Swallowed Large identify Episode 74 Indo English Sub HD 1080p – Season 2 Episode Forty eight

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Preview of previous episodes -Update recovery period- Thanks for waiting these few weeks. After many refinements and efforts by the production team. Starting from February 15, 2023 (next Wednesday), episode 75 of donghua 'Swallowed Star', the video length will be restored from 10 minutes main story (15 minutes total duration) to 15 minutes main story (20 minutes total duration). ) Episode 74 Hydrogen bombs also Output hundreds of millions of tons I can't believe that It can't kill him. Everything. Our biggest problem right now is if our fighter carrying a hydrogen bomb flies at him. If this is the Behemoth from the starry sky Using a laser beam…

– …to destroy it from a thousand meters away – how? even if the trigger worked within one kilometer The fear of a 'Star Traveler' ranked warrior also could not kill him. women and men. There is only one chance to explode. ..Hydrogen bomb at close range. Failing intelligence , Starry Sky Behemoth after he suffered a loss He would not let a fighter get close. We won't have another chance. Then use my prehistoric genius fighter to carry the hydrogen bomb.

With defense from prehistoric intelligent fighter Jets. Unless it was directly attacked by him. Otherwise, even the Golden Laser,… …couldn't destroy the prehistoric intelligent fighter jet. fighter jet carrying hydrogen bomb . As it approached, the AI ​​system took control of the fighter jet and detonated it. Thank you, prehistoric genius warrior. The only strongest fighter in the world. who could directly attack the Demon Emperor. defensive power, stronger than First Brother's own defense.

This is one of the greatest advantages of mankind. from the ruins of an ancient civilization this way, There is a possibility of a hydrogen bomb exploding in the mouth of the Starry Sky Behemoth. …Even bigger! Hundreds of millions of tons of hydrogen bombs exploded in the mouth. You think it's easy? But… if it were that easy to die… – Explode right in his mouth! – But… if it died that easily… …it wouldn't be a Golden Horned Behemoth.

Woman and man I know some information …About this Starry Sky Behemoth according to the information I obtained This Starry Sky Behemoth's real name is… …Golden Mountain Behemoth Once it begins to devour The space around it will be distorted. and separate from the outside world. In this situation, It is impossible to control the explosion of a hydrogen bomb. long range via fighter planes.

Furthermore, this Golden Horned Giant's strength It must be 'star' rank. The only good news is Limited swallowing ability This is not an endless abyss. That's why now he just destroyed his base. don't swallow it Old Man Luo, is your information reliable? Yes, this is valuable information that I received. in the ruins of an ancient civilization.

The only thing we can trust Only God! Hall Leader. I hope to get permission from the Martial Arts Hall. Read all… ¬タᆭ.Remains of ancient civilizations on earth from the five great countries and nations. you need…? There are many ruins of ancient civilizations. It was a foreign warship. I want to make sure . Maybe we can get a lethal weapon from there.

It's a disaster . But everyone is struggling. humanity, must survive NIME CLOUDS ID Luo Feng What is that? Don't be afraid, I'm here. Parents, you are at home.

If there's any danger Head upstairs to the Gravity Room. It's very safe there. Brother, what's wrong? Calamity for mankind is coming. A monster called the Golden Horned Behemoth appeared in America. I, Hong and Lei Shen are not his opponents. even the strongest Frequency laser weapons couldn't hurt him.. Under his attacks…

…the military bases of various countries were swiftly destroyed This time He brought this calamity to the world. afraid that it will become more serious than the time of the Buddha I will find a way to deal with it. Babata, you got it all. Information about ancient civilizations? What are the results? I just explained Ruins of Ancient Civilization No.1 located under the bottom of the Bermuda Sea.

This is a silver-white pyramid. with a height of 1200 meters These ruins are very dangerous. whatever the material even teachers who enter …will soon be destroyed Ancient Civilization Ruins No.2 Located at the northern tip of Suwaiet. This is destruction. destroy the spaceship The value of this plane is not enough. There is no weapon you are looking for.

Ancient Civilization Ruins #31. Located in the depths of Shennongjia in Hanxia Country. It is round in shape and more than 800 meters in diameter emitting poisonous gas that cannot be overcome from the surface . Until now no one has been able to enter. Ancient Civilization Remains #31 Life. Ancient Civilizations Remain #31 and No.1 Connected Same as number 12, called 'Sam Mahaud' Which one should I put? Except for the 'Three Great Disturbances', most of the ancient ruins were discovered by all countries.

There is no point in going there. Next, Ruins No. 1 and No. 31 is the place of death. Even if the 'Cosmos' class warriors left, they would also die. So the goal is Ancient Civilization Ruins #12. with your current strength Enter Ancient Civilization Ruins No. 12, is also very dangerous. with the current situation no matter how dangerous it is I also don't want to grieve with regrets. If I don't fight now.

Watch my friends die the destruction of my people and the destruction of the world so as not to regret I must stand up and fight, shedding blood! even if i have to die guard! said Master. whether bad guys, good guys or bad guys The true strong warrior has to be steadfast.

Luo Feng is such a person. Brother Lee. I hear you will be exploring the ruins of an ancient civilization soon. I will take you. Everyone still doesn't know. disaster is approaching thinking that tomorrow the sun will rise as usual Five Great Countries Quietly Came To Start 'Human Inheritance Project' They are pessimistic about this war. The Human Heritage Project?.

I will stop that monster as long as possible. Farewell, Major General Luo. with his speed. In just 7 days… …all humans will be extinct. They are very pessimistic about this war. regarding the space distorting ability of the Golden Horn Behemoth We have already discussed countermeasures. Of course, you can't rely on the world's technology.

Do your last mission. From now on, it's my turn to protect others. Luo Feng, we were right.

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