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[music] as we saw in the last part Golden Best Consistently of North America Was destroying all the war base which But to explode the golden beach and maximum members agree to this plan the because they have no other way People call Tha Alderson because this Best's speed is very fast so it.

Can also dock the hydrogen bomb so us in front of it or in its mouth Have to explode and hydrogen bomb very powerful explosion The Golden Beach Childhood Is Hard Enough say they drink again now For the time being, this meeting ends here. it occurs There is a teleport from the gravity room.

Suzy was watching television when There is no time to understand, you are mine immediately Let me take my family along with me Have to take swelling says okay she understands something bad must have happened Both go to their families by fighter jet calls and says mom you now where are you dadar hua where are you all wherever yes stay there i will pick you up and now.

I don't have time to understand later I will tell as soon as I say this, louofen will disconnect the call. gives swelling was also nervous she asks What is the point of throwing the lure? Tells Lofen Disaster A very big disaster for all of us Have to do a swelling on the earth in front of Best Aaya Hai Aur Ki Main Home Aur Master even lisson can't handle it very powerful monster.

Even the strongest canon of this monster Even this monster has not deteriorated yet Destroying many bases of America It has cost the lives of lakhs of soldiers. Swelling becomes fond of hearing that picks up his family and The communication watch would give him all the information there are a lot of archaeological ravines Real Numbers Vans North Atlantic Bermuda Simi.

Yes it is very dangerous anyone goes here Is so not yet discover from any Jeevan number tu rasiya nahi hai which life should we go to You can go to the video but video by speaking don't go in number van and real number 31 because it is very dangerous rain Universe level fighter in senses too.

Lofik can't survive hearing this Bawata says it will be better Ki Tum Real Number 2 LBR Rio Number Three go in there is less danger in the senses only then Commander Jia gets a call he tells Monster moving fast towards Asia It has been the first in all of North America Destroyed the war base and now Asia moving on, then it's our turn.

Looks like it's all in just a week This will destroy the war base Humans will become very weak and we will People feel that they will not be able to cope was that he had a month's time but Seeing its speed, he understands that he has very little time quickly Saif Ali leaves his family's sister-in-law at home is and says mom dad until I say.

You all stay at home and if the situation worsens If you start doing it then everyone go to the gravity room. Gravity Room also a star level fighter Can't destroy you all safe in it Will you stay again with your family from Bobhata? asks to open the gravity room Gravity now opens the room for everyone Lower Frank was going back so his mom Dad says you take care of yourself and.

Come back soon lo un says okay and He was second at 8000 meters from his fighter jet. He was moving at the speed of asks us to reach the real number 12 Tell me how much time will it take, she says at this speed we will reach real number 12 in 20 minutes But then the master calls and says lo fan you have to make some sacrifice Lower fan says without state.

Master haq tell me what can i help hoon master hoon say as we all If we plan a nuclear attack A fighter to carry an atomic bomb want jet because master Jet was there and the rest of the country had discs fighter jet and master can't do video because his z Laughing is the most unique, understands and.

Fighter jumps from jet then he is flying Europe starts going ahead of shuttle Russia Teams Up To Defeat All Monsters China gives 13 atomic bombs to Europe Five and Russia Yeh and Extreme Martial Hall Two atomic bombs give free 18 atomic bombs Ko Laffin's Triangular Fighter Jet Set is done as well as russia 150 megapitant gives hydrogen bomb because.

Obviously this clarity to the whole meaning If Russia can destroy this time hides nothing then he all her machine se isko hom ki priestsic fighter jet Total goes towards North Asia by keeping in 18 Powerful Cannons and 19 Regular Battleships And now to kill the monster Preparations were done America Russia Europe China India and 23 head quarter cities together.

Everyone is watching those 19 battleships from satellite the and it's night time here lower fan Moving on from flying settle pretty fast was at the same time controlling the 19th Maybe that's why he's doing multitasking looks at his communicator watch In the screen we see the first battle shop Moving towards Asia and Golden based still pretty badly destroying the base.

