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Mr. Twain, can we come in? Sure. Look what we found in the log. It's a picture of a big steamboat with your name on it. Does it belong to you, Mr. Twain? Oh ! Lady, no. It does not belong to me, my boy. But then, why does it bear your name? Mom told me you've worked on a boat like this before.

Are you telling us? I too would like to travel on a boat. In that case, don't delay, princess, because there aren't many left. How much more? Well, there used to be hundreds of steamboats, great things, going down the Mississippi,.

But with the coming of the railroad, a lot of them disappeared. But that's a whole different story. Are you telling us a story? Please, Mr. Twain, tell us your story. Very good. Sit on these chairs. Well, there it is.

This story takes place long before you were born, but I remember it like it was yesterday. Once a week, the Paul Jones, a mail boat, sailed up the river to moor here. We children had only one dream, that of becoming captain of a steamboat. Of course, we also wanted to become a clown or even a pirate…

But none of these dreams could have supplanted that of becoming the captain of a steamship. Among us was Tom Sawyer. Columbus left Spain with three caravels, the Santa-María, the Pinta and the Niña. Columbus left the shores of the Canary Islands on September 6,.

Before embarking on a five -week voyage across the ocean. A man… Thomas Sawyer. Stand up, Thomas Sawyer. Tell the class why you are late today. Well, sir,.

I'm late today because I was having an intense conversation with my good buddy, Huckleberry Finn. Thomas Sawyer is certainly the most incredible confession I have ever heard. Such an act requires a punishment commensurate with it.

This is very serious. Please sir. Punish me, but don't send me to the girls' side. Not on the girls' side? Sit on this side and let me not hear you. Take that as a warning, Thomas Sawyer. Resume. When he saw land, around two o'clock in the morning,.

He warned the crew with a shout. Then the captain of the Pinta, Martin Alonzo Pinzón, came to check on the find, before alerting Columbus by firing a cannon. Columbus later stated that he had already seen light on the shore a few hours earlier.

And he claimed the full reward offered by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella. The next day set in motion a series of events that would result in undesirable consequences. And what are you doing here? Nothing. I just spit. Hucky,.

You're living the good life. You don't have to go to school, you can do what you want, when you want. I would like to have a father like you, who drinks and forces me to do nothing. Yes. Yes, you have to believe that my father is not that bad. Can I shoot it?.

Of course, we are friends. Go ahead. – What is that ? – That ? It's her. She's my mother, my real mother. But… You don't have a mother, everyone knows that. Tom, I have a mother. The low. You see that ?.

It's Mississippi. She was there when I opened my eyes, she was there when I grew up , and she's there when I feel lonely. When I'm alone, I come here and talk to him. It's weird. Huck, what's in your bag? Nothing.

Just a dead cat. This stuff is rock hard. Where do you get it from? I bought it two weeks ago from Ben Rogers. How much does something like this cost? It's not important. Okay, so what's the use of a dead cat? – To remove warts. – OK. How does it work exactly?.

– You really want to know ? – Yes. Good… You go to the cemetery, you stand on a grave and at midnight, the devil will appear. At that time, you will hear a noise, like a whistle or the wind or even words. Anyway, when you hear that,.

You pick up the cat and throw it in the direction of the noise. At that point, you have to say: “The devil has the cat, “the cat has the body, “the warts have the cat and that doesn't interest me.” And the warts go away. – When are you going to try this? – I do not know. I was thinking about tonight.

They'll dig up Ross Williams, I'll take advantage of that. Would you mind if I came? No problem. But this time, we don't get caught. Old Hopkins nearly knocked us out with his bottle. Do you think old Williams can hear us? I don't know, I've never been dead. But maybe his ghost can hear us. Thin !.

I meant Mr. Williams. You gotta be careful what you say about the dead. Say, do you mind if I come in? After all, it's your warts. What ? I have no warts. You don't have warts? But then what are we doing here? Think about it, Hucky.

What would you do if ghosts didn't exist? Personally, it would be like something was missing. Did you hear? – Where ? – The low. What's this ? – Did you see that ? Did you see ? – Yes ! I told you they existed! I was right, it's devils, they are at work!.

