Superman Awakens | Fan-Made CGI Short Film | Unreal Engine 5

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They called me.. the Kryptonian… A man of Steel But, I'm a man from Kansas. A man who once believed in something. They called me…God. But God's cheat death, don't they. And I couldn't bring back the ones I needed most. The ones I love the most…are.

Just memories now. They called me a hero once But now I hide from their cries in the vacuum. “See their faces now, hero”? “They counted on you” “She counted on you!!” But there is another name I go by… The name she called me.

And It was good. And instead I used it as a mask to hide from the world when they needed me most. Do they still need that man of steel? Do they still believe in The Kryptonian? I will give them a reason to believe again. Open your eyes Clark! Look at them Clark! As they once looked at you.

Rage against loss, against fear Against those who've been denied. Give them hope that when they look to the sunrise… The Superman will be there.

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