Strongest Magician Gets Betrayed By The Emperor So He Regresses To Salvage Revenge!

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On a bitter winter night the wind howls outside the small house a man Ragnar stands stoically beside the Flames meanwhile another man iron lies motionless on the floor his once luminous eyes becoming dull and lifeless blood trickles from the corners of his mouth evidence of the poison coursing through his veins Ragnar who seems to be.

An emperor or Prince Towers over him he sees him as a threat to his Empire and has poisoned him to eliminate this danger the man claims that Eon is a monster capable of destroying his kingdom with his spells and that leaving him alive would be like leaving a spark of rebellion according to Ragnar iron is of no use to the Empire and his presence.

Only causes unease in truth however iron is a wicked magician who has committed numerous sins and killed many people but it is Ragnar who has forced him to do his bidding making him a pawn in his quest for power iron who had always long to live of a life where he could repent for his sins now finds himself betrayed by the person trusted the most his.

Friend Ragnar as he lies dying his mind races with thoughts of Revenge summoning his last reserves of strength iron takes out a dagger with a Time magic spell embedded in it and plunges it into his own heart the pain is unbearable but iron knows it is necessary for his survival a bright light surrounds him and he feels himself.

Being transported to another world as the light Fades the pain in Ian's heart dissipates and he opens his eyes to find himself in a different time and place he is surprised to see that there is no Mark of the dagger on his heart as he tries to comprehend what is happening a gentle voice calls out to him asking if he is all right he turns to see his.

Deceased mother a beautiful woman just like her voice iron finds himself transported 30 years into the past to his childhood in front of his house he sees huge Ivory tents where children are lined up for their tests and the territory's Knights are keeping people in order iron realizes that his spell has worked and he has got a chance to.

Change his past and make amends for his sins in the Green River Empire magic is considered the foundation of a Kingdom's power and magicians are held in High esteem when children turn 12 they are required to take a Mana reaction test that evaluates their magical abilities those who pass the test and meet the requirements are sent to the magic.

Academy and upon graduation they gain National Authority iron finds himself in the Green River Empire after traveling back in time using a dragon's time spell as he stands outside the tents he thinks that the magic has sent him further back than he expected but he is relieved that the spell worked he promises himself that he will wash away the blood on his.

Hands and will not let anyone use him for their purposes again as Ragnar did his goal is to get enrolled in the magic Academy so he goes to the magician for the Mana test the magician who has tested countless children is tired of the routine and looks forward to finishing the day as iron enters he welcomes him and asks him to lower his.

Head so that he can begin the test he puts his hand on iron's head and senses maina in his brain making him eligible for the second part of the test iron realizes that simply qualifying for admission to the magic Academy would not be enough to ensure his success he demonstrates his magical abilities by double casting fire and water which.

Surprises the magician he asks if Ian has had any training to which Ian replies that he has never received any formal training and was able to do it suddenly the magician intrigued by Iron's abilities decides to subject him to further tests the magician discovers that he is an exceptional child with a.

Great capacity for magic iron's intelligence and aptitude for magic Astound the magician who has never encountered someone so talented at such a young age suddenly they hear a voice from outside ayan's mother who has come to see her son is insulted by a knight the Knight calls her a lowly housewife which.

Infuriates Ayan before he can do anything the magician intervenes reminding the Knight that ion is a great magician and that his family has the same Authority as the nobility disrespecting them is equivalent to disrespecting the nobility and he warns the night that he will pay with his life if he continues to do so he asks for.

Forgiveness from Iron and her mother iron orders him to go back to his fellows and tell them what he has seen and heard so that no one dares disrespect his mother again the magician orders the Knight Aaron to protect iron and his mother until further notice that night the man who was insulted by Eon walks alone on the dimly lit streets.

Muttering curses and insults about iron and his mother he can feel his blood boiling with anger and resentment towards the young boy who dared to insult him suddenly he feels a cold hand on his shoulder and turns around to see Yan standing behind him iron reminds him of their previous encounter warning him not to speak ill of his mother the man.

Scoffs thinking that a mere child could not harm him however Iron's next move surprises him he unleashes his magical powers paralyzing him in his tracks he can feel his body go rigid as he stands still unable to move or speak Ayan walks towards him his eyes blazing with Fury he picks him up with ease and.

Throws him over the bridge and into the river below iron stands on the bridge watching is the man's body disappears into the murky depths of the river he feels a mix of emotions relief that he has protected his mother's honor regret that he had to resort to violence and having his hands stained with blood again he wonders if this is the right.

Path for him and if he can truly make up for the sins he committed in his old life iron things back to Ragnar his former friend who had betrayed him by poisoning him he cannot forgive him for what he has done and his words still haunt him he cannot let that happen again as iron's magic wears off he feels a sharp pain in his head a sign that he.

Has exhausted his Mana he wants to grow up quickly and be able to use magic freely and without limiting Nations he returns to his room where his mother is sleeping peacefully iron remembers his old life where he had achieved great success as a magician but had lost his mother to illness he vows to never let that happen again and to protect his.

Mother at all costs meanwhile in the capital city of Green River darum Emperor Terry Green River and Herbert Leon the owner of the Tower and a fifth class magician received news of Iron's incredible abilities Herbert is Amazed by the news as it is rare for someone to learn magic outside of an institution he is reminded of the.

First magician a legendary figure who discovered the adaptability of Mana without any training or instruction the emperor decides to investigate further and sends his son Prince Hayden along with three third-class magicians and a group of 300 soldiers to the Mongolian estate to bring iron to the Palace he understands the importance of Ian's.

Abilities and wishes to harness them for the good of the Empire the prince leaves to make preparations for the journey Herbert also takes his leave in order to convince The Magicians to accompany the prince to the mughlian estate Ian sits in his room at the mowglian estate lost in thought about whether his plan to be reported to the emperor and.

Called to the Palace will be successful he is confident that his acknowledgment by the magician will prompt the higher ups to take action and he knows that the current Emperor is desperate to find talent to accompany Prince Hayden on the other side despite the presence of the tower head Herbert they still need more people in the tower which will create a.

Conflict between the royalty and the Ivory Tower one thing is certain he does not want to be manipulated this time the next morning the magician visits him and tells him that the emperor has issued a command to paper him and for that he needs to teach him the courtesy of the royal family first he teaches him to kneel down on his right knee and put his.

Left hand on his heart this surprises the magician making him wonder if this is the first time he is doing this the magician shows him the command paper by the emperor which reads I highly regard iron phages talent and acknowledge Him as the Empire's magician I will permit your name to be inscribed on the Ivory Towers list and I am inviting you to the.

Imperial Palace and have sent my eldest son to accompany you on your journey here iron can clearly see his intentions behind calling him just then the captain of the mowgliant knights arrives to escort him to the Lord's castle from where he will be taken to the Royal Palace the lord of the mowglian territory Marcus awaits desperately for.

