends. The Day the Earth Stood Stillis a 2008 American sci fi serving as a loose adaptation ofthe 1951 film of the same name. In the original movie, GORT, which stands for “GeneticallyOrganized Robotic Technology”, was eight feet tall. In thisfilm, he is 28 feet tall.

Keanu Reeves was the producer's first, and only choice for the role of Klaatu. Thank You for watching.

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