They are heading towards us. Come ! I have to be well dressed, I have a job. Tom, am I losing my mind or is that Muff Potter's voice? Times are hard. It's him. You think ? Yes, I know his voice well. Drunk as sober. It's him.

Here we are. There's Dr. Robinson and… Injun Joe. Hurry, the moon will soon appear, I suggest you do not delay. Dig. That's enough. Open.

Even then, Tom and Huck had no idea what was going on. That Dr. Robinson wanted the body of Ross Williams for his anatomy research was not discovered until later. Dear doctor, could you add a note? For the effort.

And so that we can close it. Need I remind you that we had an agreement? You wanted to be paid in advance and I agreed. It's called a deal, Mr. Joe. He's right, Joe, stop it. Her father has already stopped me. He punished me in public, do you think I'll forget that? Calm down, Joe. Come on, don't hurt me.

Sweet Jesus… Damn it, Injun. It might hurt. Huck, what's going to happen? If the doctor doesn't wake up, someone will be hanged. You think ? As sure as two plus two is four. Who would report him? We ? No, if anyone needs to talk,.

It's Muff Potter. Huck, he didn't see anything, how could he speak? Why wouldn't he see anything? He was knocked out when Injun Joe took the knife. Thin ! Huck, do you think we should say anything? Tom, you know we have to. If ugly Injun Joe finds out we talked.

And he's not hanged, he'll find us. And we don't want that. Huck, we have to swear not to tell anyone. – I swear. – Repeat after me. Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer. Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer. Swear to shut her up. Swear to shut her up. And never say anything.

And never say anything. Not a word. Not a word. On pain of dying on the spot. On pain of… This passage is a bit harsh, isn't it? It is mandatory. Finally you're here ! Young man, this deserves punishment.

You'll repaint the fence tomorrow. – The whole fence? – Yes, latte by latte. Starboard helm! Starboard helm! Hi buddy. Hi friend. It's not an easy job, huh? So… I'm going to go swimming. Would you like to accompany me? I forgot, Tom Sawyer prefers to work.

That work? Are you saying that's not work? What are you doing here. Maybe. Maybe not. I do not know. What I do know is that I'm having fun. Stop your spiel, Tom Sawyer. You want me to believe this is fun?.

Believe it or not, but I have a lot of fun. You know, it's not every day you get the chance to paint a fence. That we are lucky to have so much fun. You know what I mean ? Tom, my good friend… I could… I was thinking…

Can I try? No, Ben. Aunt Polly is very particular about how it's done and who does it. She is proud of her fence. It is precision work. This white picket fence has been through a lot of hardships. One in a thousand.

Knows how to do it well. Maybe even one in two thousand. Come on, give me the brush. You can bite into my apple. Well, do you think that's a fair offer? An apple against the whole fence? – I'll give you my shirt. – Nope ! I don't want your shirt. Well, Tom Sawyer…

You can't refuse that. I know you dream of having a knife like mine. So you know what? I give it to you. Oh yes. It's a great offer. Go on. Thanks. It's true that it's fun.

Yes, it's great fun. Even after tricking Ben, Tom took advantage of this opportunity to acquire Billy Thatcher's marbles. John Miller obtained his place by offering him a harmonica in perfect condition. And so on.

Without even knowing it, Tom learned an important social law, regarding trade. To create desire in the other, it is necessary to make the object of this desire difficult to obtain. By noon, the terrible news had swept through the city like wildfire. A murder had taken place.

At the crime scene, a bloody knife was found. A knife belonging to Muff Potter. They found it! The low ! – It's Muff Potter. – They'll bring it. I… I didn't do anything. I swear to God. In front of all of you.

Is that your knife? This scoundrel! Tell them, Joe. Tell them what? Apart from the truth. I have seen everything. I didn't say anything because Muff is my friend. They argued, tempers flared. I don't know about what.

What I do know is that Muff pulled out her knife and shoved it into the doc's stomach. It's the culprit! Hang it! What are you waiting for? Hang it! Hang it! Hang it! Calm down! For your information, and this is nothing new, we happen to have a judge.

