Tapping Previous Lives for Success and Connection

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The story starts with a human auction, whereyoung girls are being sold to wealthy elderly men, overseen by Marquess Collide. Under the Kingdom'sorders, Lugh Tuatha Dé embarks on an investigation of Marquess Collide, aided by the mage DiaViekone, his assistant Tarte and his intelligent sister Maha. Dia and Tarte disguised as a slavegirl and a maid respectively, infiltrate the auction and begin eliminating both the attendeesand the staff, liberating the enslaved girls in the process. Following this, Marquess attemptsto escape and save herself, but Lugh and Maha successfully track her down and eliminate her froma distance. Afterwards, a flashback reveals Lugh's past life as a renowned assassin in another world.Alongside his rookie assistant, he successfully eliminates members of a mafia. As they considertheir next move, the rookie suggests exterminating.

All criminals they encounter, but he insistson sticking to their assigned targets. While attempting to escape, they encounter a drone,forcing them to improvise to evade it. At dawn, he contacts the organization to announce hisretirement and desire to mentor future assassins in Japan. Using fake passports, they board aflight to Japan, unaware that the organization has planted a mine in the cockpit. The pilotsare killed, giving the impression of a hijacking. Realizing he has been set up, initially, he triesto save himself, but the military shoots down the plane, mistaking it for a terrorist threat. Uponhis death, he encounters a Goddess who presents him with two choices: to be reborn as a differentperson or to accept her request and return with his memories intact to assassinate a hero. TheGoddess insists on the second choice, as she.

Needed him to eliminate the Hero from anotherworld. Motivated by the desire to experience happiness he had suppressed in his previous life,the renowned assassin agrees to kill the Hero. The Goddess grants him the opportunity to selectspecial powers and abilities but cautions that he only has 18 years from his birth to eliminate theHero before they bring chaos to the new world. She also reveals a slim chance of saving the worldwithout directly killing the Hero. In choosing his skills, he picks one from each rank, totaling5 skills that are more favorable to him after he is sent to the new world. Reborn as a child ofthe noble Tuatha Dé Family, renowned assassins, Lugh embarks on his new life. He quickly developsexceptional skills as a hunter with continuous training in the woods, specializing in capturingcreatures such as rabbits and displays talent in.

The culinary arts. His physical growth is closelymonitored by his father in a training room, posing in different forms as their family'smethod. Their family is known as the most renowned medical family in the country and also asecret assassination family that only takes orders from the royal family the punish Nobles who triedto bring harm to the country. His father announces it is time to undergo the family's surgery.Lugh is prepared for a unique surgery that will grant him the ability to perceive magic withinindividuals or environments. Lugh successfully acquires the ancestral mystical eyes of the TuathaDé Family. This eye modification allows users to have enhanced eyesight, the ability to see manaand night vision as well. After the surgery, his doting mother pampers him, although heisn't thrilled by her nature, he endures it..

Later, his bandages are removed, and with hisenhanced vision, he can view the outstretched land of his family's territory and peoplefrom far distances. His father promises to instruct him in performing the surgery whenthe time is right. Later Lugh is dressed as a girl to welcome his new magic teacher, as isthe custom. When she arrives, he is shocked to find out that his teacher is going to be a child.She notes that Lugh might be too young to train, but his father assures her he is special. Sinceshe notices the perceiving her as a child, she decides to impress him but unnecessarily castinghigh-level magic. She then introduces herself as Dia Viekone. After the introduction, she informsLugh that she would tutor him for two weeks. In an effort to gauge Lugh's magical potential, Diapresents him with a Fahr Stone, a unique gemstone.

Capable of measuring one's magic capacity. Totheir astonishment, Lugh's power proves to be so immense that it causes the Fahr Stone to detonateand explode, causing a massive impact on the surrounding area. When Cian and Esri arrive at thescene, Dia tries to pin the incident on herself, thinking they would be mad at Lugh. Instead,when they hear that he caused the explosion, they are extremely proud of his capabilities.The next day, she uses the Fahr Stone to test his magic attribute. When he feels it with mana, shetests for Fire, which works. Next, she tries for Water, which also works. Although surprised, shetries for Earth, which he registers too. She then tries for Wind, so it turns out he has for magicalattributes. With Dia guiding him, Lugh begins his mana training. He is thrown into a feeling whereshe makes him connect with his mana. After that,.

