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didn't know that huyu had such a glorious history Even so he could feel a huge threat from him and didn't feel confident in defeating this old Knight suddenly a symbol appeared in front glistening in golden color and then a huge figure appeared instantly . it had a pair of huge wings spread out and its entire body was golden in color as soon as it appeared a denser light essence caused the points of starlight that had originally appeared to disappear within this light's scope . mounts for Knights and knights who have mounts like that are given a special name on the first rank it.

Is Knights of the dragon god the second is Knights of the Unicorn God while on the third it is the Knights who have mounts of a dragon Unicorns are ranked number 2 for encouragement and great glory the sar they gave a Knight longhausen soon mounted on the back of the Unicorn God The Unicorn God himself had not appeared For so many years it had been missing from the modalu no one could have imagined long Hosen would actually summon such a mount to aid him in battle after a few moments of shock his humiliating appearance quickly returned to normal but he didn't immediately attack instead he said to the referee outside the referee arena i have a request since my magical beast can turn into a weapon then.

Here i will definitely benefit therefore allow it to use the weapon as well after his sentence ended it instantly shocked everyone present despite being fully aware that long houtsen had summoned the Unicorn god ranked number 2 among knight mounts hoyu unexpectedly still asked to allow him to use weapons on the side of the troop since Lin Shin's expectations with this displeased to comment Wasn't this old knight too confident could it be He didn't see the domain of the God of light before on the other side long tianjing who heard him answer with a smile confident young man is a good thing but don't be over confident even if long Hosen is amazing I'm not sure he can win against her Did you know Aya Lohong.

The slender Divine Knight also learned a lot from her And her current cultivation has already reached the fourth level of the 9th step hearing Long Ti the dog say that all the members of the troop glimmer of hope are also very surprised to be facing such a strong opponent they all know the motivation is at the second level of the 9th step can he still beat him outside the promise arena Dian said loudly longhau Chen specifically allowed to use weapons heard him say that some higher ups who are a little easier feel clueless but the Veterans that's more a watched yang hoyu intently Even those who have never met him have heard all of his stories after yang hoyo got approval from Dian's promise he nodded to long Ho Cheng you.

Can use your weapon in front of him lamhousan immediately replied Thank you senior didn't wait long his two swords appeared in each hand Not forgetting he was also wearing his gold armor looking at the long houtsen that was fully equipped hoyu involuntarily admired him a bit Please give your teachings senior the voice of the long thing that sounded he seemed to be ready there to which Hayu nodded and then replied Alright let's start after these words finished speaking a golden light immediately spread throughout the body and then that light also spread throughout the Arena on the other side the hoyu's body also released a golden luster similar to his body as the center of the large amount of air around it turned into star as if as if he was standing in the middle of the starry sky.

The spiritual energy fluctuations brought collided with the domain of the two domains. The light god belonged to the longoceng two domains. Colliding each other on one side was an extremely pure golden light while on the other side was the boundless starry sky which hoyu again said with quiet voice with your level and understanding of the domain You shouldn't be able to resist saying that yang hoyu remained motionless raised the sword and pointed it forward and in the next second a straight Mas light shot towards long Ho Cen faced the attack like that looking very calm He immediately switched swords in left hand with the white god's shield to block the attack a clang sound was heard When the straight light hit the shield instantly the colorful packaging light on the shield enlarged and.

Meanwhile the bright light pulsed from the Eternal heart of his God domain the light turned into circles of Golden Light When the starlight gradually weakening what a powerful blow to resist this starlight nonghousan had to exert almost all of his strength he didn't expect huyu's strength to actually reach such a level hoyo smiled faintly as he said it's so good he hasn't even shown his full strength yet hmu I wonder what your limit is his sword was again raised and a starlight that looked perfect was again shown to see the attack once again lunghousan's face froze while the Unicorn God underneath let out a shrill sound on his body the golden light grew stronger and immediately flowed.