Ian's arrival and instructs his children Ravi and Margaret to treat him with the utmost respect iron enters with his mother and receives a warm welcome one day in the Lord's castle while practicing the frost magic he is interrupted by the Lord's advisor who informs him that the Lord has gone missing all of a sudden he asks for his.

Help in finding him telling him that he went Goblin hunting with his son Ravi a day ago and did not return despite using all their Manpower they could not locate him the only thing they found were traces of battle iron remembers that the Lord of mughlian died at the hands of the enemy's assassin right before the first war of unification that is going.

To take place in the future so this is not the time of his death and as for his son he will abandon his territory and run away iron asks him to seek help from magician Marco the Magician of the territory instead of him but the man tells him that Marco has gone out of the territory on a mission this shocks him since it is very rare for the dispatch.

Magicians to go outside of their assigned territories he wonders if his return has caused it to happen and if the Lord dies before his time he might lose his power of seeing the future he cannot let that happen so he agrees to help search for the Lord and his son as he prepares to leave he visits his mother who shows a.

Lot of concern because it is a dangerous Mission and it is the first time he is going outside at such a young age iron assures her that he is powerful enough to deal with the situation and Promises her that he will come back Margaret also comes to see Ian and requests that he bring her father and brother back at any cost.

Ayan assures her that he will not come back without them which makes her feel glad while talking to her iron's attention suddenly shifts to the mowglian ring that she is wearing he thinks that this ring will give him more power to use his magic so he borrows it from her saying that he needs it during the mission.

She lends it to him saying that it is a family treasure that her father has given her and that she would want it back after the mission after taking it he sets out on his journey with mowglian knights they reached the place where they lost the tracks of the Lord it seems as if a fierce battle has taken place there the knights think that they.

Have been eaten by monsters since they see a few dead goblins there Iron says that he must find them before it's too late he says some magic spells and summons a wolf spirit but due to his limited power as a child only a small baby wolf appears which disappoints him to some extent he asks the wolf to smell the blood and tell him where they went.

After smelling the blood the wolf starts running in One Direction and iron orders them to follow It on the Mountain Marcus Ravi and their soldiers stand with swords in their hands and are surrounded by hundreds of goblins although they are badly injured they fight with all their might but are hopeless at survive living they see death looming over them Marcus.

Tells Robbie to quickly return to the palace and inform them of the danger that mount moglian is in due to goblins while he is talking to his son a goblin suddenly attacks from behind all of a sudden a spell brings ice Spears all over them which hit the Goblins causing them to die iron saves Lord Marcus with his magic spell which leaves everyone.

Stunned Lord Marcus slowly opens his eyes trying to shake off the fog of unconsciousness he is in his castle and his daughter stands next to him tears of happiness in her eyes she explains that she has been rescued by Ian who has also saved Ravi and they have both been unconscious for two days.

Marcus is relieved to be safe and grateful for their help he asks about his other soldiers and desires to meet Ian hogger the Lord's advisor comes to take Ian to the reception room saying that there is something urgent that Marcus wants to discuss with him iron goes to see the Lord who expresses his gratitude for his help and for.

Securing the mowglian family's present and future as well as for wiping out the Goblins which were a great threat to them as a reward he gives in the ring that he borrowed from Margaret to increase and amplify his manner he says that for their family it is nothing more than an old heirloom but for him the power that it possesses can be very.

Helpful I am thanks them for the gift Marcus says that it is a token of the lasting promise that from now on you will be treated as the mowglian family's honored guest forever and if you ever need our help you will always find us standing beside you the next day iron leaves with the Knights for the Town of Lloyd to find Alchemist radio whom the.

Lord told him about he wants to find an Elixir to supplement the Mana that he has depleted he feels lucky to have found such a person whom he never got a chance to meet in his old life upon reaching there the site that greets them is a heinous one a group of Raiders is attacking innocent people in the midst of the chaos a young boy named.

Douglas finds himself caught in the clutches of violent Raiders despite his desperate attempts to Break Free the Raiders injure his father with a dagger causing him to fall to the ground overwhelmed with shock and disbelief Douglas stands Frozen in place tears streaming down his face suddenly sharp Spears of ice started to come down the.

Mountain piercing their bodies to save their lives they run away iron once again proving himself to be an exceptional magician uses his powers to protect himself and his companions he is grateful for the ring he wears which increases his mana and gives him more power however as he looks around at the scene before him his heart sinks the.

Ground is littered with the bodies of innocent people the sounds of wailing fill the air and iron can feel himself growing more and more depressed by the moment as the chaos starts to subside iron notices Douglas holding his father and crying for help radio The Alchemist Ian has been searching for is badly injured Ian recognizes the symptoms as.

The divine's curse that cannot leave the body stimulate the brain and bring immense pain for the rest of life without a moment's rest iron comes to the conclusion that some magician has injected Mana into radio's body causing the disease in an attempt to suppress the pain Ian injects pure Mana into radio's brain and releases the leftover.

Mana into the body this makes radio feel better but only for a little while the disease he has is in incurable and the only way to get rid of it is through death Ian learns that radio's son's name is Douglas and that he will become the greatest Alchemist in history standing equal to the emperor Ragnar due to his abilities.

Iron knows that Douglas will resent magicians throughout his life because of the fact that his father suffered due to them when Douglas learns of his father's condition he runs to the northern mountains to search for landio's flower a herb that neutralizes Manna in the body he remembers the words said to him by Ragnar the poison that neutralizes.

Manna in the blood but Ian fears for Douglas's safety and stops him from leaving the village putting him to sleep with a magic spell as iron contemplates what to do next he realizes that if he had not come to this Village radio would have been killed and he would have become a slave instead of a famous Alchemist he also realizes that the.

Poison that Ragnar gave him was actually made by Douglas he wonders what he should do to him whether he should kill him then he realizes that he is acting too hastily since Douglas has the talent to become the greatest Alchemist in history it would be better to just make him his friend iron wonders if he can trust him not to betray him while he is.

Immersed in these thoughts a knight comes running to him inquiring about the reason for his sudden departure from the village iron explains that he had to follow the boy and put him to sleep so that he might not do something Reckless he orders the night to take Douglas back to the Village while he himself heads somewhere else without revealing his.

Destination to anyone radio sits beside Douglas who has just woken up from the deep sleep that Ian put him into radio sees that his son looks tired and drained he inquires about Douglas's behavior and mentions that he had heard that Douglas was going to do something Reckless Douglas explains that he had only wanted to find the Landeros flower.

To save him from the endless pain he had been suffering from despite his worries Douglas still looks concerned and sad about radio's condition video reassures Douglas that he is fine everything will be all right and that the landerose flower is impossible to find Douglas gets frustrated and starts to wonder if the flower even exists it exists a voice.

From outside suddenly captures their attention it's Ian the magician who saved their Village he stands outside their house radio is surprised to see him and Douglas quickly recognizes him iron enters the house and puts a small pouch on the table they inquire about what it contains and he opens it up to show the Landeros flower.