He was after destroying the base starts flying and as soon as golden Based Apna Wing Spread The First Regular Battleship gets close to him a monster explodes the atomic bomb in front of It will be around 20000 tank atomic bombs here lo fan looks at him in the communication watch This explosion in the night like a small san Looks like a monster from this explosion.

Mushroom cloud is formed and because it 100 meters away from the explosion monster If it was paid, it would be golden than this. Doesn't happen but only then from the second battle Golden Bess Grows Closer to Monster Second Battleship does not attack and As soon as the Golden Besed opens its wing Yes second battleship is also exploited And this explosion happened at a distance of 50 meters.

But the golden base was at the star level, so he Nothing matters to these atomic bombs and the atomic bomb explodes continuously like this Explosion happens to people a lot at night All are visible and in very large amounts Mushroom cloud form is this movement Seeing all the lights of the earth from the satellite And till now 9 consecutive atomic bomb exploded was done and all star traveler fighter.

China America Russia Sub Satellite Broadcast Looking at the golden mushroom cloud from here only the eyes in the middle were visible Golden Best's body slightly smaller than the atomic bomb becomes sun but in reality his body is even more His body was growing rapidly and Golden was observing the radiation Best body survive even in this situation Golden can do other fighter jet only then.

Sees you coming and quite loudly Also teaches him to jet with his oil tries to destroy but as Only the oil comes in contact with the fighter jet. that foreigner gets exploited and it It is a very powerful atomic bomb About 30,000 tanks would be enough for atomic bombs. Everyone mourns the explosion It spreads in the direction, let me tell here.

Lower fan says again your fighter jet destroyed says lofen If that fighter jet is destroyed then let him go now let us the 11th fighter jet to see and he has 11 fighter jets in his watch Was looking at says you are already real Frank Ocean has reached number 12 Stops over and tells Bobhata Before going down I would like to see the 11th fighter jet.

Want to see because this time real There will be an explosion, this is a 150 mega tank bomb If it explodes on the surface of the golden beach If it happens then it is very difficult to survive and not only but master lessons and The big fighters of all the countries are all nervous. Will his plan be successful or not? If it is successful then humanity is will survive disgustingr and if this.

If spread then it is a disease for the whole humanity. Nightmare will be here American Headquarters I am watching with all hope of the His plan will be successful here Russia India Europe and 23 Head Quarter City 11 Looking at the fighter jet and in your heart He is praying that his plan is successful only then master hong master listen screen But let's see then I voice starts condom.

Gives 23 sec 22 sec condom like this Golden Best's full body walks here was blackened by the explosion and Too bad about the explosion on his oil Impacted but still in its oil Golden was observing metallic power He had seen the 11th fighter jet in the middle teaches very loudly and fighter jet Fast to the Golden Beach customer.

Was rising in this moment and everyone else Fighter quite nervous and now countdown too Was about to complete 2 seconds and finally Van sec as fighter jet golden bhi se collides there very powerful Explosion happens this hydrogen 150 mega This tank was the most powerful weapon of humans and when golden best this explosion Faces and when golden based is.

He faces the explosion already and becomes even more powerful is that for others go away because that danger realized and hydrogen bomb it was torn right in front of his stomach what do you think is golden based Will be able to escape from the explosion, definitely in the comment Explain [music].

So this is the story of Asul who is happy in his life. enjoy life and be with your family It was happiness but in a few moments there was destruction. turns into It Was A Nightmare To Recover Button fortunately this catastrophe in his real life was also happening recovers nervously and sees in front of him his worthy.

People running screaming He gets even more nervous and picks up Soma. All of a sudden Soma gets scared seeing all this. then there comes his mom she says that Indian rape people are coming here so we have to get out of here soon He recovered a leopard oil bottle in his hand. She says if Indian type If soldiers attack you, you.

Show oil they will leave you Hearing this ashule says mom everyone says am i a cursed goswal it's true and it's all because of me Used to be [music] [music]

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