Stella Shrinks: Share Three

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Foreign come back here you idiot you actually think you can escape by hiding in it what the how did that squirrel know how to never mind.

Gotcha my eye whoa oh I can't keep running aw ay like this I gotta find somewhere to hide but where ah where are you you little geek You Can't Hide forever so come out good she can't find me.

Now I just have to wait here until she gives up and leaves then it's back to Lincoln's house piece of cake uh hi there you don't mind if I hide in here for a couple minutes do ya a simple yes would have sufficed rude.

There you are uh gotta go bye no no no no no no not a dead end now I got you a little runt wait let's talk about this can I just say that I'm sorry and call it a day not on your life now come here.

Oh hey get off of me ew what look I thought I was stunned for um then a nice raccoon good good raccoon no please don't eat me huh oh this what you want ER you can have it but you have to help.

Me get to a friend's house first can you do that for me really thank you so much all right take me to Lincoln loud's house and hurry I'll show you the way run all you want little girl cause I'm so Gonna Get You don't forget to hit the Subscribe button and ring that Bell it's like the old.

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