He promises to give it to them but only if they answer his question he wants to know how they know about this rare herb since its effects are still unknown radio tells him that he had read about it in his father's herb Journal he shows him the journal and the page reads there is a herb that can neutralize Mana a flower with 12 petals and it is only.

Found on the Northern continent it contains poison in its roots and Stems dries up the second it is picked and it is impossible to harvest after reading that iron asks rydio if he knows that to a magician the herb that can neutralize Mana is a fatal poison radio assures him that his family would never do such a thing however iron becomes upset when he.

Sees Douglas who killed him with the same poison iron takes the frozen flower in his hand and melts the ice which leads to the flower drying up this upsets radio who thinks he has been tricked by Iron but Ian explains that it was not possible for him to keep the flower fresh he only wanted to prove that one can always find.

This herb saying this he offers radio a deal he will inject him with Mana every day so that he won't die of Mana poisoning and in return he wants rydio to come with him to the capital and make elixes for his Mana deficiency he also wants radio to cure his mother's disease which is not even evident yet radio asks for some.

Time to think about it Ian looks at Douglas the innocent child and hopes that in this life he won't lose his father or become a slave neither will his talent be used by Ragnar as the first light of dawn begins to appear on the horizon a night arrives to take iron back to the castle just as iron begins to move away from.

His home disappointed the door opens and radio and Douglas emerge calling out for him iron quickly approaches them hoping for a positive response radio quickly tells iron that he is ready to proceed with the deal but asks for Mana to be injected first Iron obliges performing the necessary magic to complete the task radio and Douglas are pleased with the.

Outcome and Douglas surprises Ian by referring to him as his captain because iron knows the older and much colder version of him as they continue to talk a Horseman gallops towards them his horse's Hooves pounding against the dirt road the rider informs iron that they must return to the Palace immediately as the prince is on his way Iron borrows.

The horse and uses his magical abilities to tame it before riding it towards the castle as he departs iron instructs the Knight to bring redia with him to the castle Prince Hayden reaches the castle and as he rides in his Carriage towards it he can't help but think about the warning his father gave him before he left he.

Remembers that his father told him about Herbert's plans to undermine the fifth Prince Ragnar and that Ragnar being an intelligent Prince Mike used the Ivory Tower to gain support from other Royals the emperor knows that having iron meet with the prince before the Ivory Tower can act is vital and he worries about the potential consequences if they fail.

Hayden is under immense stress realizing that none of the magicians are with Him despite his status as the heir to the throne he calls his captain Oliver to send a message to the mowglians instructing them to prepare for his arrival the despite the gravity of the situation Hayden tries to calm himself thinking that he can navigate the.

Political Intrigue that threatens to engulf him in the Lord's Palace preparations are underway for the highly anticipated arrival of the Crown Prince invitations have been sent out to all the influential families of the mowglian estate and the excitement is palpable Lord Marcus asks his advisor hogger about the whereabouts of Ian hogger.

Informs him that there has been no word from him and that he still hasn't arrived meanwhile the prince finally reaches the palace and everyone rushes out to welcome him Hayden disembarks from the carriage and moves towards the palace just then iron also arrives in hurries to the Lord standing next to him Hayden.

Approaches them and greets iron albeit not very warmly the prince proceeds to the banquet arranged in his honor and inspects everything with a haughty heir he displays a sense of vanity and considers no one equal to himself refusing to interact with them even iron fails to impress him and he wishes to return to.

The Palace soon little does he know that Cecilia a spy from the cold wood Empire is also present at the banquet on a mission to observe iron and confirm the rumors about him if true her orders are to take him and his mother back to the coldwood Empire Ian on the other hand stands alone on the balcony where he is.

Approached by Cecilia seeking to test his abilities she throws a magic Missile at him but he easily blocks it he then questions her identity and she introduces herself as a magician from the Ivory Tower Ian corrects her immediately calling her by her true name Cecilia cold Walker and telling her about all the other cold Walkers he has.

Killed in his past lives unfazed by Iron's confession Cecilia attacks him with a fireball but he effortlessly defends himself iron informs her that he knew she would come looking for him and that she would attack him in this way he then takes the offensive and attacks her with ice Spears proving his prowess as a powerful.

Magician Cecilia is barely able to protect herself with a Mana barrier as iron launches a barrage of ice Spears in her Direction her skillful use of magic saves her life but just barely however Ayan is not finished yet he follows up his attack with a powerful pyrotechnic blast that injures her badly causing her to fall to the ground.

Despite her injuries she manages to keep her wits about her and is confident that iron will not be able to expose her to royalty she believes that no one will trust the word of a child against that of a grown woman but iron claims to have proof against her although she is unaware of what he means as her fellow spies and Imperial.

Soldiers arrive on the scene they are shocked for a moment iron tells them that he is responsible for Cecilia's situation and accuses her of attacking him unprovoked he claims that he saw her talking to someone wearing a mask and when she saw him she attacked him all of a sudden Cecilia is left speechless and does not even have a word to defend.

Herself so her fellow cold Walkers dressed as magicians come to her defense and identify themselves as being from the Ivory Tower iron then tries to discredit the Walkers by claiming that he overheard them discussing a mark on their bodies he knows that all cold Walkers receive a.

Mark on their bodies while attending the training school which becomes their identity Captain Oliver who is in charge of the Imperial guards orders the women guards to check for the mark on Cecilia's body but they are unable to find it iron then approaches her pretending to apologize to her and secretly uses magic to create a mark on.

Her neck he shows this Mark to Oliver who believes it to be the mark that Eon had mentioned earlier he is unaware of what the mark means and asks others if they know despite knowing the true meaning of the mark iron feigns ignorance leading Oliver to order the guards to take her to prison for interrogation he tells Yom.

That if it appears to be the truth he will be rewarded by the emperor when the prince hears about Eon defeating a third-class magician of the Ivory Tower he is impressed and remarks that he never expected him to be that skilled Oliver tells him that whatever the dispatch magician said about him is true and the way he speaks and acts is not.

Like a child the prince decides to talk to Eon himself and orders that he be brought to him when Ian arrives the prince appreciates him for locating the spy from the coldwood Empire and defeating her despite her strong magic skills he says he wants to reward him and asks if there is something he wants iron.

Knows that the prince is trying to discern his inner desires by asking this so he asks the prince to allow him to look around the sight of the old Ivory Tower which lies on the path to the Imperial Castle the prince is surprised that Jan would ask to visit a historical site when he could have asked for anything else he comes to the conclusion.

That Ian is still a kid and doesn't act like a grown-up as Oliver had said iron's purpose for going to the old Ivory Tower is to find the dragon language book which is hidden deep below the site this book played a crucial role in time magic research in his old life and contains the essence of the dragon language he is glad to be able to reach.

It quickly this time and comprehend the whole of it the next day Yar his mother and radio leave with the prince for the Imperial Palace Iron's mother is very excited to see the capital for the first time and radio promises to be her guide they finally reach the old Ivory Tower where the prince orders them to stay for two days.

