Strongest Hero Awakens as an S Contemptible Villain After Being Betrayed

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Ever since he was a boy Cashin had the dream to become a hero and protect Humanity from villains his talent was so insane that he became the strongest hero alive but he got betrayed and deleted by his organization just to get reincarnated to get his revenge Awakening is the strongest s-rank villain psychers are special humans with.

Unique abilities our story follows a flame siker named kashim he was put on probation by his director of lampa's Branch mostly because he didn't follow the plan and lost a famous clown villain Ralph which also resulted in destroying a part of the city and the public didn't really like it after receiving this news kashin gets a call from his sworn.

Brother Jeff asking him to meet in Greece after a long day of the journey Cashin goes from Washington to Greece and meets a heavily injured Jeff cashion gets extremely worried and asks what happened but Jeff simply gives him a necklace and tells him to run suddenly a masked man appears and tries to attack them Jeff pushes cash into the side and.

At that moment he loses his the masked man runs away but Cashin manages to catch up to him the guy takes off his mask and reveals himself to be Jack another member of their organization he told him that Jeff was a traitor but Cashin refused to believe him he noticed another psycher Leela behind him saying that Jack was telling the truth they.

Explained they have evidence of Jeff murdering his comrade however kashin cannot believe it he has known Jeff since he was a kid and knows Jeff is incapable of hurting someone pointing out that Jeff has been working for the organization for over 10 years and has always been incapable of killing someone he then rushes forward to attack Jack.

Who tries to defend himself but is way weaker forcing Leela to use her skills to shoot cashem they ask him to surrender but he decides to use a massive flame explosion to jump from the cliff and Retreat for the time being however while in midair he's shot in the heart and falls into the water during his last moments cashion's head gets.

Filled with thoughts of regret for not getting revenge on Jeff's murderers meanwhile at that moment in Seoul Korea a guy raises his head from a toilet while wearing a similar necklace to the one cashion received from Jeff the guy gets up and gets confused where is he why did his voice change and how the hell is the guy he's seen in the mirror.

This guy is cashion reincarnated as Kang woo the kid's memories start to flood into his head this is when he finds out that he went from one of the strongest psychers in the world to an orphan boy not only that he lives with his older sister and is bullet every second that he can breathe suddenly the necklace starts speaking the necklace shows its.

True form and introduces himself as moros an ancient and Noble Spirit not gonna lie he susses hell morose explains that he saved cashion's Life by reincarnating him into this kid's body who had just drowned in the toilet Morrow's then says that Jeff gave the necklace to protect him cashion asked him what Jeff was looking for in.

Response moros explains that Jeff was looking for the Exterminator sword which was made a long time ago during the war in the age of myth cashion was looking at his phone and saw a news article reporting that he was involved in a conspiracy to receive black money and killed Jeff basically his old organization decided to frame him for.

Everything they have done passion angrily gnashes his teeth and begins to change into a real villain morose tries to warn him to calm down but it's already too late his appearance completely changes his eyes change into different colors his face gets two tattoos his hands turn into claws and as a bonus he gets an ear piercing when he.

Saw what he had become he was shocked cashion asks why moros turned into a villain Morrow's explains that he was supposed to die but he had to use his power to reincarnate kashim as a result his Destiny was tilted turning cashion into a villain with catastrophic class power which means he can become the biggest bad boy in the world literally.

Kashin gets angry and punches the wall morose tries to remind him to stay calm villains have little self-control especially when it comes to controlling their rational state if he doesn't control himself he will become a True Villain who will fall in to bloodthirsty Insanity the three boys who bullied and ended cashion's host body earlier came.

To fight with him again kashin tells them he is in a bad mood right now and has no interest in beating up kids but the typical dumb Bullet Boys get angry and insult him in return 200 IQ move insult other people one of them rushes toward him and attacks but Cashin blocks it and hits him in the face knocking him out into Narnia the second Boy comes.

With his baseball bat but cashion blocks with his forearm and smacks him in the face cashion asks the gang leader if he doesn't feel bad about bullying someone but the guy is the typical dumb leader with a chicken brain who wants to fight cash him and so the dumb kid attacks cash and easily Dodges and boom a massive uppercut followed by one punch.

In the stomach suddenly the school Playboy Kim Woo Chan appears and tells him to stop because there's no point in beating the weak unfortunately the dumb kid doesn't understand what weak means and rushes to hit cashion who kicks him away as if he was a can Kim grabs cash and show older and tells him to stop but Cashin didn't listen and punched him Kim.

Then fought back cutting cashion's face with a punch Morrow's warns cashion to stop because Kim is a psycher which would be impossible to beat in his current state Kim then also tells him they shouldn't fight and gives him a bandage for his face later cashion asks how moro's new Kim is a psycher morose explains his ability the eye of insight.

Which allows him to see others stats and information he further explains that his body is a high spirit that can observe and investigate the world's wisdom he questions if cashion already thought about becoming a villain as morals could use his ability to learn his villain's ability kashin is reluctant but ends up agreeing he needs the power to fulfill.

His revenge and now can only rely on the villain's power moros once again explains villains have a hard time controlling their desires and emotions that's what makes them go Rampage but those emotions are also what enable them to use their powers in cashion's case it's anger kashin then channels his inner rage and desire to Revenge.

