Swallowed Enormous title Episode 76 Indo English Sub HD | MILTI SUB – Season 2 Episode 50 吞噬星空

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Preview the previous episode Episode 76 First Steps of Quantitative Defective Nuclear Plan Launched Opportunity has arrived! started exploding .

This is your plan, isn't it, human? reduce alertness also small nuclear power Level 2 fighter jet ready 6,000 meters. 3,000 meters. It doesn't attack level 2 fighters 100 meters away. 50 meters began to explode.

Melee explosion Nuclear bomb equivalent to tens of thousands of tons. Like toys before this monster Incredible Both atomic bombers were able to lower their defenses. Brother Hong, our strategy worked. second stage begins Start high frequency attacks. Each fighter carried an atomic bomb…

…the equivalent of 15,000 to 60,000 tons. They put tactics before the ultimate weapon,… …is released for real. Number 1 carried 30,000 tons of atomic bombs. No. 1 is starting to explode. Luo Feng, your fighter has disappeared. Is it just my illusion? Why do I feel like this Golden Horned Behemoth is stronger? The stream of ultra-high temperature particles generated by multiple atomic explosions…

…stimulates the potential of the Golden Horn Giant's body.. …and accelerates growth. This is just like how humans train their muscles. Applying a certain weight will make the muscles stronger. That golden light is the place where the Golden Horned Behemoth absorbs the power of metal. according to plan is Actual firepower will be between the 10th and 14th fighters. Real weapons appear Hydro bomb equivalent to 150 million tons.

The ultimate indestructible weapon. the world in the human sense let the mother-in-law see Who is being played! Equivalent to 150 million tons of hydrogen bombs, the golden horn giant has just stepped into the 'star' level. This is hard to say. Besides, I had never heard of this before. someone did something like that Phase Three, the 'Hydrogen Bomb Destruction Plan' unleashed. This is humanity's last hope. If it works..

… Mankind will surely survive this catastrophe. if it fails Then humanity will fall, nightmare. A nightmare much worse than that. Parinirvana era. The soldiers had already changed into their uniforms. The strategy from the front has to work. There's 30 seconds left before the meeting. with the Golden Horn Behemoth 23 seconds 22 seconds it has to work.

It has to work! bless humanity Kill him! NIME CLOUDS ID It occupies its belly. weakest to crash 10… 9..8.. 7…6..5.. 4…3..2.. 1.

Starts to explode Yesterday's roast duck was delicious. I'm telling you. Do you see this… this..? so brilliant Why is there a sunrise in the middle of the night like this? Hello! Hello! What's that? My cellphone has no signal. The following list is for you…

Why the Internet? It's a nuclear bomb. Maybe a nuclear bomb Does it work? At least the nuclear bomb still hurt him. As long as there's… this.. President! Humanity is over. This is not possible.

Damn it! No.. no way. The most powerful hydrogen bomb… … couldn't even kill him at close range. The golden horned giant was still alive. That means an immediate death sentence. destined for mankind the plan failed No, humans do not exist. until Luo Feng's final step .

This mother is all of the interstellar fleet's strongest attack resistance and defense. However, she is not the No.12 Ancient Civilization Relic, in fact The true ruins are deeper in the mother There are extremely dangerous. After some mechanism is triggered,.. …Easily killing a 'Star Traveler' level like you. Even at the risk of death I need to find a stronger weapon.

[Hydrogen Bomb] Hydrogen bomb is mankind's ultimate weapon. The hydrogen bomb exploded instantly. The temperature exceeded 20 million degrees, the shockwave was extremely violent. and nuclear radiation. The man with the golden horns used the equivalent of hundreds of millions of tons of hydrogen bombs. to face this beast The pregnant version has golden horns. Humanity used a 100 million ton hydrogen bomb to explode near the Golden Hornet Behemoth, and the powerful explosion caused a large gash in the abdomen of the Golden Horn Behemoth. With a speed of 15,000 m/s the Golden Horn Behemoth was able to penetrate the Hanxia Country in less than 5 minutes Bastard! Luo Feng. There are three unidentified objects. quickly approaching from behind Warning! the system has been attacked.

Please enter your password within 30 seconds. otherwise it will start the self-destruct process There is a self-destruct procedure as well. Babata, you haven't? don't scare me I tried

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