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What the hell is this our nuclei so far so good It's been a long time since we worked hard sushi no Continue like this neither of them can go you go first.

Don't fuck us Lin Tian Lin Tian do not come want to eat me See if your teeth are hard enough no it's useless One way to get into two.

Fight Mubei, Ribu tell me first eat the sword no problem now Brother Lin, don't panic let me help you Lin Tian he can't be saved.

Let's go Lin Tian damn this is Is it finished This is do not care fight with you Give me.

Die this actually is i did it This is this energy can be used for training The injuries are getting better and.

I have reached the seventh level of body training Zhou Hao During the internal examination i will defeat you wait me back none of you can run away Miss Su when will brother come back something is wrong with your brother.

Went to a far away place he may be gone for a long time very long brother he fine, sister promised he would take care of you you this is Cocoa Miss Su lied to me.

She said it will be a long time before you come back brother task completed came back early you Thanks Cocoa where did you go Brother, take a shower and change clothes before I tell you OK.

Then I'll heat the water for you Feel sorry make you worry who is worried about you I just where have you been taken Both my master and Elder Shi Dong have looked for you but can't find it at all Both elders visited me.

Another day I have to go and thank you both what happened that day how did you come back Well ah That rascal took me to a big big lair Then what.

Then Well Then then it seems to be full just ignore me I sneaked out right He didn't even look at me Bureau.

You it ignore you Then why does it catch you? uh uh ah this how do i know what it thinks never mind.

You're fine fine I'm already like this, you still think it's okay I What's this Reward for the second place in the trial Middle Grade Spirit Artifact Guiyuan Sword you take it.

Middle Grade Spirit Artifact it's nothing special but i got caught Shouldn't there be no grades? that is because because i thought you were dead Just count the nuclei on your head let you die with honor.

Dead glory point it does not matter anyway thanks who wants you to thank ah yes you are back what are you going to do now Now that my uncle is back.

Of course it is take a shower first how wash deep that my that that that me then i'll go first with my current strength It's time to get back what I lost.

But if you want to get the property back There must be another pattern Wind pattern I need these materials Lin Faner, let me confirm Tour I Ghosted little girl Did you come here from your heart?.

If you let me go, I will have to. I owe you hum Third-level herd demon three ghost wolves I can't handle it

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