A new spell pops into his head, but when Diatells him to recite it, he can't read the words. She then showed him an example of a spell so Lughcopies her spell, although it isn't the same since he can't recite the words properly. When Lughbegins practicing his spell, Dia applauds his improvement. In their collaborative efforts, Lughand Dia delve into the creation of new spells, exploring the depths of magic together. Inspiredby the explosive incident with the Fahr Stone, Lugh conceived the idea of utilizing FahrStones as makeshift grenades. As weeks pass, a deep emotional bond forms between Dia and Laugh.Furthermore, Lugh demonstrates remarkable aptitude as a quick learner, mastering the art of metalsynthesis and even acquiring the skill to forge weapons. On their final evening together, Lughexpresses his gratitude to Dia for being his.

Mentor by presenting her with a titanium knife.In return, Dia gifts Lugh her own personal Fahr Stone, symbolizing their shared experiences andthe bond they have formed. Upon Dia's departure, Lugh's father deems it appropriate for Lugh tocarry out his first assassination. In this moment, Lugh's father imparts the methods and he teachingsof the House of Tuatha Dé. Lugh's target is a woman accused of multiple crimes, though shepleads her innocence. Recognizing her deceit, Lugh carries out the act of killing her withprecision and compassion, ensuring her demise is painless. After having been abandoned byher poor parents, she tries desperately to survive but has gained the attention of a pack ofwolves in town. Meanwhile, Lugh heads out to hunt a pack of wolves, utilizing his mana vision. Lughendeavors to locate a suitable individual who can.

Serve as both his personal attendant and assisthim in his assassinations. To his fortune, Lugh discovers Tarte, a girl hailing from a destitutebackground, who had journeyed to the Tuatha Dé region in search of a better life. Lugh treatsher to a meal since he noticed she is starving. Lugh strikes a deal to take her in exchange forher faithful assistance in his work. Saving her from a pack of wolves, Lugh brings Tarte to hisresidence and gains his father's consent to train her as an assassin. As Lugh reaches the age of12, Tarte serves her master in the training room. Tarte strips so Lugh can begin inspecting her asshe poses in different forms. Lugh has trained her to be a perfect assistant for his own benefit.He notes that Tarte has sharpened her skills in spear fighting but struggles with smaller weaponslike knives. In response, Lugh ingenious designs.

Are specialized, retractable spear that Tarte candiscreetly conceal beneath her garments. Equipped with this formidable weapon, Lugh considersTarte to be an invaluable asset in his quest to eliminate the Hero. Lugh has amassed a significantcollection of Fahr Stones through the spells taught by Dia. He reports to his father, assuringhim that after observing Tarte, he can confidently confirm that she is not a spy from a rival region.Nonetheless, Lugh acknowledges the remarkable coincidence that Tarte, a person of extraordinarymagical potential, happened to wander into Tuatha Dé territory. Lugh's father declares that itis time for them to engage in combat, a test to prove Lugh's readiness for assassinations.Despite Lugh's youth and experience from his previous life, his father, Cian, proves tobe a formidable adversary. In the woods,.

The two assassins finally encounter each other asthey battle. Lugh's leg is crushed by his father, so he quickly retreats to heal himself. Despitehaving assassination skills from two lives, Cian leads him into a trap, which turns out to bea decoy to allow an attack from behind. Lugh only manages to evade it, and they continue to clashblades. But Cian retreats into the shadows again. Lugh decides to draw him out, and after a shortwhile, Cian sends an attack from the right and, after a time interval, another from the left.However, Laugh has seen through the feints, so when Cian descends from above to strike, thefight is over. Lugh manages to be victorious. Following their duel, Lugh joins Cian in carryingout assassinations of various Nobles. Cian advises Lugh to assume a false identity as a member of theBalor Trading Family to facilitate their work. To.