We also have laws. Although I see that some would prefer to replace it. What if he was innocent? You've known Muff Potter for years. He is entitled to a fair trial. And that's what he will have. Sheriff, what are you waiting for? Take him to the cell. Lucky you, Muff Potter!.

Take him! Damn, Tom, you didn't stop talking last night. – I couldn't sleep a wink. – How ? Tom, are you in trouble? – Aunt Polly, it's okay. – Nothing ? I heard you say, “Blood… “Blood is blood!”.

You said it plenty of times. You muttered , “Please, please, don't torture me, I won't say anything! ” It must be that horrible murder. I have nightmares too. You see, Aunt Polly, we all have bad dreams. Here, Potter. There is bacon, bread and cigarettes.

Thanks, Tom. You and Huck are good guys. It's nothing, Muff. You know what I… What are we gonna do? What ? We'll get him out. Tom, have you lost your mind?.

Yes. No, I haven't lost my mind and yes, we're going to get him out. Let's say we get him out. And after ? After ? Get him out of there, out of town, out of state, out of country! He is going to leave for Europe. Alright, and what will he do there? And how is he going to get there? Trust me, I have a plan.

Tom, look! We have everything we need here. I suggest we drill a hole in that wall. Do you want to shut up? How am I supposed to find a solution if you keep talking? Take that. I have an idea. We're not going to go through the wall,.

We're going to go under the wall. Yes, that's what we're going to do. I read that in lots of books. Well, let's dig here. What are you doing, Tom? Hucky, can't you see I'm digging a hole under this wall? And will it take long? There is a guy who was locked up in a dungeon, in a castle by the ocean,.

Somewhere in France. He was important. Anyway, this count starts digging and guess how long it took him to cross the rock? I don't know… A month? No, failed. It took 37 years. But we don't have all that time.

By then, either Muff Potter will have been hanged or he will have died of old age. Do you really think it's gonna take us 37 years to dig under this wall? He was on a rock and he only had one knife, we have two. For someone illiterate, you're smart, but I've read everything there is to read about this book.

Oh yes ? I don't know how French counts do it, but we only need a shovel and a pickaxe to get there. He is quite drunk. – We can't take it out like that. – Don't worry, Hucky. He'll be better tomorrow morning, let's go. What ?.

We're not releasing it today? We will, but not right away. Let's hurry. After all this effort, precious time is wasted. If we come back tomorrow, they'll have hanged a poor innocent. Huck, we'll come in the morning. You have to plan everything down to the last detail,.

Otherwise they'll catch him before he realizes he's on the loose. Let's get out of here. I better turn that off. Potter! Potter, get up! It's empty, there's no one. Hucky, did you hear? Damn it, Huck, he's gone. Yeah.

I do not believe it. What are we going to do ? To be honest, I don't know. But without us, he won't get far. No no no ! We must hide! Quick quick ! Stand up, Potter! Come on, it's time to go!.

We're here, Potter! He left ! – He must have slipped through there. – He is not here ! I know where he is. Let's go! – Let's go! – He must not be far. There was a commotion in town and Muff was found two miles away in a small abandoned cabin. But before being brought back to prison,.

He was tarred and feathered. I can't watch this, I'm going to be sick. Come on, Tom. Silence. I saw Muff Potter wash up in the creek. It's not surprising, someone who washes in the creek. A little it is. Everyone in town knows that Muff rarely washes. Could it be that Muff Potter washed.

After committing his crime? In order to erase all traces of blood from the vile assassination of the good Dr. Robinson? Is this a knife that you sell in your store? Objection! Detention. Thank you, Judge. No more questions. The court calls the defense.

We have no questions, Judge. What is happening here ? Can't you try to defend this poor man? By the end of the second day of the trial, it was rumored that Injun Joe's testimony was rock solid and there was no doubt as to the jury's decision. Visitors are prohibited. That is why ?.

We wanted to bring him some tobacco. OK. Know that he is a dangerous man. Potter, you have visitors. Hi, Muff, how are you? We have something for you. Thanks guys. It's stylish. Muff, are you okay? I don't know what to say…

When you stay here waiting and you're this close to dying a violent death for something you didn't do, you better understand the value of life. Joe wasn't thinking badly, but he should stop, he's going to be in trouble. Stop? Stop what ?.

