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Hello Guys Welcome Back to R Anime MomentsToday is Explanation of Upcoming Episode of Swallowed Star Based on NovelSo let's start Darkness within the ocean from night, ripplesabout, endless and vast.A beam of light shot straight into the water, rushing straightdownwards.Luo Feng, the distance between the surface to the seabed is about 5100meter. And archeological ruin no 12 is below theseabed by 3300meter.Babata said.Understood.With Babata’s instructions, even though he wassurrounded by seawater, Luo Feng’s path remained clear and straightforward. This serene waters had a large amount of seacreatures.With a large number of sea creatures.

Actually following the rivers and attackinginland, yet there still only made up a small portion of the sea creatures. Afterall, there were just too many, too manysea creatures.One must know, Man’s strength was above that of the dry land monsters, butwhy does Hong still have to enter into negotiations with them. And not just kill all of them.If the landcreatures were to forcefully go against humans, their numbers and strength would be too much,one nest alone had quite a number, humans couldn’t compete.No matter how strong Hongwas, would he be able to kill the countless number of monsters on earth.That’s why theymaintained peace.The land creatures forced.

Humanity into this.Be it in numbers, or variety,the land creatures were much less than the sea creatures, even if they blocked all ofthe rivers, it would only mean a small portion of their population was blocked. Heading downwards, Luo Feng saw a large numberof sea creatures.Luo Feng, who had become a beam of light had killed all the sea creatureswithin a 100meter fresh blood stained the ocean around. Kill It was totally convenient to kill, LuoFeng’s rage, pain and sense of injustice led to him killing all these sea creaturesto vent of the steam. Luo Feng had reached the bottom, the placewas uneven, almost like a mountain range.

5000meter deep the sea’s pressure was terrifyingbut Luo Feng’s cloud contact armor had greatly reduced it.It reduces damage, helps in defense,his cloud contact vine far exceeded the capabilities of a black god set.Especially the first feedinghad helped the cloud contact vine evolve greatly.3300meter below.Luo Feng swiftly head downwards.Breakingpast the rock layers on the seabed, constantly drilling downwards.Babata, for such a secretplace, how did Earth’s countries first discover it. Luo Feng asked as he pushed downwards.Justrelying on Earth’s apparatus would be impossible. Breaking through the rock stratum he bumpedinto something hard causing his whole body to tremble.Battle ship remains.

Luo Feng used his spirit energy to searchthe place immediately spreading 500meter wide getting a rough image of the entire structure.Thiswas an extremely large battleship and Luo Feng’s spirit energy could only check andsurvey a small portion of it. On observation.Luo Feng could feel, it wasbigger than the Dojo of Limit’s headquarters by a little. After swiftly breaking the rocks around, heimmediately drilled into a hole from the already damaged ship.Luo Feng, we’ve come to theright place! We’ve come to the right place.Babata wasexcited. What’s up.

Luo Feng realized too, the walkway withinthe ship was made with an alloy, one that was already rusted and corroded from time.Thisis a mothership from an interstellar fleet.Babata said that means, it is the leading commandingship of the entire fleet. “Mothership?” Luo Feng’s eyes lit up. “I initially suspected it was a mothership,otherwise, normal ships cannot be called a danger at all.”Babata said, “This mothership,is about 16000meter long, 3200meter wide, 800meter tall. While it’s not the biggest battleship inthe fleet, it’s defensive capabilities are.

The strongest, its offensive capabilitiesare also one of the strongest.Luo Feng too was getting excited.Where are the weapons.Where’sthe danger. The mothership’s entire body was the realarcheological ruin no.12, the real danger, was within the ship’s secret cabin.Holdon, let me search.Babata too had his own methods of searching, he swiftly scanned the entiremothership carefully.Luo Feng Because of the damage, this mothership has no defense abilities.Thecore of archeological ruin no. 12 was one of the mothership’s secret cabins. While walking within the enormous ship’sremains. Luo Feng, all of the countries’ leadershave gathered in the wargod palace meeting.

Room.Babata suddenly said. Luo Feng’s heart skipped a beat.Earth wascurrently in a predicament it had never faced before even the strongest weapon, the hydrogenbomb has been used. And after that one time, the golden horn beastwould never let humanity get another chance again. They decided the military will be taking overthe countries, they are beginning the survival plan. Babata said. What.