On longoceng's body after getting encouragement from the Unicorn god's whole body there was the next second a phenomenon suddenly affected the fluctuations of the God of light's domain and it suddenly increased . long houtsen looked extremely pressured but when the starlight strike came into contact with the light god's domain it suddenly stopped and faded away slowly the attack was removed now it was her turn to attack the Aryan goddess of light's sword swung and a shadow of golden light dashed forward seeing the attack a humiliating face for the first time.

Raised his sword the starlight within the star domain all lit up at once then a sword projection appeared aimed at the long attack the two attacks collided together and stopped in midair and after a while a huge explosion occurred both attacks shattered and surprisingly the attack from Long Husen's shattered didn't just disappear but it re-entered its own domain at this moment all the experts who were watching were all very shocked even the licensee whose elemental comprehension was very high also had a hard time understanding what happened in the previous collision maybe only the legendary Scholar had a clue as to what happened his face was now filled with awe that hauyu did not continue to launch attacks but.

Looked at long hochin with a questioning look How did you do it with d cultivation and your understanding should be impossible to hold in front of my Star domain as it seems They appear to be constantly moving but in reality it was entirely a collision between their two domains and it was in this domain collision that it was Hayu who finally took the first step to retreat Even though no victor emerged huyu seemed to be at a bit of a loss smiled slightly as he said your domain senior is indeed powerful but starlight is still domain light My god of light can affect all Light can be said before I used the elements within your domain against you hearing that yang hoyu showed a surprised expression slowly he nod.

Really strong light God domain but Isn't MU domain just activated if you want to fight my star domain then you need more Alright I'll increase my huyu pressure really has the attitude of a senior giving guidance to a Jun ior and also had an increasingly respectful expression on his face hoyo raised his sword once again and said in a deep voice i will start displaying my domain technique next this is called starry sky explosion be careful and show all your skills say that yang hoyu pointed his sword to a star and then the star fully lit up quickly dashing towards this attack mohawk cent set Arya's sword in front with.

Countless halos gathered there next he pointed Arya's sword forward to direct the previous halo to envelop that star in . the star's flying speed continued to increase and when it looked like it was about to enter the God of light's domain a halo guided by the sword Arya came to meet it and immediately stopped its movement but as soon as an unimaginable situation occurred the slowed star suddenly froze letting out all the light within it and at that instant the star suddenly exploded a violent explosion resounded not only throughout the Stadium but even shook the entire holy city and at that explosion the Stadium barrier shook violently and right at this moment the pact immediately responded a serious sound was heard as a.

Bo A golden lass suddenly appeared above the barrier which finally stopped the barrier from being destroyed inside the long houtsen arena and the Unicorn God was immediately knocked out by the effects of the explosion the star was floating in the air long Ho Chien spat out a splash of blood while his domain was almost destroyed in the shock of the violent force of the explosion this was truly terrifying . Was it the power of the current domain technique full of shock. He had never expected the domain of the one to actually reach such a terrifying level of power but was not disheartened, on the contrary, something seemed to awaken from his body in in front of this immense pressure he took a deep breath and stared at the hoyo that was far away, his nonchalant appearance became calmer than before,.

Raised the two swords together above his head, and when the two divine swords joined forces , a ghastly flash of white light surged out that looked like a pillar of light. at that time yang hoyuh looked surprised for the first time to see the change from longoceng indeed when lungau Chen combined the two swords it triggered a kind of revolution of his god domain light his white domain glowed with the feeling of life and also creation then with the attachment of wacky hands this time two stars came flying in this direction exploding the resulting power must have increased by several times white light circulated freely when the light god domain long Houten suddenly slowed down its speed spike after spike the elongated light immediately formed two ribbons in front of the two starlight.