The escape. It only made things worse. I just realized that I had a real friend. And I'm happy to have three. You two and Joe. Several of our most exemplary citizens have sworn to have witnessed such unusual events that doubt is no longer permitted.

This heinous crime, perpetrated by the accused, Muff Potter, has been shown to be of his doing! The prosecution demands, on behalf of the people of our good town, that the defendant Muff Potter be hanged. Mr. President, members of the assembly,.

At the opening of this trial, faced with the mountain of evidence and information unfavorable to the accused, we asked for your clemency, in the name of his past reputation. This is no longer our position. Because, today, the situation is very different. The defense wishes to make it known.

That it has every intention of saving our client from an untimely end at the end of a rope. Know that new evidence, which will be presented to you, will, without a shadow of a doubt, relieve Muff Potter of all charges! The defense wishes to call a new witness.

Please, thank you for bringing Mr. Thomas Sawyer. Put your hand on the Bible. You swear to tell the truth and nothing but the truth, with the help of God? Yeah. Yes sir. I mean, I swear to tell the truth. All right, Tom. Very well.

Now sit down. Thomas Sawyer, where were you on June 17, at midnight? Tom, tell us. Where were you that night? To the cemetery, sir. Tom, for those in the back who didn't hear,.

Can you repeat a little louder? – I was at the cemetery, sir. – At the cemetery. Where were you in this cemetery? I was next to Ross Williams' grave. – Were you alone? – Yes, I was alone. Young man, did something unusual happen that we really should know? Yes.

There was a noise. At first, I didn't quite understand what was going on, at such a late hour. It is for this reason that I preferred to hide from view. I stayed in the shadows. You stayed in the shadows. Are you saying you were hiding? Yes sir.

I was behind the tree. Behind the elm. Next to Williams' grave. How far from the grave is this old elm tree? It's almost like the one that separates us. To sum up, you were alone, at midnight, in the cemetery, you heard a noise and you hid.

Did something else happen? A mute Spaniard had been hanging around town for a few days. He had long white hair, dark glasses and no one knew where he came from or what he wanted. Nope ! Please, no! Why did you do that ?.

To scare me to death? Tom, you betrayed our pact! You know Injun Joe is not going to let it go. I haven't talked about you, so don't worry. Who cares, there's a killer on the loose. You're in danger and I'm scared! – I'm getting out of here. – To go where ? I do not know.

But I don't want to stay here. Huck, I know where we're going, I'm coming with you. See this wreckage? Tom, I'm sure it's not empty. We should go back. Never. You'd have to be crazy to stay on this wreck. It suits me well.

I caught you, you filthy rat. Hucky, where are you? You thought I hadn't seen you? I don't want you talking to them. -Tom. – They may be looking for us. I didn't say anything, nobody was there. I was all alone. Tom, you shouldn't stay here. It's not smart, come on, come on.

I was on the other side, me. Yes, you may be right. You thought you could run away with our money? They don't know what's going on. Windy. I should put a bullet in your head. Windy, I swear, I won't say anything. I won't say a word, please let me go. Put your gun away, Windy.

Don't kill him. Not immediately. Thanks, Joe. In less than half an hour, he will be at the bottom. A drowned body is less risky than a body with a wound. Please, I won't say anything. Please, I swear! I know you won't say anything.

Tom! Quick, Hucky, we have to get out of here! Quick quick quick ! Tom! – Tom, the boat! – She disappeared ! Quick, Hucky, we have to get out of here! The raft ! Huck, quick, we're sinking! Quick ! Quick !.

Three miles from Saint Petersburg, where the Mississippi is more than a mile wide, lies an ideal hideout, on a thin slice of floating land, covered with woods, Jackson Island. Huck, get up. Get up ! – Come on, Huck, get up! – OK. Let's go hunting.