Celebrate Lugh's ascent as the heir to the Houseof Tuatha Dé, Cian throws a grand party. Ronah, a member of a branch family, challenges Lugh toa duel in disagreement with a decision, but Lugh easily defeats him. In a gesture of goodwill, Lughpresents Ronah with a special sword to support his continued training as a knight. The followingmorning, Lugh and Tarte depart from Tuatha Dé, embarking on their journey to Miltue. As Lugh andTarte settle into their lives in the Balor region, Lugh dyes his hair to change his appearance andplans to stay in Miltue for two years. Meanwhile, Maha and her companions struggle to make endsmeet in the bustling merchant town of Miltue. Maha works as a tour guide along with her friendsto raise money to survive. However, when it begins raining, they have to take cover, and as a result,they aren't able to earn much. While they relax,.

Tragedy strikes when some thugs come to capturethem. Maha uses her mana to create an opening for her friends to escape, but despite their efforts,the desperate men still manage to capture them. They all fall into the clutches of a group ofbandits who transport them to an orphanage that serves as a facade for a despicable prostitutionring. The girls, excluding Maha, are forced into a life of prostitution under the oppressive rule ofa local noble name Torran. One day, a Lord arrives at the orphanage and hands the men's money. Mahadresses up her friend named Eiffa in nice clothes before she goes away with the Lord. Afterward,the girls are taken every night to satisfy men, leaving them deeply scarred both physicallyand emotionally. Noine, driven to desperation, even inflicts severe wounds upon her own face witha sickle to avoid becoming a prostitute. Two years.

Pass, and Lugh, now operating under the identityof Illig Balor, eventually discovers Maha. He chooses to buy her, however, before he can secureher release, the orphanage director demands that he takes her after three days. This is becausehe plans to toy with her before then. At night, as Torran takes her to serve a customer, Mahajumps out of the carriage in desperation and begins running away. However Torran's men catchup with her using mana, and she is recaptured. But Lugh, aided by Tarte, manages to rescueMaha and unveils the noble's heinous crimes, resulting in his arrest. With the exposure andclosure of the prostitution ring, Noine discovers that her scars have been healed, and Maha finds anew home and Sanctuary with Lugh. As Illig Balor, Lugh continues his life, Mr. Balor presentshim with a shop to start his trading endeavor,.

At home Tarte and Maha, whom he has adoptedas sisters, serve him dinner. While they eat, Lugh devises a profitable venture by establishinga cosmetic shop in Miltue. This initiative serves a dual purpose: boosting profits for the BalorFamily and providing funding for Lugh's ongoing assassination missions. The following day, Lughshares his shop plans with his adopted parents. However, Mrs. Balor, harboring a dislike for Lughdue to his presumed status as a bastard child, initially holds reservations. Nevertheless,Lugh presents a breakthrough: his creation of a moisturizer. When Mrs. Balor tries the moisturizerand witnesses its transformative effects on her skin, she realizes the potential of Lugh'scosmetic product. Impressed by its efficacy, she wholeheartedly endorses the moisturizer, grantingher approval and support to Lugh's venture. As.

Lugh revolutionizes the market with groundbreakingproducts like lotions, moisturizers, and irresistible sweets, his shop, Orna, experiencesunprecedented success. Within six months of its establishment, Orna gained popularity and achievedremarkable sales. However, rival businesses, determined unravel the mysteries behind Lugh'sachievements, resort to hiring spies to infiltrate his residence and discover his secrets. Withthe assistance of Tarte and Maha, Lugh manages to capture at least one spy but struggles toextract valuable information, even resorting to torture. Despite the challenges, Lugh's businesscontinues to flourish. He temporarily departs from Miltue to visit Dia, seeking to expand hismagical knowledge and abilities. Together, they invent and transcribe spells while havingfun alone. Later, Maha and Tarte notice a strange.

