Speedily Evaluation S1 E4 – ONE PIECE Dwell Action Netflix Show Episode 4 The Pirates Are Coming

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Hello fellow Pirates my name is Desnes and thisis my review of episode 4 of the one piece live action we're streaming right now watchingthe whole thing and now we're finished with episode 4. it was really emotional it wasreally amazing to see Kaya evolving even more than in the anime and manga I lovethat they're killed off Mary essentially find totally okay to kill off people in thatsense because that gives us the reason why it's called going Merry and I love it I'm allfor it we got a glimpse of quality crew time on the ship and then bam cops comes in and he'slike Grandpa and they're like Grandpa a Marine they really nailed it down with putting ideas fromwater 7 into the Uso bark for me this really spoke for the plan of going with the live action serieswith the original plan that Oda had The Five-Year.

Plan to make one piece only five years becauseit summarizes some of the plot points of other arcs as well even if not it's a great parallel tothe dark later I I really really love what what they are doing here USA was great he really gotthe Vibes you feel like he's the weakling in the crew and stuff and I thought when the shot hasCharlie Roger and it it was his chali Orchard except the long nose after it was hilarious yeahcrew survived he will come back in the live action uh also maybe even for lockdown I loved whatthey did with Kobe Kobe had more inner struggle and stuff but Garb forgive him and tell Nepalhead one shot I really I really hope that we will see how mepo and Kobe bonding this seasonsome way or another understands Kobe or Kobe's intention better maybe understands this friendlypirate thing that Kobe experienced so he would.

Understand better Kobe in the streams let's seeother than that it was really amazing from what I saw in the trailers I think they were headinginto a fork with nami's superpowers then go into bharati and really hyped for that I'm I'm excitedto see I was mind blown every bit especially when we saw the town at the barrier I didn't thoughtthat they will make it I I just thought they will stay on the boat so I was overhyped through theroof and they still surprised me it was amazing and in this episode I love the flashback of SorrowI believe the father of Queen are more that she died but at the same time it's not because hesaid she's gone manga readers would know what I mean if she's really died or not and they didn'teven pick the topic from what she does it they just said it was an accident I love to Kuro fightepisode was kept on going kept on you don't even.

Realize because he's so used to anime and stuffso peels off when an episode goes on and on and on it was really it was really amazing yeah Ireally loved that they that they showed Corina the flashback was sorrow but also I really lovedhow they fleshed out Kaya as well and Mary being shown and we only got a glimpse of Mary so wewon't get any into Theory stuff I really love the conclusion also I loved how they named theMary I really like that they put the blackhead Pirates into the crew of the house as well Ireally like the horror Vibes they're going for with hiding and stuff and I really love the pacingit really keeps on forward and you're already Keen to see the next episode you know what I mean it'sin the first episode it was like more closing more an opener for the season itself but every episodeafter that had more like a cliff Hangout to keep.

On watching that would I really like that becauseit pushes you forward it pushes you through the Eight Episodes very easily and I really loved itthat was my quick review for the episode check out the stream check out the highlights everythingelse in the description and let's set sail

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  1. you announcing the oda thought of creating the series in 5 years changed my gaze on this stay movement season 1, I nearly forgot oda first and predominant planned to assemble that. In the occasion that they steal system and likewise add all principal characters there would possibly possibly possibly be a bet for season 2 and more I suppose this weekend will arrive to a option destiny of opla let's all hope for a season 2.

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