I would like to know what it was. It was strange. Sure, it's not lightning. Come on, Hucky. I know that noise. Don't stray from the shore! Do you know what they do? – William, do you have anything? – Huck, I know what they're doing. I know exactly what they are doing. Someone drowned. This is what is happening.

Yes I understood ! – They did that for Bill Turner! – Yes. I would so love to be there. I would give anything to find out who they are looking for. It's shallow here! – Huck? – Yes ? My God, Huck! I know who they are looking for! I know who drowned.

What makes you say that ? The events of recent days. I don't follow you anymore, Tom. Think about it, Huck. Think. It's us they're looking for. But we are here. Of course, Huck, we know that, but they don't.

In the meantime, the curiosity and the temptation to hear what would be said about him was too strong not to yield to it. Tom didn't want to abandon his friend Huck, but he had to know. Would he be regretted? Would he be regretted, would we mourn his passing? So he waited until Huck was sound asleep.

And before midnight he left Jackson Island. He waded through the shallow waters to the shore of the Illinois and there he waited for the very last ferry of the day, also called the night ferry, and he hid himself in a lifeboat so that we could don't take him for a stowaway or a drowned man. And so he returned to Saint Petersburg. For his return, he borrowed Joe Harper's boat,.

Without telling him, of course. Huck, wake up! Wake up ! While you slept, I went to take news of the world and imagine that Sunday is our day. To you and to me. They will all pray, cry, rejoice, repent, and do whatever it takes to save their souls.

What I could hear! When you're alive, nobody cares about you, but when you're dead, everyone loves you! Dear brothers and sisters of our congregation, we are gathered here to mourn the loss of one of our own. It's a very dark day, following the untimely passing.

Of one of our most talented youngsters. The spirit of good, for I am the power, and the eternal life, that the mortal who would doubt the resurrection, who would doubt… Tom! My God ! Tom!.

Come on, Aunt Polly, Huck is back too. Of course, we're all happy to see Huck back. Let me hug you, poor little orphan. Catch it! Where is he going ? Becky? And he travels the world, he sleeps in the most beautiful hotels.

I too want to become a musician. Sounds wonderful, Tom. Yes and they are well paid. They earn almost a dollar a day. That's what Ben Rogers told me. Becky, can I ask you a personal question? Of course, Tom Sawyer. Have you ever been engaged?.

No. Of course not. Never. Tom? What does that actually mean? – You must try. – I don't know, Tom. How do we do ? How ? It's simple as hello. You have to tell a boy like me.

That you'll never love another, you kiss and that's it. It's very easy. A kiss ? – Why ? – Yes… The kiss is for… They always do that. But first, we must say that we love each other. I don't know if I want to get engaged.

You don't have to say it out loud. You can even whisper it. I like you. You can whisper it like me. Look elsewhere. And don't tell anyone. Of course, I promise. I… love you.

Now you only love me, okay? We can go to school together and we can come home from school together. When no one is watching, of course. How romantic! It's true. How do you think it was with Amy Lawrence? Here, Becky, do you like her?.

Hi Hucky! So this is where you hang out? You know, Tom, Injun Joe was a murderer, but I wonder what he thought when he felt the wind turn. He must have been in all his states. Yes. Who knows, one day.

We might become murderers too. Where have you been lately? I looked for you everywhere. I stayed at the haunted house. At least it's dry there. Besides, since Injun Joe left, it's been a safe place. See, Tom? It's not so bad. I come in,.

I hang my clothes in this closet. And then, at night, I can sleep upstairs. Come see. It's a real house. It would take a mule. He is the deaf and dumb Spaniard. I told you, no. I don't like it.

And I won't. Shut up, Windy. – That voice… – It's too dangerous. That voice took their breath away and shivers ran through Tom and Huck instantly, simultaneously. Indeed, there was no room for doubt. This voice could only belong to one person.

Injun Joe. I'm warning you, this time don't get involved. What do we do with the remaining money? I do not know. We leave it here. It wouldn't make sense to move it before we left. $650 is heavy.

Yes. Look, we're not sure we're leaving right away. Bend down. Not here. You have to bury it properly. Deeply. There's rotten wood down there. Looks like a box.