Transforms into his villain mode oros shows him his information window which seems like a game kashin gets to know his main skills Shadow knives and self-healing also discovering that he has a hidden skill which one you ask nobody knows his self-healing skill immediately heals the previous wound on his face and then he notices he has 300.

Mana points which is one-fifth of his previous Mana points when he was a psycher morose explains despite him being a catastrophic class villain he still needs to grow his classes his potential not his current self he then tests his attacking skill Shadow knives a shadow suddenly emerges from the floor and he notices that it's as sharp as a.

Knife he then uses his power to create his villain costume all dressed in black which Morrow's claims that kashin doesn't have a fashion sense cashion decides to return home to his new sister however a massive explosion occurs on his way the people on the streets start to run away in panic shouting it's a villain attack that captured a mother.

And her kid passion gets enraged and runs toward the building totally forgetting he isn't in the good guys team anymore moros tells him to stop and says that fighting between villains is implicitly banned and that what he is trying to do as a villain now would be considered no different from destroying someone else's workplace this means that.

He will literally make villains his enemy before he can even get revenge against lapis but Cashin doesn't care he wouldn't mind if the villain simply attacked the city but capturing a mother and her child as hostages that's unforgivable moros finally realizes why Jeff wanted Cashin to have him he remembers Jeff's words explaining.

Cashion is just a crazy idiot but at the same time he's still the most compassionate person ever the villain Blaster tied both mother and kid with ropes and put bombs around them suddenly Cashin came through the window and hit him with a powerful punch which threw him away across the room he then takes a glance at the hostages and is relieved.

They're still safe however in his chest there's a bomb placed by blasted when he got punched Cashin tries to to get away to avoid the hostages getting hit by the explosion the bomb explodes and Blaster thinks that cashion had died Blaster then makes a bomb using his ability and gets ready to throw it toward the hostages suddenly a shadow knife came.

Through the floor and sliced his arm cash and rushed towards him grabbed his head and slammed it on the floor Blaster tries to grab him to place a bomb but Cashin quickly grabs his hand and punches his face cashion suddenly loses himself to his range and goes into a frenzy of punches boros keeps shouting his name to reawaken him until Cashin.

Finally comes to his sense he then notices the results of losing himself to his rage his face is covered by Blood but not his its blaster's blood morose explains if he didn't come to his senses he would have become a lunatic who would go on a rampage just like Blaster cash and then gets up and moves toward the hostages who are shaking and terrified.

Despite freeing them from the ropes they were still begging for help asking for someone to save them from him afterward he sits on a bench and starts to finally realize he became a villain if he doesn't control himself he will end up just like the people he hates Upon returning home he notices there's food saved for him on the table this reminds.

Him of his past when he was still a kid in the orphanage he was punished by not having dinner every time he played until late but Jeff was always there for him he would save up some food and give it to cashion just like an older brother would do the next morning Cashin got ready to go to school and went out after meeting Kang's sister at school cash and.

Over hears some students talking about a serial killer who killed a high school girl her arms and legs were cut off her blood was drained from her body and there was a rumor that it was the work of a screwdriver the screwdriver is the boss of the villain Zone located in the gadam district kashin decides to leave the school when Kim calls him asking him.

What his name is and if his injury had healed cashion points up to the bandage despite the woman being healed he was already prepared to be approached by Kim and Put on the bandage to avoid suspicion he then walks away stating his name is Kang woo Kwan moros warns him the bullies are following him then so kashin goes into a shady alley into the.

Villain Zone cashion suddenly shows up and understands the bullies hired another Thug to deal with him while at the same time he notices a surveillance camera on top of them revealing that the villain's screwdriver is the owner of the zone and is tracking them the dumb hired thug tells cashion he has three seconds to kneel and starts counting but.

Cashin doesn't understand dumb language and just stares at them seeing this the dumb Thug approaches him asking if he wants to get beaten up but Cashin just pokes his eyeballs followed by a massive head smash against the wall the lower level Thug comes forward just to get his punches evaded and a massive kick breaking his leg cashion reveals he was.

Planning to go easy on them but he's not taking it easy anymore and steps on this lower level Thug's head smashing it dumb Thug Boss comes back to his sense and poses in his real fighting stance as the national Muay Thai runner-up which means he's not even good because nobody cares about second place but what he didn't know is that cashion is actually a.

Monster in close quarters combat he 's person to graduate at the top of his class as a psycher and so with a single punch he defeats this Muay Thai wannabe but at that same time another Challenger approaches the screwdriver standing on top of his tool as always the thugs run away for their lives like little girls screwdriver points his weapon toward him.

But Cashin ignores him and leaves the villian Zone cashion then asks moros to look at the screwdriver with the eye of the Insight morals explains that he's too weak to face the screwdriver but Cashin thinks this is a perfect opportunity to fight someone strong he gets all hyped up and transforms into his villain State he quickly returns to.

The same place where he finds the screwdriver practicing his kick on the other guy without a second thought he launches a surprise attack on Screwdriver from behind the villain blocks his punch and jumps back giving cash in an opening to use the shadow knife's ability on him but screwdriver Dodges by jumping and summons his.

Screwdriver shooting a laser beam from it if you want part 2 destroy the like button and subscribe so you don't miss it

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