And during that time iron is free to explore the place Paul the second imperial knight guides them to their stay they reach a small village where the villagers are surprised to see the prince coming to stay there iron observes that the prince talks very rudely to the people and comes to the conclusion that Hayden does that to.

Everyone who does not belong to the nobility Douglas comes to him and expresses his desire to visit the old Ivory Tower iron agrees to take Douglas with him which makes him happy and excited radio who is observing Yan says to his mother that he does not look like a 12 year old child his mother says that he has matured too early and is very.

Caring just like his father she then tells him about Iron's father telling him that he was a normal person and not a magician one day before Iron's birth he went to work as usual and never returned five years later only his belongings came back he had been there once before but that had been by chance and he had not.

Been searching for anything in particular at the time this time however he has a clear goal in mind as he makes his way towards the tower he can't help but reminisce about the last time he had been there just after the unification War had ended the Imperial magicians led by the strongest magician and the Imperial Prince.

Mitchell Green River had managed to defeat the dragon Army and eradicate the Gargoyles despite their Victory Mitchell refused the throne and instead became the leader of the tower which was eventually abandoned and left in Ruins as iron begins his search for the Dragon book he comes across a peculiar gargoyle statue.

He remembers seeing it during his previous visit suddenly the statue comes to life iron reacts quickly launching a barrage of spells first in aqua ball then ice Spears and finally a lightning bolt the gargoyle falls to the ground lifeless with the obstacle out of the way Iron continues his search for the Dragon book.

When he finally finds it he is elated glad that he has reached it earlier this time however his Joy is short-lived when he opens the book and finds it empty it Dawns on him that someone has already used the book and the dragon's language he had hoped to learn is no longer available to him disappointed iron realizes that his plan to go back in.

Time repeatedly using time magic has failed he wonders if he will ever be able to understand the mysterious dragon's language in this life and continues to ponder his next steps as he leaves the Ivory Tower after leaving the Ivory Tower iron and the prince start their Journey towards the capital but they reach the capital without any.

Significant difficulties as they enter the palace Towers iron becomes alert and Vigilant knowing that Cecilia could pose a threat to him he understands that if Cecilia escaped she would report him to her Empire and reveal his knowledge of the cold Walkers which could lead him to face difficulties as they approach the palace they are stopped by the tower.

Leader Herbert and a group of magicians they inform Ian and the prince that the emperor has ordered them to take Cecilia to the Ivory Tower Oliver seeing the command paper orders Cecilia to be taken to the tower instead of the palace the guards who had escorted Cecilia all the way to the Palace were frustrated and felt that.

They had gone out of their way to capture her only to have her taken away so easily iron realizes that the Ivory Tower is not just trying to protect her but also to prevent a mere knight from interrogating a magician they plan to lock Cecilia up in the deepest underground prison in the tower.

Before proceeding to the Palace the prince takes Eon to the mansion that was bestowed upon Him by Ragnar in his past life Hayden gives the Mansion to Ayan on behalf of the emperor iron expresses his gratitude for the gift remembering that he received the Mansion at the age of 26 in his previous life while this time it happened 14 years earlier Hayden informs.

Iron that his family will reside in the mansion and he must accompany him there before going to see the emperor iron asks to take his mother to see the mansion and the prince grants his request as they enter the Mansion the sheer Grandeur of it all leaves iron and his mother or struck they walk through the vast halls and admire the intricate.

Details of the artwork and Furnishings bayern's mother loves the mansion and iron is Overjoyed to see the happiness on her face he had not been able to do things like this for her in his past life she wonders how they are going to maintain such a big house but iron assures her that she will not have to worry about housework anymore after.

Showing her around Ayan leaves for the palace Ayan is nervous as he approaches the palace to meet the emperor he has never personally greeted the emperor even in his past life as he was already on his deathbed when he graduated on his way to the emperor iron encounters the Palace of the fifth Prince ragna the palace is.

Impressive but it is also a reminder of the complicated history between Ian and Ragnar they were once friends but had a falling out that led to Bitter enmity between them iron wonders how he will meet Ragnar in this life and how he will navigate their complicated past he then proceeds to see the Emperor as he.

Approaches the entrance to the Palace he takes a deep breath preparing himself for what is to come the king is Seated on his throne with Hayden standing respectfully beside him iron approaches the throne and Bows deeply greeting the king to his surprise the king Praises him for his remarkable achievements at such a young age Ian feels a warm glow.

Of pride in his chest as he listens to the king's words the king then turns to Eon and asks him if he likes the Mansion iron nods eagerly not wanting to offend the king in any way while conversing with the emperor iron tries his best to act like a child the emperor plays along treating him like a child and explaining that he.

Was caught there because he was more talented than others and they were impressed by him he offers to reward Ian and asks for his wish iron thinks for a moment and then expresses his desire to roam around the palace freely so that he can share his experiences with his mother this is the best thing that he can ask.

For as a child the emperor grants His Wish by giving him a seal that allows him to go anywhere in the palace he explains that Eon can show the seal to someone for guidance and he can explore to his heart's content iron feels a surge of gratitude towards the emperor since Ian doesn't have any other Wishes the emperor rewards him by giving him.

Countless gold coins and Maids for his Mansion iron is taken aback by the emperor's generosity feeling humbled and grateful he thanks the emperor for the reward and departs feeling a sense of wonder and excitement coursing through his veins azion wanders through the palace until he reaches the Empire's Sanctuary his Target he remembers the.

Advice given by Ragnar about the Empire's Sanctuary the sanctuary is a pure place that only royalty can enter and even Ragnar cannot enter there Iron's curiosity is peaked and he feels an urge to explore this forbidden area as he reaches the entrance to the sanctuary he knows that he is not allowed to enter so he silently tiptoes.

Into it using his magic spell he puts the guard to sleep and enters the sanctuary Iron's eyes widen with Wonder as he takes in the beauty of the sanctuary the walls are adorned with stunning murals and the air is filled with the sweet scent of incense iron eventually finds what he'd been searching for The Stone Heart.

Mushrooms carefully collecting them with the aid of his ice Spears iron places them in a pouch and prepares to leave it is then that he overhears the murmurs of a man and woman engaged in conversation curiosity getting the better of him iron investigates further and discovers that it is Princess hairy Green River the younger sister of Prince Hayden who is.

Surreptitiously practicing magic with the aid of a magician impressed by her skill in casting spells iron is left pondering why she has kept her abilities a secret memories of his past life resurface where the princess lived her entire life like a caged bird and quietly surrendered to death after her brother's ex execution by Ragnar he.

Reminds himself that in their empire concealing one's potential to become a magician and receiving private tutelage outside of the Ivory Tower or Academy are both considered sins as they Converse a sudden noise startles hairy and she quickly turns around only to reassure herself that only members of royalty can access this hidden location.

She continues her conversation with the magician Kevin upon leaving the sanctuary iron returns to his mansion and hands The Stone Heart mushrooms over to radio he requests that radio create a secret potion to help him evade interrogation magic to which radio agrees promising to complete the potion within a week Justice iron receives this.