Come and help me. We'll take a look. Wait, Joe. Let me do. Hold on. There is money! Look at this! Money ! There must be thousands of dollars! Now you don't have to make your last move. It proves you don't know me.

In any case, not enough. I don't like when someone has the upper hand over me. I have a job to do before I leave. And that, what do we do? Do we put it back where it was? Let's get out of here. Hold on. Let's go. Get out of here before they gouge out our eyes.

Hucky? Hucky? Hucky? Huck! Hello, Huck. Hucky? Hi Tom. You know, this treasure belongs to us.

There you dream. Maybe, but… We were there before them, that's why he belongs to us. Go tell Injun Joe. You know, I don't know why I didn't think of that sooner, but… The caves. I think that's where they stashed the loot. Maybe, but I'm not going.

If you don't want to go, no problem, but you can at least keep the entrance for me. Yes. Yes, I can do that. OK. You have found your senses. Keep this courage and I will keep mine. Thin ! Quick, let's get out of here!.

The next day was the school's annual archaeological outing. This field trip took students from Saint Petersburg to visit the McDouglas Caves. Well, children, can you guess the name of this cave? Look up. You will see like two big eyes. This cave is called the Big Eyes.

From now on you will follow me. Tom and you, Becky, will bring up the rear. I'm counting on you two. Don't forget what I told you, we're sticking together. Don't forget what I told you, we're sticking together. – Becky! – Yes ? – I have something to show you. – OK. If you want to follow me in the bowels of the Earth.

Isn't it wonderful, Tom? Yes, Becky, it's amazing, that's for sure. Quick, Becky! Come come ! Everything is fine. Nothing will happen to us. My God, the group. They must be looking for us. You are right, we must join them. Can you find the way?.

I will not arrive there. It does not matter. Let's take another path, so as not to relive this. – Follow me. – OK. We should light the torch. OK. Take that. This Sunday morning, the terrible news had made the rounds of the congregation,.

Then of the city and finally of all the country. Everyone was asked for help. Tom Sawyer and Becky Thatcher had never joined their group in the McDouglas Caves. No one had seen them. They are probably still there! Yes, you have to search the caves! Yes my darling. And that's exactly what they did.

Oh my God… Without light, we'll never get out of here. Do you think they're looking for us, Tom? Yes, Becky. I know they're looking for us. What are you thinking, Becky? I wonder what day it is. And if it's day or night. Becky!.

We will split into three groups. You, you will see the Big Eyes, we stay in the low areas. Watch out for cracks! Tom! – There is someone ? – Becky! – Hey ho! – Where are you ? We'll never get out of here. Of course it is, I'm going to grope.

And you're going to stay here until I come back. Please don't leave me alone. Becky, you have to. I'll be right back, don't move. Please ! – There is someone ? – Tom, where are you? Come ! Where are you ? – We stay together. -Tom!.

– Get out! – Becky! – This way ! – They must have gone into the tunnels. It's Becky Thatcher's ribbon. – Becky! – Stay together! Becky! There is someone ? There is someone ? Hey ! We are here ! That's number two.

Quick, Becky, we have to go! – OK. – Quick ! Quick ! This is not the way, come over here! OK. Quick, Becky. This way. Quick, hurry up! Quick !.

Some thought the children weren't in the caves, but had drowned and ended up in the river. This is the reason for all these candles. Their purpose was to help research. He was there. The great Mississippi. Wide, infinite and still just as powerful. It was one of the finest evenings.

This town had ever seen. Until dawn, the city ate, drank, danced and was happy. Everyone was there, except the two guests of honor. The events of the past few days had exhausted their last strength. They were both sound asleep. Recent events would require a lot of rest.

We turn, we turn. – Do you see that up there? – Yes. Next to these landslides, it is there. Where you see white rocks is the door to a new world. Yippee! You know, Huckleberry, from here we can reach the opening that saved our lives.

Not everyone can find it. It's so close you could spit on it. You see that ? It is the best hidden cave in all of the United States of America. – Looked. – What is that ? Someone. Someone's body. It's probably Windy. I doubt he died of natural causes. Injun Joe.

