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Hello Guys Welcome Back to R Anime MomentsSorry Guys previously I will Explain Too Much Swallowed star Next I will Explain Accordingto Preview. Today is explanation of upcoming episode ofSwallowed Star Based on Novel So let's startOne particular big nosed Russian nuclear weapons expert stood up, he looked at everyone We’vebeen discussing of using a large amount of nuclear warheads on the creature’s bodyor inside his mouth! What we were most worried about before wasits swallowing ability, once devoured, whether our electronic signal would be compromisedand we wouldn’t be able to detonate! However, we pretty much can deal with thatNow we realized our biggest problem!.

It has long range capabilities This big nosedRussian said angrily With this swallowing monster’s unbelievable defensive abilitieseven with a large amount of nuclear warheads, if they don’t get within 50 meters to detonate,they probably wouldn’t be able to break through its scales Everyone in the meetingroom was startled. Attention all The cons of a hydrogen bombis its shockwave and the resulting nuclear radiation it’s initial explosion is buta small factor. Howeve its initial impact are nothing to thisswallowing monster. Radiation Even the representatives here aren’tafraid of it, much less this swallowing monster.That’s why!.

Only the explosion at the start can harm it. Luo Feng nodded his head as he heard. When a large amount of nuclear warheads explode,that initial explosion had temperatures that went up to over 20 million degrees However,it has to be right on its body. For such an existence, the closer the better,the best would be inside its mouth! It’s internal organs durability cannot compareto its outer scales, to detonate over 100 megatons of nuclear warheads in its mouthwould blow its head right off. Luo Feng’s eyes lit up as he heard. 100 megatons of nuclear warheads.

He didn’t believe that wouldn’t do thejob.Within his wrist cuff, Babata’a body stood. Detonating 100 megatons of nuclear warheadsin its mouth.Babata was eating an apple shaking his head Wishful thinking. They obviously don’t understand the swallowingbeast Its reputation is known far and wide in the vast universe, the golden horned beast,an elite bloodline even among the space beast. Even the low level civilizations, middle,high level civilizations all cannot belittle it.If it was so easy to kill, it wouldn’tbe a golden horned beast.it’s a pity…I have too little knowledge on the golden hornedbeast.

I’m not clear on its weaknesses.Babata felthelpless. Even for undying beings, meeting the spacebeast was hard due to their small population. They could be rated as rare and uncommon animals! China’s endangered animal was the pandabears, even now, several zoos didn’t have variations of the pandas. The golden horned beast…even undying beings,Yun Mo Planet’s master’s 600 million years of life, travelling over countless galaxies,had never seen a gold horned beast. Even the golden horned beast, for birth tilldeath, such an incredibly long life of roaming the universe would probably never meet anotherof its kind It’s population was small beyond.

Compare.Due to that factor, seeing one washard enough, when one had the chance to meet one, it was even harder to get the chanceto dissect and analyze one! And if one had the chance to dissect one,it was hard to research just what the beast had and its special abilities Hence In thevast universe, the knowledge on the space beast had always been blank. Even the undying beings weren’t too clear,they just roughly knew. Maybe if the Yun Mo Planet’s master hadlived longer, with greater powers and met more warriors, they would have known more. 600 million years of undying, it was indeedyoung.

Virtual war god palace, meeting room. Attention all, now the biggest problem isif we were to fly the ship with the nuclear warheads to him, it would shoot it down witha golden light. Within a 1000 meters radius, it would be destroyed,what do we do. Within a 1000 meters radius, even if it successfullydetonated even a star traveller warrior wouldn’t be killed.That Russian with the big nose said. Attention all, to detonate the bombs on itsbody, we would only have one chance.Once we fail, with its intellect and the damage itwould receive, I’m afraid it wouldn’t let another ship close to itself again.

We would have no more chances.” The Russian said as he looked at everybody. Suddenly Hong stood up.When the time comes,we’ll use my prehistoric level auto jet to deliver the bombs.With my auto jet’sdefensive abilities, unless it attacks it up close, even its golden lights wouldn’tbe able to destroy my auto jet. With the nuclear warheads in the autojet,once it gets close, the AI system will self detonate.Thank you.The Russian with the bignose was elated. Hong’s prehistoric level auto jet was theearth’s strongest battleship! With this, the chances of detonating the warheadsin the creature’s mouth is high, much higher.The.

Big nosed Russian was extremely excited, theearth’s leading experts too were all elated. Yet at that time Luo Feng creased his eyebrows,connecting his thoughts to Babata. Attention all.Luo Feng stood up. Everyone in the meeting room turned over,looking at Luo Feng with suspicion. Hong and Thunder God too turned over curiously. Luo Feng wasn’t a nuclear expert, nor washe a leader of a country, what could he say Regarding the swallowing monster, I have someinformation. Luo Feng said seriously.There was a suddensilence in the room.One, when the monster swallows, it warps the space around it.

It isolates the things from the outside world. To control an auto jet to detonate from faraway is impossible. Also when it’s swallowing, within that swallowingspace, the auto jet and the nuclear warheads will automatically break apart, so the chancesof trying to explode it within its mouth is very low.The moment he said those words, everyone’sexpressions changed. This was the worst news they could receive.Two,this swallowing beast’s power is indeed at the star level. Luo Feng said. Three, the only good news, is that it hasa limit to how much it can swallow, it is.

Not a bottomless pit. Just like how it chose to destroy the baseinstead of swallowing it.Luo Feng’s voice resounded across the meeting room. This 3rd news was the only good point, thefirst two were just devastating Representative Luo, are you sure 3rd elder Mo Henderson Said. Are you very sureThe nuclear experts were all looking towards Luo Feng. Definitely. Luo Feng nodded This swallowing monster hasthe ability to swallow, digest, and absorb.

MetalNo wonder it ate the base. Damn, we are in trouble. This news flustered a great number of people. At this time Luo Feng walked towards Hong,Hong was still troubled over his news that the monster wasat the star level. Head.Luo Feng looked at Hong. It looks like you’ve earned some rewardsfrom this one year, you actually have precious information on this swallowing beast.Honglooked at Luo Feng, he didn’t find it strange at all.

There were many researchers on earth who duginto the archeological ruins. After becoming a representative, notresearching would the weird thing. I would like to acquire a list of all of earth’sarcheological ruins.Luo Feng said seriously, every archeological ruin’s condition, Ihope the list comes with some sort of description for each one.This is Hong was shocked. I want to see if we can find a powerful weaponfrom these ruins.Luo Feng said. Hong shook his head.The list of Ancient ruins,along with their descriptions, I can give you. However, Luo feng, to find a weapon capableof killing a star level is too difficult.

And even if there was one I’d expect itto be corroded by now.I want to give it a try.” Luo Feng didn’t want to hesitate.He hadtime, but humanity and earth didn’t Looking at Luo Feng’s expression, Hong nodded hishead seriously: Alright, I’ll immediately send overthe list. However, you must be careful. Yes. Luo Feng slightly nodded his head, his bodysuddenly disappeared from the virtual space, he had left the space.

Humanity’s survival is at stake. Hong muttered, Luo Feng is trying his best,everyone is trying their best, I really hope we can pass thiscalamity. This Video Will End Here.

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