Surprisingly which hoyu felt he had lost control of his own domain he did not expect the evolution of the domain could actually neutralize his domain technique like it was to this point he realized he had underestimated the young man in front of him in a loud voice he came back saying what a life force and creation then I will an showed the last attack of my domain spoke thus yang hoyu slowly raised his hand above the surrounding stars gathered and formed a very beautiful Armor the domain changed to Armor in other words the domain was his own body it did n't stop there hoyu immediately Swinging his sword forward The strange attack of the starlight sword crossing the path towards it was completely unstoppable.

By the domain of the God of light. The attack of the starlight sword traveled at an extremely slow speed but its immense pressure caused Long Houten's Armor to even show cracks. This Epic Grade armor was actually unable to withstand the pressure. like that the Unicorn God also showed a pained expression under such great pressure his head was forcefully exposed and the scattered holy light became much weaker it could be said that all the proceedings in this battle that hongyu only gave directions to long hold Chen de mi increasing her experience light sword attack Star is getting closer but still not showing any response looking at that hayu mutters maybe my expectation is too high on this kid now I wonder what you will do.

The immense pressure was starting to cause his mouth and nose to bleed and if this continued his life would definitely be in danger and just when that How you were thinking of stopping his attack he suddenly saw eyes from there looking like he didn't seem to give up yet this was the first reaction of a whimsical and proper at this moment he saw a Purple glint in his eyes and also 9 of the wells appeared to appear on his forehead just like A wave of circular superiority appeared from behind Chen's lungo instantly changed the God domain of white light into a golden purple color The aura of life and creation vanished instantly replaced by destructive power which was so terrifying an illusory figure appeared from behind that seemed to have 6 heads with a very large body indeed hawyeh had come to this crisis situation and after its appearance.

He roared loudly which reverberated throughout the stadium astonished from this roar a golden Purple Hall and stop the path of the starlight sword strike even from there could be seen The general aura was engulfing the stars that were there not only there Long Housen had also swung his sword forward and when his sword came into contact with the star sword strike there was a shock amidst the resounding sound of the light sword strike the star split instantly inversely as the golden Purple Armor appeared on yang hoyu's body and his two swords seemed to disappear even from Hao's groan huh earlier it had severed the connection between him and his beast mount from there he also felt a feeling of dread being the.

Number one mythological beast of the Sky type this was the first time this feeling had occurred since the beginning of the battle lo mauchen was constantly under pressure and now the situation had It deserved its reputation even though it was separated from its mount for only a split second and its star domain was slightly weakened it still immediately responded to that attack the sword in its hand reappeared and then made the same move as long Houten it charged forward to meet him this collision did look very simple but it caused a big change to the facial expression promise he stood up and then shouted loudly everyone use.

Full power to defend the collision barrier it actually contains the full power of both of them it has completely exceeded domain level strength they seem to have forgotten that this is just a match and if the barrier was destroyed Maybe the life of the entire audience would be in danger being the main arbiter how could he let such a situation happen and when hearing Dian's loud shout of promise the higher ups from 6 temples almost all of them reacted without hesitation -hesitating though the defensive barrier of the stadium covered a very large area at this moment all the experts from Nam temple instantly strengthened it to a very high level a shock could be felt as a huge explosion occurred to the entire arena inside it was already filled with myriads of light flowing with every color[ Music] immersed in.

That overwhelming light Everyone could feel a terrifying power exploding from within the barrier letting it explode would cause severe damage to spread out several cracks also started to form which seemed to no longer have the strength to withstand the explosion but at this moment a packing light appeared above the arena and immediately covered the entire barrier and after a while the shaking finally stopped from there a transparent pagoda was flashing in the golden light the 7 story pagoda seemed so huge to cover the surface of the Stadium as well as the entire defensive barrier beside it Tigers were seen there. it was floating in the air And after all the explosions were over with a wave of his right hand the size of the Eternity tower suddenly shrunk and entered into the.

