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Episode 68 NIME CLOUDS Hall Master, I'm here to exchange treasures. There isn't even a spaceship here. have little treasure.

Luo Feng, the gravitational area in the tool catalog of the ancient civilization below. This was not the only gravitational chamber of ancient civilizations… Throughout the top-notch tutoring program? With that, the cultivation speed would increase by almost 120 times. Hall Leader, the gravitational area of ¬タヒ¬タヒthis ancient civilization.

I need it Two thousand year old Black Ebony Root added. Two Parts of Dragon's Blood seven plant spirits ok all 110 stars.

That's about 5.5 Wood Crystals. Subtract 0.5 from the portion you temporarily saved with me earlier. It only took 5 Wood Crystals. Speaker Luo Feng came out.

Excuse me I'm Isadona, spokesperson for the HR Alliance. May I have a rank… Have tea with Inspector Luo? Wood Crystal?.

Inspector Luo I'll get straight to the point. Do you still have Wood Crystal? What is left after you transact with Hong? HR Alliance is willing to buy at three times the market price.

Three times the market price? Even if it was 100 times the market price, it was still less than half of Wood Crystal's real value. crystal wood Activated the eighth and ninth level 'student' warriors… to reach the 'Star Traveler' level in no time.

and the HR Alliance holds considerable amounts of wealth. They wouldn't normally miss the Wood Crystal. Using the Wood Crystals to build Base Warriors into the normal 'Star Traveler' rank… will waste resources according to fate.

However, Luo Feng You first ask him if there is a wreckage of the spaceship in his hand. Isadona loudspeaker You also know that talking about money with a 'Star Traveler' warrior doesn't make sense. I, Luo Feng, have hobbies such as fishing…

Exploring the ruins of ancient civilizations, space ships, and more. Inspector Luo spoke very quickly. The list of goods will be ready in three days. Looking forward to a satisfactory transaction with Inspector Luo.

Babata, my family fitness test Luo Hongguo, the 'student', grade 3 Gong Xinlan 'student', second grade Luo Hua, Level 3 'Student' My parents and I are also warriors.

Xiao Feng, what did you give us to eat? This is just a common supplement. Father, move your feet. Xiao Feng, this is…

Father, Mother, I'll take you somewhere. What, Aunt is still alive. Yes, Hongqin's grandma now lives in Jingdu's Base City. I want to heal my legs… To meet with Grandma's family as soon as possible.

Finding relatives is very interesting. You must inherit from the Master. But really, every second counts. with your qualities as a human being on earth.

Wasting a moment can save a lot of space. also for my parents I want to become stronger to protect my family. Putting the wagon in front of the horse will only make it meaninglessly stronger. Ah Feng.

Avᅢᄄne Do you plan to take your uncle and aunt to the base city of Jingdu… To find Granny Luo Hongqin's family? yes.

What is it? The latest news I got here Luo Hongqin's grandmother was hospitalized… because of a heart attack excuse me.

Does Luo Hongqin's grandma live in this ward? you? Aunt, do you still remember me? you are…

Hongguo, you are Hongguo. It's me, I'm Hong Guo Hong Guo you are grown up You are exactly like your father.

Yong Qing Hurry up, say hi to Mr. Hongguo's uncle. This is my nephew Tang Yongqing. Uncle Hong Xiao Feng Ah, you guys came here.

having guests Then just add it to the list of wedding invitations. Wang Xing An, don't go too far. Grandma is so angry with you that she is seriously ill. what else do you want.

Wang Xingan, formerly known as Wang Xingping Wang family heir in Jingdu I think it's his brother. Carved from the exact same (similar) mold.

What do i do I don't want to marry you? I should know, I don't know how many people there are… Yang wanted to marry the Wang family in Jingdu. I would never marry a bastard like you.

If you dare come close i will fight with you Don't worry, I'm a civilized person. I don't like using knives and guns.

As far as i know Was your Tang family company deliberately acquired by an unknown group? Your respected college advisor. It seems that there was a car accident two days ago. Yes, this was probably when your grandmother had a heart attack.

The surgeon also lost his wrist two days ago. who are you child I am brother Yongqing's cousin. Just arrived from Jiangnan Base City today.

Hongguo, you guys have nothing to do with this. do not interfere Auntie, don't worry. Xiao Feng can handle it. Yong Qing, don't be afraid.

Leave this to our Xiao Feng. Xiao Feng Today's earliest flight Another half hour will arrive. Unless flying with a smart fighter jet…

Could it be that the genius fighter outside the hospital was his? I've seen this face somewhere That was a few days ago. Inspector Luo's Extreme Martial Hall opening ceremony was broadcast live to the world. It doesn't matter what your background is.

Dare to offend the Wang family in my Jingdu. So don't expect to go. attack Young Master, I'm afraid this person is not easy.

We still… in the territory of Jingdu Base City Who dares to fight with me, Wang Xing An? attack bones my bones are broken.

So fast, I don't even see how he hits. recharge for a long time It seems very serious. I have to back off.

You you just wait Don't think I'm afraid of you Our Wang Clan also has a very powerful 'God of War'. how much do you want An important brother from Jiangnan Base City has arrived in Jingdu Base City.

His name was Luo Feng. And he was the inspector of the Extreme Martial Hall. don't mess with it It is best to maintain a distance of more than ten kilometers. Brother, did you hear that? You, your name is…

Luo Feng Wang Xingan, now I suspect that you are related to a number of missing warriors. Please help with our review. Otherwise, we have the right to kill you immediately.

Frankly very efficient Xiao Feng I only recorded it to reveal that he broke the law. then send it to an acquaintance.

He should be here now. Major General Luo, we meet again. Major General Luo had just arrived at Jingdu Base City. to have this kind of experience.

I am really sorry This Wang Xingan was the direct descendant of the Wang family in Jingdu. It tends to be arrogant and domineering. Unexpectedly, he even killed people with his hands. stadium.

will obey the law carefully and quickly to fine Last time before leaving the fog island you say A list of ancient civilizations…

that you want to exchange for Wood Crystals See what you want Quite a large number Unfortunately, these are all worthless ruins.

Regularly… One Wood Crystal can be exchanged for countless materials. That's another story… in the universe and on earth Alright, here it is.

I'll send you a list. More than enough for 5000 tons of material. Here, I'm afraid I can't buy much Wood Crystal. ok ok.

Two wooden crystals Luo Feng, are you crazy? This ruin was not worth half of the Wood Crystal. Hanxia Country is my hometown. That's how it should be.

If I want to support my country find relatives for parents Forget it, their last wish is over. The acquisition of the wreckage of the alien spacecraft also ends.

Now… Babata, I'm ready. to receive an inheritance from a teacher We have to work against time. A question popped up in my mind on the show I had just reprimanded.

in 10,000 years More than one alien civilization has landed on Earth. This is not a good thing. Sooner or later, a barbaric and greedy alien civilization will target Earth.

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