Luo Feng’s expression changed. Archeological ruin 12 represents this ship,just this one.Luo Feng raised his head from below to survey the ship. The various countries have all been wrackingtheir brains over these many years to get into this black disc shaped spaceship.Thatwas because many have died from entering this ship. Even representative warriors have died inhere! Till today, it remains undamaged.Haha, soit’s this, it’s actually this. Back then, the master destroyed an interstellarfleet, it looks like this mothership was one.

Of them, and within it was probably a prominentfigure.They could actually afford a Black Dragon Mountain X81 model spaceship. It’s no wonder no one on earth has enteredit, this X81 spaceship, is a reputable ship known for taking risks and dangers withinthe Black Dragon Mountain Empire.Babata was extremely excited. Luo Feng knew There’s hope of even killinga star level 7 or 8.Luo Feng was shocked. He had learned much from his time spent inthe virtual space over the year. He also understood more a universe level fightercould go up against an interstellar fleet without any weapons!.

A star level 7 or 8 was at least a 100 timesstronger than a star level 1, it was extremely close to the universe level! It was one of the top warriors in the universe,even an interstellar fleet would have problems killing one, much less a scout ship.This isa black dragon mountain X81 ship!Babata said There are 8000 over galaxies in the blackdragon mountain starfield, countless planets. These are considered very good scout ships,they are mostly used by universe level fighters or those with wealth and reputation. Only these people can afford them. A ship used by universe level fighters thatcomes with weapons capable of killing star.

Level 7 or 8 fighters, what’s strange aboutthat? Also, all I’m saying is there’s hope anda chance, powerful fighters would not stand there stupidly or put themselves at such risks. Luo Feng couldn’t help but carefully analyzethe ship in front of him. If it wasn’t broken, riding the Yun Mo Planetship, with just a straight rush, it’d cut through the golden horned beast! It was after all a terrifying ship capableof cutting through planets.Luo Feng controlling this ship would be very difficult.Babata saidEarth’s countries have risked so much just for this X81 scout ship, they’ve lose countlesslives, without even being able to enter the.

Cockpit door.Babata, how do we get in. Luo Feng asked. Following the document Hong gave him The toughestpart of the archeological ruin no,12 was the entrance route, once the cabin door was open,there was only one path to follow! At the end of the path was the cockpit door. Yet, many of the various countries eliteshave all died just in that path, to open the cockpit door was something even Hong or ThunderGod couldn’t do. The construction details of the X81, I’mvery familiar with it.Within the virtual space, Babata was was wearing a black robe, he liftedhis head.After opening the main door, the.

Main and only path is a laser path. The lasers shot out in this path can easilykill even a star traveller level 5 or 6. Earth’s representatives, star travellerlevel 1 or 2, would still die even if their black god sets mitigate some of the damage. Only Hong or Thunder God, with the black godsets might stand a chance.Luo Feng listened carefully. A strange tool appeared in front of Luo Feng. At first glance, it looked something likean axe, the edge of the blade was extremely thin, also, this tool was about 3m long, 1mwide.

You just have to use that thin side and wedgeit between the door and the ground in the groove, That’ll do it.Babata said. Ok.Luo Feng’s channeled his thoughts immediatelythe cloud contact vine leaves extended, becoming an armor that protected Luo Feng’s entirebody. Following the dust filled ground, walkingtowards the ship. Cabin door.Luo Feng floated at the cabin door,both hands grabbing the cracks of the door, pushing forcefully Open.The cabin door wasopened, what appeared was a pathway that was about 30meter long, both walls on the sideshad little clusters of holes, not glass items and such as what Luo Feng had imagined.

Laser path Luo Feng took a deep breath, thesoaring shuttle had transformed into the mountain bulwark, protecting his body. Once more in though the cabin door. Luo Feng used his spirit energy to controlthe axe-like tool, nineteen strong threads of energy wrapped around the tool.The axebecame a beam of light.A white laser beam hit it, the axe immediately got shot outside. It really didn’t break Luo Feng’s spiritenergy was controlling the axe tool, “The lasers are too fast, what can we do Luo Fengglanced around before coming up with a plan. “Mountain bulwark.”.