Assurance a message arrives from the Ivory Tower inviting him to meet with them within the week after radio prepares the potion iron sets off for the Ivory Tower as he approaches memories of his previous visits to the tower flood his mind upon arrival he is greeted by a young woman at the gate who escorts him inside and.

Shows him around she then directs him to the center of the hall where a golden plate awaits serving as an elevator to the highest floor where the most powerful magicians await him in the owner's room during the elevator ride iron drinks the potion crafted By Radio which regulates his heart rate for two hours ensuring his safety from any.

Interrogation magic upon entering the owner's room he is greeted by the owner and is directed to a chair where all the high tier magicians are already seated they proceed to question him about his family his relationship with radio his encounter with Cecilia his visit to the old Ivory Tower and most importantly the truth about his self-taught magic skills.

Iron Man responds with confidence and the potion he consumed earlier prevents anyone from detecting any falsehood in his words this stirs the leader of the tower to wonder if Eon could possibly be The Reincarnation of the first magician as the group of magicians busily Peppers the end with questions a young magician by the name of Helen stands up in a.

Clear and firm voice she redirects the conversation back to the topic at hand and demands that the others Focus their attention with a scowl on her face Helen turns to Iron and rudely asks him about his identity iron remaining calm and composed repeats the details of his identity that the group already knows he speaks of his parents his date of birth.

And his zodiac sign all the while maintaining an air of cool Detachment but Helene's demeanor only grows more hostile as he speaks and she seems to be on the verge of taking action Herbert steps in and asks iron one final question his voice is calm measured he asks whether iron was involved in the death of the soldier who insulted his.

Mother this question seems to strike a nerve with Eon and he makes a split-second decision to get rid of the potion's effect and let his lie be detected iron lies and tells the group that he knows nothing about the incident but his lie is quickly detected and he is called out for his deception despite this The Magicians do not react in anger.

Or disappointment instead they finish the meeting by telling Ian that he is extraordinary and has capabilities that no one in the Ivory Tower has ever had before intrigued by his potential they want to put his abilities to the test they bring out a Mana battery which is capable of storing the Mana of a third class Master magician Ian determined to.

Become the best of the best puts his hands on the battery and channels all of his power into it as he does so the battery explodes with a blinding burst of light leaving The Magicians stunned and speechless it quickly becomes clear that Iron's Powers go far beyond what anyone in the group had anticipated however they are concerned about him.

Since he lied about a soldier's murder they view him as a Potential Threat and suggest taming him directly rather than sending him to the academy which they believe would be a waste of time the owner of the academy agrees with this approach acknowledging the importance of having powerful magicians within the Ivory Tower as such iron is accepted as.

The 12th fourth class magician and is to receive special training from a high-class magician iron visits the magic Academy where he is supposed to be enrolled and sees his Academy friends who are standing and taking a lecture from their teacher he remembers that they were all assassinated by a cold wood Empire spy during the first.

Unification War despite this he feels happy to see them and decides to meet them when he gets a chance iron then heads to his personal laboratory and room which he obtained seven years later in his previous life he sets his sights on becoming a high-class magician and building a force within the Ivory Tower that can oppose Herbert's protection of.

Ragnar in the future iron contemplates rising to the owner's level and taking control of the Tower however he is interrupted by Helen who has been tasked with training him as she enters Iron's room Helen greets him with a confident Heir she tells him that she is different from all other magicians who only care about the grace of a.

High-class magician she claims to be a combat magician the lady of fire who is unbeatable she tells him that she won't be using books to teach him instead she plans to teach him her own way without further Ado she orders iron to follow her outside and challenges him to a fight the onlookers watch with a mix of awe and apprehension knowing that Helen.

Is a dangerous fighter iron remembers that she used to challenge him in the same way in his past life and he is determined not to let her defeat him again when Helene asks him to attack her first Iron surprises her by preparing a block to defend himself instead she thinks he is scared of her and says she can break any shield with her magic.

However as she approaches Ian he builds an ice block around himself using the strongest defense magic known to magicians Helene is stunned she knows that when a magician uses this magic they are usually put to sleep and are unable to use any other magic however to the surprise of everyone watching iron stands awake inside the block and is.

Able to move around freely she had never seen anyone use this magic before without falling asleep she begins to realize that Eon is not an ordinary magician and that there is much more to him than meets the eye iron stands inside the block his eyes fixed on Helen as he raises his hands and summons his magic the air around them crackles with.

Energy as massive Vines shoot up from the ground growing all around Helene with lightning speed The Vines wrap around her tightly trapping her Limbs and waist and leaving her completely immobilized with a heavy heart Helene accepts her defeat and humbly asks iron to remove the vines from her however iron refuses to Grant her request and.

Instead unleashes a lightning spell that seems like it would kill her terrified Helen braces for impact convinced that her fate is sealed but to her surprise iron does not hit her with the lightning bolt instead he leaves her there surrounded by the massive vines that still bind her tightly there's nothing more you can teach me Yan says coldly.

Before turning his back on her he excuses himself from the watching crowd of magicians claiming that he is very tired the news that Helen was beaten by Iron disappoints Herbert he had thought Helen was enough to break Ian's Pride but now he realizes that Ian is a wild wolf who is not easy to control after asking about Helen's condition Herbert.

Goes to meet Prince Ragnar who inquires about the news he heard about iron Douglas has just received admission to the Royal Alchemist school and he is ecstatic as he leaves for his first day of classes meanwhile iron observes him from afar reading his course books and musing about Douglas's exceptional Talent which has secured him a spot in.

The school solely based on Merit confident in his own knowledge iron puts his books aside and relaxes with the sigh of relief however Ayan cannot shake off thoughts about Ragnar who has not made any overt moves yet iron reminds himself to be Vigilant and not let his guard down as he contemplates this he receives an.

Invitation from the first prince and makes his way to the Palace to his surprise the prince arranges a banquet in his Palace and invites the nobility iron thinks about how he was never treated this way in his old life where his conservative attitude had led all the Nobles to turn their backs on him eventually leading to his downfall on.

The other hand Ragnar was always very social and had good relations with the nobility which helped him steal Hayden's political power as iron steps into the grand hall he is greeted by a sea of unfamiliar faces each adorned with expressions of shock and surprise he feels out of place and uncomfortable almost as if he is trespassing on.

Territory meant only for the elite iron spots an empty Corner in the hall and takes a seat there hoping to remain unnoticed after a while Hayden the Crown Prince enters the hall Hayden then gives a speech introducing Ian as the youngest fourth class magician in attendance as Hayden speaks iron notices the room Falls silent all I is now fixed on him.

He can sense that Hayden has something up his sleeve and begins to feel uneasy Hayden's words make Eon realize that this banquet was designed to reveal his association with Hayden it becomes clear that the prince is trying to make a statement and showcase iron's abilities to the other guests following Hayden's speech the prince leads Ian to meet his.

