Student Becomes A One-Eyed Monster After Going On A Date [1] Anime Recap

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Welcome to Anime101's first recap! Todaywe're diving into the dark fantasy world of Tokyo Ghoul. We'll be going episode by episode togive you a comprehensive overview of the series, from the intense battles to the dynamicbetween ghouls and humans. So sit back, relax, and get ready to relive the action andexcitement of Tokyo Ghoul. Without further ado, let's begin our journey with episode one! Intruders are reported at the Aqua Building inthe 20th Ward, and they are thought to be ghouls; the CCG is immediately dispatched. A femaleghoul feasts on a pile of corpses at the Aqua Building but then a masked man with orders toapprehend her interrupts her. They argue before the female ghoul, dissatisfied with having hermeal interrupted, flees, stealing the masked man's.

Pliers in the process, leaving him enraged.The following day, Ken Kaneki, an ordinary college student, sits in a cafe withhis best friend, Hideyoshi Nagachika, while the news reports the incident at the AquaBuilding in the background. Hide makes fun of Kaneki's crush and lack of experience until hecalls for a waitress. Hide asks for the waitress's name after taking his order, and she introducesherself as Touka Kirishima. Kaneki scolds Hide for flirting with her and Touka flees blushing.Kaneki is then smitten by Rize Kamishiro, who has just entered. Hide believes he has nochance with her after seeing her appearance, and promptly leaves. Kaneki reads The Black Goat'sEgg alone, then notices Rize reading the same book. She notices him as well and smiles at him.Kaneki calls Hide later that night to inform him,.

That he and Rize have an upcoming bookstore date.Hide tells him to have fun and rides his bike past the Aqua Building, where Ghoul InvestigatorsYasutomo Nakajima and Ippei Kusaba are conducting their investigation. They talk about ghouls andtheir worthlessness, comparing them to animals. Kaneki and Rize, go to a restaurant on theirdate and talk about their favorite author. Kaneki glance at her untouched food and remarks thatRize does not eat much, to which Rize responds that she is on a diet and excuses herselfto the restroom. After their bookstore date, Rize confides in Kaneki that she lives near,where all of these ghoul-related crimes are taking place and is scared, so Kaneki comforts her,telling Rize that he will walk her home. Kaneki accompanies her and tells Rize about his life,feeling at ease around her after only ever telling.

Hide about his past. The waitress Touka walks bywith her friend as they approach Rize's house, down a dark alley, and looks suspiciously atthem before continuing on. Kaneki ask to see Rize again, and she reveals she has feelings forhim and then embraces Kaneki, but then, she bites into his shoulder. Kaneki falls to the groundand watches Rize transtorms to a ghoul. He tries to run but she catches him, and with sadisticdelight, begins to impale him with her Kagune. Kaneki appears to be dead and just before shecan eat him, steel beams falls and crushes her. Kaneki is taken to the hospital and Rize's organsis transplanted into him. Unbeknownst to him, his left eye turns red and black upon waking up.His nurse and Dr. Kanou are concerned about his lack of appetite while he is recovering. Kanekinotices that the food has started to taste bad.

Since the incident, but his doctor assures himthat nothing is physically wrong and that it is most likely psychological. Kaneki walks home afterbeing discharged, thinking that something has been strange since the incident, and that it feelslike a dream. When he gets home, he finds a bag of groceries and a note from Hide on his door, amongother things, telling him that he brought his favorite burger. A television program airs as hesits in his bed, explaining that human food tastes disgusting to ghouls which causes Kaneki to panic.He then frantically begin to eats everything in the bag Hide left for him, but vomits it allbecause everything tastes unbearable. Meanwhile, Hide has tried numerous times to contact Kaneki,but the latter ignores his phone calls and refuses to open the door. Hide's classmate does notbelieve such a person is worth the effort,.

But Hide and Kaneki have been best friends sincethey were children. Kaneki reads Hide's messages, and the news of his favorite authors(Takatsuki) autograph session is enough to get him out of bed. However, it is too late,and on his way home, Kaneki's hunger takes over, and he suddenly has intrusive thoughts about otherpeople's appetizing flesh. Kaneki rushes home, horrified by his eye, and tries to stab himselfin the stomach, only for the knife to break. Kaneki has an emotional breakdown and wanders thestreets, fighting his desire for human flesh. He chases a delicious aroma that reminds him ofhis mother's cooking, hoping to find something safe to eat, until he comes across a ghouleating a corpse. Kaneki is horrified that he was drawn to the stench of dead flesh, but theghoul introduces himself as Kazuo Yoshida and.

Was about to share his food when Nishiki Nishiokills him. Nishiki is enraged that other ghouls are invading his domain and attacks Kaneki nextholding him up by the neck. Touka the waitress at the cafe then steps in. She and Nishikiargue over territory before a fight erupts. Touka deals with Nishiki pretty quickly forcinghim to flee. She then offers Kaneki flesh seeing him struggle with his hunger but Kaneki holdshimself back. Touka is perplexed by his denial, before recognizing him as the person whowas with Rize. Kaneki is shocked and upset, unable to comprehend ghouls or his situation,and vehemently denies eating human flesh and retaining his humanity. Touka fed up withKaneki's attitude shoves meat into his mouth. And there you have it folks, our first episoderecap of the legendary anime series Tokyo Ghoul..

I hope you enjoyed the journey as much as I did.I can't wait to dive deeper into the series with you all in our next episode. So don't forget tolike, subscribe and turn on the notification bell, so you don't miss any of our recaps.Until next time, thank you for watching.

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