Eternal pendant now everyone's gazes were back on the Arena at this moment it was fog thickly covering the arena the higher-ups from the 6 temples had regrouped one by one with Many people saw Tiger there without any previous suppression of the Eternity tower perhaps the entire Stadium would be completely destroyed and after a while the thick ash slowly dissipated revealing a very chaotic looking state on the ground. in the middle of the arena there is a very large hole with long Ho chintan who hoyu is standing on two planes that are still intact on the ground with a sword to support his body Traces of blood can also be seen flowing from his mouth while on the other side which also looks very sad his hair messy and the armor on his body has disappeared I admit defeat this sound came from both of them which was said almost simultaneously.

Hearing that made a pact putting on a questioning look without giving long hoksen time to explain the hoyo said first Although I am superior but your energy recovery is faster than me so I surrender because if it continues I will definitely lose after saying this he immediately went out of the Arena looking very surprised he knew that Hoyu was acting on purpose he was actually the loser all the abilities he had he would have taken out if Yang Hoyu attacked with all his strength from the start he must have lost the strength gap between was still quite large but this battle had given him an understanding at this time a solo performance was filled with satisfaction and pleasant surprise he nodded to long Hosen then said in a loud voice.

Win the game and he is entitled to advance to the next round because the Stadium suffered damage then today's match would be stopped and the competition would resume the next day if the nuanced battle with the kinghow could be said to make him the focal point of attention his battle with the one that huyu brought him the greatest achievement Although no one could see through las last collision Tomo has shown his strength to the whole audience this young man has convinced them with his strength walked out of the arena longo Chen followed yang hoyu and bowed respectfully to him kakean Thank you for your help there hoyo smiled and then answered it was not me who helped you but you succeeded do it yourself You are the most talented young man I have ever met from here on.

Out I leave the knight shrine as well as the whole alliance to you now If you have time Can you please come with me I have some things I want to talk to you about right away nodding in agreement there yang hoyu quietly took the lead long hobsen came out of the stadium hoyu took longhau chen to a familiar place which was the demon slayer squad mission tower because the temple competition this place was completely empty hoyu took long hosen to the top floor of the tower and right after there was very surprised because there were already people waiting on there in a low voice He then asked senior Chen You are also here this person is the referee of the competition he knew it was a promise Dian over there made a laugh and then answered brother who kept watching me before you guys.

Left so how can I not be curious to hear that to which hoyu answered with not happy brother Chen watch your words in front of a young kid promise he laughs what do you want me to pay attention turns his eyes on longocen he goes back says ocen Your look is really amazing hear it red face and then answer Actually I lost grandpa who let I won on purpose in front of the pact shook his head Don't get discouraged like that however you are still very young If you are given enough time maybe you can go beyond that leg and also me beside him who hoyu interferes it's true I've never seen a young person as talented as you promise Diana is back i said brother just so you know i have been watching.

This little kid since 10 years ago i saw great potential in him i told him to train hard so he can inherit the title of devil back but do you know what what he said back then He said if one day he becomes a titled troop he doesn't want to be called a Demon slaying troop but a Hope troop I've lived for over 300 years but I never thought I'd be surprised one day by a 15 year old kid I don't know was in my life able to see humanity standing triumphant hearing Dian's promises speak of approaching the end of her life the expression of lohol became gloomy and lowered her head in silence seeing the look on the limp face that Hoi then said you don't have to feel that way if you can show.

A hope before brother sein leaves I'm sure he will leave with a smile there promise nod with a beaming look right brother you must be calling the sea for a purpose Hurry up and tell me what your purpose is I called you here to inform you of another matter to hear him long holcin nod With great respect h oyo then again said the formation of a new alliance is inevitable our goal is to form a centralized alliance government and now you are strong enough to run it but you still lack one thing that is the Divine Order heard about the Throne could not help but tremble he still remembered with it was clear the first time he.

Witnessed his father's Divine Order the Divine Order's punishment and massacre had left a deep impression on him. Longing to become a Divine knight

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