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So alright gas so like i told you all Already told that solid star season four There is tension on 11th August Fox did most of the video festivals going and just a few scares already swallow star season 4 review is out so late watch together to dekho is utensil sun video Made in France Actual at the Festival Gone is the golden base too.

Made in Detail Way Which is Really Insani and those who are offline Will attend them already for season four Will get to watch some episodes so let's go now watch the trailer and those who my nobel have seen the video they are very easy be able to relate because the story is about to [music].

Their coffee opens again Ahead we see a lot of space safes we were going towards the universe together Status of looping is also shown if If you remember, in the Nobel video, I told that when he threw everyone was killed Jacqueline Basit had declared People all those warriors who are golden too Sacrifice people were his in the accident.

Respected by making a statue and came Think this saree is the dead body of a warrior and Flag them according to their countries given and now you are here clearly Can see that people fan golden also from this Did you ask that Waffin's be like a golden piece Was gone and that it will be golden again now If you come and go to the lower fake mass planet Yeh Thi Solid Season 4 Preview Yeh Saree.

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