Smell after waking up from sharing Lugh's bedwith him. As they lift the blanket, they discover that Lugh released something in his sleep. Lughinterprets this as his young body's libido being active when he's unconscious. They playfullytease him about his body's natural instincts, but Lugh starts to wonder if everything isstill going as planned. He realizes that his basic instinct to make might become an issue if hecontinues sharing his bed with the girls. After a successful business venture as Illig Balor inMiltue, Lugh determines that the time has come to conclude his life in that role and returnto Tuatha Dé. He is determined to continue his training as an assassin and embrace the path thatawaits him. Lugh entrusts Maha with the important task of overseeing Orna, fully confident in hercapabilities to expand the business and even.

Reclaim her late parents store. Despite the tragiccircumstances surrounding her parents demise, Lugh promises Maha that he will visit her in thefuture, demonstrating his support and friendship. During their journey back, Lugh and Tarteencounter a pack of wolves that attack them. However, Tarte effortlessly kills a wolf with asingle strike, using her wind magic. This incident leads Lugh to observe that monster attacks onhuman settlements have grown more frequent, indicating the imminent arrival of the Hero. Uponreaching Tuatha Dé, Lugh receives a warm welcome from his mother. Shortly after, he is summonedto his father's study. Cian presents Lugh with a choice: to relinquish the life of an assassin andinstead live a peaceful existence as a merchant. Cian acknowledges his own age and limited optionsbut emphasizes that Lugh has the freedom to.

Choose his own path. Despite the opportunity for adifferent life, Lugh decides to continue you with his current lifestyle. He confesses his love forDia and expresses his desire to marry her, which necessitates possessing the privileges of theAlvan Kingdom's aristocracy. Accepting his son's choice, Cian assigns Lugh his first target as afully trained assassin. Lugh sets out on his first mission as a fully trained assassin, targetingCount Azba Venkaur, an aristocrat involved in the illegal trade of military secrets and thedistribution of the dangerous drug known as vizeine across the kingdom. Determined to uncoverthe truth and assess the count's worthiness of his impending fate, Lugh takes it upon himselfto personally investigate the matter, seeking assistance from Maha's information network.Lugh and Tarte travel to Piseaal, the kingdom's.

Second-largest merchant town, where they confrontand dismantle a criminal organization involved in the illicit trade of vizein. Witnessing thedevastating impact of the drug on the mother of a young girl only strengthens their resolve.Subsequently, Lugh and Maha visit the count's opulent mansion in the Venkaur region, assumingthe roles of Orna representatives to promote their products. Lugh presnet his new merchandise,impressing the count, who takes a liking to him due to the products ability to bring happinessto his wife. As night falls, Lugh stealthily eliminates Count Venkaur using his latest weapon,a sniper rifle. However, he pauses to observe the count's grieving wife, realizing the weight ofhis actions. Though Lugh does not regret his decision to end the count's life, he vows to etchthis mission deep into his memory. It serves as a.

Reminder that he is no longer a mere emotionlessinstrument but a free individual, aware of the significance and impact of his actions, both inhis past life and the present. After completing their intense training on the deserted island,Lugh and Tarte returned to the mainland and Maha shares crucial information with him about thehighly sought-after artifact known as Gáe Bolg, a divine treasure that Lugh has been relentlesslypursuing. The spear is currently in the possession of Setanta Macness, a renowned warrior believedto be the long-awaited Hero. Furthermore, Lugh discovers that the Viekone region is engulfedin a war. Concerned for Dia's safety, he hurries to her house, offering her an escape route in casethe conflict reaches her doorstep. However, Dia firmly declines, feeling a sense of responsibilitytowards her family and people. Despite her.

