Stride to Heart-earth: Villagers React to The Hobbit 2 for the First Time – Movie Night Particular!

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Foreign hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi thank you foreign.

foreign you are dead that is our host but my name is a skin changer yeah.

Sometimes he's a great strong man you'll be safe here tonight whatever it is sure um continue.

you may have noticed that we took refuge in your lodgings here it's not a dwarf is he or no he's a Hobbit yeah we've had a bad time of it from goblins other anymore I don't understand.

Why we must go through mercwood the darkness lies upon that for us I don't like dwarfs they're greedy but it works I hate more yeah there is each day more and more come what I give you The Necromancer I know he's not what he seems.

I remember time that enemy has returned to Middle Earth says it's not possible and what the scandalf degree say foreign thank you beware the Necromancer he's not what he seems.

Together you're not leaving us we would not do this since I had to I was going to tell you found something in the golden tunnels Beyond world oh my God stay on the path do not leave it says all right.

Foreign foreign thank you foreign.

yes hello everybody.

Foreign foreign sting it's a good name I'm up here.

Foreign give it back that's private creature that's what we learned Gimli ers or nothing.

Quest to reclaim a Homeland and Slayer Dragon I offer you my help I would not trust you do not talk to me of dragon fire stay here if you will and rot 100 years is a mere blink in the life of an elf.

oh no into the night I have seen the world fall away it's a huge fight ers foreign.

thank you oh anyways okay guys you are um.

I'm ready foreign that barge over there it will be available for however by any chance.

Foreign people talk oh yeah um stay close um.

the last time we saw such a weapon it was the day the dragon came we have come to reclaim our homeland I would really like the great forces of the dwarves the awakened that Beast it will destroy us all.

Right I say unto you go foreign all right.

Desolation of smoke we have no time to wait upon the wizard we're on our own come on no can't come after me oh yeah Call of Duty well if you guys over here.

last night will shine upon the keyhole subscribe we've lost the light there's no more yeah.

Don't give up now thank you foreign.

oh yeah but Master burglar is why you are here I love him thank you.

foreign foreign foreign foreign.

where are you have a universe something made of gold foreign.

Wealthy do you know oh yeah dwarves Roblox.

What if I kill it first my armor is Iron Man what about belper go in there oh yeah I am almost tempted to let you take it but I think not yourself foreign.

foreign foreign thank you.

For your lives thank you um take them a visit you winless worm.

I am taking back what the stone I am King under the mountain and we will have our revenge pick it up um foreign.

foreign foreign foreign foreign foreign.

foreign everybody guys

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