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[people screaming] Hmm. It’s a good dayto be a pirate. Taborr, please.These are my goods.[squeals] They’re mine now.[laughs] Pord. EB-3. Yes, Taborr?[snorts] Make sure we take it all. -No!-[laughs] Put that down,Taborr.

[groans][squeals] Jedi![snorts] Jedi!Why do you alwayshave to ruin my fun? There’s nothing funabout stealing from people. And you’re gonnagive it all back. [speaking Poobian] That’s what you think. [grunts][both gasp] Lys. Nubs.Let’s do this.

[both straining] [Force rumbling] Those Jedi are using the Force! EB-3, get the cartto my ship.[squeals] Pord,keep ’em busy. [squeals] [grunting] [both straining][growls] [squeals]Uh-oh.

[grunts, groans] Whoa. [both grunt] Too slow, Pord. [straining] [grunts] It’s mine! [laughs] The cart! [exclaims].

Not so fast. [shouts] [both grunting] [both grunting][snorts] We’re coming, Kai.[grunts] I’ve got Taborr.You go get the– [shouts, grunts][laughs] [yelps] You tried and you failed,Jedi.

Some heroes you are.[laughs] [speaking Poobian] Jedi never give up. We’ll get that cart back.Together. Everybody focus.Remember our training. [all straining][Force rumbling] Oh, no, you don’t. [grunts] Pord! Give me a hand![gasps, snorts].

[all straining] Can’t hold it! [grunts] No! [speaking Poobian][both] Yes! We gotta tell Taborr![grunts] Taborr.Taborr!Huh? What is it? The Jedi, they gotthe cart back. What?[snorts].

Move! [groans] Those Jedi. [alarm blares] Whoa![squeals] Taborr, you hitthe lateral controls. Make it stop![Pord squeals] [Taborr groans]Let’s just get out of here. [chuckles] Oh, thank youfor getting all this back. Always happy to help.Especially when my friendsare by my side.

[speaking Poobian] [vocalizes] [both laughing][coos] [squeals, grunts][laughs] Too tight. [both laughing][speaking Poobian]

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