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So as we did in the last part so quickly you powerful have to be so you can face them Hearing this, Wo Feng sat down to meditate. goes and as he opens his eyes he knows himself in the same virtual space how is this red and this private virtual the space i made just for you yes then she says master's inheritance.

Enough for you to accept it will be difficult so I I will guide you in the practical way How to do cultivation then that fan Take five servants of your master in front comes seeing this I give them according to your level Will set then bath except a servant removes them all from there and.

Tells that these are the only two of the universe Crystal Family from Six Pack Races And the crystal family is even more powerful wanted to be and only two of them He's a genius for putting an ethnic group first didn't want to betray my people DIFFERENT BY EXPLORING THE VOICE UNIVERSE Achieved the body of the recess and continuously She kept on increasing her strength.

Aspects are perfect for you I fight it with my strength and You can increase the cultivation level then Bataluvo comes behind Sen and says now I Dubai's memory in its replica body I will insert Sapri's body can surprise combat power but it will be very dangerous for you Then tell him only two in the replica body.

Starts inserting the memory and only two returns to its existence Be ready to fight lotion after watching this goes and tells Save it here only on the fan with a lot of anger It is enough to move forward to attack He is fast, only then only let him attack and she was much more than a cult Energy was being released that the procession itself.

Can't control people don't complete their attack throw is absolutely terrified because he First time to fight with such a powerhouse Was gonna then ask luofang only two You have master's brat after all Who are you, only then this master tells you she is a disciple and she is correcting her throne Thi two only says about are you still.

Zinda ho baba then comes this virtual space I am your creator so that I Throw lower then help in cultivation To the replica body of only two other servers She sees and tells the old man, then I i will kill you is it possible that I should not listen to your command Hearing this, Baba goes away and Pinky follows. Hides now give I love you to your fan.

Raised with power and says master's You are quite week being disappointed ho and she attacks the fan i forgot to tell you something simulator is combat system but its the pen is 100% real on the other hand loophen it hurts a lot because Very powerful attack off for Lofen. It is estimated that the immortal people.

How does the fight happen and take this process fincli quite painful thane for some pal unconsciousness becomes more conscious Laughing says she was picking up Lofen now even he is not so powerful that he fight, then suddenly people throw away their eyes shell and he says this pen is for him As it used to come close to only two people Is.

She did this to me in just one attack and only two have a crystal in their hands you can change the attack of this crystal Hearing this, Ghori says yes, then there is a feeling in me. You can't even move and you are the Master's don't even deserve to be disappointed so i'll finish you and that Convert Your Crystal to a Strong Shot Makes the film open to fight.

Takes out his sort, tell him here Capture the environment of the virtual space converts to the environment, then these Says to I will see how long you Will you be able to handle my attack, throw it here builds Heavy Mountain Shield but Throw it away people don't do any good There are only two harvests, so powerful was that don't make yourself dependent on throw mountain.

Found it and that stick to Lu Wo Fan walked a long way Goes on then only two people throw him from the word Pay attacks and this short attack is enough was fast and strong enough to throw it tries to block but he fails and he is solar but he virtual teleports at the right time becomes his strongest again in the open Create a Salute Attack to attack it.

This attack of fellow people goes ahead 9 full thunder blade is very powerful But alas, this attack was minor for only two. she is attacked by she defines herself Is it then by making your hand a shot It is surprising to see that its hand A shot can be made in actual while Attacks only two but takes only two was blaming all the attacks on the throw then she.

By moving very fast lower fan Powerful's death due to which people fan a lot Was going away when only two louofing to a Pulls calmly and attacks in sort People's body grows in virtual two parts then she teleports to another place It happens and I think it's all magic because she wants to train laughing Now Blue Open Your Drilling Information.

Makes and only two to attack Moves forward only then two many small Attack on Lunar Throw by making Butterfly does its full energy in looping here Puts even two of those butterflies increases strength and all those The stand of the butterfly is so high Laughing at your drilling on formation don't know full and all that butterfly.

Fan was looking at someone else again teleports to the place and farane that If he attacks the string with his shot, then two Attacks on looping with sort, so lo throw rises in two parts and immediately couplets with luofang mountain silk attacks from behind but he is very She is the driver of Laffin's mountain seed breaks even and his shot blue open.

Passes through the body of Soul attacks people on laughing Wasn't blaming a single attack on him And she is continuously counter attacking people Defining Yourself for The Blue Open It was very difficult and in a way it was like an attack. have a lot of advantage points gather in all his genetic energy have been on the other side again from short.

If he attacks, give him a powerful key. dies and again all his genetic energy at a certain point in the person's body Gathering only says your I don't even have the strength that you it would be better if you could touch in the beginning just give up She was going to do it only then she got almost all the money. genetic energy accumulates and it.

All the energy starts refining the body That's why you tell about breaking through Take it here, throw it with your own hands The two stop the sort seeing this. I wonder how did this happen now Let's see what happens next in the next part Is subscribe you r channel click and enjoy watching d video.

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