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The honor of being the first Enterprise in spacewould go to the NX Class Enterprise nx-01 which launched in 2151 under the command of CaptainJonathan Archer this ship was one of the most important vessels in Earth's history sinceit was the first Starship to be fitted with a warp 5 engine the nx-01 Enterprise wasthe prototype for a new class of Starship it was a smaller and less Advanced vessel than thelater Enterprise ships but it was equipped with a variety of new technologies for its time includingAdvanced propulsion and Powerful Weapons Systems early Earth ships were capable only of speedsin the region of Warp 2. at this speed a journey between nearby Stars could still take severalyears however at work 5 those same Journeys would take only a few weeks so the developmentof the warp 5 engine was a huge priority the most.

Significant work on the warps engine was done byHenry Archer his son Jonathan a noted test pilot who had been the first man to break the War IIbarrier was assigned as Enterprise nx-01's captain the ship remained under his command throughouther operational lifespan and her crew made first contact with dozens of intelligent species andfamously laid the groundwork for the foundation of the United Federation of planets in 2161.miraculously she survived her Mission intact and became a museum ship the ship has a total lengthof 225 meters or 738 feet and has a total of seven decks in addition it can accommodate about 83personnel and has a maximum warp speed of Ward 5. Thank you rage Shadow legend forsponsoring this video raid Shadow Legend is completely free and easy toplay casually with millions of players and over.

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Next Starship Enterprise was a constitution-classvessel that was launched in 2245 under the command of Captain Robert April who completeda five-year mission of deep space exploration this Enterprise the NCC 1701 was then commanded bytwo of starfleet's best-known captains Christopher Pike assumed command in 2250 and completed twofive-year missions that are among the most famous in Federation history. During his command Pike wasjoined by the first Vulcan to serve in Starfleet since the foundation of the Federation at the endof Pike's first mission the ship underwent a major refit that saw the crew complement increase from203 to 430. after 11 years in command Pike was promoted to Fleet captain and command passed toJames T Kirk who became one of the most admired captains in Starfleet history the USS Enterprisewas fitted with the matter antimatter warp engines.

That gave her a regular cruising speed of warp6 and could maintain speeds of warp 8 and above for limited periods of time the warp engines werethe ship's primary power supply with the impulse engines offering a backup but if they failedthe ship could survive on battery power for approximately a week at sublight speeds The Vesselused conventional impulse engines the main engines relied on the lithium crystals to focus the warpreaction and since at this point in history they could not be grown or recrystallized on board theship as with standard practice for most Starfleet vessels the ship's design was divided into threedistinct areas a saucer section that contained the main Bridge most of the crew quarters and theimpulse engines the Engineering Hull contained the warp drive systems the shuttlecraft Hangar deckthe main navigational deflector and finally the.

Twin nacelles that generated the warp fieldalthough a ship's primary Mission has always been peaceful exploration voyages into deepspace are extremely dangerous so the ncc-1701 was fitted with state-of-the-art weaponryPhoton Torpedoes with a range of 750,000 kilometers could be fired from the underside ofthe saucer which also houses massive phaser Banks the ship's computers used Richard daystrom'srevolutionary duotronic circuitry and the ship's Hull was fitted with powerful sensorarrays that provided data to the science labs the ship has a total length of 289 meters or 948feet has a total of 23 decks that can accommodate about 203 crew members and has a maximum warp speedof warp 8.4 since Enterprises Mission involved extensive periods away from Federation space shewas almost completely self-sufficient in 2269 the.

Enterprise returned to Earth and underwent a majorrefit under the command of Captain Willard Decker Kirk resumed command in 2271 to deal with themassive entity a mission during which Decker was lost in action after this the Enterprise refitbecame Kirk's Flagship and was engaged in further deep space missions before she was assigned toStarfleet Academy as a training vessel under the command of Captain Spock. The refit was the mostextensive the Enterprise underwent during her lifetime and involved an almost complete rebuildof the ship, this level of refit had always been part of the mission plan for constitution-classships and the Enterprise was just one of several in the class that underwent the procedure whichgreatly extended their potential operational life the warp engine was upgraded to serve for another15 years even though the structural frame of the.