Younger sister princess Harry who displays a keen interest in magic and its workings Harry is fascinated by iron's abilities and the two engage in a lively conversation about the intricacies of magic Harry then invites Ian to join her for lunch and leaves with Hayden to meet the other guests as they walk Ayah notices that princess.

Harry acts differently in public he remembers seeing her in the sanctuary a few days ago where she was acting in an entirely different manner iron decides to leave the hall and heads to the Terrace for some fresh air there he encounters Captain Oliver who commends iron on his victory over Helen Oliver then asks IA which side he will take.

Given that the Ivory Tower has publicly supported the fifth Prince iron is hesitant to give a clear answer but he assures Oliver that he will not take the fifth Prince's side Oliver then makes a request to iron asking him to teach him how to fight with the magician iron initially refuses but Oliver offers to give him a valuable necklace given to.

Him by the queen as compensation for his Services Ayan ultimately agrees to the deal and takes the necklace from Oliver feeling both pleased and uneasy at the same time as they continue their conversation a sudden series of unidentified explosions Rock The Palace causing them to spring into action they quickly rush back to.

The hall to ensure that the prince is safe to their relief everyone is unharmed but the unexpected upheaval has left them all shaken the captain immediately activates the emergency orb a device that summons all the guards and magicians from the Empire to the Palace as they wait for the reinforcements to arrive iron's intuition kicks in and he.

Begins to suspect that the explosions were orchestrated to capture Cecilia he realizes that once all the guards and magicians leave the Ivory Tower the cold Walkers will take advantage of the situation and take her away iron's heart races with anxiety as he considers the implications of such a possibility determined to prevent this from.

Happening iron decides to act on his suspicions and begins to search for Cecilia as he enters the prison he is greeted by the gruesome sight of Daniel a cold Walker murdering Cecilia after getting all the information from her despite feeling satisfied from Cecilia's demise he proceeds to freeze Daniel to death in order to keep his secret hidden.

From the cold wood Empire just as he is about to leave the guards of the Ivory Tower arrive and witness the gruesome scene the next day the emperor summons Herbert and blames him for all the incidents that took place in the palace the emperor is furious and takes away all of Herbert's Authority leaving him with no choice but to leave just then.

Ayan the hero of the hour enters the room the emperor is Overjoyed to see Ian and thanks him for saving the Imperial family and the entire Empire from becoming a laughing stock for the world in recognition of eon's Bravery the emperor presents him with the robe of Mitchell Green River the only Magician of the Imperial family iron is both.

Honored and humbled by the gift and he leaves the room feeling proud of himself as Ayan is leaving he runs into Harry who is worried about her magic secret being revealed iron reassures her that there is no need to worry and that he will do everything in his power to protect her secret as they are talking Ragnar Iron's former friend and betrayer.

Appears from behind and congratulates iron on his accomplishments Ragnar introduces himself to iron and comments him for his impressive achievements at such a young age as he talks iron cannot help but remember the hurtful actions that Ragnar took against him ultimately causing his death iron views Ragnar as a despicable human being Unworthy of his.

Friendship iron refuses to forgive him and decides to be his opponent in this life he refuses to accept Ragnar's invitation to lunch and leaves with Harry Ragnar also heads back to his room five years have passed since Prince Hayden began his studies on becoming a good Emperor his efforts have helped him gain some knowledge about history.

Philosophy politics and sociology yet he is least interested in studying them he finds himself feeling drained and exhausted from reading the books in the library seeking a change of pace he politely excuses himself from his teacher's class and makes his way to the night's training ground where he hopes to find some respite upon reaching the.

Training ground he sees iron training Oliver to fight with magicians it's the Duo's last sparring match and Oliver puts up an impressive display of skill and talent expertly deflecting Ian's pyroblasts and chopping away his ice Spears with a swift swing of his sword despite his significant improvement over the years however.

Ayan still manages to come out Victorious as the match comes to an end Oliver is pleased with his progress and thanks iron for his unwavering support and guidance the prince watches them with admiration and approaches them to appreciate their strength and spirit he invites them to have breakfast with him hoping to forge a deeper bond with them.

However Ayan declines the offer revealing that the day marks the end of his education at the Ivory Tower the prince understands Ian's predicament and bids him farewell wishing him luck for the future iron arrives at the Ivory Tower where he finds Herbert waiting for him in his room iron is delighted to see Herbert again Herbert Praises Ian as a.

Role model for all aspiring magicians and presents him with a sign that declares him a full-fledged magician however with this new status comes great responsibility Herbert explains that iron is now one of the most important assets of the Ivory Tower and will have to fulfill many duties in the future for the first time Herbert gives iron the.

Opportunity to choose his own assignment from three options to go to rodmere the city with the largest port in the Empire Benson the city with the most iron production or fieric the northeastern lands he was sent to in his previous life iron chooses to go to fieric back in his Mansion iron's mother and Douglas feel concerned about him because fieric.

Is a very dangerous place for of monsters iron assures them that he will be all right and return within a few months they then continue with their lunch and have a good time talking to each other Douglas really loves and admires iron even calling him brother which makes iron wonder if he is the same person from his previous life on.

The day of his departure for fieric iron plans to meet the tower Master before leaving after bidding farewell to his friends radio and Douglas the latter gifts him with an Elixir that he has specially prepared despite still being a student at the Royal Alchemy academy Douglas possesses exceptional talent and has already been.

Promised the position of the royal Alchemist Iron's mother also comes to say goodbye providing him with the packed food and reminding him to take care of himself and not skip meals iron assures her that he won't and bids farewell to begin his journey asean heads towards fieric he stumbles upon a fierce battle between soldiers and Orcs.

While the soldiers are engaged in combat at the front line the Orcs launch a surprise attack on their supply unit at the back line when the soldiers attempt to defend their supplies they are surprised to find themselves surrounded by huge blocks of ice this is particularly shocking as snowfall is a rare occurrence in the East emerging.

From the Shadows iron stands before them prompting the soldiers to rush towards him pleading for him to reveal himself iron turns to them introducing himself with a confident smile the soldiers are glad to meet him and praise him for the accomplishments they heard about Kalyan pierek the Lord of firek takes iron to his castle to discuss their next steps.

Iron informs Lord pierrek that the ice War he built will keep them safe from attacks for at least 10 days during that time they can investigate the increased attacks and determine their root cause pierek reveals that all species of monsters have joined forces against them abandoning their infighting and now focusing on attacking humans he also.

Tells iron that the territories to the east west and south are under attack with the exception of the Southern Aboriginal Clan which has remained unscathed this suggests that there may be something preventing the Orcs from attacking the southern Clan intrigued by this information iron decides to visit the southern Aboriginal Clan and meet.

The king of shamans with a sense of determination he heads to the Southern Plains an area known for its rugged terrain and unpredictable weather upon arrival he is immediately struck by the lack of activity in the area it is an eerie silence that he cannot explain especially given the Swarms of monsters he had encountered on his.

