Summer season Vacations || Garmi ki chhuttiyan @NOTYOURTYPE#anime

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Now, how come summer vacation is the max time vacation so thought why sit near the range no I will not sit let's go on story let's go then where to go let's go for a walk there is no park in the park If there is a holiday, it should be a complete holiday, in the meantime, they give so much homework and their people sit comfortably at home and kill mosquitoes, it is better that school relief would be good, I get angry at the work of these people. I am feeling nauseous Leave it Let's go eat something Will you eat whatever Chicken Biryani Dena Chicken Biryani is the fun of eating something else in summer holidays It's.

Like you haven't eaten for two weeks You act very well Sometimes let's go now tell me what happened brother I haven't been waiting for a taxi for 2 hours 27 minutes Let's go home Did you enjoy traveling today or not, don't you go around and enjoy [music] It's been a long time now I'm going home Am

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