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Previous episode preview Episode 78 Urgent announcement! Immediately everyone entered. underground shelter I repeat! Immediately everyone entered. quick dungeon ! It was the Golden Horned Giant. Activate all electromagnetic weapons. caught the attention of the Golden Horn Behemoth.

The rest,… …Follow me to the fighter planes. Don't spare the golden horned giant. near shelter. This electromagnetic weapon has just arrived… …and hasn't had time to complete the installation yet. The strength is twice as strong. America's newest laser cannon good luck Control all electromagnetic cannons. with the supercomputer concentrating the attack on a single.

Shooting point! badly! Implementation of plan B. Come here, beast! I got his attention . Organized form! We have reached our goal. pay attention to each unit Avoid attacks! Be careful with the spread! Yes!.

The parachute system doesn't work, it can't be opened. The Golden Horn Behemoth caught up with the fighter plane and flew out of Jiangnan Base City. To our heroes, salute! What are you doing, Babata? The countdown has ended. Why didn't this plane explode? Fortunately, this Babata Devil is very smart. Time is ticking, don't relax. The bottom line is simple.

I destroyed this ship's AI system. Therefore, the process of self-destruction occurs automatically. This plane is not running. Destroy the AI ​​system? Transferring a large amount of data into the plane's AI system when the system is unable to process such a large amount of data in a short time … then it will break extremely violently . Such a brutal destruction depends on the power at the level.

Of the AI. It will definitely work. Unfortunately the result of this destruction was that all control systems of this aircraft were damaged. it is impossible to restart in Barbara's short time. Thank You. Luo Feng's little matter .

Spaceship, this Black Dragon Mountain x81,… … not just a spaceship the owner of this plane should be a person who several countries in the galaxy The inheritance must be fine. Moreover, these three Guardians of the Stream of Silver can be brought with them. i will fix it and see if it can be used again What about weapons?.

This aircraft has a qualified weaponry. Kill the Golden Horn Behemoth The destruction you just did Does it affect the weapon system? Target destruction only, AI system and control system. Weapons are not affected. I just checked a rather old gun. After all, it's old, hundreds of thousands of years old. but you take it easy With this Babata demonic power.

In two days, I guarantee you can assemble the weapon. Able to kill a 'Star' rank! very good. Please help me, Babata. minor problem. This plane will be stored in my warehouse. …and fix the weapons. After we get out… …I'll get rid of the wreckage of this Mothership..

…and look for a good one . I don't know how Luo Feng's external situation is. Luo Feng. Did you hear General Jia. I am in the ruins of an ancient civilization. The signal here is patchy. Good! It's still good when it's out.

How's the situation outside? After the Golden Horn Behemoth He was seriously injured by a hydrogen bomb. He frantically attacked all the war bases in Hanxia and the Vatican. the base city of Jiangnan was also affected What's the advantage, he just gave vent to his anger. No focused attacks on base towns. Under the heroic resistance of the Hanxia soldiers our.

Golden Horned Behemoth turned around… …and headed for the land of Yangzhou. You return to Jiangnan Base City and meet your family first. Then we will meet at the War God's palace. Inspector Luo Lu Feng? Golden Horn Giant! Older brother. XiaoFeng.

Luo Feng! Father, Mother, Ah Hua Zhennan Are you okay? we are all fine My loved ones. Tonight we will be in great pain and sorrow. Many soldiers and innocents will fall in the first wave of attack. This is a disaster for all mankind. we are fighting for survival.

Our Hanxia Country wrote the sixth letter of Base City. under the attack of the first wave by the Khao Thong Beast tonight. Many ordinary citizens and soldiers died. Not less than 5 million people. 5 million? The Golden Horn Behemoth is the best bloodline in the universe. Even if it's only 'star' level, but for the humans on earth, it's like the apocalypse.

The man in front of him was like a weak little ant Meanwhile the golden horned Behemoth, like a giant dashed into the ant hill one after another trampled the ants to death Since the Golden Horned Behemoth destroyed everything the world war base Many sea monsters followed. moved along the river …and started to invade the territory. soldiers and soldiers from different countries.

Everyone is working hard for the sea creatures. The situation is important. This is a fight between races. fighting for the survival of General Ji Yi. Luo Feng. Luo Feng. Are you there? What happened, Commander Jia? Maybe the Golden Horned Behemoth returned to Hanxia again?.

Number After the Golden Horn Behemoth was destroyed all the war bases around the world It returned to the seabed to rest. The problem is currently having a problem. sea ​​creatures sea creatures? To the east of your Jiangnan base city. There were twelve sea king level beasts that had just descended. Six of them headed to the Southeastern Military Region. As of now,.

I also won't say much. Please help Luo Feng. Be careful. protect my family well When Base City is under attack Help protect and save. beard, these three robots are all maintenance robots on board. Space Black Dragon Mount x81.

Moderate attack power Probably won't do much for you. How long will it take to repair? Silver-Stream Guard and weapons on the spaceship? Three days was enough for the Silver-Stream Guard to be repaired. As for the weapon I've added an attack weapon. The strongest one… … in the Black Dragon Mountain x81 spaceship, and the laser cannon has been released. Now in the process of repair.

I have also prepared some energy crystals. …which requires a Laser Cannon. How long will it take to fix it? With all my repairs… …expected to be done in 28-30 hours. more than one day I can only make requests with Khao Thong animals. rest and recovery takes longer. Please look at the information of these 6 King level monsters.

Each of them is an East Sea Dragon. Occupying the Eastern Sea Region Mountain Whale King Inactive in the northern waters. Two monsters that have been active for a long time. water on both sides of the South Australian continent The Poisonous Jellyfish King and the Blue-Purple Dragon Tortoise The hard armored emperor in the Vatican and the Earth Dragon King that appeared in the Alaha Territory. These six King level beasts It was not only extremely oppressive. Territories also do not interfere with each other.

This time also nothing. territory dispute Being able to command a King class beast It was only two emperor beasts in the deep sea. Afraid that the Beast Emperor would join in as well. With the Golden Horn Behemoth? Luo Feng, the security guard of Jiangnan Base City All depends on you. Broadcast this battle throughout the land. Lao Zhou? for people around the world.

Now it is the fate of the whole society. everyone needs hope that Luo Feng is someone. can bring hope to the world Emergency broadcast! There are currently 6 King level monsters. Heading to the Southeastern Military Region The army is building a defensive line. as a result of the war the previous base was Destroyed by the Golden Horn Behemoth Soldiers had to fight monsters. with their bodies.

Latest news! Inspector Luo Feng of the Extreme Martial Hall, Flying to the forefront of the southeastern military region. with the fastest speed Very sad! Inspector Luo Feng's flight speed was up to 5610 m/s We followed General Luo Feng! attack! Inspector Luo Feng.

Oh Feng. Just continue! Inspector Luo Feng tracked down six King level monsters. Silver River Guardian's black dragon plane command room about the Golden Horn Behemoth. makes people despair Now all the sons and daughters of Hanxia hope to win.

Hall Master and Lei Shen are the crucial moments of exile. Behind them were hundreds of millions of civilians. Someone has to stop it! Kill a King level monster. It could save the lives of 10,000 people and a million of our compatriots. Therefore, all of you must die!

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