Journey here as he enters the Aboriginal territory he notices a group of soldiers in the distance he approaches them and respectfully requests to meet with the Shaman King the tower Master of the Aboriginal Clan the soldiers look at him with suspicion and ask him why he wants to meet the Shaman King Iron explains that he is on a mission to find the.

Cause of the problem that is affecting the lands and he believes that the Shaman King may have some insight into it however instead of being welcomed the soldiers accuse him of being an Empire dog who has no business being in their territory they order him to leave immediately warning him of dire consequences if he does not comply iron.

Is taken aback by their reaction and insists that he has a legitimate reason for being there Iron who is skilled in combat easily fends off the Soldier's attacks with his ice sword just then an old man interrupts him it is the Shaman King himself he is an imposing figure dressed in traditional Aboriginal garments he asks iron what brings him to.

The Southern Plains and iron explains his mission to find the cause of the problem that is affecting the lands the Shaman King listens intently and then reveals that his clan had received a prophecy that the Southern Plains would be consumed by flames and all its inhabitants would become slaves he goes on to say that a woman had come to their.

Clan and instructing them to kill any Outsiders who entered their territory the Shaman King is not convinced of Ian's intentions and orders his beast-like followers to attack him iron is now in a fight for his life and he must use all his skills and strength to defeat the Shaman King and acquire the staff imbued with black magic.

10 days pass but Ian does not come back the ice war that he made is about to disappear and the Lord thinks they have to take some action and prepare for their defense in case they are attacked again he orders his soldiers to prepare a catapult but just then iron returns with the staff he is badly exhausted and falls to the ground when he opens his.

Eyes he finds himself in the Lord's castle and lets out a sigh of relief upon finding out that he has been successful in his mission just then the Lord comes to see him and tells him that he has been unconscious for four days he inquires about the staff that the Lord says is protected in a box with Maino keeping it safe he asks Ian about what.

Happened in the planes that depleted all his stamina and manner he tells them that the staff was imbued with black magic which along with illusionary magic kept them safe from Monsters this is something that made it quite difficult for him to come back with the staff in his hand he erases all the remaining Magic from the staff which results in a.

Severe ache in his Mana heart leading to a lot of blood sprouting out of his mouth and chest worried about his condition the Lord tells his son to go and get the doctor quickly iron tells him that he is okay and that they do not have to worry about it he is just shedding which happens when one's Mana heart that hasn't grown enough breaks.

Through to a new level he tells the Lord that he has now gone from being a fifth class Master to a sixth class master and he can feel an enormous amount of Mana that is different from the previous one the Lord gives him two letters one sent by the Ivory Tower for him and the other sent personally by the emperor through a Horseman to him he first reads the.

Letter from the Ivory Tower that informs him of a suspicious person who invaded his Mansion but his family and assets were kept safe by them this letter infuriates iron but before deciding upon his next step he considers reading the letter from the emperor that letter informs him of a treaty for the subject of the monsters that is going to take.

Place between three countries in demidera the emperor wants him to go to demidera and support the Crown Prince Hayden who has no one on his side among the members of the delegation in return he promises to give protection to his family by calling them into the Imperial Palace Ian remembers that the demidera treaty was the first place where Ragnar.

Started to fight for the throne it was also the time of the fall of the Crown Prince because his ignorance of political matters and his incompetence were exposed to the world for the first time iron can't help but think that it is all related to the leader of the tower somehow he thinks it is his plan to hold him back and expose the Crown.

Prince to the world yet he still decides to ignore the King's request and go back the delegation from the Green River Empire finally arrives in demidera but the prince feels extremely uneasy and worried about their visit he badly wants him to be by his side during this crucial time Oliver another member of the delegation attempts to reassure the.

Prince telling him to stay calm and confident because he is there to represent the Empire however the prince cannot shake the feeling that he needs Ian's support meanwhile Herbert and Ragnar discuss carrying out their plan while iron is away they know that Ian would be heading straight back to the capital after receiving news about his.

Family they feel confident in their ability to execute their plan but are left in shock when iron suddenly arrives in demidera meanwhile Douglas who has a close relationship with Ian misses him dearly and hopes that he will arrive soon Iron's mother Mrs phage worries about their safety but radio assures her that.

The king's Palace is the safest place on Earth and no harm will come to them there his words bring some relief to Mrs phage suddenly the door opens and iron enters making them all happy and relieved a night before at the Lord's castle iron tells the Lord to bring two magicians who can inject maina into his brain.

After he uses magic that only magicians of the sixth class and above can use he then uses the public play Magic to create his two duplicates and falls into a State of Trance the two puppets then move freely with the ability to use rather powerful fifth class magic the puppets then give their original body to the Lord and leave for.

The capital and for demidera when Eon reaches demidera he is warmly greeted by the prince who is excited to see him however the tower Master Herbert feels disappointed with Ian's presence and demands to know why he has not gone to the capital instead iron explains that he has been ordered by the emperor to accompany the Crown Prince in the.

Delegation but Herbert insists that he cannot allow Ian to join the delegation The Prince intervenes and argues that Ian's presence is essential for the delegation's success he believes that the order from the emperor cannot be denied but Herbert is still not convinced he claims that the delegation's number of members has.

Already been decided and cannot be exceeded iron accepts this explanation understanding that the delegation's success depends on trust between the three countries involved however iron is determined to find a way to join the delegation and He suggests that a high-class magician could give up their spot for him Herbert dismisses this as.

Unlikely as the high-class magicians are an elitist group that values their status Above All Else but Justice habit predicted Ronin a high-class magician steps forward and offers to give up his spot for Ian iron is grateful to Ronan and thanks him for his act of generosity as he leaves Herbert is infuriated by.

Iron's plan and becomes determined to stop him from achieving his goal Herbert believes that Iron's presence will disrupt his plans to transform the empire into the Ivory Towers Empire and he will do whatever it takes to prevent that from happening demidera a neutral territory situated between three warring countries as the.

Delegation from the Green River Empire arrives at the demidera Mansion they are given a warm welcome by the mayor mayor Neville informs them that the other delegations have arrived and settled into their individual Mansions as well he reminds them that the purpose of their visit is to negotiate a treaty regarding their war with the monsters.

The mayor then takes the Crown Prince to his separate Mansion while iron accompanies him after their departure Ragnar calls the tower Master Herbert Ragnar expresses his concern about Iron's loyalty and support for the Crown Prince Hayden he believes that ER can become a threat to his own delegation's interests.

However Herbert assures Ragnar that Ian's skills are limited to Magic and that he will not have much to offer in terms of diplomacy during the upcoming meeting Herbert further assures Ragnar that he will be the lead Diplomat in the discussions and that he should not worry about Ian becoming a threat Ragnar is still wary of er's potential power and.

Wants him either as an ally or under the control of the tower Master meanwhile Hayden the young and carefree Crown Prince appears more interested in enjoying the performances on demidera's streets than focusing on his responsibilities as a delegate Ian becomes disappointed with Hayden's behavior and reminds him of his.