Ship was on their predecessors was retained thewhole plating has completely renewed. The Warp engine upgrade to the refit Constitutionclass ships was a significant Improvement the impulse engines were replaced with entirelynew models the phasers were rerouted through the engines to boost their power though this had theside effect of knocking them out in the event of a main engine failure in fact a considerable numberof airlocks and docking ports were added to the ship and they could now be found on the side ofthe engineering hull on the torpedo Bay and on the top and underside of the saucer sectionthe Broussard Ram scoop wartness cells and pylons were replaced with newer more efficientdesigns that improved the ship's top speed these slightly larger nacelles increase theEnterprise's length is from 289 meters to 305 meters.

Significant changes were also made to thesaucer section the overall size was increased to accommodate extra facilities and a new bridgemodule was installed which now included an auxiliary airlock where shuttles could dock theship measured 305 meters or 1000 feet in length has a total of 21 decks that can accommodate about504 crew members and had a maximum warp speed of warp 8.7 the refit Enterprise was seriouslydamaged when the Genesis device was detonated in the muttara nebula and was subsequentlydestroyed in orbit around the Genesis planet. even though the refit and Enterprise a werevirtually identical in appearance with a few subtle differences the Enterprise a was anotherconstitution-class ship the USS Yorktown which was after the destruction of the originalEnterprise recommissioned as the Enterprise.

NCC-1701-A and 2286 and eventually retired fromservice in 2293. The bridge was in its customary location on Deck 1 and at least three differentdesigns were used during the ship's service the officers had a private dining hall in the saucersection which was often used to entertain guests officers had crew quarters similarto those on the previous Enterprise the brig was located in the bowels of theEngineering Hall and it was designed to be escape proof the Enterprise A had avertical warp course similar to that of the Galaxy class of 80 years later the core couldbe accessed through main engineering on Deck 15. similar to the refit the ship was measuredat 305 meters or 1000 feet in length had a total of 21 decks can accommodate about 504 crewmembers and had a maximum warp speed of warp 8.7..

The Enterprise B was larger and more heavily armedthan the constitution-class ships and they are often considered the successor to the Constitutionclass design with a more modern and streamlined appearance work on the Enterprise B began in2288 as part of starfleet's project to replace the Aging Constitution class ships with larger andfaster vessels she was formally commissioned in Earth's space stock in 2293 during a ShakedownCruise the Enterprise-B was badly damaged when responding to a distressed call from vesselscarrying refugees stuck in a space anomaly called Nexus it limped back to space dock for repairs andstayed there for several months before being able to join active service even though the secondaryHall was designed with plenty of space allocated for cargo, the ship was also designed as a heavilyarmed vessel for combat as much as exploration..

The Excelsior class ships have a distinctiveflat and secondary Hall with a bulge in the midsection which is connected by a larger neckto the primary pull the fundamental engineering principles behind this class of ship Drewheavily on the Innovations developed by Captain Montgomery Scott during his revolutionarywork on the upgrade of the Constitution class the Enterprise be reached its end of the linewhen in 2329 Starfleet received the report from the ship that the crew contracted a dangerousinfection there was no further communication from the ship and it was never found so it isclassified as missing in action presumed destroyed measuring around 467 meters or 1532 feet witha total of 32 decks The Excelsior class can accommodate up to 503 personnel and has a topwarp speed of warp 9.2. The next Enterprise was.

An ambassador-class ship that was launched in2332 under the command of Captain Rachel Garrett the Enterprise-C has managed to have a similardesign language as the Enterprise a while being a perfect transition between the Excelsior andthe Galaxy class ships that came before and after just like its predecessor it has twoseparate hulls a primary and secondary with interconnecting dorsal in 2344 the EnterpriseC was destroyed while responding to a distressed call from the Klingon outpost on the render 3which was under attack by four Romulan ships the loss of the Enterprise played a vital role inestablishing peace between the Federation and the Klingon Empire since the Klingons greatly admiredthe crew's willingness to sacrifice their ship and their lives in the face of insurmountable oddsin an effort to save a small number of Klingons.

The Ambassador class has a total length of526 meters or 1726 feet a total of 36 decks and can accommodate about 503 personnelwith a maximum warp speed of Warp 9. Starfleet took the decision to reserve the nameEnterprise for one of the Galaxy class ships work on the Enterprise ncc-1701-d thethird Galaxy class ship began in 2350 similar to the Starfleet older vessels designed theship had a large oval saucer-shaped primary Hall connected with a thick neck to the engineeringHull with a pair of elongated warped missiles mounted on either side the Enterprise D alsofeatured a number of new design elements including Advanced deflector Shields a hollow deck anda highly Advanced computer system with newly developed isolinear circuitry that replacedaging duotronic systems commanded by captain.

