Sukuna vs Mahoraga Memoir Battle: JJK Manga Shibuya Arc Explained [HINDI]

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Hai gas today this video main tum log ko explain kar dunga sukumar hai ki fight ko jo others today's video is going to be very interesting so watch full video to me sukoon aur maar rahe tha side mein zida fox kiya hai english video so that's why So that I have not foxed in things, that means I have not explained so well, so let us see from our side, see them all and without wasting any other time list, today this video, its story starts from where it starts . I also talked about my registered matter, whom I was fighting and after their fight was over, Hari's name was Hari Launda, who used to do it once, attacks me too, from behind, Magni was moving away from Android and also to this Launda. I don't understand anything because it is very easy for me to take it because I could not take you very far, give a little distance,.

Divine Dog receives and gives mustard gain, more also tells that a citizen can be treated by multiple people. Exercise can be done with it, but by doing this, this technique gets affected, that's why it becomes pointless, but Star also has some advantage and after that we are shown the nearby scenes where Gurjar and Meghna have their limited and techniques . Let's talk in the big way but we don't have that deep of life, let's see again that this Harmi Launda means that it is enough for you and you also tell me that you should not be aggressive in any secular You can do it, but you must make him a society, I am someone who has the power . Goes for and by then it had become very fast.

Because I had done the society Dum Most Unstoppable Maharaja which was very powerful ie till date no one has been able to do resources so starts below parallel During which me and this boy also get to kill by whatever means he will have to access otherwise he will have to give his life means this boy took his life means sorry he was not in a condition to fight and was not even there to fight and then I make an attack on Radha, because of which I have seen me far away and enjoy me very much, means you understand from the type that it was mine, now what happened, that fight cannot even go on. Tha grows like this boy that now I will kill him, brother, take him to the rock with me, after the fight,.

Someone had respected the mother earth, and in this direction the devotee is, and after all, this Harmi boy means every The child is late on the side, but why does it remain like this, you guys can see in the manga or tell in the room, I will give it a good experience, the rest of the things are relaxed, then he goes to Magan and starts doing his reverse cars technique. As long as the man remains alive at this point, after that the fight of Sukoon starts and then the first attack attacks his hand with blood and the impact of this attack was very high and still Sukoon survives such an attack comfortably. And he was hitting, then he also does counter attack with his debt, technical dismantling and panchayat, because of which the idioms come to flight, you can understand that the strongest city has brought our lives on tour and we are relieved from the first attack of Mahabharata. Got to know that the one who has blood in his hand means to delete the debt with this blood and his name is.

Completely shaken and stands up again, then there is peace, see like this, he dismounts one more time and this time Nothing else happens, there was a phrase, he attacks and seeing this, he is relieved, so that both impress and surprise, and after that there is death, he is relaxed, he attacks very strong, because of which he is relaxed, you go very far. When he falls, he starts tearing the building and goes and falls and before getting up relaxed, he had reached him and was about to attack him here, but relaxed, Ayesha Tech is lying down to attack Maharana. After Sukoon Aao lays down holding the outside head and comes in a slash attack on him because of which he was hitting the head was cut down and after that Sukoon Aao hits a very hard cake on top of the king and in the ground Gives it a shot and picks it up again and roams around a house and he.

Knew it was because he was analyzing Sakoon Aaya, he was sorry, it was positive energy, and now it is debt energy, that means, because comfort gives you something more than positive energy. It was not happening that's why it is killing me and I tried to attack here peacefully with borrowed energy and that too if the environment is late in recognizing it because the head of the metropolis What has happened in me is that all the attacks which have high rate of rotation, then all the things are adapted and late, that means you will attack once, then it will rotate in its head, but the second time when you will do this attack, the extension tries and Magan It has to be kept outside because its effect could also be read and to keep me out Sukunda has to keep its domain expansion within 140m radius then we see that whatever is there in this area everything turns to dust because it Whatever is inside the domain of peace,.

It keeps on slashing again and again until it is over and the same happens with the metropolis, its body becomes many parts, explains in peace. There is a way to defeat the metropolis that before adopting it, do a new attack on it so that it ends, which I explain to you, to do this, you will have to do such a very powerful attack that does not reduce and Seeing him, Suguna understood that if it is not happening now, then he will kill me, so he is relieved that he has definitely done it earlier . Means the strongest city was demanding glamming, every one goes and here he is relaxed, someone is late and finally wins twice as much, and in the same way, now I would have.

Understood it in front of Sukunga. Before this he does not lose but Sapna has won, he had analyzed earlier, apart from this, we do not go, we have seen that Suguna is killing him, he has got a moment and this video ends here, so if you like this If you like the video , then like the video and subscribe to the channel, comment, then I will make its related video, and apart from this, today's video ends here, see you in another video, Til Gan

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