SUMMONED TO ANOTHER WORLD AGAIN… ?! | ANIME TRAILER | #summonedtoanotherworldagain

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A war that should have ended Peace that should have come I who should have saved the worldI was called back to that world again. Heroes of another worldWhile I'm out of this world, these guys It wouldn't be strange if he died in battleImmerse yourself in the feelings of a demon king who desires war It's the demons who have worshiped the armed forces to a lesser extentwe too I have a lot of questions about financial statementsPlease wait It's not like I was sleeping while Yuki-kun was awayThis war of karaneko It's not a coincidence like it was last timesomeone set it up.

I once againplease stop the war Television AnimationThis is the second time I've been summoned to another world. 2023spring Broadcast start

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