Refusal, Lugh and Dia decide to spend a delightfulday together on a date. During their outing, Dia even dyes her hair to match Lugh's haircolor, symbolizing their connection. They savor a pleasant lunch, with Dia appraising Lugh's cookingskills that surpass those of many restaurants. Later, they unwind in a rejuvenating hot spring,relishing each other's company and enjoying the peaceful moments. Upon Lugh's return from thedate, he is determined to find a way to help Dia escape the imminent war. Little does he know thatDia has already taken matters into her own hands, fortifying her hometown and preparing to defendit herself. Unbeknowst to them, their paths of protection and determination align as both Lughand Dia stand ready to confront though challenges that lie ahead. A wounded soldier approachesthe Tuatha Dé Family, being treated by Cian,.

Requesting Dia's assassination. Cian wants Lughto carry out the assassination of Dia Viekone as the target. Seeing Lugh's shock, he informshim that he has the option to decline the job. However, Lugh asks why they are intervening inthe affairs of another country. Cian explains that after House Viekone's defeat in the war,certain nobles are now targeting Dia due to her noble lineage and magical abilities. Despitethis, Dia herself has agreed to the arrangement in order to prevent further bloodshed. However, thepeople of her town have formed a rebel army to oppose this plan. He adds that the real client isDia's father and what he really wants is for Lugh to pretend to kill Dia as that is the only way tosave her. Lugh then accepts the job. They devise a plan that conserves Lugh's magical energy asthey make their way to the Viekone Mansion. Tarte,.

Who chooses to transport him halfway usingher mana so he can save his for fighting, after a while, her wind magic breaks apart frommana depletion. So Lugh continues the journey on his own, leaving behind Tarte, who sobs bitterly,recognizing Lugh's deep affection for Dia. Despite the chaos and danger surrounding them, Lughskillfully navigates through the conflict, minimizing casualties along the way. Lugh arrivesat the Viekone Mansion, surrounded by enemies eight times larger than their forces. Afterobserving, Lugh begins attacking the commanders one by one. He sets off powerful explosions in theenemy camp. This invigorates the Viekone forces, so they fight back more. Using sound detection,Lugh looks for an opening to infiltrate the mansion. Inside, Lugh reunites with Dia. Lughand Dia's father devise a plan to fake Dia's.

Death and safely smuggle her into the Tuatha Déregion. As they prepare to escape, Lugh plants a corpse of a girl in order to fake Dia's death. Hethen tells her to shout through the window before he carries out the plan. But their intentions arefoiled by the sudden arrival of Setanta Macness, who possesses the powerful divine spear, GáeBolg. Recognizing that a direct confrontation with Setanta would result in certain defeat,Gáe Bolg is fired so it wreaks havoc on the battlefield as it heads for Dia. Lugh saves herin time. As soon as Lugh sees the Hero, who has immense mana, he quickly conjures a cannon thathe fires at him. It causes a massive explosion, but the Hero has already recovered and is hypedfor more. The Hero begins activating his berserk skill, which boosts his already overwhelmingstrength. He then offers a duel in exchange,.

He won't kill anyone else. Lugh negotiates theconditions for the duel, so he makes the Hero promise to withdraw his forces if he is defeated.With that settled, he stalls for time by asking the Hero some trivial questions. As the herocharges his weapon to fight, Lugh reveals they should begin the duel when the coin he tosses. Hethen throws it up, but before it lands, there's an explosion. Lugh reveals he sent a missile intospace beforehand. He has been planning on ways to make this succeed ever since. So he usedthe coin to direct the missile's landing. The blast from the explosion is so massive thatit almost kills Lugh, who cast it after the anti-hero spell he created that killed SetantaMacness. Taking advantage of this distraction, Lugh and Dia's father swiftly adjust their plansand manage to successfully adopt Dia into the.

Tuatha Dé Family under the pretense of her beingLugh younger sister. The mission is accomplished, and Dia is now safely within the Tuatha Dé region.However, the situation takes another turn as news arrives that the Hero, Lord Epona Rhiannon, hasarrived in the Alvan Kingdom. This revelation suggests that Lugh's journey as an assassinis far from over, and he must now confront the challenges and potential conflicts that arisewith the presence of the Hero in the Kingdom.

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