Injun Joe and the treasure. Again and again greed. Come on, Huck. That's exactly what it was about. And here, see? Number two. – Look at this. – Let's go. Here. It's here. Look at this, Hucky.

Where are the bags? Hucky, look at this. There are handprints and wax here and nothing on the other side. What is that ? Do you hear that too? Hold on. The bags ! We are rich! We are rich!.

Quick, let's take this and get out of here! Quick ! Quick ! What do we have here? Mr Thomas. Smarty Sawyer and his crummy friend. What did our two scouts find? Nothing. A lamp, look for yourself. What are you going to do with it?.

Already, it must be rubbed for it to work. With his hand or with a cloth, a towel, anything. When you rub, a genie comes out. He is surrounded by smoke, we can hardly see him. The genie can offer you everything, gold, silver, rubies, cigarettes. Everything you dream of! Tom has a book about it, huh?.

Yes, everything is explained there. Yes, what is the title of the book? Aladdin ! Aladdin or the Wonderful Lamp. It's the title. Little morons. You might have had a future, if you hadn't meddled in my affairs. It's a shame,.

Even Aladdin won't save you. Hey, Joe! Take the bags! Good, Mrs. Douglas. Watch out, Mr. Huckleberry. The widow Douglas opened her heart and her door in order to offer Huckleberry the best possible future and all that goes with it.

Becky, do you want to see what I got? Ask me what time it is. Say, Tom? How's our treasure seeker? Didn't find anything interesting in the caves? No, Mr. Thatcher, should I have? This is precisely what it is about. Tom, from now on, there's nothing left to find.

Security measures have been put in place. Security measures? What ? It's kind of thanks to you. From now on, during visits, participants will be systematically counted. We also closed the entrance to the cave with three metal gates. Which means.

You can't enter without permission from my office and I have the keys myself. Sir, I believe there's someone in there. Who could possibly be there? Injun Joe. We follow you. Be careful, he may be armed.

– Yes, he has already killed. – Open the door ! Let's go. Let's see this. Tom was touched by what he saw. He knew from experience what this man had been through in his last hours. He was sad, but he especially felt relieved and reassured, because Injun Joe was dead.

The holidays had started and Tom left with Aunt Polly and Sid, like every year, to see their family in Saint Louis. Sir ? Sir ? Could you take our luggage on board? Tom! Come here !.

It's time to get on board. I'm coming, Aunt Polly, wait a minute! Listen, Huck, I know it's not easy, but it's not that bad. Even if the old widow is not easy to live with, she only wants your good. And when I get back, we're going to start our Sawyer-Finn gang. Tom!.

Wait a minute, I'm coming! Beard. It's up to you now. The widow was going to confiscate it anyway. It's no use to me anymore. All right, it's until we create our gang. Tom Sawyer! I'm coming, Aunt Polly! Take care of yourself. Hi.

And so the banal, ordinary and empty life resumed its course in this corner of the world, on the west coast of the Mississippi. When Huck's father came back to town and asked for his share of the treasure, he realized that money doesn't buy happiness. Huck flees his father and the widow Douglas and above all,.

He flees the so-called civilization, which did not suit him. Alongside the slave Jim, he decided to let the Mississippi take them far, far away, where they could live free, far from the constraints of civilized society. Miss Douglas didn't really want to sell me. She cried all day.

She had no choice. Times are tough and she needed that money. It was the only way. And then, without that, I would never have seen my family again. But you won't be able to see them again any easier, a runaway slave has little chance of surviving. It may sound strange, but I found this. That.

's a card. It's a ticket to freedom. For my freedom. We are here. The ? If we get down there and we can get to the confluence where the Ohio and the Mississippi meet, then I can go there. And I can join the Free States.

Once there, I'll find a job, and maybe I'll have enough money to buy my family back. Jim! Jim, these boats are heading straight for us! Don't worry, Huckleberry, they won't touch us. Pass me the bar. What happened to them? Those two there ? They went down the Mississippi to the city of Cairo.

There they were to embark for the Free States, but through negligence they missed the city and went deeper into the Southern States and thereby into the slave states. Tom sees Huck again one day? No. No, they never saw each other again.

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