The soaring shuttle broke into 365 knife blades,swiftly forming the mountain bulwark. The mountain bulwark covered the top of theaxe tool, sticking to the ground. Go!Luo Feng’s gaze was cold.The mountainbulwark and the axe tool below it moved as quick as lightning, lasers shooting directlyat it. Like when a ship gets damaged, or whatevergets stuck. If the warrior cannot move it, what can hedoUse the hercules jack.Babata said proudly.This hercules jack’s technical capability isextremely high.Luo Feng was amazed. Luo Feng, why are you not rushing in yet. Babata said.

Luo Feng looked towards the end of the laserpathway.The cockpit door had already been lifted a good 1m, the universe repair tool‘hercules jack was still continuously lifting the door. The Black Dragon Mountain X81 ship’s commandroom. It was dark and black. When Luo Feng had slid through the door earlier,the moment he entered the ship. The spacious command room lit up. A man dressed in military uniform was sittingcalmly in the center of the command room, behind him were three underlings dressed inblack standing.

The screen displayed a large number of universelanguage words. The translation.Human race star travellerspirit reader intrusion!Danger level weak.Measures…exterminate Within the black dragon mountain X81 ship’slower levels, a closed room suddenly lights up. Within lay three motionless metal robots,these three robots were about 2.1 or 2.2 meters tall, their entire bodies were black, theireyes were red crystals. Luo Feng swiftly followed the stairs, to theupper level. Luo Feng, there are three metal robots behindflying over to kill you. Babata said.

Luo Feng was shocked and then hurriedly scurriedup, leaving as much distance as possible, his eyes fixed on the stairs in front. Luo Feng’s feet could feel the tremors,those were the tremors of feet hurriedly rushing and catching up. Babata, didn’t you say there’d be no moredangers once we entered. This ship has sunk for more than 800 thousandyears! It actually, actually still supports its robots,So much so that they are still working, man it’s stubborn.Babata couldn’t help butsay.This ship’s owner must have collected a large number of power cells in the storageroom, that it can maintain its power till.

Today.Luo Feng didn’t have the time to discusswith Babata. That was because The metal robots were arriving! Luo Feng’s soaring shuttle transformed intothe mountain drill, during the time the robots were rushing over, the mountain drill litup with 18 golden light beams, swiftly wrapping around the drill and gathering at the tip!Themountain drill brought along with it a fearsome wind and ear piercing sound, swiftly drillinginto the chest of one of the robots! At this point, Luo Feng was a level 3 startraveller spirit reader, the soaring shuttle had also reached the 2nd level of the ninestages of the three big states, simultaneously controlling 18 threads of spirit energy!.

Even Hong and Thunder God will be damagedfrom such an attack!Gather! The metal robots had flown directly up thestairs and smashed into a wall.The other two robots below also rushed up. A heavy punch flew right in front of Luo Feng’sface, as the mountain drill had just attacked one robot, it hadn’t had the time to recoverand attack a second time. Fast Luo Feng was secretly shocked it’sfaster than my flying speed by quite a bit.At the same time, a strange whip had appearedin Luo Feng’s right hand, forming a curved line, viciously hitting on the metal robot’shead!Whilst being hit by the whip, the metal robot continued to punch Luo Feng’s body,a large number of vines and leaves appeared.

On his body, layers on layers to protect him.LuoFeng was shocked. These metal robots, were controlled by theship’s wireless AI system. Since they were actually wireless signalsas long as the security levels aren’t that high, I can hack into it. When you were fighting them before, I wasquickly working on hacking in and now I’ve got total control of the three robots. Babata was very satisfied with himself.Therobots’ danger levels are actually not that high, it’s just that their entire bodiesare metal, these three are all made of black yttrium metal, for you to break them verydifficult.Black Yttrium metal.Even universe.

Level fights have to use a large amount ofeffort to break it. The good points about the metal robots, isthat they are extremely durable and you can use strong metals to create them. The weak points however are far too many forexample those three, they didn’t have any intelligence. Hence their attacks were simple. With a little more intelligence, if the threeteamed up, while they might have difficulty breaking through the cloud contact vine andkilling you, capturing you wouldn’t be difficult.Babata said Alright, on to the command room.Luo Fengtook a deep breath.

