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thank you and yeah the U-Boat War better known as the battle of the Atlantic was a decisive battle that determined the outcome of World War II it was fought mostly by the German service and new boat fleet cut.

Allied supply lines between Great Britain and other parts of the world a huge logistical operation that went swimmingly for Germany in the beginning and later in the war still swimmingly yet in another sense of the world after the first world war severe restrictions were enforced to Germany's Military and navy to prevent its.

Expansion and therefore another huge conflict in Western Europe obviously that landed with the outbreak of World War II the U-boats would play a major role right from the start within eight hours of Britain's War Declaration on Germany the U-Boat Commander Fritz Julius Lemp mistakenly torpedoed the civilian Cruise.

Liner SSS Athena that might sound like a dumb thing to do that's because it is and remember this Commander Lemp guy we got more stupid stuff on him later so more capable and brave captains like Gunther Preen took near suicidal risks to maneuver his U-Boat into the Royal Navy's home Fleet base of scappa flow basically shoving a few Torpedoes up the.

Metal behind of the battleship the Royal Oak these U-Boat Crews were welcomed as Heroes when they arrived home and their ports back in France besides the loss of the Royal Oak the Royal Navy was also losing too many Merchant ships Great Britain was slowly being starved JoJo knew this was going to be a battle for tonnage if they could not get more.

Ships into their ports than the Germans would sink Great Britain could not survive this blockade so significant was the threat from the U-boats The Churchill once stated the only thing that ever really frightened me during the war was the U-Boat apparel a guy called donets said to Hitler give me more U-boats and I can win the war for.

You in Europe and another guy or Admiral called Raider said I can do that too but with big giant battleships that makes your penis look bigger needless to say Raider won that argument only for Hitler to have his giant penis image shattered with the sinking of his Prestige ship the Bismarck sat back this was the perfect moment for donets.

To tell Hitler that the Raider guy sucks cutoffle bought and reminded him of their little sneaky sleazy U-Boat Fleet that was already causing Havoc to Allied Merchant shipping for months with Hitler's approval the U-Boat Fleet started a massive expansion and more and more Allied ships fell victim to the invisible threat of the U-boats.

With new plans of attack Like the Wolf Pack tactic basically a giant meat grinder consisting of multiple U-boats group raping Allied convoys made the losses even worse for the Allies losing more than 200 ships in just seven months Germans call this period at the happy times when a bunch of Nazis call something happy you can assume it's not.

Going to be fun from everywhere and not fun it was things got more intense with the US joining the war basically letting their merchant ships travel the waters poorly protected it's not like they had a friend on the other side of the pond who was warning them about this the tonnage sunk by German yubos hit an all-time high now U-boats were also.

Patrolling the U.S east Coast picking off Merchant ships like it was a full-friendly hunting season these Happy Times proved to be temporary with the expansion of their U-Boat Fleet another problem emerged more U-boats meant more radio traffic this was picked up by the British and exposed more positions where the U-boats were.

Operating the British were also busy deciphering the German Naval cones this was an encrypted code being communicated using a device the Germans called the Enigma a sort of next-gen typewriter with a shitload of clocks spinning wheels and buttons the British intelligence services at Bletchley Park worked around the clock to crack the.

German Naval coats a 28 year old mathematical genius with no sex life called Alan Turing built a giant electromechanical device that identified patterns in the German rotowitz with the help of a team of Crypt analysts at Bletchley he was able to crack the codes maybe the Germans shouldn't have put Heil Hitler in every message Sid Jones.

With many ships now being redirected around the wolf packs Donuts became suspicious that the enemy was checking his mailbox they added additional networks for the U-boats made other changes to their Communications but did not consider their Enigma codes to be compromised a good example of how superiority ego issues can get you into.

Trouble now remember that Commander Lemp guy from earlier in the video if things were not yet bad enough for the Germans let's managed to get his u110 so badly damaged in action that he was forced to service where standard procedure for U-Boat commanders was to Scuttle their U-Boat to prevent the capture of any hardware to the enemy I guess for hair.

Lemp scuttling and not scuttling a U-Boat was just as confusing as torpedoing and not torpedoing a passenger lineup after failing to destroy his vessel he jumped from the Lifeboat back into the water to fix his mistake only for him to drown minutes later because he well also up the swimming part with the commander dead.

And the crew captured by the enemy a disappearance of u110 was considered a lot and donets was not aware that British captured their Enigma machine the Allies were now so effective in redirecting their ships around the U-boats that they purposely rooted ships closer to the wolf pack from time to time this was done to keep the German.

High command in the dark about the cracking of goats from this time on things were turning from Battle worse basically a day with patrolling new boats not finding anything out there was soon to be considered a good day for the Germans since the beginning of the war an underground top secret headquarters was established in Liverpool to oversee.

The logistical coordination of the Allied convoys by 1942 the Western approaches Tactical Unit was created this was a team consisting mostly of women who studied German U-Boat tactics and were basically playing war games with the Nazis this was the 1942 equivalent of an online game server where a British women's team was going.

To Godlike on the Germans teabagging U-boats plus the Germans did not have the option to rage quit back then combined with the use of these new tactics designed by the Western approaches the Allies also created new weapons to fully exploit their new order of battle despite these developments there was still a large part of the.

Atlantic but the U-boats had the upper hand this area was known as the Mid-Atlantic gap which was out of range for Allied planes to escort the convoys by attacking at night the U-Boat still posed a serious threat to the convoys however the new Allied weapons and counter-tactics began to tip the balance of power with better detection systems.

And heavier arm to Destroyer escorts the losses inflicted to the U-Boat Fleet became unbearable for the Germans the final death blow was the introduction of long-range anti-subplanes to close the Mid-Atlantic Gap with smaller radar devices being installed on aircraft new boats could even be attacked from the air in the.

Middle of the night now every U-Boat in the Atlantic was pretty much also most of the experienced Elite Crews were already dead or missing and were replaced with a bunch of news the U-Boat arm had become a shadow of its former self as a fighting force halfway through 1943 the U-Boat Fleet attacked multiple convoys and suffered their heaviest.

Losses of 43 U-boats in just four weeks this event marked the beginning of the end for the U-boats and is remembered as black may not to be confused with Happy Times Greeks Marine Karma join our community on patreon every month we publish new and exclusive content check out our patreon and become a member today.

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