Obligations iron informs Hayden that he will be given the first turn to speak in the treaty discussions but if he is unable to speak the term will be passed to the fifth Prince eventually leading to the expansion of his influence and the downfall of Hayden Hayden is worried about this possibility but confesses that he is not well versed in politics.

Military or business matters as he has never taken an interest in them despite Hayden's lack of Interest iron takes it upon himself to prepare detailed notes using his magic which he gives to Hayden to memorize for the upcoming treaty discussions iron tells Hayden that it is his responsibility to prepare the Crown Prince for the treaty discussion and.

That he will try his best to prevent Ragnar from gaining an advantage on the day of the treaty Ragnar who is all set to head towards the conference room shares his concern about Hayden with the tower Master he reveals that he has not seen Hayden come out of the Mansion since the day he entered it the tower Master Herbert assures him that Hayden.

Is fine and has been seen coming out into the garden occasionally looking very tired just then Hayden arrives appearing extremely fatigued with dark circles around his eyes Ragnar assumes that Hayden has been unable to sleep due to anxiety and he enters the conference room with a mocking smile on his face before Hayden enters iron reassures him.

That he will do well so that he does not have to worry this boosts his confidence and he heads into the conference room mayor Angelo Neville is given the responsibility to arbitrate the treaty discussions so he orders the discussions to be recorded while he oversees them the discussion is initiated by Duke Bennett's successor Maxwell baynut who.

Raises the issue of the subjugation Force Ragnar feeling that Hayden is clueless about it tries to speak on his behalf but Hayden stops him and gives the charge to the Empire's General Sir Duncan mitosa iron considers it a good way to start the discussion the discussion then proceeds and Hayden takes all the opportunities to speak up.

Himself leaving Ragnar and the tower Master disappointed as their plans go to waste finally when the discussion of the division of lands and resources arises all of them are clueless as to how to divide the land fairly without any disputes while Ragnar is thinking of a suitable suggestion Hayden stands up claiming to have a solution he tells.

Them that the Ivory Tower has developed a new magic that can detect underground minerals which can be used to develop a resource map and divide the land fairly everyone agrees to this solution and they appreciate Hayden's contribution except for Ragnar and Herbert who are shocked to see him leading the meeting which is entirely opposite to their.

Expectation after the meeting is over Hayden is Overjoyed by his excellent performance and shares it with Oliver he wants to celebrate it with him and Ian as they are about to leave Ragnar enters bows in front of Hayden Praises him for his abilities and says he has learned a lot from him this makes Hayden feel very glad and he calls today the best day of.

His life as they are about to leave for the celebration iron's body suddenly begins to Glow which is the signal that he has reached his limit as a clone so he bids farewell to the prince and leaves this makes Herbert realize that they have been played with and iron has defeated them with just one clone in Firework the Lord sits anxiously by.

Iron's side as he remains unconscious and grows weaker with each passing day the Lord is deeply worried about iron's health and becomes so preoccupied with his condition that he stops eating altogether preferring to wait for iron to awaken he decides to consult with the town's magicians who could inject maina into iron's brain in order to Rouse him.

From his unconscious State however iron suddenly awakens and stops the Lord reassuring him that he is simply hungry and in need of sustenance the Lord is Overjoyed to see Ian awake and quickly orders a meal to be prepared for him iron's condition improves dramatically after eating and he quickly prepares to leave for the capital before departing.

The Lord of firework insists that Yin stay for one more night in requests that a banquet be held in his honor as a show of gratitude for his heroic actions in Saving The Tao iron is initially hesitant stating that he was only doing his duty and that any other magician would have done the same in his place however the Lord is insistent explaining.

That iron's bravery and skill were exceptional and that he had done something that no one else could have accomplished in a gesture of Good Will and respect the Lord asks iron to form a guest pact with them similar to the one he had formed with the mowglian family iron agrees to The Pact and they swear to treat him with the utmost respect and.

Hospitality for generations to come as iron prepares to depart for the capital he reflects on the daunting task that awaits him the Revival of black magic and the Sorcerer responsible for it pose a significant threat to the kingdom after a long journey iron finally reaches his mansion and his mother's relief is palpable as she Embraces him.

She tells him that she feels iron has become much weaker and has been skipping meals frequently despite her concerns iron reassures her that he is perfectly fine and hands her a Mana Communicator explaining that it will help them stay in touch when he's away as iron puts his own Communicator into the staff he carries he apologizes for causing his.

Mother to worry just then Douglas arrives his curiosity peaked by iron's appearance in both demidera and capital at the same time iron explains that he is now a sixth class magician which enables him to teleport across great distances the news of Iron's promotion surprises both his mother and Douglas they are amazed to learn that he has.

Become the highest ranking magician in the entire Empire iron then prepares to leave for the banquet that Hayden has arranged in his honor as he makes his way to the event Ian can't help but feel a little uneasy however when he gets there the banquet includes all the knights dressed in casual clothes which creates a relaxed and friendly.

Atmosphere Hayden who is also dressed casually welcomes iron with open arms he offers Ian a drink which he hesitantly accepts in his past life with Ragnar iron never drank alcohol so this is a new experience for him during the banquet iron has a good conversation with Oliver Oliver tells him what he thinks about him and how he perceives.

His nature iron is surprised by Oliver's ability to judge people so accurately and he finds their conversation quite enlightening iron is grateful for the warm welcome he has received and the opportunity to connect with others after iron steps outside to catch his breath he finds the Vice Captain who is also taking a break from drinking the Vice.

Captain strikes up a conversation with Ian about his drinking experience asking him how he is feeling iron admits that he is not feeling very good and that he is not used to drinking the Vice Captain comments Ayan for his efforts in keeping the prince in High Spirits saying that his energy and enthusiasm have made a big difference.

Ian confesses to the Vice Captain that he has become attached to the prince and Oliver and that seeing them happy brings him great joy the Vice Captain nods in understanding sharing that he too had struggled with the adjustment to Palace life when he first joined the royal guard after that they go back inside and enjoy the banquet after the banquet is.

Over iron goes to the bridge a cool and peaceful place he remembers the struggles and hardships he faced in his previous life and is grateful for the chance to start a new life he promises to protect the people who are important to him meanwhile in Ragnar's room he and Herbert are deep in conversation Ragnar is worried about Eon and Views him as.

The biggest obstacle to his Ascension to the throne he is angry with Herbert for not taking his warnings seriously and accuses him of underestimating iron's influence Herbert acknowledges his mistake but assures Ragnar that they can still succeed in their plans to prove his commitment Herbert introduces Helen a.

High-class magician who disappeared a few years ago Ragnar is initially taken aback by her appearance which resembles that of a vampire however Herbert reveals that she is still a human he tells Ragnar that she has been studying black magic and that they plan to use her skills to manipulate Ian into becoming their Pawn Ragnar is intrigued.

By the plan and agrees to work with Herbert to remove any obstacles in their path to the throne we really hope that you enjoyed the first part of this manwa make sure to like And subscribe for more

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