Jean-Luc Picard the Enterprise D was launchedin 2363 and served for just eight years as the flagship of Starfleet before she was destroyedduring an operation to prevent the destruction of the Viridian system in 2371. despite herbrief operational life the Enterprise D had an extremely eventful existence and made more ofan impact on the history books than any Starfleet vessel since Captain Kirk's Enterprise more thana century earlier, the Enterprise D was the first Enterprise to carry a civilian population whichincluded the families of Starfleet personnel all non-essential personnel could be evacuated tothe saucer section which could then detach from the engineering hull and Retreat to safety underits own impulse power meanwhile the remaining engineering section which was capable of flightand optimized for combat could engage the threat.

Amenities included individual plush roomsfor personnel a bar and restaurant called 10 forward a theater a salon a repomat, agymnasium, and even classrooms for the children. Best of all were the 16 holodecks that createdfully immersive computer-generated worlds the Enterprise D was built at the Starfleet yardsin the orbit of Mars and was launched in 2363. she was a galaxy-class Starship the largest and mostadvanced vessel that Starfleet made at that time. She retained the same basic layout asthe earlier Enterprises with the saucer section and an engineering hole that hadtwo warp missiles attached by two pilots the ship has a total length of 641 meters or 2103feet a total of 42 decks can accommodate about 1014 personnel and about 6 000 in an emergencyand had a maximum warp speed of warp 9.6.

The Enterprise he was a sovereign classstarship which was an even more advanced class of vessel than the Galaxy class ithad a long Sunday primary hull connected directly to the Engineering hull with a pair ofelongated warped missiles mounted on either side the decision was taken to christen the EnterpriseE following the destruction of her predecessor the ship was a sovereign-class vessel thatwas launched from Earth's San Francisco yards in the year 2372. Starfleet opted tomake the next Enterprise a sovereign class ship and gave the name to a vesselthat was already nearing completion following Starfleet's initial encounterswith the Borg, it recognized the need for a heavily armed more compact ship that couldwithstand attack from Superior Borg vessels.

The Vessel which entered service in 2372 wasa smaller faster vessel than her predecessor unlike the Galaxy class there was no provisionfor families and she had a smaller crew despite her heavy armaments the Enterprise hewas still principally a research and exploration vessel with a full complement of sciencelabs and the appropriate Mission specialist however because of the period in which sheoperated the Enterprise spent a significant amount of time involved in military operations she usedthe latest weapons throughout her career including Quantum Torpedoes and randomly modulated phasersboth of which had been developed to fight the Borg during one of these refits the ship's interiorwas given a new configuration increasing the number of decks to 29. the ship's more compactshape made her a more powerful ship in combat.

But still followed the basic layout favoredby Starfleet for over 200 years the saucer had been elongated to become an oval but was still adistinct section that contained. The crew quarters and the majority of the science labs while thesecondary Hull contained Engineering Systems the most significant weapons upgradeinvolved the Torpedoes the ship carried the latest Quantum Torpedoes and had afar greater yield than their predecessors in addition the ship's computer core usedthe latest bioneural circuitry a synthetic cells to process data faster than traditionalisolinear Optical circuitry while The Sovereign class was refitted it was more of a minorupgrade that didn't change much visually The Sovereign class was longer than the Galaxyclass but was smaller in terms of habitable volume.

It measured a total length of 685 meters or 2247feet had a total of 24 decks that can accommodate about 1,500 personnel and had a maximum warp speed ofWarp 9.985 throughout the history of Starfleet the name Enterprise has been associated with LegendaryShips spanning over several hundred years starting with the Enterprise nx-01 to the enterpriseeThe Adventures of the Enterprise are legendary and will continue to spark the imagination ofcountless fans of the series for Generations I didn't include the Enterprise J due toits brief history it was the 26th Century Federation Universe class starship operated byStarfleet in a possible future I also wanted to thank Mateo Sid for helping with this video.So what is your favorite Enterprise let me know in the comments section below thanksfor watching and I see you guys next time.

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