Walking forward, the three metal robots werefollowing behind obediently. Luo Feng suddenly looked up ahead, it wasan exquisite looking silver door. We’ve reached the command room.Babata said.Babata,didn’t you say this ship has sunk for more than 800 thousand years, what’s up withthese three people. Luo Feng used his spiritual force to sensethat the three had no life force, they were clearly dead. But they hadn’t decayed, were they undyingbeings. How was that possible.Hehe, the one on thechair. That dead soldier was indeed a prominent figure.

These three bodyguards are not actually human,they are a special kind of merchandise called liquid silver guards. Babata said proudly.These liquid silver guards,their main material liquid silver, is even more expensive than the black yttrium. They even have a built in AI system. Normally, they behave just like humans! They can even talk and run errands etc.Theuniverse language reverberated about the command room. Please leave.

Luo Feng couldn’t help but shake his head. Over the last year, under Babata’s guidancethe universe language may have still been difficult to speak Luo Feng, this AI’s systemis not bad, however, within 30 minutes of hacking, this black dragon ship will be ours.Babataimmediately began focusing on his hacking, the ship’s AI system too naturally beganto resist and begin its defense! “Warning, system under attack.” The universe language resounded. “Please enter the password within 30 seconds,otherwise, self-destruct will engage. “30.”“29.”“28.”When that voicesounded.

Luo Feng’s expression changed. “Damn, self-destruct procedures? Luo Feng, we are in trouble! This ship’s owner is too much of a bastard,he actually programmed the AI to self-destruct when it is attacked. Babata too was obviously panicking. What do we do now? Is there no other way.Luo Feng asked. “30 seconds, even the universe’s strongestAI cannot possibly hack into this kind of.

System within 30 seconds.” Babata was in panic I have no clue about thebullshit password. It’s over I wanted to ravage this AI system,I didn’t expect her to resist to the point of suicide! It’s over, it’s over Babata was feelinghelpless. Luo Feng couldn’t help but rage.Babata,at this point in time, there’s no point in saying these kind of words. Quickly think of a solution, what should wedo.Within the wrist cuff virtual space, Babata’s blood red eyes were wide open, he blinkeda few times, he.

Knew…Luo Feng was very angry! Indeed Luo Feng was raging within, there wasno time to crack jokes with Babata. 10。“9。”“8。“7。LuoFeng was extremely worried. There’s no choice.” Within his mind, Babata said with a dejectedvoice. Babata, what are you doing?” Luo Feng asked. “Gather!” A sound rang out, almost like an explosionhad erupted.

The control board’s screen had gone allblack, the lights within the command room also went out, shrouded in darkness. “Luo Feng, I could only do this.” Within his mind, Babata’s voice spoke. “What did you do?” Luo Feng asked. “This black mountain dragon X81 ship, wasprogrammed by its master to self destruct if ever there were any external signal devicestrying to hack the AI system, unless he/she can key in the password within 30 seconds.

And hacking this system within 30 secondsis impossible, so there was only one solution using an overflowing amount of current andenergy to destroy the AI system.Barbaric destruction, the end result is that the ship’s controlsystem will be damaged, several transmission systems too would be burnt. Babata said helplessly. However, if I didn’t do so, the result wouldbe the ship would initiate it’s self destruct program and, with a boom explode.And Luo Feng,you need the ship’s weapon, I could only do this. Babata explained.

Luo Feng understood immediately. In the beginning, Babata had wanted to usethe soft approach to hack and control the ship’s AI. However, the conditions didn’t allow it! To save the ship from exploding, he couldonly resort to this. Babata, thanks. Luo Feng said. Within the wrist cuff virtual space. Dressed in a black robe, a disheartened Babatawas obviously upset with his failure.

His initial chest pounding and proud demeanor,ended up in a result that couldn’t be considered winning. “Babata, thanks.” Luo Feng’s voice spoke through. Babata was startled. Thanks. This Video Will End Here. Thank you for watching……

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